Julie Chen Exit Interview With Aaryn Gries

In case you missed it, here is the Julie Chen interview we have all been waiting for.  Apparently, Aaryn has dissociative  amnesia.


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88 responses to “Julie Chen Exit Interview With Aaryn Gries

  1. Urethra Franklin

    Her time would have been better spent working on those eyebrows than bleaching her asshole…

    • The Daily Blabber

      Amen, aren’t those the worst eyebrows you’ve ever seen? There is a point where you just have to put down the tweezers and walk away.

  2. The Daily Blabber

    The only thing that would have made that better is if Julie could have told her that she has lost her job & that the school that she attends has students threatening to protest if she returns.

  3. Sharnee

    I’m hoping that CBS will have a new show this fall called ” Life after Big Brother LOL. =^^=

  4. Nominations have not happened yet but McRanda has not even entertained the NOTION that they are going up. They will be BLINDSIDED how can they be so clueless???

  5. Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

    It’s going to be the best day EVER, and I have to leave in 90 minutes to go review a show DAMMIT. But I’ll be back around 10:30 (PST) to see the fallout… I hope GinaMarie is ready to run to HOH and lock the door as soon as the keys come out.
    Will fire come out Amanda’s nose? Or just laser beams from her eyes? I can’t wait!!!

  6. McCranda outside smoking, talking to Spencer. They are sure that GM is going to put up Judd and Elissa. Spencer knows they are both up. Amanda is gleeful that Elissa is going on the block. PLEASE GET THE CEREMONY OVER, it is going to be shitstorm on live feeds after this.

  7. Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

    I wish there were feeds on the backyard while GM is inside putting keys in. You know Amanda is out there taunting Elissa about going up right now!

    • ooohhh you are right! Can’t wait to see that. She is such a dogfart.

      Meanwhile, why is the target McRae and not Amanda?

      • docwall

        TT i want Amanda out, but, from a chick’s perspective, McC out means no IGNORANT man’s eviction at last minute, as it is possible. Yep, i would want A out, but would be concerned that McC’s male bond might make the women targets just based on gender…………..and yet, no one knows McC, so i would get A out first, just for the PEACE factor.

  8. Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

    It needs to be Amanda, but she’ll likely be such a horror show that they’ll have to vote her out. I’d love to see McRae actually play the game without her. I think he’d do well by himself.

  9. CAN YOU FEEL THE EXCREMENT!!!!?????!!!!

  10. Seriously....

    I actually watched the whole episode on demand just for the interview. Julie didn’t really bring it in my opinion. The audience though was epic. Aaryn’s dumb blonde act was to be expected.
    What the interview needed was Chris Hansen reading the transcripts of her comments to catch a predator style. Now THAT would have made the interview a classic for all time.

    • HA!! That was my show!

      • Seriously....

        Lol, I swear you better not be putting laundry away and offer me lemonade when I get to your house… I will get out so fast.
        As a matter of fact, that’s my pervert test. If I offer you cookies and lemonade when I meet you and you all like hell yeah, I am judging you.

  11. Amanda is already sobbing saying she hates everyone and just wants to go home.

    • docwall

      Amanda is losing her shit and needs to be put down…………..i mean out! (LOL) Go figure how she is finding a way to blame Elissa for GM’s noms! This chick has a HUGE problem with focusing on the wrong target at this time. (mentally ill people!!!)
      I have dealt with people like this in my life as a nurse and ignorant boss, they keep all focus on one target, despite their own choices and narcissist behavior. Amanda is really off her rocker and likely will continue to implode.

    • lori

      So it’s done???? They’re up on the block??? I haven’t been able to watch feeds today. What’s going on now? Should I run home and fire them up? Dan was so right about her crying and playing the game like a brat rather than a villain. Brat is putting it mildly though.

