Brielle Biermann Walks the Runway for NY Fashion Week

Photo From Brielle's Twitter

Photo From Brielle’s Twitter

I was hoping to find out more of the story about how Brielle was selected to walk in the Michael Kuluva show for New York Fashion Week. I guess it’s a connection with Perez Hilton who is friendly with Kim. Brielle  looked fabulous. She does need to work on her walk.  But in those shoes? The fact that she didn’t fall is a major accomplishment. Congrats to her.


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29 responses to “Brielle Biermann Walks the Runway for NY Fashion Week

  1. lori

    Way to go Brielle! Those shoes are ridiculous in every way.

  2. Teresa

    Isn’t she too short to model or does she just appear to be on TV?

  3. Shellbelle

    She looks gorgeous!! Good for her!

  4. She does not look like a model. But since she has but herself out there as a RUNWAY model, she is critiqueable. Her forehead is HUGE and concave. Her calves are twice as big as they should be. Can’t see the rest of her, but I’m guessing there is a reason she’s so hidden. And dear god, please stop with the huge, fake, square French manicure thing. It never looked good. And now it’s dated and doesn’t look good.

    • pfffttt

      She doesn’t look like the average “model,” but I’m sick of the “model look.” Since when did skinny and emaciated look attractive? Talk to straight men, not gay men that work in the fashion industry in New York, they are not attracted to skin and bones.

      I think Brielle looks beautiful.

      • I’m sure everyone in the fashion industry will jump to change their ways once they find out you feel this way.

      • Joan

        Good call. I’ve pretty much stopped buying certain fashion magazines cause the models (most with bones sticking out) are so horrid and obviously malnourished that I would cringe at the pics. Brielle looks GORGEOUS. She just might start a trend, you never know. I always admire people who, given a unique shot at success in a big way, grab on with both hands and soar. I hope she balances out a career early in life, but stays grounded with her family. Let’s just hope Kim keeps her modeling career under control & Brielle finishes school and perhaps college.

    • gonna go out on a limb and say you’ve never modeled. large foreheads are pretty common in the modeling world, actually.

  5. Nicole

    I saw a tweet a while back from the designer saying he wanted her to walk in his fashion week and she said she would love to and to text her or something like it

  6. SB

    I don’t like the outfit but Brielle looks great!

    • Brillke

      The outfit and most of the styling are pretty bad but none of that is Brielles fault. Her face looks beautiful. I could defiantly see her doing some professional modeling, runway or print.

  7. MaggieG

    I wouldn’t have recognized her. If it was indeed the designer approaching her then Brielle doesn’t necessarily aspire to be a model but was stoked at having the opportunity. Good for her.

  8. Jarlath

    Modeling standards have dropped…

  9. Does this little girl shirt say pretty little bitch

    • eastjames

      Indeed it does, which is a little strange. However, not as strange as what I first thought it said which was “pretty little bush.”

      • Gingersnap

        ‘Pretty little bitch’ is a bad message to send, not as bad as ‘slut pig’, but still not good.

      • lilkunta

        I disagree. pretty little bi tch is worse IMO than slut pig.
        PLB is being sold on clothes for girls to wear. Slut pig was said in private from an angry dad to his daughter who was being turned against him in custody battle.

  10. To me it looks like she got into mommys botox. Both of them are too young for it and it’s going to stretch out their faces.

    Willies daughter from Duck Dynasty did a show and managed to keep it classy, so there’s that.

  11. I would not wear grandma’s old plastic sofa slipcover with gold-painted Frankenstein boots. What a fugly look.

  12. Twilly

    Never heard of the designer so well played getting a Bravolebrity to model to get your line some press! I have nothing to say about Brielle because she’s a child. I am not a fan of that beast she calls a mother.

  13. lori

    I don’t think brielle plans on being a model. I think it was more of a cool thing to do when given the opportunity. When I was her age, if I had the chance to walk in a fashion show I would have done it to. Fun!

  14. BethFLA

    Michael Kuluva (former figure skater) has used many semi-celebrities in his fashion shows…Perez Hilton, Kendall Jenner, Johnny Weir (Olympic skater), Alex Morgan (Olympic womens soccer player), so not surprising that even a pseudo-celebrity like Brielle was picked She did look really cute.

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