Taylor Armstrong is Engaged

Artwork by PrettyontheOutside.com

Artwork by PrettyontheOutside.com

So Taylor Armstrong is officially engaged to her lawyer. Whatever. But I have a ton of questions. Is he divorced yet? But more importantly, this exclusive news was brought to us by E! Online. E! is part of NBCu just like Bravo. Taylor is no longer on RHOBH. So why did E! do this super exclusive extremely detailed story?  Does this mean after taking a season off she will be coming back as a RHOBH? Will there be a wedding spin-off (shudder). To me this would be like E! randomly doing a story on some other non-housewife engagement. It’s very odd. Click through to read the sappy story…

Here is the incredibly detailed report on the proposal from E! Online:

Lawyer John Bluher proposed to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star on Thursday at the St. Regis Punta Mita Resort in Mexico, offering up a gold and diamond ring he helped design with jeweler Ari Soffer, E! News exclusively confirms. For their special night, Bluher had a tent set up on the beach just steps from their oceanfront suite. The path was lined with candles and he had the tent filled with white roses and lillies. 

Taylor wore a cobalt blue silk dress, while her future husband dressed in a white linen shirt and matching slacks for the occasion.

The groom-to-be started the celebration by dramatically uncorking a bottle of Veuve  Grand Dame champagne with a saber, after which he and Armstrong walked along the beach to where a day bed and pillows were set up.  And that’s where he popped the question! The newly betrothed duo embraced then enjoyed dinner catered by the resort’s five-star restaurant, Carolina, which also matched wine for each course.

“The St. Regis Punta Mita Resort is where we fell in love, it was the perfect choice for this wonderful occasion,” Buher said. “Taylor was beautiful and never stopped smiling! It was an amazing evening, a 10 all ’round”. 


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19 responses to “Taylor Armstrong is Engaged

  1. pfffttt

    I don’t think she is completely off the show. I think she was downgraded to a “friend” of the Housewives like Camille and Faye and what’s her face were last season.

  2. You can take the girl out of NY...

    I saw this online the other day and my gut was that her lawyer is as much of a fame wh_re as she is. The whole “announcement” read like a press release that he supplied them with. I find it very odd all around. And I wonder as well, if he is divorced yet. This happened awfully quickly. Something is amiss.

  3. eg

    I hate to say it, but maybe he married her for that mouth.

  4. “it’s where we first fell in love”….while I was still married to the mother of my children! I saw the story thanks to the RHoBH/Bravo facebook pages posting about it.

  5. He opened a bottle of champagne with a saber..? Wow, shades of another total poser that used to be a Bravo husband! All this for the proposal? What’s the wedding night going to look like? My guess is that this is a trial balloon to gauge reaction to Taylor Armstrong. Mine is a giant yawn.

  6. So Taylor’s been downgraded to friend status? Maybe she will vanish never to return to RHOBH? One can dream right ? LOL. I really hope this doesn’t become another wedding spinoff series! UGH ( gag… Finger down throat )

  7. eastjames

    I’m sorry… I just can’t! This woman is garbage! I have no doubt her ex husband was controlling and abusive but she should have disappeared after his suicide. SUICIDE, folks! This man took his own life because of his TV portrayal. Sadly, he’s not the only one by far and yet.

  8. Danielle

    I crept her 90 Day Visalus challenge and it doesn’t look as if she is still keeping things updated. Perhaps she realised that MLM isn’t a get rich quick scheme after all..

    • You can take the girl out of NY...

      She had SO many MLM and promo gigs going – including that piece of garbage book – but now that she has found a MWM (Man With Money) all that stuff will fall by the wayside. Self-promotion will continue. Her past, redux.

  9. am i the only one who thinks her engagement ring is a little lame? maybe it’s just the picture they showed. or maybe it’s all the very serious bling i’ve seen lately on the shows.

  10. SB

    He must be just as crazy as she is. Still, I wish them luck!

  11. You can take the girl out of NY...

    Where’s a pic of the ring? Wonder what happened to her canary diamond that they had up on eBay to settle lawsuit. I dunno, this guy seems so into fame – maybe they are birds of a feather. I hope Kennedy is okay. And I NEVER want to see Taylor on RHOBH again.

  12. You can take the girl out of NY...

    Oh geez, just saw the ring. Not my style.

  13. I’ve read that Russell was suicidal due to his fraudulent business actions, that both he & Taylor were in on. Google “taylor armstrong criminal history” and you should find all the stories. I do think that Russell didn’t want ti be on the show at all. He seemed a private sort of man, but they may have needed the paycheck from the show. Apparently, they, like a lot of Bravo HW’s, lived way beyond their means.

  14. Got damn that sure was a detailed discription was enews there did they get on bended knee too

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