    • docwall

      dont get that TT dms?? (plead ignorance)

  12. docwall

    I am sure i am just blubbering here, but, FWIW- this household is much more dysfunctional than ur average household, so we should all be happy.
    I cannot even imagine being in this house and totally ignoring it when ANYONE else has sickness……………i mean ANYONE…from Aaryn’s cough to GM’s back, and now her toe…………and Amanda’s vaginitis (OK-i would not go there, just for the entire point of it). Is it feasible that these people are so self-involved that they don’t even notice another’s pain? Or do they revel in physical ailments of other houseguests? (me, i would be icing/massaging/begging for help for my ill housemates) I guess that’s why i keep shit employees for way past their ripeness, huh?
    Meanwhile, Amanda is such a PITA , AGAIN, “PLEASE GOD- I MEAN PLEASE!!!!!! ” we love it/ hate it—-need some relief on this bitch’s wrath I have an Amanda OD. (i repeat, something is WAY OFF about that girl and her fixation on Elissa)!!!!!!

    • Thanks because you are healer. I could give three shits about any of these people. If they die, I move forward. (is that bad) and I hate to ask but it is an emergency, could you please go back to email! thx.

    • lori

      Candace seemed to be the only one who may have at least acknowledged someone else’s suffering. I’m thinking back to how she was consoling gm when Nick left and she was an emotional wreck, even after the horrible way gm had been treating her.

  13. OMG Doc, I feel like you are torturing me. Blank email?

  14. Nevermind. crisis averted my feeds are back. Sadly, McCrae is reading the bible and Amanda is resigned to her fate. lol.

  15. Puravidacostarica

    Okay I know I will catch hell for this but I am in the 1% who will miss Amanda, if only for the entertainment value. Elissa makes me want to gag. And I do think that under those layers of crap, Amanda has a soft spot (and, no, I am not talking about her lady parts). She is covered in bunch of self-defensive denial and she is someone’s daughter no matter how much she may have shit in her own nest. Elissa, on the other hand, is a self-entitled elitist and I guess if I had to be stuck in a bar with one of the two, I would rather have a drink with Amanda. Okay, flame away! :-)

    • Bobbi

      College roommate ~ Amanda or Elissa?

    • lori

      Every one in this world is someone’s daughter or son. It will definitely be more boring with her out, but in the same breath, I can’t stand to watch her anymore. I am looking forward to her exit interview, and also at seeing what mccrae is like in the house without her. I want to see if he is capable of any game play at all without her there. I also hope that they show us some major jury house drama once Amanda is living there. I wonder if aaryn told the other jurors about her exit interview. If so, the other jurors must have loved it. I wish they would have live feeds of the jury house!

    • lori

      Elissa. Amanda is too up and down with her mental health issues and her meds. She may not even have stayed her meds yet back then. Don’t know if that would be better or worse. I would rather have boring elissa, and only use my room to sleep and keep my stuff.

  16. Mango

    Julie Chen is an effing jackass. What’s with this “interpreting” bullshit? Aaryn was crystal clear about what she was saying and why. I hope she falls into an online love affair with Justin from Catfish. Meta!

  17. stacioops

    Aaryn anagram for Aryan – clever parents

  18. Urethra Franklin

    Elissa has been a useful tool to bring out the worst in these people all for my own sadistic enjoyment. #TeamDrama…Though I don’t want Elissa to win the game, I badly want her to get HOH again and get Andy the Floater Rat evicted. He will lose his shizz, and I want to see that happen.

    This Amanda/McCrae shit is so stupid. She is willing to get evicted first for his roly poly ass. She gave up 3 months of her life to ruin her career, family, reputation, and life only to give up and give the game to her showmance. She is so insecure and she is giving up the chance for the win so she can manipulate him to stay with her once they are released out into the real world. He is currently in fetal position crying. WHY? Because he will feel bad that she is batshit crazy in love with him, and he knows she will be devastated to give up the game if it does not work out. Or he could be manipulating her with the woe is me sad face & tears so that she will save him with the VETO if she wins it….I will always choose money over a piece of ass. Especially a sloth one pump chump like him…

    Instead of that nauseating wedding they had, they should have staged a breakup to make themselves less of a target, but both were too stupid, and he is a victim of her co-dependance & insecurities.

    I don’t care about how good Gina Marie’s game play has been the last 2 weeks, but she does not deserve to win either.

    Spencer & Judd are the only 2 HG that don’t piss me off, and I would be ok if either of them won.

    • Puravidacostarica

      Always felt the same way…mcRanda should have staged a big fake divorce and Amanda should have gone into the “I am sooooo over him” mode.

