Chateau Sheree Update! (Retraction)

Mysterious Sheree Beach Photo Solved! Chateau Sheree Update!

TamaraTattles makes every effort to insure the publication of factual information. In a post made on August, 15, 2013 entitled Chateau Sheree is in Foreclosure  we relied on a source who purported to be a licensed real estate agent for the detailed information that supported the contention that the property we refer to as “Chateau Sheree”  is in foreclosure. Our source had detailed information about loan amounts and cited other documents available to real estate professionals that presumably inform them before the public records update of properties available for purchase. At the time of publication, we believed these documents to be true and accurate.

On September 3, TamaraTattles received a request for retraction from a law office working of behalf of Sheree Whitfield. According to the attorney representing  Ms.Whitfield, the property is NOT currently in foreclosure. Ms. Whitfield’s attorney has requested a retraction of certain statements from the previous post.  As always, Tamaratattles continues to strive to provide the most accurate information possible. As there is now conflicting information, in a sincere effort  to satisfy the request of Ms. Whitfield and to assure her of our lack of malicious intent, TamaraTattles has voluntarily removed the post in question in its entirety. TamaraTattles wishes Ms. Whitfield well in her home building endeavors.

Unfortunately, your purported retraction wholly fails to address the factual errors of your published report.  A retraction, is by definition, notification that there were factual errors in a prior published statement.   Your purported retraction, did not even mention that you had errors in your statement and accordingly is a veil attempt to continue to justify your unsubstantiated defamatory published reports regarding my client.  If you do not issue a proper retraction, we will be forced to move forward with legal action against you.


Leron E. Rogers

Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith LLP



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75 responses to “Chateau Sheree Update! (Retraction)

  1. Danielle

    How is it that she can’t just fade into dust already?

    T, do you have grounds for a harrassment case? Are they still stalking your home?

  2. Tamara

    She is so ridiculous!! Is she taking every person who posted the same story to court too?! Doesn’t this border on some kind of harassment towards you?!? When is enough enough for that cunt. Sorry. Keep your head up. You’re going to be just fine. Everyone knows that dumb girl isn’t going to win.

  3. Katrina

    Going to trial! What are they charging you with now? You are going to have to countersue to teach her a lesson! At least you retacted the original story, that shows you are not malicious.

  4. Reality Viewer

    Ha Ha Ha she is so pathetic

  5. eg

    So I am just wondering, if you use the words THERE WERE FACTUAL ERRORS, and list them verbatim word-for-word……would THAT be enough??? You retracted the whole thing, isn’t that enough? I wonder is she going to go after ANYONE who has EVER said anything about her in print or otherwise, or is it just you? She must a special account for litigation. You will be alright. This woman has serious issues and karma is just waiting in the wings for her.

  6. the entire post was removed and they’re saying you still need to retract something? i’m not an atty but my understanding is that if they file something you should ask to have the whole thing dismissed. seems as if they are just looking to run up her bill and are bordering on harassment themselves.

  7. lyn

    Yep… you should leave that woman alone. Beyond petty on everyone’s part

  8. Is she serious? You did the retraction and owned up, but She by ShIRRELEVANT is still harassing you with this?

    You retracted the story, and there were other posts about her “foreclosure” too, but there is no news about them? It is clear that she is doing this to you so she can be in the press and to take you down, which WON’T happen. This is a clear vendetta, and a way to remain “relevant”.

    Don’t worry about She by Shirrelevant, you will win AGAIN and come on top AGAIN. This still will not fill the void of love and education in her life.

    • eg

      @jayden213…or common sense apparently. I wonder does she read these comments. Are we all in dander of being sued? I have nothing but some shoes:) LOL

      • eg

        Sorry, meant “in danger of”.

      • Probably, because she has nothing going on and has to spend so much time taking down a successful, well-known blogger while she is supposedly bringing She by Sheree back and fulfilling being a personal trainer. It is not like she has a lot of people on her side. If she is reading….
        Bravo, TT, Funky Dineva, Nene, Cynthia, Kandi, Phaedra, Bob, and Iyanls Vanzant checked you boo!

        And advice, get an education, a job, and STAY OFF THE MEDIA.

  9. Urethra Franklin

    Can my pseudonym be part of the evidence again? …giggles

  10. I wonder if leeRON know he ain’t gettin paid.

    • last time i went to court with her, her lawyer read comments from here and the whole courtroom LOL.

      Sheree has posted my home many times. She can’t possibily think she is getting any money out of me even if I did something she could win on which I didn’t. Most “rich” people do not spend nearly a year going after people in court after losing so many times. If she wins, she gets my collection of glass animals and some really cool giraffes from TJMaxx.

      I posted a retraction. I have no idea who is telling the truth. But if she wants to go to court and display all of her financials,,, that would be fun and I would once again hire a court reporter to document it in the public record and post it here,

    • eg

      I couldn’t resist….in “trade” maybe? (meant as in trade agreement or as in tradin’ places or trade whatever etc) Disclaimer.

    • Shellbelle

      Ha!! What’s Scheree driving these days? Isn’t that how the last batch of lawyers got paid- repo her car? I wonder how much a Ford Fiesta is going for these days….

  11. So I guess we go to court again.

  12. It’s on eleventy million sites.

  13. Omg she is so pathetic ok bitch your not in foreclosure were still going to talk badly about you forclouser or not we think your bat shit crazy

  14. SB

    Well we all KNOW sheree has nothing better to do with her time than try and sue a blogger. She is truly pathetic…she needs to spend her time finding a job so she can continue to build on her lot of broken dreams.

