Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion Part 3


With rumors swirling that even after all the Brooks drama, Vicki is still seeing him, we get to see Vicki take another blow or three regarding the Brooks issue. Why on earth Brianna would humiliate her mother publicly rather than delivering the blows more softly and in private is beyond me.

Does Heather’s story about someone just deciding they must have her house ring true for y’all? I mean I’m sure it happens on rare occasions… but it just seems sort of random.  OMG! She is really defending the onion ring incident? Yes, Heather, the man should have had his onion rings. In a question about Heather emasculating Terry, Heather’s answer is …wait for it…emasculating.

RHOOCreunioncastWow, everyone is super jealous that Alexis got a good edit after all the other seasons of her and her husband being trashed. I’m bored. Bring out Brooks. I am trying to FF through commercials and it is live TV.

Here is Brianna let’s see how long it takes for her to start trashing her mother.  But first dramatic deployment scenes for Ryan. Andy asks about Ryan’s treatment of Lydia’s mother. Brianna blames Vicki for being so finicky about the house. Lydia says, “I could see taking your husband’s side in the moment, but after watching the footage, surely there has to be a part of you that thinks…” And Brianna cuts her off and starts to cry. She is not going to talk about her husband while he is in Afghanistan! Oh for the love of Gawd. You are so not Marine wife material, Brianna.  Brianna claims that she scrubbed mud and red wine off the couch. Brianna says she has already moved out.



Vicki seems to still be in love with Brooks. She says they still see each other but have an open relationship. Brianna is now saying that the rule was NOT that Brooks could not be in the house, it was just he couldn’t be there when she was there, or her kid, or her husband. She is very defensive about this and Vicki is trying to defend her. When Andy asks why she doesn’t like Brooks, Vicki tries to stop the conversation but Brianna says ,”he’s done some things that are very shocking and extremely disrespectful.” Vicki says, “that is that! We are not getting into details. I will demike and walk off.” Andy’s wonky eyes get wider and wonkier! Vicki says this is not a Brooks bashing. The other ladies are asking her why she stays. Vicki is very, very defensive. Heather says this sounds like he has been physical with her. Brianna does the zipped lip signal.  Brianna says that it is not that she just thinks Brooks is creepy. He talked to her about his dick size! Vicki leaves the couch.

Brianna says Vicki should defend her daughter rather than her disgusting boyfriend. Let Brooks come out and defend himself! YAY! That is a fabulous idea! Brooks says this is the first time he has seen Brianna since her wedding and he is sorry. She asks for what specifically and he starts talking about when Brooks first met Vicki in 2007, she say an email where I told her I loved her while she was married to Donn.  Brianna brings up Brooks saying Ryan needed to start hitting her to keep her in line. While they are arguing about this, with Brooks denying and then apologizing for saying it, Lydia starts bawling and walks off of camera.  Brooks says it is out of context. Vicki is walking off stage too because she is not going to allow the Brooks bashing. She is not the least bit upset that her boyfriend told her son-in-law to beat her daughter. The recording is from two years ago.

During the Vicki and Brooks love reel, Brianna and Brooks continue to go at it. Brianna says that Brooks referred to his dick size and said the ladies call him “Girth Brooks.” Oh lord. I can’t. Lydia is back. She was just overwhelmed by the drama. Vicki is 100% backing Brooks over her own daughter. Vicki is finally crying. Brianna told Tamra she has seen Brooks sending her mean texts that tear her down. Vicki and Brooks both deny this. Brianna ends the segment saying that she loves her mother. Brooks says he loves her  enough to let her go and she should listen to her family. Gretchen opens the door to them staying together saying that she and Slade were able to work it out. Vicki keeps saying the world didn’t like Slade and that is pissing Gretchen off. Brooks says he should exit stage right from the family and the friendship. Brooks says the relationship is over for good. Brooks kisses Vicki goodbye and leaves and Vicki sobs.  Everyone except Brianna and Gretchen moves in to comfort her. Vicki just wants her family back. Brianna just sits there.

Then there was some blah blah blahs of a closing nature. Nothing interesting except the number of times in this show that Vicki says that Brooks is not abusive and has never hit her. I think the lady doth protest too much. I fear for her love tank.


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89 responses to “Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion Part 3

  1. Beverly

    I think Brianna is a b***h. Vicki totally backed her up as she was defending Ryan. But Brianna totally embarrassed Vicki over the Brooks thing. I agree she should keep some of this private. I think Ryan and Brianna want to be regulars on RHOC for the money and going after Vicki is their little plan to make it happen. It’s amazing what mud these women will sling for a paycheck. I got livid when Brianna shut Lydia down by saying she was not going to talk about poor little Ryan since he was in Afghanistan but in the very next breath said Ryan had to scrub mud and red wine off the couch. And although she said it was not meant to be in reference to the Lydia’s mother incident, That’s exactly what she was talking about. I’ve lost all respect for Brianna. She was so cold and calculating. Brianna has been around these “real housewives” too long. She’s just as bad as they are. She’ll end up divorced because Ryan only married her because he saw money. He’s as shady as Brooks and Brianna deserves everything she gets after the way she’s treated her mother.

