Big Brother Wednesday Night Eviction Plus Feed Spoilers in Comments

bb15andyThe audience is full of old people again.  So Judd won’t get a genuine exit response. Wow, I didn’t realize they had not even shown the veto yet. Judd  in the diary room, “Maybe I am the lowest guy on the totem pole in this group?”  Um, duh?

Wow! This is a big production for veto! Ian seemed nervous. They didn’t really show how GM cut herself did they? I guess she just banged her leg on one of the buildings while swinging back and forth.  It was a super cool superhero comp where they swang from a high wire in case you missed it.

bb15andyratJudd is having a major hissyfit because he knows they are sending him home. OMG! In a strange move during the veto meeting. After Judd is back up on the block, just when McCrae is about to adjourn the meeting, Judd jumps up and says, WAIT!  He basically tells McCrae he came back into the game to take him out and he is still after him. (huh?) WTF was that? Way to make sure you can’t get McCrae’s vote. I have no idea why he would do that unless he is going to McCrae after to say something like “well, that was my crafty way of throwing them off, if you save me we will go after Spandy.”   But I doubt that actually happened. Oh Lord, he said the same thing during the voting ceremony.  When he left he did some sort of “reverse psychology” in his mind about encouraging Spandy to win.

Andy sobbed like a little girl in his goodbye speech. Judd and America laughed. I bet we have missed all the strategy talk on the feeds since this all happened yesterday.

Well, I was spoiled on HOH today, but I was hoping against hope it was a false rumor. It  was not. The rat got HOH. I wonder if  Andy asked for a bunch of cheese in his HOH basket.


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28 responses to “Big Brother Wednesday Night Eviction Plus Feed Spoilers in Comments

  1. Shellbelle

    Fuck… I wanted anyone but Andy!! I probably won’t even watch anymore.

  2. docwall

    Not a word, really on GM’s sutures on her cut leg……maybe tomorrow they have time to ‘splain her injuries. How appropriate after reading Regan’s paper on type-casting the “gay male” that Andy is crying…….and that Judd said he always cries. (might give Regan a “D” on his paper if it were proven that production doesn’t just pick and choose the “gay man crying moments”, but rather that they cast gay men who cry easily.
    I voted Judd for fav………..sorry, but i loved and hated Elissa…….never hated Judd as i understand the throes of nicotine withdrawal.
    Next veto is key, yes? If McC wins, then he send Spencer or GM-who do you think? (i regret i think it will be GM and i am rooting for her to win!)

  3. docwall

    Oh yea, Judd said the reason he made as ass out of himself at VC was because he wanted to talk to McCrae about a deal (McCrae did not bite) and also try to get A and S to keep him. (that didn’t work either :-( )

  4. Urethra Franklin

    Judd told McCrae that he was going to do something “crazy” and to just go along with it. Judd was hoping that outburst during the POV ceremony would somehow save him in the game by making McCrae look like a bigger target for the next eviction.

    The editors and story tellers at BB sure did work hard with the fiction on tonight’s show. I’m not even gonna bother explaining.I’m sure Docwall agrees….

    So Andy, Spencer, McCrae, & GM are the final four. That’s like trying to pick a shit pile and hoping that one smells like roses. Peeeewwwww!

  5. docwall

    AMEN UF!!!! And herein lies my potential future BB involvement (and SHE who got me started on this knows who she is!!!) : No way could i just watch on TV——complete lack of understanding of the people, their attitudes, their behaviors, what pains in the ass they can be (let alone the real bonding.) I could not spend another summer with this addiction!!! It has been great distraction for my anxieties of late, and a surprise source of bonding with one of my employees………but quite addictive. Especially when down to about 6 people.

    (Unless i spent next summer in Paris, TT)

    I would remind you, UF, that a “Stinky corpse flower” is STILL a flower. GGG

  6. Best Wil Video EVAH Must watch. He has Elissa down pat.

  7. Oh I haven’t seen the Aaryn eviction the musical either! I am so behind!

  8. Riley

    Andy won the POV..if you read last night’s feeds you’ll see that McCrae asks Spencer twice if Andy will use it on him. Since I cannot stand Andy, I will noe root for Gina Marie. UGH

  9. Right now on the live feeds, the 3 remaining exterminators are explaining to McCrae that the exterminators are sending him home and explaining their alliance. McCrae is kicking himself in the ass.

