Real Housewives of Orange County Secrets Revealed

RHOOCreunioncastIt’s been yet another rainy weekend in ATL which makes me much more likely to nap, than blog. But the sun is on for now, so let’s see if the clip show of Real Housewives of Orange County had any good moments. I am not expecting much.

I have seen all of this on the reunion, so far. Have I already seen this show? Maybe a first look?  Lydia was a virgin when she got married. But do we need fifteen minutes of discussion about it?  Heather comes by the stick up her ass through DNA.


Tamra has a very inappropriate dinner with he mother and her son and everyone’s partner. Apparently, there were some freebies left over from the bachelorette parties so she gives her mom stripper panties  and a giant dildo. I guess Tamra still hates her mother.

Oh wow, Vicki’s son is on the show. That never happens. He seems very nervous around the kid. And the cameras.

Gretchen and Slade have decided to do in vitro rather than reverse his vasectomy because they are too old to be doing this crap. She can’t decide whether to get married or have a baby first. I assume because she is trying to decide which option might get her a spin-off.

I can’t believe that they did not air Heather’s lovely engagement party on the show. I guess there was not enough brawling. I would love to go to Heather’s tea party!  But Vicki tried really hard to start drama.


Not only do they want to rehash Malibu Country but the FOX 5 thing too? The neck bandage wrapped around Gretchen’s throat literally makes me claustrophobic. That dress was made for a drag queen to hide an Adam’s  apple.

More Lauri…. ugh. Vicki says that Lauri had to lay down because she could not sell insurance. Lauri brings her college degree as proof that she is educated. I ….can’t. This reminds me of the commenter here that sent me a copy of her degree to prove she was in fact smarter than a fifth grader. What is wrong with these people? She also brought her insurance certificate. Lauri wants you to know she is really, really smart.  Apparently, Vicki is in the habit fixing men’s teeth. The Greek God asked her to buy him an iPhone.

And finally, I think the season is really over.

Now for the first look at Tamra’s wedding. She is having it at St Regis, Monarch Beach.  It’s a drop dead gorgeous venue. I love that her maid of honor is a man of honor and her gay best friend. Heather is a bridesmaid. The premise, or storyline if you will, is that Tamra wants a huge ordeal, and Eddie just wants it to be over… This should be good.  I’m in.


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14 responses to “Real Housewives of Orange County Secrets Revealed

  1. i still haven’t gotten over gretchen’s saying: “I am the epitone of perfect.” LOL

  2. Yes it’s finally over. Thank goodness!!

  3. Urethra Franklin

    The best part was Vicki denying the toothless Greek man story to Lauri, only for the next scene to be footage of Vicki talking to Lauri about the Greek man on the bus saying she didn’t want to talk about him on camera. Liar liar pants on fire…

  4. Lulu

    Tamra getting married is such crap. It’s all scripted. As far a Gretchen goes if you can’t decide then you are stupid. Probably holding out to see what Bravor offers them. He is out of a job now anyway.

  5. Tango

    Gretchen wanting to get prego before getting married is a big red flag. She wants to wait to get married, sunnthing that can easily be changed by divorce, but she wants to hurry up and have his child, sunnthing that is forever? Huh? If you love/trust him enough to reproduce with him, you should love/trust him enough to marry him. Epitone of vapid stupidity, that Gretchen.

    • pdt090

      I guess she figures that she’s getting older and may and wants to have a baby no matter what, so the earlier she gets knocked up the better.

      Probably just fishin’ for a spin off, though.

      • Tango

        I am sure its a spinoff she craves. She probably thinks Tamra won’t want to have more kids so she will not beat her to that storyline. She needs to stop and think though, this show can’t go on forever. She’ll be stuck with a known deadbeat daddy and no Bravo paycheck someday…

    • Nuna

      You win the Internet of the day, Tango. Your words are the epitone of proof. (and I had to override the spelling of epitome to post this) ha!

  6. jelley

    i died while reading “sunnthing”

    you’re the best, Tango.

  7. Mike

    does anyone know where Tamra went for her bar-hopping after Cafe De Artistes?? I need to know the name of the bar!!! My step-daughter is there now!…….. help!!

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