    • Gingersnap

      Great post and I couldn’t agree more. That mud scrubbing, red wine scenario may have happened, but I don’t believe Lydia’s mother did it. I think Briana would definitely lie for her louse of a man, Ryan.

      • Diva

        I agree, except for the part of Brianna staying up, after everyone had left or gone to bed, and graciously “scrubbed” the couch, with a baby upstairs that might start crying? (I remember seeing one in Vicki’s home that looks like leather–is that the one?). I highly doubt Brianna has ever done any housework, laundry or cooking in her entire, entitled, little life, just like Heather.

    • lori

      Agreed. I found that so hard to watch. The way Brianna was treating her mother, yet she denied everything, or wouldn’t even allow anyone to talk about her or her dick husband. I used to like Brianna, but no more, that’s for sure. I don’t know who she thinks she is talking to her mother like that and humiliating her so. She certainly does not need to be hit (Brooks is absolutely disgusting, and I’m actually pretty worried that that’s something that Ryan is capable of on his own), but her and her high horse definitely need to be reigned wayyyy in. My heart really broke for Vicky. I actually shed some tears watching her when Brooks walked away. The whole thing was quite gut wrenching.

    • Kate

      Now here is something I’m not understanding. They kept saying both Vicki and Briana that Ryan was “defending the house” as if this justified his behavior. What exactly in the house needing defending and who did it need defending from? Terrorists, no just some tv crews and guests. Surely there was no need to defend against a perceived threat. This is all in Ryan’s mind.

      • Heather C.

        I totally agree with what you just said.. Why did no one speak up about this? Defending the house? From dirt? That is justification for talking that way to another person, especially an older woman? I think not!

    • nan

      Well, yoiu can say what you want about Brianna but she hasn’t exactly had the best role model mother. Vicki is self centered and disgusting at times and I feel for Brianna being brought up by this woman…
      And I don’t for a second believe that Ryan married her for her money or to be on the show regularly, that is obsurd.

      • anjannett

        Yoh nan, I tend to agree with you.

        Chunky Vicki is about as anal as the horse’s rear on RhoNJ. I bet that she reamed anybody she could and as often as she felt necessary about taking care of HER stuff in HER house. If anybody lives in that kind of environment for more than, say 2 days, you tend to come out shell shot and ready to jump anybody who doesn’t kiss Vicki’s more than ample rear. So it really makes sense to me that Ryan was doing Vicki’s bidding in her stead.

        Poor Vicki, everybody else on the show is mini sized (well except for their plasticene parts) so by osmosis Vicki looks like the rude cow she is.

        In my not so humble opinion, Vicki and Tureeeeeesaah and a few other choice royal beotches of the RHW series should get together to start another Brahvoh show, named what, “Beotches of Brahvoh”!

        I’m just sayin’….

    • Pam1234

      I agree about Brianna. I used to see a level headed young lady but she seems to have turned into a liar. She turns a blind eye to Ryan, who in my opinion is as bad or worse than Brooks. He tries to walk all over Vicky. When her brother tries to explain his is living in Vicky’s house he just side steps the issue and continues on the I am the boss senario. I think he is a control freak and has quite a mean streak. If my daughter went on nationwide TV and treated me the way she treated her mom I would be devestated – and I will bet Vicky was. She had no business snooping in her mom’s e-mail. She not only snoops but then tells the world what was in it. She is a spoiled, disrespectful little brat. The apple did not fall too far from the tree. To bad. I saw promise in her years ago but not now. I hope I am wrong but I fear Ryan could be dangerous is pushed into a corner.

      • Disappointed

        Susan, saying Ryan was “curt” might be the understatement of the year…he was out of control and vile. Most marines know how to handle stress better thn the average civilian…Ryan is an embarrassment, no excuse I’m my mind unless he was actually defending his son or wife from a real threat. He was looking for a fight…those types of rageaholics always are.

    • Kam

      I agree. I use to like Brianna a few years ago, but since she’s “grown-up”, she’s not the nice girl anymore…I was rather shocked when Brianna stated that she was physically abused as a child?? Say what?? I was completely taken aback when she blurted that out…I guess it brought up memories when she accused Brooks of telling Ryan to beat her…Now, I’m wondering did Brianna or Vickie ever mentioned this happening — and by who? Vickie doesn’t want to let Brooks go, Brianna doesn’t want her mom to be with him…Hey, Vickie didn’t want Brianna to be with Ryan in the beginning either…Ryan, though he is defending our country, and I’m glad, I can’t by that at the party, where he completely went nuts, that he was nervous or apprehensive about going off to war…I think we saw the “true” Ryan, and I can see him getting physical with Brianna…The way Vickie was acting and in a sense, trying to quiet Brianna before she said more, makes me wonder something dark seems to have happen….they all need to seek professional guidance….just my thoughts….