  15. Ellis Scarlett

    I am currently debating which is better-the old standard of She by Shebroke, or maybe my new favorite, She by Shirrelevant.

  16. She is obviously jelly that the whole cast of rhoa is getting lots of press and attention and she is not. Honestly, you ignored her mostly, printed a quiet retraction and moved along. That made her NUTS. So next comes the second round of threats. I’m sure it won’t be long until she and her crazy bodyguard/IT hype man start creating fake on line identities with which to harass. It’s um…not like o one has ever done that before.

  17. She sounds desperate and obsessed to me. How ’bout it?

  18. gigi

    they gave you a chance not to go to court… but now it’s her fault you’re going back in court.. let the drama continue… donations please!!!!

  19. Katlin

    Tamara is the one who keeps poking the bear .

    • Bear? Lol. More like weasel.

    • If she is then why are you even wasting your time? If not her than it would have been another blogger. A housewife and foreclosure is news.

      • exactly. she’s a public figure — she CHOSE to be a public figure — and she apparently even tried to make her HOUSE a public figure (LOL) via TV. find something like this out, and you’re a blogger on housewife and other reality shows, it’s gonna be a topic of interest on your blog. so what’s the deal? if she changed ownership of the property is that owner possibly in foreclosure? guess it doesn’t matter at this point. a retraction was requested, certainly seems to have been honored via removal of the “offending post”, yet now lawyers are issuing threats? SMH

  20. Katrina

    Before this, I thought Sheree was misunderstood. I felt bad for her because of Bob. Now I know Sheree is a quiet, serious crazy! I don’t think Sheree will ever live in that house. She wasted her money. Sheree has no follow through. Instead of taking you to court, she should put her energy into getting her products sold.

  21. The Disher

    Oh maybe Iyanla can be called as a witness! Leron, honey, I doubt you will ever get paid. Tamara — PLEASE serve them with discovery and ask for all of the documents regarding her mortgage, ownership of the house, publication for sale for foreclosure, late notices, etc. Sheree will likely not be able to pay for discovery. For the record, I had a little affidavit sent to me from Leron once…he clearly did not know what the hell he was talking about and had done it as a favor…AND please ask for a copy of his retainer agreement or engagement letter with Sheree Whitfield — maybe he’s doing it for free for some publicity. GOOD LUCK! IT COULD BE THAT IT’S GOING INTO FORECLOSURE, BUT MAY NOT ACTUALLY BE FORECLOSED ON YET — ARE THEY JUST PARSING WORDS? UNBELIEVABLE! Aint’ nodbody got time for that….except Sheree.

  22. Katlin

    Oh, just to see what or who you’re trashing.

    • Why are you begging to be trashed? I don’t get it.

      • Katlin

        Well, isn’t that what this site is about. And isn’t that your forte? Wait for it…

      • @Katlin – no this site isn’t about trashing people. Obviously your head is up your ass otherwise you would read posts with a clear mind and know that. For instance, the post about Kim from BH’s child being hospitalized had no bashing in it. Even posts about the person you obviously are here to defend typically don’t bash. Stating the truth isn’t bashing.

      • Katlin

        Then tell the truth about who you really are. Do you think we can’t see who’s comments you typically follow.

      • OH! HAHA Just saw her reply so…she thinks I am a TeeCee alt. HAHAHAHA. Funny especially since in SecondLife my name IS TC (I’ve mentioned it here before)! While we typically have similar styles and thoughts, no were are not the same person. I can only dream of being the Queen of all things Snark and food that she is. Though my husband might not approve haha

    • Shellbelle

      Hey Scheree! Girl, go get a job and pay your bills and stay off TT’s blog.

  23. eg

    I’ve always wondered what is “a southern woman”? Do they have special powers, do you have to be born in the south or have “southern ways” etc. I’ve that expression a lot and I was born in the ATL, but I just consider myself a woman.

  24. Katlin

    I see why you keep a lawyer on retainer. You’re always in hot water. Be careful what you say.

    • Shellbelle

      Are you threatening TT and/or her commenters?

    • Puravidacostarica

      Hey isn’t Katlin starting to sound like a pissed off former commenter whose names (both of them) begin with a “S”? What amazes me is not that they have an opinion but they choose to challenge the owner of the blog and try to assert they have some legal rights. #delusional

      • I have no idea why that comment was moderated. But yes, it is delusional. Meanwhile, on twitter, someone of similar ilk has been harassing poor defenseless TC. The gist of that argument seemed to be that I have the audacity to be rude to some commenters and friends with others. I am sure that must be a concept novel only to this website.

  25. Urethra Franklin

    This Katlin troll is ruining my Mimosa buzz…..

  26. naa

    Dinner out with friends or another $1000 into the legal fund. What to do, what to do?

    I’m pretty sure TT has deeper pockets than Sheree. Which makes me giggle.

  27. Becstar

    In all Southern Christian love and kindness, Kaitlin, go kick some fucking rocks.

  28. Amber Sweet

    OMG are you serious you still have to deal with this mess! I don’t really have anything new to say that all the previous commenters haven’t already mentioned. As a long time reader and seldom commenter I did want to tell you that we’re all here for you Tamara and karma is on your side! I can’t wait until I’m done with this internship and get my first post college job so I can donate to you cause you really deserve it. Have a great evening!

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