Real Housewives of New Jersey: Web of Lies


Gif By RealityTVGifs

Gif By RealityTVGifs

Sigh. I think we are all getting tired of this. Part of the problem is their “storylines” often end up involving the police and making national news so we have heard about this stuff for months. Nonetheless, here we go again.

Is this Posche store a used clothing store? I never noticed that before. It also seems very small. Why is a tiny used clothing store having fashion shows that everyone in town comes to?

I made myself get up off my deathbed to recap a show about Melissa “singing?”  Oh hell no! ( Not really, I think I have fall allergies, not fatal) Melissa can’t sing.  End of Melissa storyline recap.

RHONJmilaniamelissastinksI was asleep as of ten minutes ago and I am not sure I am awake. Does everyone else’s TV have Teresa in a purple gansta outfit meeting for lunch with Victoria Gotti discussing how to survive when the husband “goes away” ? Because I am pretty sure that is what I am seeing.  Did Teresa get her boobs redone? Also in the flash back to the horse whisperer scene, it seems they changed what Joe said from “legal issue” to “motor vehicle issue.” Interesting.  Victoria tells Teresa to talk to Gia about the possibility of Joe going to jail. Teresa says they do talk to Gia and they are open with her. I have a feeling Teresa is telling Gia it will all be fine.

The Manzo boys have an opening party for Little Town. It went well. I can see a spinoff about the restaurant business working. Less drama more realness.

It’s time for the Stiletto Gate set-up. First of all, like Chris tells Jaq what is on twitter? Jaq LIVES on twitter. I used to follow Johnny the Greek and I never saw him say anything about Nick. If this entire storyline is bullshit, that is the saddest thing I have ever seen on TV.  Johnny seemed to really want Penny on RHONJ  but I don’t think they decided to do it by making fun of a little kid. This is CRAZY TOWN. Obviously, there was some sort of real beef between them because Jacqueline is about to go after Johnny with a stiletto, but I serious doubt Nick is the center of the issue. WTF?

Why are they all talking about Johnny and Penny like they have no clue who they are or where they came from?  Weren’t they on last season? At least at a party or something? Wait, Penny was on for sure at the salon before the last end of the season Posche brawl.  This is crazy.  Did Penny just say, “I taught autism?” No teacher in the universe would ever say that.

I don’t believe ANY of these people. Not a single one. I think they are all reading from scripts written by a third grader.


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65 responses to “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Web of Lies

  1. Kate

    Yes she definitely said I taught autism. That had to be edited no one says that.

  2. eg

    Gotta go and watch this NOW!

  3. pfffttt

    These producers left out the huge fight that KimD had with Teresa’s friend Jennifer Dalton, when Jennifer had a fashion show. This same fashion show, Lil Kim was at and appeared on. They left that out to show that BORING trip to Arizona. Apparently the fight was juicy.

    • pdt090

      Ugh. They really should’ve brought some combination of Kim D, Jenn Dalton, and Penny on as full time wives this season.

      • pfffttt

        Apparently there was a lot of drama between Kim “D” and Jennifer Dalton that producers left out. They seem to want to keep it “family” drama. Which sucks, because everyone is tired of family fighting.

      • Maybe they will show it next week? What was the gist of it?

      • pfffttt

        Jennifer blamed Kim D for putting Teresa is situations that make Teresa look bad, and Kim D claimed that Jennifer Dalton signed away custody of her children. It got really heated and almost physical. Lil Kim, is best friends with Jennifer and she was on this episode and witnessed it all.

    • Speaking of Juicy, why did Juicy Joe’s face look different to me? Is he getting Botox, or did he get hair plugs? Did he look different to anyone else?

  4. It really is hilarious to read Jacqueline’s account of what happened in court here,…

  5. This review was really funny. I have to wait until tomorrow to watch it, but I heard it is the same old bullshit. I feel your pain about those fall allergies though, ugh.

    I heard that the entire stiletto-gate was a set-up and scripted. If that is the case, the cast is extremely sick.

  6. The producers are really overboard with the editing and loose ends. It’s almost like they don’t care.

    If the Greek dude did tweet that, someone, somewhere would have a screenpic of it. Jacqueline made that up and Chris bought it. Jaqu also said something like “he’s trying to prevent us from getting our son the help he needs.” Huh? How does she figure that? Poor kid seems like he needs sleep instead of being constantly forced to perform. Of course, I’ve no idea what I’m talking about. I never taught autism. But I didn’t think you could “cure” autism.

