Kroy Biermann Had Ankle Surgery Today

Photo : Twitter

Photo : Twitter

According to Kim’s Twitter, the surgery went well. She also commented on Kroy still smiling through the whole thing.  Apparently Brielle took this picture and posted it on twitter today. So sweet.


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10 responses to “Kroy Biermann Had Ankle Surgery Today

  1. Katrina

    He hurt his ankle really bad if he had surgery. I hope he has a speedy recovery. I fractured my ankle and it’s still not 100%. I know Kroy is very athletic and a high tollerance for pain.

    • Yes, he tore his Achilles and is out for the season. :(

    • sw

      Yes, usually when you hurt your ankle or knee it is difficult if not impossible to go back to your previous performance. Does he continue to get paid and if he is not able to come back can they release him from his contract.
      They should have been planning for the future instead of building this huge house that they wont be able to afford just ask former housewife Snow and having all of those kids. Kim was just insuring child support for the next 18 years. Kroy you are a sucker and good luck on recovering.

      • All of your questions are answered in comments. Kim and Kry already live in the new house and own two other properties. Their situation is vastly different from the other housewives. You are off your rocker.

  2. Love the pic. I hope he has a speedy and as pain free as possible recovery.

  3. That is a cute pic. That sucks he is out for the season, but health is always number one. At least he has the babies to occupy his time with.

  4. eastjames

    I hate that for Kroy because he really seems to have a passion for football but I’m sure Kim will be happy to have him home all the time. Get well soon!

  5. Chaun

    He better hpe he gets well and is able to play .Without any money I don’t think his gold digger will stick around.

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