I Dream of Nene Recap: We Need Cancelling!

nenedreamRight off the bat I am wondering where that house is. Atlanta? LA? And whose house is it? I love that  Gregg says he doesn’t want to go back to the basement. CONFIRMING I was right when I said they never separated.  Already with the scripted scenes for the wedding dress/old wedding montage set up. By the way, Nene has executive producer credits on this… meaning she can control what makes the editing cut. Hints of Nene not wanting her family there by saying she doesn’t want her Dad to walk her down the aisle again. Or her sisters in the wedding.

When the hell did they drive down the main drag of Athens when the sun was out and there was that little traffic?  That restaurant used to have the best blackened red fish back when it was Harry Bissett’s. Nene is completely unable to be serious with Greg, even now.

Will Nene Leakes Be Returning for Season Five?

Nene sneaks off to her attorney’s office behind Gregg’s back to talk about a prenup. While that is a good idea, I would want mine to include specific language about debt division. Individual debts remain with the individual. Something like that. I love that the attorney told her the second time around usually does not work. In this case, there was never really a breakup so maybe they will be good.

It’s Nene on V-103 with Ryan! Why must we continue to pretend the pizza boy was a real thing? Why?

Nene seems to wants Gregg to have a better relationship with his kids that includes her. The kids apparently hate her. She acts like they blame her for their parents divorce. Was he married and met her at the strip club? I don’t remember “the story” or recall if we ever knew “the truth.” But she is using this topic to set up some marital counseling.  Or cancelling as Nene calls it.


Nene Leakes is a Bitter Betty Over Sunday's Kim and Kroy Episode

Nene has an Uncle Mel. He’s been married five times. He is apparently going to give Nene some “cancelling.” I am not sure I can watch this scene because he says “sussess” instead of “success” and I hate that!  Nene says that ever since the paternity test proving he is not Nene’s biological father, Curtis hasn’t really spoken with her. She calls and invites him to the wedding on Uncle Mel’s phone.

Nene takes Bryson shopping for his apartment. No mention of why he is on crutches. Oh apparently it was a car accident. I don’t know why they shot this scene in an accessory store unless they had something in there that Nene wanted in exchange for advertising.

Nene drags Gregg to the “canceller” and of course he asks why they got divorced the first time and Gregg says, “Oh we ain’t gonna talk about that.”  Gregg looks truly miserable. Gregg says, “There are some things that are personal that are going to die personal.”  Gregg gets aggressive with Dr. Jeff saying they are not going to talk about anything. Nene brings up Gregg’s kids and says it seems like they blame her for their parents not being together. It feels like Nene truly forced Gregg to do this to force his hand in front of the cameras. Her son with Gregg knows nothing about Gregg’s family. Gregg is being very rude to Dr. Jeff and it seems very real.  I have never seen Gregg like this. Wow That was intense! I want the unedited footage!

Watching the previews, I can’t help but laugh when Nene says her diamond is 15 carats.  I am always talking back to the TV saying, “15 carats of what?”


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  1. LMAO I enjoyed it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    But I’m also not taking it seriously at all whatsoever. Her & Gregg make me laugh

  2. Urethra Franklin

    Nene was on Ellen yesterday and said her wedding band and ring totaled 26 karats. Cough cough bull shit. Then Ellen asked Nene if the 1.8 million dollar price tag for her wedding is accurate. Ms Rich Bitch Nene only would say it cost more than 1 million dollars. Nene was fronting big time too wearing a new longer straight blonde lace front wig. She looked redonkulous…

    • Giving erself a long way to fall….

      • Buck Henry

        Your exactly right, itj’s giving herself a longer way to fall. You and I both know that she is fronting and since she lost her job on that one show for NBC she only has the RHOA and thats it. Pretty soon we will start to see non-payment of rent and other debt defaults in the near future.

    • vivaladiva831

      She wants so bad to top Kim’s wedding, and I just don’t see it happening. Kim and Kroy had one of the best, and most expensive, I have seen out of all the Housewives. Sorry NeNe, Kim is still winning!