    Melissa’s live song was on twitter a few weeks ago. And it was super super bad. All copies had been removed as of lat week. What was shown tonight was doctored and had some auto tune happening. Another bit of bravo’s interference.

    Jacqueline suddenly being Teresa’s bestie is so horribly phoney. I do not like it at all.

    Did anyone else realize that the Guidice’s gps was telling Joe to prepare to make a left turn on the turnpike? Lol.

    Someone from Hoboken tweeted that the Manzos have nothing to do with the day to day at that restaurant. And it’s not doing well. Surprise. Jacqueline said that a man who tweets all day is just a bitch. Guess that pertains to her nephews who constantly tweet and don’t seem to actually work ever.

    It’s weird to me that everyone is so friendly with Kim D. I still think she is behind the set up at last years fashion show (she took Teresa to penny’s salon, remember?) and the penny thing this year. And Melissa’s old friend who she hooked up with Teresa at that lunch. She just seems to be dragging her ass in the general vicinity everytime a mysterious skid mark appears. I don’t think it’s coincidental.

    • lori

      They totally dubbed in auto tuned vocals is right! They left a couple of sour notes, but even those now had a track playing behind them do they didn’t sound near as bad. The real recording almost made my ears bleed. I swear to God, nothing… absolutely NOTHING is real on this show. I guess we shouldn’t at all be surprised about the song though, since 90% of the conversations are dubbed over too.

    • Kim D. is behind EVERYTHING! It’s so painfully obvious too. She is the true mob boss on RHONJ. Why does no one confront her? Because she has dirt on literally every cast member and seems to be connected to some truly shady people. She literally runs with the big boys.

      I don’t know why they phased Jennifer Dalton out. Both she and Kim D. are getting paid this season, yet we never see Jenn. Maybe the rest of the season focuses on their conflict and paints Kim D. as a bad friend to Teresa? How many episodes are even left?!

  7. pfffttt

    Who is Penny and her husband, in a nutshell and why are they saying these things about Melissa. The show never gave the backstory… It’s like they are random people.

    • Penny is a friend of Kim D.’s and also Melissa’s old boss that we met from her cocktail waitressing days. She owns the salon that Kim D. brought Teresa to. Kim suggested they meet to do business concerning Milania Hair Care. Her husband is obsessed with trying to get her onto RHONJ.

      Long story short, this season was simply another Posche-style hit on Melissa courtesy of Kim D. I think this season was supposed to show her & Penny as the main villains this season as they attacked Caroline/Melissa, but due to the court case with Johnny, they’re reverting things back to Teresa and squashing her season of redemption. Jennifer’s fight with Kim D was supposed to shed further positivity on Teresa’s innocence in all the drama.

      I’m still a Tre hugger though!

      • pfffttt

        I heard that we would hear rumors about Al cheating on Caroline, but I guess that got put on the chopping block.

      • Yes, Penny was the one who started/spread those rumors. That’s my guess as to why Jac all of a sudden has a problem with Penny, to distract from Caroline’s issues.

        Johnny taking everyone to court really did screw this season up. Penny, Kim D and Jennifer would have been more prominent characters otherwise, which could only be good for the show with the way it’s going…

  8. This was literally the worst Real Housewives episode in the history of the franchise. What a fucking mess. People say this all the time now, but for me personally, THIS was the RH jumping the shark.

  9. Urethra Franklin

    Did Chris Laurita looked like his face was bruised around the eyes during the scene where he & Jaq were talking about JTG and twitter? Was it possible that was filmed after the fight?

    Juicy Joe does not know how to wear a shirt with a jacket. I just can’t with that spread out collar flattened out over a suit jacket.

    That future Manzo spin off show is going to be one big commercial for the son’s businesses as well as Laura’s Avon route.

  10. lori

    This show could be used to stop people from getting Alzheimer’s. You have to use so much of your brain trying to figure out and keep track of what the real story is, and what we actually already know… back tracking and reorganizing events, that you need almost every one of your brain cells to do so. It’s exhausting!

    Add my memory serves, Joe did say “motor vehicle issues” the first time around too, because it annoyed me both times. As IF!!!