    • Disappointed

      Thank you for summing up my thoughts exactly. I think Brianna just went from everyone’s favorite housewife child to just another mean girl on this show. She looked arrogant and defiant. Embarrassing. Lydia handled herself well.

      • lori

        Lydia definitely handled herself well. I would imagine on the inside she must have been boiling. Brianna throwing in that ridiculous dig at the end about the wine and mud would have thrown me over the edge. I felt really bad for Lydia. She is definitely the classiest one on that show.

      • Tango

        I don’t know that she was arrogant. That smirk was crazy, but I think she was either really pissed with adrenaline flowing, or the Brooks bashing is all just storyline and she is bad at lying….

    • Patti Stephan

      I could not agree more. Bad Behavior. Ryan showed himself- no respect for women. Brianna total change in opinion. It was Vicky’s place to stop it. I totally liked Briana but after the he was so mad. Vuckylast episode and the reunion I never want to see her on there again. Disgusting. Ryan could smack her into Line I think. Quite making excuses for Ryan and Brianna on they just care. Bull, Brianna looks really bad she needs
      to do something. Vicky says what ever she wants to others, she needs to be Vicky, they will need her live her on life and they will be back. don’t do everything to please your kids. I did and I’m paying for it. Don’t let Briana make your rules. Wait till her son grows up!! total about face on my opinions of those kids . they will need
      for a job! truely don’t like them she has changed sooo much! Awful just awful!

  2. Gingersnap

    So, Ryan actually taped Brooks for 45 minutes, but what was aired for public consumption was just a small fraction. I am assuming (a scary thing to do) that whoever decided to air that small fraction, picked out the parts that would discredit Brooks the most. If so, it was a total FAIL in my opinion. What it proves to me is that Brooks was drunk and talking trash, and Briana is exaggerating what he said. Briana said (talking to Brooks) “You told my husband, you need to start hitting Briana to get her to fall in line.” That is exaggeration because he didn’t say that. Brooks and Ryan, the narc weasel, were having a PRIVATE conversation (HA!) and Brooks was pissed at Vicki and blathering about beating her ass and that’s how we do it in the South trash. Then Ryan said that “no, I don’t do that”, and Brooks said, “you don’t beat their ass?” Ryan said “no”, and Brooks said, “well, you probably should do.” To me, this is a far cry from how Briana portrayed it. Mind you, during none of this conversation did Brooks sound enraged. To me, he sounded somewhat pissed, but not nearly as enraged as Ryan was over Vicki’s stupid couch. Brooks was talking trash and I don’t believe he really thought Ryan should beat Briana. After listening to her, and her willingness to humiliate her mother, I might be happy to take a sock at her though. I don’t even like Briana anymore, and Ryan is scummier than Brooks.

    Disclaimer: No need to get rude and insulting if you disagree with my opinion. Please. IT’S JUST AN OPINION.

    • Beverly

      I totally agree with you, Gingersnap. No need for the disclaimer. :) OMG. Who tapes another person for 45 minutes? What a creep Ryan is!!

      • Gingersnap

        Thanks Beverly ♥

      • lori

        Yeah, he’s a scary dude.

      • Susan

        Well gals here is another opinion, through another persons eyes ( mine) Yes Ryan is curt but – he was leaving to go to war and I’m sure his nerves were a bit touchy. I felt bad for Lidia’s mom too she seems like a decent woman, and I am sure or I hope anyway that we all appreciate Ryan putting his life on the line for our country and our FREEDOM. If my husband was going there I would be a bigger mess than Briana was and I would expect my husband to be a little touchy too. It just happened at a party and to someone who didn’t mean any harm. That was the part that was sad. Briana saying what she did about Brooks on National TV – well think about it. Vickie has picked some read doozies for men in her life . Vickie will not listen to her friends or family as far as Brooks is concerned. Not everybody can be wrong. Even with the watching audience. so, so many had BIG doubts about Brooks. He is smooth talking and can twist words like nobody I have ever seen. He hesitates when he is going to talk, then someone calls him out on something and he says well I was going to comment on that but you didn’t let me. If he is so innocent the truth should be easy to spit out and you don’t have to think so much about what you say. It is what it is. Briana and the rest of the girls don’t want to see Vicki hurt and poor. I believe that was Brooks’s plot. Get into her pants and her life and then bit by bit get her money. Like someone said about Lidia me thinks he does protest too much. I hope so very much that Vickie can find a “good” guy to be with. I believe in marriage and Vickie does want to get married again it sounds like. I just pray she get a prenup to protect herself. All we can do is hope for the best. Gretchen needs a prenup too but I think she is too gaga over Slade to get one. Isn’t it strange how these guys gravitate to a woman with money and fall in love so easily. It’s called the good life girls so be smart and do your paper work. We ladies want to believe in the men we fall in love with so much that we tend to loose our common sense. There are some decent men out there and it makes it hard for them to be trusted, cause there are so many of the other kind. Like I said it’s just my opinion so thanks for letting me vent.