      • Dee

        Do your home work boo! Bravo’s ‘I Dream of NeNe’ Premiere Tops ‘Don’t Be Tardy’ Debuthttp://tv.yahoo.com/news/bravo-dream-nene-premiere-tops-don-t-tardy-000237604.html

      • vivaladiva831

        I said top Kim’s “wedding” not top Kim’s tv show…boo. Kim did it first and that irks the shit out of Nene since she have Kim her start and all…according to Nene that is.

      • vivaladiva831

        Gave Kim not have kim

  3. Seriously....

    I enjoyed it and will be tuning in. Gregg is my favorite house husband with his corny old school swag. Real, fake, or whatever, it’s entertaining whereas Don’t be Tardy is a snooze to me. I couldn’t with the follow up show “The New Atlanta”. Even the trailer had me sighing and changing the channel.

  4. misscologirl

    I love how Nene swtiches between calling her son Bryson and Bryce. My son is named Bryce and I sometimes call him Bryson. I did want to say that Nene kissing Gregg at the first wedding was n-a-s-t-y. Guess she was fresh off the pole and hadn’t yet learned the ways “regular” people kiss in public!

  5. marissa

    I really enjoy your commentaries. Why do i need to watch television when your recaps are so funny and to the point.

  6. vivaladiva831

    Maybe it’s just me, but had no idea Greg was married before, much less had FIVE OTHER KIDS. How did this never come out?

  7. Katrina

    It looled like house in Atlanta that they have been in. Gregg was living in the basement before he moved out. I think it was season 3 of RHOA. I really enjoyed the show. You could tell that Gregg did not want to be at therapy session.

  8. JrLeaguer

    I will keep up with it through your recaps because I do not think that I will be able to sit through it. Anyone remember when Sonja Morgan uttered the phrase, “Thug in a cocktail dress” about Alex on RHNY? That is how I feel about this show, Nene will just be a thug in a wedding gown.

    • JoJo

      Great characterization summing up Lanethia (sp?) Monique: “Thug in a Wedding Dress”….would have been a good title for the show too. (I remembered it as Alex, though, that coined that phrase referring to Sonja after being booted from Sonja’s party in RHONY?)

    • This made me laugh. I’ve always thought about LuAnne’s song, “Money can’t buy you class” when referring to Nene. I like yours is better. :-)

  9. Wow……. You reviewed it and you did not….. outright hate it? OMG. I think I’ll give it a watch today.

  10. nunnya

    well i think she held her on for an hour which was said she couldnt and too sums it all bloop bloop good show

  11. I did not watch. But it is a series, right? Because Teresa Guidice just made a stupid tweet about enjoying the wedding show and wishing she could have been there.

  12. KeepinitrealinTX

    I think the whole counseling scene was fluff. I think she is creating all this drama for the show to span it out in 3 episodes or whatever it is. His kids probably do hate her though. I definitely think she is fronting on having all this money. Even if she made a couple mil it’s not enough to cover tha tring and that lifestyle and Uncle Sam. I’m sure she got a good deal on the ring. The pre-nup is ridiculous as if she would ever go for that. I’m with Tamara though I don’t think they ever split up to begin with.

    • Katrina

      If that counseling scene was fluff, then we need to give Gregg leakes and Oscar. He played his part to perfection! I think it was edited and some of the bad stuff he said was taken out. I think pre-nups are a real issue in this day in time. It is like the lawyer said, A pre-nup will not stop you from going to court, but a least it covers the basics.

  13. eg

    Hope they show this again as I missed it last nite. NeNe is one of my least fav. HW along with KZ and VG. But I feel I must watch this show based on the recap and the previous comments so I can add my own 2 cents.

  14. Mamacita

    Hey Tamara; great recap as always. Love your take on things. So glad I am not the only one yelling about those 15
    “Carats” ….

  15. Cynthia Greene

    Fake or Real….I like the show. Of course she gone make herself look feel and be top knotch ! Wouldn’t you if it was your show with the ability to critique and edit ? You people kill me being so picture perfect its TV its only reality if its live!!! Urghhh!!!!!

  16. Merissa

    I think this show as well as Atlanta Housewives is trash. I am sick of Bravo making these spinoff wedding series. They are crap and I want them canceled. Who watches this crap, why don’t people complain? I like Bravo but I’m sick and tired of the same shows over and over again.
    Same with food network and their obsession with diners drive in and dives and chopped 5 days a week. Hideous

  17. Peg

    Good luck with that

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