Tamra’s OC Wedding

This is a Bravo PR pic but it doesn't look like her dress

This is a Bravo PR pic but it doesn’t look like her dress

I just watched the “first look” a few hours ago and now it’s time to watch the rest with y’all.  I just die when I see the St. Regis Monarch Beach. It’s so beautiful. I think I would have picked a better spot on the property, but I prefer a bit more of an intimate setting, being a hermit and all.

Now you know this woman does not have money for a $6K shoe. Surely they are being donated.  And what these posers don’t understand is really rich people don’t spend money this way unless they are also celebrities with people offering to sponsor them. Posers and wannabes by tons of Chanel bags and Loubs. People who got rich by earning their money are not wasteful with it. If I was OPRAH I would not $6K shoes. The hilarity of seeing these fools carrying purses that cost thousands of dollars as the stroll into bankruptcy court does not escape me.

RHOOCTamraandEddieVicki wins the  BFF battle to go cake tasting with Tamra since Eddie doesn’t like cake. At the bakery, Tamra says she wants to do part of her vows in Spanish. Vicki points out she doesn’t know Spanish, but Tamra is unphased by that detail. This reminds me of America’s Next Top Model back before Tyra went bat shit crazy and fired Jay Manuel (who I had dinner with once in St Lucia…. um sort of)  and the photog with the accent and Miss Jay. Remember when the girls would have to do a commercial in a foreign language?  This is going to be hysterical.

Vicki and Brooks are going to Cabo so they can’t attend the Bachelor/Bachelorette party in Vegas. Vicki has an issue with a man of honor but I think it is fab. Then she invites Vicki to be a bridesmaid.

Why do people think that guests want a boxed invitation as a wedding memento? WHY?  Am I the only one besides Eddie who thinks this is stupid? I do find the staged scene where Eddie pretends like he is paying for this and wants to uninvited Alexis and Gretchen to be annoying. I look forward to the battle between Vicki and Heather to see who stands closest to the bride. I am predicting that now.

On to the sponsored Vegas trip. Apparently the Palazzo won the battle.  I am not sure I’ve heard of them before, but other than repeatedly trying to get every male and female I met to marry me, I have very little memory of my Vegas trips. I do remember proposing to a female dealer in the wee hours and the pit boss telling me I was offending his dealer. I believe he said I was too…. I forget what, for Vegas.  Um really? Apparently, proposing to a (very old washed up dealer) female was untoward. Whatever.

Um, back to the show, Tamra’s ex was tweeting nasty things about her. Why does she follow Simon? Why not block him? Why?

Wait, Eddie seriously wore that jacket? Why?

I have more questions. Is that lady sitting next to Tamra a comedian from Chelsea Lately ?  And WHY is Tamra calling Carlos Marcos? Does she not know the name of her groom’s apparently favorite uncle?

RHOOCVickistripperHeather let’s the Mexican stripper story fly and Eddie is (scripted) not pleased. Eddie is so in the closet.  Um, did anyone else see that Burlington commercial, because…um, huh?

Oh, Marcos is the best man not the uncle. Got it. Eddie says this is a private party so what you see here will be on TV stays here. Then he gets on the pole in the party van. I’m serious.

LOL Terry says seeing all these nekkid women is like another day at work. Oh and that is Heather what’s he face from Chelsey Lately. Anyway, despite Terry’s comments his eyes are popping out of his head when the stripper sits on Eddies (gay, ALLEGEDLY) lap. Then the guys are suddenly texting pics of Eddie with a fake tit in his mouth. Hell maybe he is straight. So the girls go to bust Eddie at the strip club. He is now in a private room with the guys. Apparently, Bravo only got promotional consideration for one stripper so the rest have to watch.

Speaking of promotional consideration, Sapphire included a really nice private room so the chicks could bust in with a camera crew. LOL at Eddie covering his”boner” and then Tamra selling out Terry.  You can say “cock in your face” on Bravo? Awesome.  Eddie turns it around on Tamra as men are want to do.. sigh.

You reckon Nene is pissed Tamra got the first wedding?


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7 responses to “Tamra’s OC Wedding

  1. lori

    I still can’t get he second wedding picture out of my head. Whoever did her hair must have been really pissed at her. Maybe she was a crazy ass bridezilla and that was her maid of honor’s revenge? Oof. I’d almost want to have to get married again just so I could have a better wedding pic.

  2. The Palazzo is behind the Venetian and is newer. We stay at the Venetian. The Palazzo has pretty bad reviews, tho it’s owned by the same people. Jeez re the stripper. He should have just gotten a pass on that one. Should have given her a pass re Mexico, too, considering how pathetic the strippers were there. I think the boxed invite idea is lame, too. I have kept all the wedding invitations I’ve gotten but they end up anywhere. Colossal waste of money. What’s wrong with something tastefully simple?

  3. Joan

    I really don’t believe Eddie’s shock by the cost of the wedding. I’m sure he’s been to a friend or relative wedding and heard about Bridezillas & the cost of a big wedding. I also don’t buy the stripper thing – seems very scripted as well. Will not watch future episodes since it’s just more of the same. However, I will watch Nene’s just to see if it smacks of a real wedding….maybe it’s too much to ask for… we’ll see.

    • lori

      He’s not even paying for it. That was a completely staged scene.

      • Tamra is lucky to have found another meal ticket. She just can’t help being the trash bag that she is. Vulgar to the core. I wonder if Heather and her husband consider socializing with them just “slumming it” when they hang out. They are polar opposites.

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