Real Housewives of New Jersey: Nothing to See Here

rhonjtrejoebathI hate how football can screw up every single thing I watch! On top of it all Anthony Bourdain’s CNN show only runs ONCE? What is wrong with CNN?

Anyway, our girl Teresa is setting herself up on an even higher pedestal to fall from. I almost feel badly for her watching this. Almost. Notice Juicy drove the car to the Skinny Italian place? This scene made me want pasta so I stopped blogging and went to make some before Big Brother.

I am not even going to address the whining about Twitter with the Laurita’s and Joey. If twitter upsets you, perhaps you should step away from Twitter for five minutes. What I will say is I can’t imagine Gino living with Milania in the same dwelling.

RHONJmilaniamelissastinksRich is a unit. I would not say he has the supportive part down. Here we go with another storyline of no one supports Kathy.  Everyone supported Kathy and was  there for their “call time.”  I am so over this storyline.

But back to the people filing bankruptcy ordering tons of lobster and wine at the restaurant…

More frankenbites than I can count tonight. Teresa has been doing public speaking for years now. I don’t get why Chris thinks this is so funny.  Her fans flock to hear her.

How does Bravo get these real music producers to pretend to be seriously interested in working with housewives? Oh. It looks like he is here to tell her she isn’t ready. So far this whole show is more of the same manufactured bullshit.  Could they not make up fake stories with different storylines at least?

The Gorgas are out to dinner with the full camera crew…AND OH LOOK! It’s Penny at the bar. Penny has Teresa’s phone numbers in her phone so that is supposed to mean it is all Teresa. Penny “let’s them know who her husband is” GASP!  It’s Johnny the Greek on Twitter! Oh my! I am pretty sure it says that on his Twitter account. And then the ridiculousness cuts off because Bravo runs 58 minutes of dull as dishwater and then wants to put in 30 seconds of excitement at the end.

So…. What did ya’ll think?


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48 responses to “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Nothing to See Here

  1. Shirley

    Melissa is a cheater and Teresa is sneaky!

  2. spk

    Teresa is never, evah supportive. It doesn’t matter who it is or what they’re trying to do for themselves, she undercuts it and is bitchy. Sad.

    Melissa is playing the game and I wonder, as Caroline has observed they are cut from the same cloth, those two. Joey married a version of his sis.

    Can’t wait for this to be cancelled.

  3. Omg so penny just happend to be at the same resturant as the gorga’s and she so hapen to have a mic on and how they not no penny and Johnny the Greek were married this shit is getting too fake

  4. Dolores Slater

    The only thing interesting thing about RHONJ is your blog.

  5. Frederick Uncut

    Did anyone else wonder if it was a serious case of editing when Penny said “It was your sister”…? I felt like they spliced that in, totally out of context. And WTH was Joe Gorga talking about when he was spitting out things like “a woman who looks like THAT” in his talking head about Penny. She looked normal (for RHONJ) to me.

    • Willow

      I totally agree!! What was wrong with the way Penny looked? I mean her hair was totally extensions, but most of them wear extensions, her make- up, dress ,accessories all looked fine, better than alot of the HW.

    • KAM

      Thank you! I had no clue what he was getting at- ok, her hair is awful, but this is coming from a man who spray on his own hair! Sweet Jesus, but this show is boring -Mayby they could give Juicy and Rosie their own cooking show, that would be better than watching this paint dry.

      • terry macon

        Amen, The Joey and Rosie show the food that he cooks looks
        So good, and his wine making ,heck we need a show like that
        But please,please NO teresa. Kathy can make deserts.

    • pdt090

      The editing for this show is getting a bit ridiculous.

      I also thought his shade towards Penny didn’t make sense, but Joe obvious loves being in the thick of all the drama so he’ll do anything to start something. He’s basically the sixth wife.

      I made TT stop blogging to come in here and remove comments on things reported on other sites instead of going to the blog I am commenting about and post about “their reports” on the appropriate site.

    • I don’t understand simple blogger concepts. For example, I like to come here to talk about things at other sites instead of talking about them at their own site.

  6. lori

    Lol @ Juicy Joe thinking he has eggs.

  7. LaurieNYC

    I have said all along that Teresa was the one pulling the strings of these housewife wannabe’s. It’s not like Penny or her husband even know Melissa and Joe G. It never made any sense why these strangers would start this stuff. I just wish for once that Teresa would just own it and apologize. It’s painful to watch her constant denials. The truth always comes out. I also thought Teresa was disgusting to not be supportive of Kathy’s cannoli’s. She can never be happy for anyone else. ONLY she can have the success. She needs to get off the show. Do the prison special and call it a day with the Guidice clan. I’m done.

    • Twilly

      BINGO. She is so hateful.

    • Angela

      Penny did the hair for Melissa’s wedding party. So she does know her. It seemed like they asked Teresa was Kathy’s food edible, she repeated the question and answered it.

