Will Ramona Wedding Get to Marry Her Imprisoned Mobster?

The Realhouses of Vancouver Could Be Mobwives of Vancouver!I know y’all don’t pay a lot of attention to Mob Wives posts, but I’ve been reading a lot of stuff today, and by gosh, I’m gonna post about it, so YOU are going to read it or get whacked.  When we last didn’t care about the Mob Wives, it was Valentines Day And Ramona Rizzo was playing to marry Joseph “Joe Boy” Sclafani  in June.  It was supposed to be lavish event with 500 of her closest friends. That did not happen. You see Joe Boy, finally got his prison August 17th.  Ramona sat tearfully in the front during sentencing. So now he is headed to the federal pen to serve 15  years for cocaine trafficking.

In a statement, Loretta E. Lynch, U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York, called Sclafani and Lombardo “violent recidivists.”

“Years ago these defendants chose a life of violence and crime, pledging their loyalty to the Gambino crime family,” said Ms. Lynch. “[This] case shows them still clinging to that choice, despite previous arrests and incarcerations.” [Source Staten Island Advance]

BUT WAIT! Before he gets transferred to where ever he will serve his time he has asked for a 16 hour emergency furlough to visit his dying daddy.  And the same judge that sentenced him says that the department needs to make it happen despite his father having already visited him dozens of time. The prosecution says this is all just a way for him to get married on Mob Wives.

From New York Daily News:

U.S. District Judge John Gleeson, who slammed Sclafani with the stiff  sentence Aug. 17, told prosecutors he was not interested in how the “Mob Wives”  show factored into the request, and prodded them to reach an accommodation for  the father and son.

After consulting with U.S. marshals and prison officials, prosecutors have  suggested an “extended” farewell meeting in the visiting room of the prison or  the courthouse cell block. They noted Augustus Sclafani has visited his son 42  times at the MDC, most recently on Aug. 20.

Defense lawyer Tim Parlatore told the Daily News that offer was  unacceptable.

“With a 15-year sentence, he’s never going to see his father again on the  outside and the visiting room is not conducive to say goodbye to his father with  some sense of dignity,” the mobster’s mouthpiece said.

Parlatore said there was no wedding planned and that the rules governing  prison furloughs specifically prohibit inmates from getting married while they  are on the emergency release. He also said there’s a provision for inmates to  exchange vows in a prison ceremony, but Sclafani and Rizzo have not made that  request.

So, what do you think? Is this all a ruse to have a very special episode of Mob Wives: The wedding? I think the Feds should let them do it. Think of all the mobsters they could arrest at the reception!

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24 responses to “Will Ramona Wedding Get to Marry Her Imprisoned Mobster?

  1. Boat

    Interesting! I think I’m one of the only Mob Wives fans here.

  2. Shay

    I like the show a lot, please continue to post about it, I enjoy your comments.

  3. Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

    I read it because I have a fear of getting whacked. If there’s a rule prohibiting inmates from marrying on emergency release, then I guess they won’t. But maybe Andy will wave his magic wand and make it happen. For Tamara.

    Um, did I feign enough interest? :)

  4. lori

    I’m a mob wives fan too. (Shocker!). I don’t think there still be a wedding. Hopefully ramona came to her senses and is not going to put her children through a life of being married to an inmate.

  5. Heartland

    I watch it even though I hate boring asss Carla, who by the way, is as dumb as a box of rocks.

    • Boat

      She is boring! I expected her to have a little more friction with her Ed’s new girl friend, but that fell flat. Love really made last season crazy!

      I’m glad to see there are a few of us who watch Mob Wives! I don’t feel so alone. :)

  6. I read the post, not because I like the show but because I read almost all of your posts…yes even the ones about shows I don’t watch. My thought is, maybe she’ll make it interesting enough that I might want to watch it though that never happens :P

  7. Okay let’s think this through….. He is going to prison for 15 years for drugs and other unsavory things and they tell him it’s against the law to get married while on furlough and what pray tell will they threaten him with jail???? too funny. They will do it just for ratings.Keep it up TT glad to see you back in action. I missed your snarky little self…

  8. Tt I’m a fan of mob wives so continue to write about them I’m a reality tv whore so I watch just about everthing including my teen is pregnant and so am I (hangs my head in shame)

  9. guccinara

    I watch it here in the UK but i think we are a season behind, people i work with have lives and dont watch these things so being here is great. it cracks me up that these people ride on the coatails of their relatives – (like who cares who your dad is and what are you like 8 years old or something!). At the moment over here i cant remember her name but the fruit loops one with the partner (junior) has rat-ed on her father and some others and she was having a major fit and breakdown. i dont get why she is so upset, the way they go on surely the “lifestyle” means that loved ones going to prison for them is like my dad going to the dentist. like someone mentioned here if ramona really cared about her kids like she says she does then she wouldnt go marrying some dude who is going down for 15 and schleping them to prison visits for some guy who isnt even their dad. she’s doing that for herself. Big up big Ange, I have never seen anything like it.

  10. I love Big Ang make no mistake or apologies, but my cables off I think the only way I’ll find out about my online shows is if Tamara Tattles! Maybe I’ll get more accomplished with the cable off.
    I dont know but I miss it.

  11. jakies mom

    Mob Wives watcher here too. Grew up in Brooklyn with some of these characters so I enjoy watching it for many reasons. Hope you will recap it this year, it could be interesting with their new addition. Certainly better than Love.

  12. sapphiregirl1970

    I love Mob Wives and love love love me some Big Ang! She’s the main reason I watch!!

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