Real Housewives of Miami Recap: Bride Wars and Birthday Wars



Oh my! Lisa is out shopping with her mother-in-law at a Russian grocer. Seems like the in-laws are back in town. Joy of joys! Lenny is still in need of a major storyline so he is going to be the mediator between Frederic and Romain.  Romain is upset about the tweeter. Oh and for Romain calling Joanna a whore. Frederic apologies to Romain, but seriously, this has to be a frequent situation for Romain, right?

Lenny’s parents are there for a week. They did the same last year during filming. I think Lenny’s mother loves being on TV. Lenny’s mother is mad at Lisa because she does not return her calls.  Lenny stands up for Lisa to his mother. He tells her she is disrespectful to his wife, the maids don’t want to work when she visits, the drivers won’t drive her because she is rude.



Leslie Abravanel’s article is still a major storyline for Adrianna. I hope Leslie at least got flowers! Adrianna’s kid, Alex is invited to RJ’s birthday party but Adrianna doesn’t want to let him go until Lea apologizes.

Lea takes her bridesmaids  (Alexia, Marysol and Lisa ) out to dress shop for their gowns. How were the brides maids divided? I dunno perhaps they drew straws because neither Joanna nor Adrianna seem to be actual friends with any of the RHOM. Adrianna threatens Lisa NOT to be in Joanna’s wedding, but of course that is going to happen because we need a carrier pigeon (or double agent as Adrianna calls it) now that Karent is gone.  At this glorious occasion, rather than enjoy planning her wedding, she wants to talk about Lea. She pulls out this People story from 1995 about Lea keeping her JoP wedding a secret before the big ceremony and Adrianna seems to think this is the same about lying to everyone including your kid about being married for five years and telling people you are a poor single mother. While this is all happening Lea called to invite Lisa to Joanna’s dress shopping an event in LA.  Now what are the chances of that?

Frankie is still doing extensive physical and speech therapy.  In my opinion, he has moderate  expressive and social aphasia and some receptive aphasia. His physical therapy looks nearly complete to me and his aphasia therapy with his speech pathologist is rolling right along. Of course, Alexia is wanting a complete recovery as soon as possible; however, his progress rate is truly remarkable given his frontal lobe injuries.

The unlikely duo of Marysol and Adrianna are out shopping for the cameras. Lea calls to invite Alex to RJ’s Birthday party. Adrianna accepts for Alex but declines for herself. RJ has designed his own party, apparently around punching and team war games. It’s an outdoor party. It’s looking like rain. Alex has promised to DJ.  Joanna and Romain arrive late, to a children’s party despite being childless. Romain forgot the gift. Joanna is still mad a Adrianna who they expect to be there. Seems like an event they could skip to me. The bottom falls out of the sky and everyone runs into Lea’s house which is under renovations. Then Adrianna shows up. Why? I thought she declined and sent Frederic instead. Adrianna does not even speak to Lea. Lea decides to have the RHOM sing happy birthday to him? And it ends there. I am sure there is more drama to come.


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18 responses to “Real Housewives of Miami Recap: Bride Wars and Birthday Wars

  1. Becstar

    Who is selling Adrianna on this hairstyle she keeps wearing? I forgave her the first time but come on now.

  2. It’s not the same without mama elsa.

    RJ is a weird weird weird kid. Sorry. But it’s true. I can’t put my finger on it. But something is dramatically wrong.

    I cringe at Johanna’s opening line. I hate you because you’re an insipid twat. Beauty has oath got do with it. And you could not be uglier inside.

    Lea has something negative to say about everything and everyone. Her reaction at Johanna’s new house was just mean spirited. With friends like her…

  3. Is he autistic? I didn’t know that.

    I was thinking more along the lines of molesting animals and saving their heads in the freezer. But engineer is a possibility too.

  4. Rj is such a weird little boy and that was the most awkward party ever he seem like a serial killer in the making a smart one like dexter tho

  5. JrLeaguer

    My favorite part was when Joanna and Romain gave enthusiastic “Happy Birthday” greetings to the WRONG kid. Say what you want about Adrianna, but her son, Alex was very kind and respectful while pointing out their mistake. Lea is such a great friend of Joanna, yet Joanna and Romain have no clue what RJ looks like.

  6. JrLeaguer

    Poor Lisa….We Jewish mamas tend to think that our sons walk on water…it will continue to be a long haul for her especially since I believe that they once said that Lenny is an only child and also the fact that Lenny and Lisa have not had any children of their own yet.

  7. peachteachr

    RHOM is the only one I half-way watch. I just can’t do NJ or BH any longer. I like the Cuban Barbie and always have.

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