Quotable Quotes From Tonights Real Housewives of Miami

RHOM3.2“It’s easy to take the high road when the low road is the gutter.” ~Lea

“I’m a trooper. I can always pull myself together!” ~Alexia

“Everyone loves Lauren Foster!” ~ Marysol

“What exactly is gay polo?” ~Lauren Foster

“Once again, I am alone and dateless!” ~Lisa

“Those cougars love a tiger.” ~Adrianna

“100 carats of D Flawlesss diamonds in four pear-shaped stones? Dear God in Heaven, you are speaking my language.” ~me

“It’s just a bunch of junior high haters, hating the prom queen. What did I do?” ~ Lea

“If I had to ride that party bus with the disco lights, I would have a seizure. Send a car for me.”  ~me

“I might not have been sick, but you might be wearing fake bangs!” ~Lisa (to Joanna)

“Wear are all my bidders tonight?” ~Lea

“Roy Black dancing to Flo Rida? I can’t” ~me


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5 responses to “Quotable Quotes From Tonights Real Housewives of Miami

  1. The Disher

    Oh shit, I can’t believe I missed Roy Black dancing to Flo Rida. I MUST see this!

  2. lori

    It seemed like absolutely nothing happened on this episode. Miami is by far the worst RH of them all, yet I continue to watch and then regret wasting my time week after week.

  3. Espistar

    The best part of the RHOM is the theme song. Period.

  4. You missed “I beg to differ.”

    Did anyone see Roman’s ear? It looked like he had something whit and milky in the upper fold. I just kept waiting for Johanna to reach for it to spike up her fake bangs.

  5. SB

    Leah’s gala looked like a flop. Maybe it was the editing? I am seriously wondering why she had Taylor Hicks there.

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