  11. pfffttt

    The editing on RHNJ is absurd. I think Sirens, the production company SUCKS. Makes all the other Housewife franchises look like FAIR edits in comparison.

  12. LaurieNYC

    So sick of this storyline. We all know that Teresa wanted to destroy Melissa for scheming to come “her” show to bring her down. Penny might be the hair extension from hell monster but she wouldn’t know whether Melissa went to see her father-in-law in the hospital. This has Teresa written all over it. Teresa would rather die than admit it so Melissa and Joe need to move on……..Bravo needs to move on as well. I’m sick of this storyline, I’m sick of Teresa, done with the Manzo’s and bored to death by the Lauritas. Although, I could watch Milania all day long! Time for an overhaul! I feel sorry for the Giudice kids because their parents may serve time but I have ZERO sympathy for Joe & Teresa. They are grifter frauds who need to be taught a lesson.

    • huh? JTGreek only needed to watch the show to learn that Teresa was accusing her SIL of not visiting the father-in-law at the hospital. Or have her wife penney tell him because she is bff’s with KimD.

  13. Angela

    Is Albie gay? I saw somewhere that he and Greg were a couple and Greg left because Albie wouldn’t tell the truth about their relationship. Is this true or just gossip?

  14. FakeHousewives

    Tamara have you read the article on radar online about a leaked rhonj contract? I knew reality shows are fake but all these women really agree to come on tv and create fake drama and live with the lies each season. Andy should be ashamed of himself, sitting at the reunion acting as if the drama is genuine smh.

    • I read it. I have known this and blogged about it for ages. This is not unique to housewives. All reality shows have such contracts. I have a two inch stack of Big Brother contracts laying around here somewhere. You should read those… there is NOTHING they can’t air about you. Including medical history which is why they talk about people’s herpes meds and Adderall etc on the show.

  15. Mina

    I can’t believe how crazy this show has become. First, how is it that Penny owns a salon and has the worst extensions I have ever seen? It’s as if she bought some Yaky hair, dyded it blond, and jut glued it in her hair? The separation is embarrassing. I never saw a weave that looked that horrible. How was Juicy’s GPS trying to take them out on the Turnpike, telling them to make a left turn? What?? They must have some bootleg brand, purchased on the pier or something. The editing is soo bad, and they think we don’t notice. That’s what irritates me. The producers are underestimating the viewers. Just because we watch this show, doesn’t mean WE are morons. The part with Melissa singing — TRAIN WRECK. Do they mean for us to beleive that a producer such as he would even look at Melissa?? Stop it. It’s embarrassing. She can’t sick A NOTE on key. She never practices, never goes for lessons, she just knows her choregography. All these great singers out here with no chance, and she gets one. What IS that? She is never prepared, wastes people’s time, and it is awful. Shame on her for wasting our time. I can’t wait to see next week to see the showdown with Penny’s hubby. Tre knows good and well she started this mess, and with people that clearly have nothing else to do. Now it is all out of control and blowing up in her face. She never thought they would all make up, so now she is looking like a jerk. It always comes out in the wash. And we need some new people for next season. This group is through. You watch it, and then you get made that you used your hour that you can’t get back that way.

    • You realize that yay GPS often tells me to make turns where there is no road, etc. it’s because the roads came after I got my car. The GPS is built in and out dated. It’s about $200 to upgrade. I’m not paying that when a peripheral gps is much less. But I’m also not going to buy another GPS. So I just deal with the one I have and try not to drive into cornfields.
      I did not buy my gps on a pier.
      I think that whole thing was another “Look! Joe is driving!!” thing because that actually mattered at some point before all the other charges were made.

    • lwickedgirl

      Everything I wanted to say you just said. I think I was howling with laughter when Melissa was singing… and Penny… I just can’t go on enough about that HUGE ponytail and that cheap stripper weave.
      I also was outdone buy Teresa’s pimp daddy Jersey outfit when she had lunch with the Gentleman Don’s daughter and her bad weave that looked like Penny sewed it in.
      I am just through…well until I see the fight next week. The girls in ATL may be loud but Jersey is seriously gangster.

    • Sandy

      How did they get that record producer & radio station to promote Melissa’s singing as if she’s really talented? I fully expected them to lay it on the line with her and tell her she doesn’t have a chance in hell at the stardom she so desperately wants.

