Will The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion Be Boring?

RHONJJOEfightAfter a season of team building therapy, individual therapy sessions with Dr.V, trust falls, scream fests, a literal high wire act and even a horse whisper, this season was dreadfully uneventful. So it is no surprise that Rumorfix is running an exclusive story saying that the reunion was 15 hours of more of the same. There sources make it sound so bad that major shakeups are coming with casting for next season.

Frankly, it would not surprise me if this was the last season of RHONJ. With Teresa and Joe seriously looking at some prison time, I not really sure they are going to be available to film. Rumorfix quotes their source as saying, “Everything is up in the air right now because there is disagreement between the show’s producers as to which direction they will go” in regard to the whole prison debacle. I would think it would be hard to ignore two cast members doing prison time.

Frankly, their source doesn’t say much that we did not already know. RHONJ is stale. The reunion will be boring. And something has to change. Perhaps the Real Housewives of New Jersey has run its course.


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28 responses to “Will The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion Be Boring?

  1. loops010

    This show is totally Anna Nicole meets “Married to the Mob.” Tacky fashions and homes, alleged crimes, bad manners, and physical altercations all wrapped up into one scripted reality show.

    • This show is nothing like the person you mention or the movie you mention. But great job referencing a 25 year old movie and a person who has been dead for almost ten years. I just don’t get the comparison.

  2. pfffttt

    It is time to give Melissa the boot. What exactly does she bring to the table? She hates on Teresa. That is it.

    Bring in someone promiscuous and skanky like Danielle Staub, and have Teresa feud with them. Kim D stirs the shit, frankly they should give her more air time. I hear Kim D and Caroline got into a huge fight at the reunion. I’d like to see them two have a larger feud with each other.

    Jacqueline needs to go as well. Maybe make her part time.

    I’d like to see Kathy and Teresa work on their relationship, unlike Melissa, Kathy doesn’t seem to have the hatred for Teresa, and there seems to be some history there that the show hasn’t touched on.

    The family shit has gotten old. Bring in some socialites, have them go to events, and get into petty catfights, like the other Housewife shows, and nothing too heavy.

    • pfffttt

      Correction: I hear Kim D and Caroline got into at the finale and Kim D kicked Caroline out.

      I don’t see Kim D cowering to Caroline like Danielle did, and running away from her. I doubt Caroline “I’m a bulldog” attitude scares Kim D.

    • Kinda hard to do anything with Teresa when her ass will be in jail….

    • To be honest, Melissa has the biggest chance of returning out of the cast. Teresa’s indictments, Kathy being more boring than wallpaper to a lot of people an struggle to find a storyline; Jacq’s legal issues and heading towards indictment, no storyline and expressly boring, and Caro is struggling to have a new storyline but she has a spinoff in the works.

  3. SB

    I hope there are some casting changes…quite frankly I am bored of all the family stuff, everyone on the freakin show is related! And yeah, Melissa needs to go for sure, fame has turned her into an ugly person.

  4. Angel

    I wish the Manzo marriage would become a big stinker at the reunion or next year, if they are on another season. Ever since I found out Caroline was manipulating conversations and editing to steer away from this pretty obvious truth of her marriage, at the expense of maligning others, I want her to squirm like she makes the others squirm. Al and Caroline got to avoid any revelation of his political job scam. Others dirty laundry gets aired out, or accusations at least get aired over and over.

    Andy must be afraid of Big Al.

  5. Maybe you are correct in RHONJ having a major shake up with the casting. Kathy needs to go and Caroline needs to go as well. Oh forget one. Get rid of Jaqueline too

  6. SB

    So are Caroline and Al getting divorced?

  7. Angel

    Al and Caroline will be married forever, no matter what kind of relationship they have.

  8. Tango

    I say get rid of them all and start fresh with a new area of NJ or a whole new state. Whatever happened to the rumors about Chicago?

  9. I can’t take Chicago accents for an hour. That’s why mob Wives- Chicago never took for me.

    Dallas would be good. I’ve always wanted them to do New Orleans. They could get some great characters in Nola. And the scenery can’t be beat.

    • Tango

      Ya, New Orleans would be cool, with all the beauty and the creepy cemetaries and ghosts…lol. That would be perfect for seances revealing dark housewife secrets. I thought Chicago could be interesting because I live near there, but I am sure if any of the wives had political ties it would turn into a season of court cases and indictments, Chicago polititians being what they are.

  10. Rhim82

    All Real Housewives branches have run their course. They seem more and more staged (thank you Tamara for making us all more aware of when this is happening). It’s just not fun anymore. I’m over the franchise – but I still keep watching!!

  11. pdt090

    Didn’t Joe & Teresa’s trail get pushed back to February? Bravo’s best path forward is probably getting them to film for next season, give some other ‘wives get the boot, add 2-3 new wives, and then dump the Gudice’s for Season 7 (not that they’ll have a choice at that point, obviously). That way they have a hook for next season’s storyline while being able to finally introduce new women to breath some life into the show.

    • Tango

      I think that may be the direction they are going, with this Peggy and Jan, (I think there’s a couple other women rumored to be going on?). There’s no way Teresa can stay if she goes through a nasty trial then jailtime. No Bravo cameras in the pokey. Unless the trial is quick and Joe gets the only jailtime, then Teresa can fulfill Caroline’s prophecy and pull herself up by her bootstraps, if Bravo still wants her..

      • pdt090

        I think Bravo really goofed by not making any of the 4 hanger ons (Kim D, Penny, Jan, and Jen Dalton) full on housewives. Not that they’re exactly rays of sunshine, but this franchise needed some new blood/drama desperately.

        I also would’ve loved to see the Kim D – Jennifer Dalton feud play out on tv, not gonna lie.

  12. I agree wholeheartedly with this. It make sense that it would be boring after them not inviting Penny and Jenn, and them not being able to talk about the indictment, plus they are all getting along (or so they say).

    Jacq tweeted that there is drama, but I would not count on it. I know they are negotiating for S6 right now and they have every right to be nervous. It would not be suprising if RHONJ ends. I need my RHOA back.

  13. Twilly

    Good riddance. What a slap in the face that would be to Teresa. “Sorry we’re cancelling the series because you and your husband are going to prison.” Talk about a reality check! I’m convinced she thinks people buy her “everything is fine” facade.

  14. lori

    As Tango mentioned above, ever since Jan first made that odd appearance on the show out of nowhere, I have thought that there is a reason for it… her becoming a regular on the show. Maybe Penny too, but I see her in more of a kim d sort of role. The only thing is, I don’t know if Jan has any money. If she doesn’t, I don’t know how she would fit into housewives franchise.

    Honestly, I think it’s time for RHONJ to come to an end. Maybe give Kim D a little spin off of some sort. She always seems to bring the drama at least. As it is now, the only time I even look forward to the show its when they show one of those trouble making characters in the preview (kim, penny, jan). RHONJ is a sad state of affairs. I am so over the Gorga family relations. Talk about beating a dead horse. It’s like who even cares anymore. If anything, I am embarrassed for them. The only things we want to hear about (their actual real lives), we never will. Not on that that show anyway.

  15. pdt090

    There’s no way they’re going to cancel this right away, though – it’s still the best rated show on the network after RHOA. Bravo will pull out some drastic measures for the next season to save the show & make it less reliant on Teresa, and if THAT doesn’t work, they’ll cancel it. But there’s no way they’ll just quit when one of their biggest money makers is on the line.

  16. karen (@kreim)

    Yes because all they are going to do is attack Teresa like every other reunion.

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