    • docwall

      I do not really care for Elissa to win. I wish the money to go to someone else (J, S, GM) I DO think that Elissa deserves to see McCranda gone before she goes. Just because of the extreme hatred that has emoted from Amanda toward her. McCrae is a spineless jellyfish, just floating along, and for that reason alone, I want him gone, too. Agreed, house will be much more boring without Amanda, but she is grating my nerves with her nastiness. When are other houseguests gonna tell her how out of line and warped her vindictive attitude toward Elissa is? (I, personally would love it if everyone of them just kept telling her, point-blank: “Shut the fuck up!”)

  19. tata4now

    I have to give credit to GinaMarie (I can’t believe I’m saying that) she was the only person who had the balls to put up McCranda. I laughed so hard last night after Amanda was campaigning to GM and she motioned to the camera she’s going up.

  20. I am having the hardest time posting her today! WordPress is being a bitch. Anyone else having issues?

    • Urethra Franklin

      That was a very obvious act of aggression. I am surprised that Amanda was not called into the Diary Room for that….I don’t want Elissa hurt, but I kinda wish Elissa was closer to the door to notice it so she could have made a big stink about it to DR….I am #Team Drama…

      POV competition is happening right now.
      Everyone is playing except Judd…
      If Amanda or McCrae win they will use it.
      Spencer, Elissa, Gina Marie, WILL NOT use it if they win.
      If Andy wins it, which he DOES NOT want to do, he would be forced to show McCranda his disloyalty by NOT using it… He intends to throw it. I hope he wins it so he can be outed as a RAT to McCranda.

      • I want andy to win too just to see what he would do. I hope he accidently wins. lol.

      • Please God can we just get the bitch out now because I can’t take another person asking me how Allison is going to “save Amanda, the predestined winner.” SMDH.

      • I am starting to hate Andy as much as UF does. And I try never to hate a redhead.

      • how did GM break her foot?

      • Urethra Franklin

        There’s nothing wrong with being an equal opportunity hater. I want him to get stuck in a human sized glue trap. I hate all of these people except for Judd & Uncle Spencie…

        Gina Marie tripped on a few stairs on the stair case. She broke a toe. Then the dumb bitch wore her cheap high heels with her too short strip mall bargain dress during the POV ceremony because she is fancy like that. If only she had choked on her tongue piercing instead…

      • OOOOOhh someone didn’t get any tonight! :) Andy needs to die though Elissa is the only person he doesn’ t like as a person but Amanda is fine? Fuck him.

  21. Urethra Franklin

    If McCrae does not win veto today, Andy, Judd, Gina Marie, & Spencer are going to blindside Amanda, McCrae, & Elissa by evicting McCrae instead of Amanda on Thursday. These folks sure like to twists knives….

    • Interesting comment I read elsewhere.

      Yesterday, Spencer and Andy discussed what they would do if they won HOH during the DE… (this convo happened after the luxury comp cleanup in the bathroom)

      Andy would nominate Spencer/Elissa Spencer would nominate Andy/Elissa

      This would keep them in good graces with the other Exterminators and keep either McCrae/Amanda (depending on who stays this week) safe, as they know they need Elissa out.

      Judd, like a dummy, would probably nominate Elissa/Amanda and Elissa would go.

      • docwall

        So, am i to take this as Andy and Spencer holding out til the last for a final alliance with Amanda, just in case? Why do they need Elissa out first? (competitive ability??) Amanda without McCrae is gonna be even worse on Elissa-i hope GM doesn’t lose it ! (and stomp the “fucking cock-a-roach”)

  22. Urethra Franklin

    Oh WOW McCrae won the POV……Amanda is sobbing….
    Will McCrae save himself?
    Will McCrae save Amanda?

    Another week and another worst case scenario win for the POV…

  23. docwall

    YEA, Amanda gone!! She’s gonna scrap all up GM’s butt all week for putting up Elissa!!!! I DO NOT SEE THAT HAPPENING! Spencer or Andy….prob Spencer cuz Andy is a wimp

  24. Urethra Franklin

    Did you all know that floater rats can fake cry a river of real tears so that they can FLOAT?

  25. Amanda just told GM she doesn’t USE PEOPLE BWAHAHHAHAHHA

    • lori

      Earlier Amanda told GM that Elissa is only playing this game for herself. First of all, isn’t everyone? Plus, Amanda is doing that more than anyone else. I guess she’s the only one who’s allowed to play for herself, and everyone else should play for her to win too. Cannot wait to see her walk her ass out that door! Who is GM putting up as replacement? Does anyone know? I would hope that it’s going to be Andy.

