Real Housewives Before Surgery

598849_10151901616087922_2098671249_nWow, check out this picture from People Magazine that Luann  posted on twitter today.  Only Sonja Morgan looks like she used to look.  Thoughts?


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21 responses to “Real Housewives Before Surgery

  1. Is Caroline a natural redhead? Does it start later in life? Sorry, I’m ignorant when it comes to the ginger gene, not sure how that works…

  2. lori

    If you go to bravo website they have a before they were stars (or something like that) album. Once you are on a housewives pic, there is a link to see more pics of that housewife. Lots of pics.

  3. eg

    Sonja looked better (younger) Melissa, a good improvement, Vicki G (better younger) Caroline, older is better, the Countess, older was an improvement, Tre G. no change, just an older version of how Milania looks now, Tamra no change really except hair, Kim Richards better younger, Brandi better looking older, Nene better looking older,Kim Z same, different hair color, Taylor A. better looking younger (in my opinon for all).

  4. YouOldMattress

    Caroline looks exactly like Lauren.

  5. Tango

    Kyle used to resemble Kim before her surgeries, I see…

  6. Sunny in the desert

    Luann and Jacques broke up. I’m shocked.

  7. i think vicki still looks much the same. funny how brandi looked like a boy but now resembles raquel welch a bit

  8. is it true that alexis and gretchen were fired from rhoc? saw it in a rag but figured you’d have more deets if true?

  9. Susan

    I know some of the housewives had some nips and tucks here and there, BUT these pictures were taken when they were kids. There is no comparison to what they would look like as grown women. Many a young girls looks change a great deal as they mature. From ugly duckling to a beautiful swan if you will. Some not so much but some very much so. Some only need maybe a nose job to bring out the natural beauty and they become stunners. Just my opinion but I think I’m right. Have a good one.

  10. I think Vicki and Kyle still look much like they would without surgeries. Brandi is close. Taylor was such a cute kid, too bad she went the surgery route.

  11. Vickie looks (in the before photo) like the actress who played the girl in Silence of The Lambs. The one down the well, whistling “Here Precious.” I think she is now starring in the show Ray something where she is dating Rays brother. Anyway she looks identical to that actress. Wish I knew her name!

  12. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Sonja looks exactly the same.

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