  16. charma

    I don’t know. There are some bloggers who say they actually saw the johnny tweet about Nicholas but he has since deleted it and of course they didn’t screenshot it.

  17. leecee

    Drink every time someone says “moving faward”

  18. drink every time someone says “we are in a good place.”

    ~ who cares about this shizz anymore. We are just going through withdrawls. It’s over.

  19. Rain

    I also feel like if it wasn’t for twitter there would be no story line for anyone on the show. Every argument stems from twitter. I would really love to see them have Mel’s ex make an appearance on the show!!! Now that would be worth watching!!!

  20. I still find it unfathomable how untouchable Kim D is. I’m having flashbacks to the Jessie/Libra fight from BB where they called each other the “constant” center of every drama. That is Kim D. here. No one is talking about the obvious fact that Penny is HER friend and connection to RHONJ. Just last last year’s set up, this has Kim D’s paws all over it and NOT Teresa’s.

    Kim D should have been a fulltime wife for like 2 seasons now…

    • pfffttt

      Kim D is the biggest shit stirrer yet most of the Housewives are afraid to call her out. Melissa apparently shops and her stores and gets styled by Kim D’s staff now.

      She has a ton of dirt on these chicks & they’re scared of her. She isn’t an official Housewife, yet she is the HBIC – Head Bitch in Charge of the New Jersey Housewives. LOL

  21. jewels16

    Is Juicy Joe allowed to drive? I thought he lost his license until his court trial decided. Anyone know the legal details?

    • Rain

      I thought that as well ! Remember last season he had a “driver” because he wasn’t permitted to drive. I think that’s why they showed the whole driving scene with the gps giving wrong directions.

      • hmm you may have a point… I dunno. This show is so badly spliced and diced it’s impossible to recap without just going along with the crazy.

      • Rain

        If it wasn’t for your blog and the “extras” on the show we wouldn’t know the real truth. Round of applause for the “EXtras” for letting the “skeletons come from under the bed” LOL

  22. kym

    I’m so glad someone said something about how small that POSCHE store it..Its like shopping in the closet. Who shops in the a place where the clothes touch your face? If Jacqueline took another step she would be in Narnia. LOL

    • Nothing is sized, there is only one of each thing, it doesn’t look like an upscale store a tall.

      • lori

        It’s probably the consignment shop that tre will be using to sell her clothes once she has no where to put them and needs to raise some money. :(

      • Some first time poster sent me a link to the online store (I deleted it of course) But I went to look and it was sorta expensive clothing, but no size choice or even explanation of what size you were buying. It’s weird. If I didn’t know better I would think it was a cover for…. well you fill in the rest. I don’t want to get sued AGAIN. lol.

      • lori

        Most definitely. I have a lot of thoughts as to what Kim D. really does for a living, behind the cover of that boutique of hers.

      • Rain

        Also some of the cast members are models on the site …Hmmmm

      • Kim D runs with the big boys. And that, darling, doesn’t just mean she has a boutique. Kim D is the best! haha

      • lori

        Big boys… yes, I believe that’s what she called them during her fight with Joe, and I think you are (not) saying the same thing I am thinking. I also get the feeling that some of the housewives and husbands may do business with her (ahem) “boutique” as well.

    • Rain

      I can’t stop laughing!!!!! Good one!!!

  23. FYI Johnny did tweet things about Jac regarding her autistic child, but it was more along the lines of her exploiting her kid for a story line and attention. Jac evidently extrapolated from there, saying during filming that he accused her of lying about the autism itself.

    Now remember, Jac and Chris can’t really say on the show what he actually tweeted about the alleged exploitation, because that would mean referring to themselves as being on a TV show, while filming that TV show…which they generally don’t do. So I believe they were purposely vague in referencing his tweets (and didn’t include the screenshots) for that reason.

    JTG may not have tweeted exactly what people think he was accused of, but he most definitely tweeted things that would piss off Chris and Jac regarding the autism story line.

    • But what makes JTG so special in mentioning this critique??? EVERYONE has said the same thing about Jac exploiting her son. Johnny wasn’t the first and he won’t be the last. Jac’s current blog actually vaguely addresses the people who have been critiquing her via twitter…

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