Last Post For My Siberian Friends! :(

siberiaAs I am getting ready to watch the finale of Siberia, I started to think of Christmas of 2008 when I went to Paris for the holidays by myself (I highly recommend this).  I like to stay at the K+K Hotel in the 7th arrondissement because I really like the location. Also there is a gas station with a nice convenience store next door, it’s near tons of restaurants and a pharmacy. I had my little gas station snacks and beverages out on the window ledge of my cute little room and perhaps was a bit too adventurous in eating and got sick one day running a decent fever. I laid in bed and ate and drank from my stash and watched marathons of old American TV shows and had the time of my life “being sick in Paris.”  I was thinking Siberia would be a good marathon to watch during that sort of situation. It’s interesting and quirky, but if you nap off and on, you can sort of pick up where you left off.  #oversharing

I have enjoyed our small group here as we suspended disbelief and enjoyed this quirky little show that no doubt will never in a million years be renewed. So let’s see how they wrap it up.

Everyone reunites at the research center and there is much rejoicing! Daniel who has been worried about Irene, runs out to meet her but apparently she is the only one who is surrounded by landmines for some reason. On NOES!  Will Daniel be able to save her or will she be blown to smithereens in the last episode crushing Daniel’s geeky little heart? Why of course he can.

I don’t understand why we focus on dead Natalie so much. Was she this chick’s (Annie) girlfriend?

Oh no! Some bad guys came! But our Real Housewife of Beverly Hills is coming to the rescue! She ain’t afraid of a bunch of Russians in combat gear carrying assault weapons. She’s got Louboutins, dammit!  Just when they are about to shoot her in the head something explodes! There is a huge fight between the invisible lizard people and the Russians. While everyone is fighting the cast and the ever filming camera people get away in the truck. Except for Annie who was shot and apparently killed.

Except the truck gets stuck in the snow. Esther convinces Johnny to push with the rest while she steers. When the truck gets free she drives off and leaves everyone. Miljan explains she had the key to the revealer and the money was the last reveal she took it out before she shared the key. she had the money in a bag the whole time. So it appears she is the winner!  The rest of the gang makes it to town but it is deserted. They find an apartment with power, but no one is home. Sam pillages the fridge, but Miljan goes for a warmer jacket and takes a gun he finds without telling anyone.

Um it ends with them watching a video of something that happened with Johnny and Carolina that they don’t remember.  And then the game hosts shows up and says….”You are not supposed to be here.” And everything goes black.

There is no way in hell we are getting a season two is there?










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24 responses to “Last Post For My Siberian Friends! :(

  1. Ellis Scarlett

    No. I loved it, but I think there were too many holes in the plot, and we had to suspend disbelief until it was laughable. Too bad.

  2. tata4now

    Well at least I got to see the hot host again! I never knew what the hell was going on with this show, but I really liked it. There were so many plot holes and very little character development. I just wanted to know what the hell the lizard/tiger/alien was. I guess I’ll never know.

  3. Urethra Franklin

    A big WTF? to this episode.
    I got a headache & thought I was going to have a seizure watching the shaky camera work during the gun battle and the flickering lights inside the research center.

    I think Esther is involved with the host. How is she supposed to leave the country with $500,000 cash. Was it US currency? The minutia distracts me from the big picture….All the guys are clean shaven, and their hair does not grow, and this drove me crazy. Joyce/Carolina/ has gorgeous hair extensions. I hope there is a RHOBH crossover with the monster. This is the part where suspension of belief falls into play.

    I just wish they could wrap it up with a 3 part mini-series instead of a full second season.

  4. Manuel

    One more ep.after this one. LOL so many clichés.

    • Manuel

      As a major Post Scriptum: This show I am convinced – was nearly a complete ripoff of “The Devil’s Pass”- Just saw it and I was blown away by this “found footage” gem- This comes out very typical and if you are patient to the very end you will dig the pay off. It blew my mind and that impresses me.

  5. lori

    I am tired of this group of people. I just don’t care about them anymore. They dragged this on a little too long for me. I really hope there is still one more episode and not a season two. I fast forwarded through half of this episode without missing anything. I just shortened the scenes. Although I was really enjoying it until the last 2 episodes, I have now had my fill and definitely can’t see myself watching another whole season of this.

  6. Seriously....

    I’m with you about Annie going on and on about Natalie. I mean sure you liked the chick, but you knew she was straight and she was pining for her ex. Was that one kiss you shared before she ditched you that powerful?
    When Sam shared about his wife, I was like no buddy, that’s nowhere even close to the same thing.
    Oh, how I laughed when Esther stole the truck. She has no conscience and no pity but I like her devious mind. She came to play!
    As for renewal, it may still be on the table. The show was completely financed by its producers. All NBC had to do was give it a time slot and promote it. There was little risk on their side.

  7. loriflack

    I watched the first episode and recorded the rest…am going to erase, now.

  8. Charlie Girl Says

    I love Siberia! Even with all the willing suspension of disbelief it’s very entertaining. And I want to know what the heck is going on! Was the host plotting against the “cast?” Did he know what was going on? I hope they renew it!!

  9. Love that you take solo vacations. Something about traveling alone like that is very cool and admirable.

    • According to EVERYTHING there were 12 episodes made. Last night was 12 it was billed as the “season finale”. While I would love one more show to wrap it up, I am highly doubtful. The episode was called “Into the Oven.” Why????

      Also, we need to pick a replacement scripted show to watch together? Suggestions?

      • Urethra Franklin

        I LIVE for American Horror Story. New season starts next month.
        The cast this season is beyond. #JessicaLange

      • Ew. I am a scaredy pants. You can do a weekly post on it if you want! :)

        heh, always trying to get you to do my job…er…intern… at TT. :)

      • lori

        I adore American Horror Story too. I will definitely be watching (and making popcorn for) season three. That being said, I hope that this season is more like season one than season two. The teaser seems more along the lines of season two though. It amazes me what they got away with on season two. Talk about sacrilegious! I can’t believe the christian tv police are allowing this. Many people, including my mom, loved season one but couldn’t even watch season two.

        @TT – I was going to ask you the same thing about recommendations. I will do a little digging and see if I can come up with some other possibilities. I think you should give AHS a chance. This way we can all talk about it here!

  10. lori

    I think that producer ids esther’s bf, and the two of them, before they got to Siberia, hatched a plan to kill everyone and steal the money. I hope they can come up with a good way to explain the sky and all the other unexplainable stuff. If I am right, these camera men would have kicked that producers ass. You know I am obsessed with the while camera man thing. Last night while they had guns pointed at their heads, they still remained silent, and the gun men just let them film them too. Last week was the only time we heard a camera man’s vice, when he was calling in for help over the radio. I was hopeful that they would be integrating them into the show after that, but obviously they did not.

  11. I wish they would do one more episode so I know WTH is going on. As far as a new scripted show how about Black List. That looks good or the new one on CBS that is taking the place of Under the Dome since that is finished until next season. Hostages is the name I think. That one looks good too.

  12. Seriously....

    Anyone watch The Following? It’s the show that made me understand the term hate watching.
    There is always Scandal….

  13. Justified starts in January, and if you have never seen it back seasons are amazing. Sons of Anarchy is on, and Charlie Hunnam makes my toes curl in a good way.

  14. tata4now

    I would vote for American Horror Story too! I love that show!

  15. jen

    Oh my goodness. Totally forgot about this show. It was so good, but also weird and awful. We watched every episod e then Joyce popped up on HW and I loved Joyce. Now thw show & Joyce are gone from tv. Great recap.

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