      • lori

        I know. It’s so ridiculous! Jersey is nothing but a million lies. I just wonder if it’s Bravo putting Melissa up to lying about this for storyline, or if she’s luring on her own to try and protect her possible real lie about creating on Joey.

  8. SB

    I can’t with this show anymore…it has become soooo boring. I think the housewives are running their course w/ me. I stopped watching RHOC halfway thru and just read your blog…the show just sucked so bad. I think all the franchises need some kind of shake up besides entirely new casts. THEY ARE STALE!!!!

    • Twilly

      The only one I watch anymore with any real interest is BH and even that is getting tiresome. They all end up the same way. Nasty and petty. Grown ass women getting so worked up over someone talking behind their back. Real women don’t put so much emphasis on she said/she said. It’s so silly.

  9. eg

    Ditto to all above comments. Last nights show was painfully boring. It was like a bunch of dull unconnected storylines thrown together to fill out the hour. No matter how they do it, Teresa still comes across as a delusional untrustworthy liar (to me). Maybe with the upcoming legal matters, this group might be coming to an end. Hope so.

  10. What stood out to me the most and was the most frightening, was when Joe Gorga went to Jacqueline’s house, and Gino was mauling Santino the dog. I think that’s the dogs name. I wouldn’t leave my dog alone with other people’s kids. Also, why did Jacqueline have to go in the room and plop down with Chris and Joe? Hello. You are not one of the guys Jacqueline. Go have a drink somewhere, cry and tweet.

  11. I got NO use for cannoli with jimmies. That’s just WRONG. Chocolate or choco chips ok. Coco powder or candied fruit. Yep. Sprinkles?? Um…no.

    Loved the Joe/Rosie thing. She’s ok as long as she’s not trying to act like a girl. Melissa singing is fucking heaven. Did anyone notice that all traces of that live performance on clear channel have been wiped off the Internet? Lol.

    Penny says the ” It was your sister” was in response to them asking her who invited her to the Malania event. Both Penny and her husband are stroking out over the chopped up edit that scene got. I’m not sure how Bravo can get away with it. These people are going to have to start Zarining and recording their own versions of these scenes.

    And they claim this meeting happened before the Az retreat. So, they say that if The Gorgaborg heard from her at that dinner that Tetesa putt Penny up to it all, the Gorga would have been shouting that like crazy on the retreat.

  12. Oh and PS: I really do not think Melissa is Italian. She just looks so Latina. I think the mailman was Jose.

    • Apparently, she is with some Spanish and maybe black (highly doubt it) mixtures. She is clearly not traditional Italian in any way.

    • It’s not her shade that makes me think what I think. And…um…yeah. You’ve been to Italy? Do you want a cookie? Doyou really think that has ANYTHING to do with anything or that it’s remotely impressive ??

      And REALLY. Thanks EVERSO for giving ME and Italian history lesson and explaining what Italians look like to me. REALLY.

      • Frederick Uncut

        teecee66, I was replying to jayden213’s comment: “She is clearly not traditional Italian in any way”, not to your original comment. I’m surprised you posted that bit of unprovoked nastiness at 7:15pm, but I guess some of us start in on the Jesus Juice earlier than others.

      • 7:15 PM(!!!) is too soon for Jesus Juice???? Dayum… :)

  13. DJ

    Joe Guidice eats like a caveman. It looked like he had a whole lobster on his fork. He doesn’t know how to use a knife?

  14. What was up with that fake singing in the fake booth with the real promoter? Loved the side-eyes his assistant made during the “music.”

  15. Belinda

    Theresa is not bad looking…..Juicy is not bad looking…..Why are their girls so fugly ?

    • Seriously? I think the girls are adorable! I can see them modeling when they are older.

      • Frederick Uncut

        I agree with TT! Teresa isn’t horrific, and pictures of young Juicy Joe before excessive tanning, alcohol consumption, and any other “juice” he may or may not be using show a very handsome young man. But the kids are gorgeous. Terrible attitudes, spoiled little monsters on wheels (except for quiet kid #2 who looks just like Juicy’s mama), but very cute.

      • Yeah, Teresa and Joe looked really nice when they were younger, and he did gain a lot of weight. Gabriella is quiet, but Milania needs to learn when to shut her mouth sometimes. It is interesting that all 4 kids have brown hair, but Teresa and Joe have black. Must get it from the grandparents.

      • pdt090

        I don’t really get why people act like all the Gudice kids are out of control. Milania, sure, but the other three really aren’t. Gia has an attitude but she’s actually pretty subdued & mature for a preteen just beginning puberty, especially given the environment she’s in.

      • lwickedgirl

        Modeling where?

  16. Sandy

    I didn’t even watch last night, might catch the repeat. Seriously, all these people are lying about something. It’s impossible to keep up with who lied to who, what, when & where. It may be time to begin a new search for my junk tv fix.

  17. loriflack

    LOL about Joe eating like a caveman.

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