      • docwall

        Sounds like it will be Spencer……good to support the “GM and Spencer don’t get along” premise, and he trusts Exterminators. Andy, on the other hand, is afraid. I hope next HOH puts up Andy and McCrae. Don’t care who goes……….in fact, wish Andy were next. That leaves Amanda and McC apart longer and puts Andy the rat within jury house. Yes, whoever mentioned a DEEP desire to be a fly on the wall in jury house, especially once Amanda gets there is right!!

  26. Belinda

    Although this is a remarkably unlikable cast, there are moments, with each of them, that I find endearing or amusing…except ANDY ! I cannot stand anything about him. Just the way he looks makes me consider hate crimes. So pretend I am blind and he gets a pass because I can’t see his ugly, faggot face. HE SPEAKS and all my animalistic instincts kick in.

  27. NAA

    No, you’re still pretty much a cunt.

    • docwall

      LOL therapy here: Belinda, it has nothing to do with him being gay–using “faggot” here is like my gay friend talks about being a lesbian, right…………….or my black friend calls self nigger, or i call myself spic, etc. I hate PC in alot of forums, but not for cameras on BB………..on the other hand, what do we know about : ” Be-Linda”, NAA? And i must say that you just called “her” a “cunt”—–is there any difference between here calling Andy and you saying Cunt?????
      Meanwhile, starting a new thread-within-a-thread………….

    • Belinda

      Thank you ! Thank you ! That means so much to me. Now if you had called me a queer cunt……me feelings would have been bery,bery hurt ….boohoo

      • NAA

        Yes, that none of you understand any of it makes me hope and pray that you are all barren.

      • Puravidacostarica

        Yes I am “barren”. What a word from the past. Hangout with Paula Deen much?

      • Belinda

        I hope you know it wasn’t me who said barren….I’ve never said that word in my whole life and I’m not even certain what it means. That was NaaNaaNaaNaa…. I’m infamous for saying faggot. She may hang out with Paula Dean but I already know how to cook.

      • docwall

        Sorry, not barren and not ANGRY either (ooommaaagoooshhhhhhhh–BIG GRIN)

  28. docwall

    On random live feed viewing, I note 2 things:
    1) McCrae doesn’t look anymore intelligent when he says more than” Yeah…….Yeah……like Yeah”. Shocking how Amanda must have overpowered this kid who likely would have been long gone a while ago..guess time will tell. What a shocking couple and i have to wonder about who McCrae is-as in, beyond pizza boy. I think he may have to go the therapist for Stockholm Syndrome when this is all over.
    2) OUCH!!!! Maybe i missed alot of talk that led up to this moment, but i heard McC tell Andy that he marked the part of the Bible that says: “A man shall not lay with a man…”. Andy was: “oh, OK”. Off all people, Spencer intervened with an alternative interpretation of that quote versus condemnation of homosexuality. What did I miss people? Is McC that fucking bigoted and stupid, or was there some little joke?

    • docwall

      SHIT——–i really think McCranda are both giving Andy shit for being gay. (bible and other shit) Good, they are showing their asses! But very hurtful I think McC must be morphing this game into some sort of bible interpretation of BB!!!!! Is it possible that this is the total person of McC (some evangelistic Amanda-puss-worshiping freak/conformist)?
      I do not like Andy much in this game, but just witnessed some total assholes getting personal!! (forgot–that is their MO, right?)

      • Belinda

        I saw that also, Doc, and I was appalled. I even felt badly for the rodent twerp. Those two apparently have no boundaries and I think there may be some truth to the Stockholm Syndrome theory. I really want a 6 month follow-up on those two. Cameras should follow them around, from the time they leave the house , and do a doc special airing on SHO.

      • Katelin

        It’s time for Andy to go.

  29. well hey! I am barren so you got at least one wish!

    • docwall

      BS TT- i am thinking a “Tamjo/Banara” would be particularly useful in this society and one individual from whom to learn (i won’t say what, but it would surely be helpful during times of ???)…………..or even, be their/its own reality show stars!! “Bitches of Hotlanta”- aka “dont fuck with this Sharpeirson”

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