  10. ET interviewed Chenbot on Sept 5th She says Spencer has a good shot at winning!

    See entire story here

    ETonline: Forgiveness is something the Big Brother contestants will have to ask from the public in a few weeks. Are you surprised that the hostile tone of this season hasn’t really let up at all since day one?
    Chen: No. Unfortunately I’m not surprised. Mostly because this season has opened my eyes to human nature. These people are living in a bubble and if you don’t get called out or shamed into behaving properly, I don’t think you’re inclined to change. It just goes to show you who people really are at their core. In the outside world, power and money make people more of who they are at their core, but because money isn’t a factor in the house, it’s all about power and who’s winning competitions and who’s in that HOH bedroom. That’s when you see if someone is going to be ugly, ugly, ugly. When Aaryn [Gries] lost her posse, she started behaving very differently. I think it’s safe to say that if she hadn’t been so isolated by losing most of her clique, you would have seen a lot more arrogance and ugliness from her. She’s not stupid — she may be ignorant, but she’s not stupid. She wanted to win so she put on a different face with people she would normally despise.

    ETonline: CBS and Big Brother distanced themselves from all the contestant’s comments with that disclaimer airing at the start of every episode, but at the same time, this has been great for ratings. Do you think the show needs to re-evaluate how they cast the show after this season?
    Chen: No, because when Allison [Grodner] came on in season two, we had, purposely, picked Bunky and Kent. Remember Bunky? He was a very open, proud gay man. They also cast this older guy, Kent, who said in his interview that he didn’t approve of homosexuality. The pleasant surprise was that they came out of that house as friends. Kent had never really met anyone gay so he made a blanket judgment of huge segments of the population. That worked in everyone’s favor because Kent became a more well-rounded human being and it was, probably, beneficial to other gay people in America. So the casting hasn’t really ever changed and it shouldn’t change next year. If anything, the ignorance in this house this season was a huge headache for the producers and the network. No one wanted that. We’ve all spent way too many hours dealing with that ugliness.

    ETonline: In a few weeks, BB15 will crown a winner. Who do you think has the best chance to win at this point?
    Chen: Spencer [laughs]. You know, he’s never really had a target on this back and people kid of forget he’s there. They don’t think he’s annoying, they don’t think he’s a jerk, they don’t think he’s a threat in this game. He’s basically skating on by to the finals. But it all depends on who he’s sitting next to because, unfortunately for him, I don’t think he’s got the respect of the jury. I’m not sure think they’ll give someone $500,000 for not really doing anything this whole summer.

  11. Urethra Franklin

    I think Andy is going to buzz around McCrae & GM like a gnat all the way up to the live show so that they can’t talk or make deals….

  12. Belinda

    I wish Andy would get a yeast infection….now there’s a FETID cunt.

  13. docwall

    Interesting seeing Jury House…….i am thinking GM has alot of votes (Candice and Amanda and ??Aaryn likely not) But, per my thinking, Helen is into game and likes Andy still. Very interesting and fun. Dr. Will on Sunday to talk to jury…………wonder if Jessie gets a “heads up” and throws on her swimsuit for the meet?
    Having watched alot of love feeds, i am just fine with this final 3. It’s a game and Andy has played well. Personally, i like GM…….and i like Spencer, too. I think it is so OFF for anyone to call him a pedophile. I mean, SHIT—-he was making a joke and now he is labeled this way. (per previous discussion, i could totally see me saying some BS like this/sortof as a joke and i am NOT a pedophile. Who is not guilty of poor judgement.
    So, for the MASSES of disgruntled, who would you rather see in top three………………..and, to be fair, if you are BB fan/superfan, who were your favs to compare it to??????

    i HOPE you get my point here.
    Peace Out!
    (ahhhhhhhhh for Gay Paree)

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