Below Deck Season Finale Recap: We Had a Gay Old Time!

belowdeckcrewWhen last we left these fools, Alecks’s  balls had finally dropped and he had issued an ultimatum to Thing One and Thing Two due to their drinking while on charter. They take a $200 pay cut and stay for the last charter or they take the full $500 and get to steppin’. Oh wait, Alecks is putting the blame on Lee for this.

Sam and CJ both have adolescent temper tantrums. Sam and CJ are out at the docks when some dirty sailor offers to take Sam to Newport, RI.  Sam is apparently not that stupid, but CJ is. CJ sails off into the sunset and Kat gives him one final boob flash.

Sam is still a being a whiney brat. Adrienne is ready to cut her loose. Alecks caves and decides to give Sam her full pay. Sam is gleeful.  Adrienne is pissed. Adrienne tries to put the boat on lockdown including Ben. Ben is not having it. Adrienne is not getting any support.

Kat apologizes to Adrienne for being a dramatic pain in the ass. I am not sure I believe her.

Meanwhile this charter is Lesbians and a pampered dog. The dog has menu requests like frozen liver. Ben is thrilled.  These are some happy lesbians. If the only issue is the dog this should be an easy final cruise. Adrienne’s inner lesbian had been unleashed.  She throws on a maxi dress and immediately Kat and Sam are mocking her. Screw the both. Adrienne deserves her lesbian vacation away from the children.

That seemed like an incredibly fun and fast trip. The ladies left a nice tip! Captain Lee gave Eddie a promotion. Very well deserved.  Sam and Adrienne have a heart warming talk. The crew has $1800 left over in petty cash to go party with!

For a final touch of gaiety in this very special gay finale,  Trevor shows up to surprise Dave! My allergies might have acted up at that moment. It seems like all of the real yachties are already working other ships and the Sam’s and CJ’s have taken actual jobs.  The others had updates but I am not sure how current they are considering this was filmed over a year ago, so it remains to be seen who will we will see on Below Deck Season 2.  Was there and text update for Adrienne and Captain Lee? My DVR shut off a tiny bit early…


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26 responses to “Below Deck Season Finale Recap: We Had a Gay Old Time!

  1. Jarenov

    There was no update for Captain Lee but Adrienne’s said “After 2 weeks off Adrienne found another boat to work on…. A smaller yacht, where she is the sole stewardess.”

  2. KWM

    Nothing on Lee.
    Adrienne found work on a smaller boat, where she is the only steward.

    That was it, can’t wait to see them on WWHL for more current info on what everyone is doing.

    Ha, I wonder if CJ made it to Newport or if they kicked him off along the way.

  3. Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

    Captain Lee actually is the captain of that yacht. Bravo rented it for the season and paid the regular crew to get lost for a couple weeks and brought this crew in to film. They couldn’t use the real crew because they were from different countries and there would have been too many legal/labor issues. They also renamed the boat! Honor was not its real name.
    I’m sure Captain Lee is happily sailing somewhere with a real crew who he can fire whenever he needs to.

  4. Chris Terrian

    When are they doing the reunion?

    • I don’t know. I just posted the WWHL schedule for September and it was not there. I heard they filmed it in the clubhouse recently. I am either wrong entirely about that or it will be a very special episode of WWHL at an earlier time like Andy does sometimes.

  5. Urethra Franklin

    I have never been on a luxury charted cruise vacation before, so I have no idea what the protocol is. I assume it costs thousands of dollars a day per person…. But the only thing that stands out to me is the way the tip is handed to the captain. The crew stands around saying goodbye & eyeballing a hand-off of an envelope stuffed with thousands of dollars in cash… It was a little insight into #richpeoplelife….I guess it’s in the contract that there is an expected cash gratuity at the end.

    • Jarenov

      I haven’t seen a daily rate for this yacht used on the show but various websites show the weekly rate ranging from $213,000 to $245,000 depending on the season.

      • yes, that is the rate for the real cruise. Bravo I believed offered the short cruise for $25K and of course the releases signing their lives and reputations away. :)

    • Urethra Franklin

      Well then some of those charter clients were cheap asses with the tips if they had discounted trips and then only tip the staff 5%…..

  6. Chris Terrian

    One last thing. What do you think of the Steve Ward situation? . The guy from Tough Love. He got caught with a hooker trading a spot on his show for some sex. Then didn’t give her the job. What a dum dum.

  7. DJ

    Captain Lee is now working on another yacht named Just Enough.

  8. JrLeaguer

    They could film season two on Adriana and Frederic’s floating hovel.

  9. Cleo

    Didn’t I read somewhere recently that CJ got arrested in Arizona for either DUI or domestic violence or something iike that? It was within the past couple of weeks.

    p.s. This whole show was so scripted. Like, beyond typical Bravo scripted. I won’t be watching season 2. Please tell me there won’t be a season 2.

    • Ames

      Sam was such a little witch to Adrianne. Why? I didn’t find Adrianne to be so bad. She just took her job seriously. What do ya’ll think was up with Sam’s awful treatment of her? Tamara I love your blog :)

      • what pissed me off even more is that sam (sami) posted a link on her facebook page to a video w adrienne on it that wasnt included in the show footage. part of the beginning is kat grabbing adrienne, drunk, and both falling on the concrete. it ends with adrienne crying about sam’s treatment of her with sam twisting the knife in, asking over and over with a smirk on her face: “why are you crying, adrienne?” and adrienne refusing to say. what a total bitch sam is. she had the gall to say this was funny on facebook and wondered why it didnt make the cut for the show. not funny — totally hateful. and now she’s a vp or something for a solar energy company in cali? how does a creep like that keep getting away with stuff?

    • James

      You’re conflating the dickwads…CJ was arrested for domestic abuse and Sam was busted for DUI. Last I read CJ was still in jail cause he couldn’t make bail.

  10. sniffsipwoof

    Love your blog. Just found out about it from someone on that celeb gossip site that PMK owns. Sam was so incredibly immature, spoiled, and entitled. It sounds like she comes from upper, upper middle class and is going to get a rude awakening in the real world no matter how smart she is. You can’t get far with an attitude toward authority like that unless your brilliant like a Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. I am looking forward to Season Two. The premise of this show is so different than any others out there. Yes it is probably heavily suspended but I just “suspend belief” and enjoy it.

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