UPDATED: Kroy Biermann Out FOR THE SEASON With Ankle Injury

Yesterday the Falcons beat the Rams which is good.  But they also had a least SIX players get injured! Toward the end of the second quarter, Kroy Biermann left the game  ON THE CART with and ankle injury!  He was unable to put any weight at all on his right ankle.  He was  making a cut while running, there was no contact with anyone and he either sprained it, or blew out his Achilles.  Let’s hope it is just sprain. If it is a torn Achilles he  may be out for the season.

UPDATE: Kroy has torn his Achilles and is OUT FOR THE SEASON! :(

Sidenote: In the preseason interview above he admits that Kim pretty much runs his twitter.  So far no updates from  the Biermann  household on the injury.:(


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29 responses to “UPDATED: Kroy Biermann Out FOR THE SEASON With Ankle Injury

  1. Tonia

    With Kim popping out the babies, the last thing Kroy needs Is to be out for the season. I do hope there will be some good news on the heels of this unfortunate event.

  2. Twilly

    I can’t imagine him having to sit out the entire season with Kim pregnant with twins and all those other babies and he’s laid up watching the game on tv.. Sounds like torture.

    That being said, sprains can take a long time to heal too. Aaron Hernandez sprained his ankle last season and missed a ton of games, then immediately reinjured it. Sorry to use him as the example, but I was a fan before he turned out to be a mass murderer!!

  3. Kroy sitting out the season means no paycheck. We may have another Chateau Sheree on our hands. I have a feeling there will be another run on air mattresses at Walmart.

  4. CityGirl81

    Hmmm, let’s see how long her “fairytale” lasts now.

  5. Stacey

    What a bummer! He will be paid, and other than marrying Kim he seems quite reasonable, I would assume he has invested his money wisely (pre Kim of course!) and they will be just fine. Hope his career survives!

  6. Brendy_luv

    Oh wow what bad timing hope he has a speedy recovery! That reminds me of season one of ATL Housewives when Lisa Wu was saying that in NFL the money is not guaranteed compared to NBA contract money is. Referring to DeShawn at the time being an NBA wife spending like she had a moneytree lol

    • Twilly

      It varies from contract to contract, but a lot of the money in the NFL is not guaranteed. His contract would have to specify that his money is guaranteed against injury. He has a relatively new contract and has been in the league for a while so I’m guessing he has a good contract that will assure he gets paid even if injured. That being said, injured athletes are often not the best patients, especially if the season is still young and he’s forced to sit and watch. It’ll be interesting to see how a heavily pregnant Kim and an injured and bored Kroy will get a long. Kroy will probably be in a lot of pain and quite cranky. He’ll also be immobile at first, so he’ll need to be cared for. A bonus for Kroy is he’ll have the extra time to spend with his young sons.

      • Buck Henry

        Your dead on, dead on. It depends on how it was structured in his contract. Also with him having this serious injury I bet anything he doesn’t have insurance in the contract for being cut because of diminished ability. Alot of clubs don’t like to pay you if they cut you for not performing as they think you should. I have a feeling he’s going to be cut by next year. Also as Deshawn said to Lisa Hartwell (not anymore), NFL money isn’t guaranteed like NBA money.

      • It’s like you people don’t even know what injured reserve means. Way to let some knucklehead get you all worked up into a tizzy.

      • Brendy_luv

        Interesting ! I want to see how the go about this hope the bravo picked up Kim’s spinoff for another season.

      • lilkunta

        amaa: pls lay I out simple for us. injured reserve means wha? kroy sill gts paid? he IS ou for the season. Him being in he house laid up with pregnant kim will really TES their marriage. Now they have to be around each other, let’s see how they ae with 1 another. I really hope Bravo is filming !

  7. minrarr

    welp. an achilles injury takes 12 months + to heal and athletes are typically never the same again. hope they’re ready to start clipped coupons because he only gets the money guaranteed in his contract… thats whats tough about playing in the NFL. not sure how much of his contract is based on incentives but he won’t get any of that money for this year.

  8. DJ

    I can’t follow simple directions.

  9. Usually after you get hurt like that it’s not for long (NFL) that you start being transferred around the league because you can’t play up to par anymore. Kept is considered old in football terms. If it’s his Achilles tendon, this is the beginning of the end of his career. The Achilles tendon has ended many careers. So has a badly injured ankle.

  10. loriflack

    Poor Kim’s life is turning into an episode of Honey Boo Boo ~

  11. Critical Theory

    His pay will, indeed, depend on the contract and the length. Considering the house, the cars and the new children, this could be a major blow short- and long-term to their finances. Football money is not that deep to begin with.

    The Achilles is very serious injury.

  12. The Disher

    All I know is that if that fine man didn’t have a penny to his name….I’d be happy to take care of him. He should have a landscaping company where he works without a shirt….all the Buckhead Betties would pay big money for that entertainment.

  13. lilkunta

    kim is estranged from her mom and dad. ive never heard nor seen her brother. Who will come to her aid for food runs? Brielle? Shun her stylist? Jenn her best friend? Wil Kroy’s mom or sis or aunt come from Montana? The townhouse is only 3 bedrooms so where will kroy’s mom/sis/aunt or live in nurse stay? Where do the live in nannies sleep?

    • They are in the new house. Kroy will be paid for this season. He may be up for grabs next year. Or it could be the end. He has made 10 million already. Both Kim and Kroy are financially responsible (despite Kim’s clothing habit). They got a steal on the house. They will be fine.

      He will not be his usual happy camper self this year though. Most filming is done for season three unless they extended it with the twins storyline. I expect two more seasons of DBT One in the can plus one more.

  14. Katrina

    I hope Kroy gets some rest and does what the doctor says! It seems to be hard to recover from this particular injury. He is young and I think he will recover if he takes care of himself.

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