    • eg

      For what its worth I aggree with both of you (Gingersnap & Beverly). I love TTs’ recap (since I forgot to dvr this reunion) But I know they will show it again. But as I said I agree,Briana is really jacked up when it comes to her mom. I don’t care how stupid Vicki is when it comes to Brooks, she still deserve some respect from her daughter. Doesn’t she have a son too? If so, at least he has the good sense to stay clear of all of this messiness.

    • i heard the released part of the tape and it sounded like trash talking to me, too. lots of guys talk very very big when the women aren’t around to hear them. lol. i don’t think i’d want to hear the entire tape to get the full context, tho. i’d also bet that the worst sounding part of it was released to make brooks look as bad as possible.i have a strong feeling ryan set him up there and knew all he had to do was hang out and drink with him and he’d act like an idiot. better an idiot then a scarily angry person like ryan. i’d be a lot more worried about brianna and the baby’s safety with ryan around than about vicki with brooks in her life. i haven’t been watching the show as long as many here, but that’s my take on it.

    • lori

      I finally heard the tape, and brianna definitely did make that conversation sound way worse than it was. It sounded to me like Brooks was joking and pretending to be serious about that’s how guys from the south do it. If it is true that ryan was arrested for domestic violence by his ex girlfriend, as someone stated in one of the comments below, then I guess Ryan lied when said that he doesn’t do that. I also wonder what led up to Brooks saying that. The whole thing sounds like a huge set up to me. Like maybe Ryan asked him some stupid hypothetical question like “what would you do if Vicky _________? Because he starts out by saying “well she’s never done it before ever” and then he says F*cking bitch, followed by “F*cking whore, I’m gonna f*cking beat her ass when i see her”. It sounds like Brooks was jokingly responding to a question about something he doesn’t even think Vicky would ever do.

  3. Angel

    Brianna has really changed since she became involved with Ryan. I bet the slate of their lives will not be too clean either by the time they are Brooks and Vicki’s ages. At least Brianna will have her Mother’s money to buy herself through life. She has already learned the art of manipulating on camera.

  4. Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

    Wow, I’m really surprised that everyone is on Vicki’s side on this! I’ll give my take I guess in the spirit of discussion:

    I actually think it’s inexcusable for Vicki to not only take Brooks’ side, but to do so without listening to the tape. She has access to the full 45 minutes, not just the edited version. If I knew there was a tape out there with my boyfriend even PLAYING at telling a guy to hit my daughter, I would kill him with my bare hands (and I’m not really joking). If Vicki listens to the tape and then decides it truly was an innocent remark, then she is justified in sticking by her man. But she’s just turning her back on her daughter…
    Ryan is also a dick, and Brianna may not be likable all the time, but she’s Vicki’s daughter, she should come first for Vicki when it comes to violence or possible violence or insinuated violence.

    Am I really the only one who takes this side? I honestly Vicki needs some counseling, intensive counseling, and quickly.

    • Yeah, I am not sure exactly how shady Brooks really is, but I do joke about beating people’s asses all the time as do many people. “OMG! She stained your new shirt before you could even wear it? You should SO beat her ass for that!” It’s not always meant to be taken literally.

      But why were Ryan and Brooks out of town together getting so wasted they could not get their drunk asses home? And TAPING drunken guy conversations SO violates the guy code.

      That said, the unwavering way that Vicki defended Brooks and her NUMEROUS comments about him not hitting her, are kind of red flags for me…

      • Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

        Right, I have made awful comments where I was joking, and comments when I was definitely NOT joking. :) But Vicki has a tape that she can listen to and make a real decision. Now she’s saying, “Daughter, you told me he said that and I think you’re a liar, and Brooks, you apologized for saying it, so I’m going to pretend you never said it in the first place.” Meanwhile she decides to stick her fingers in her ears and go LALALALALALALA while no one plays the tape that could clear it up.

        I think Ryan’s behavior at the winter party show EXACTLY who he is. I think Brianna’s behavior comes from the two years of frustration about what Brooks said. I cannot imagine my mother not taking my side in this case, even without a tape.

      • Kate

        I agree with you completely. She is defending him way too emphatically.

    • Tango

      I don’t think that remark was innocent at all. And with the rest of it, Brooks bitchin about Vicki texting him….it was awful. The disrespect he was showing her in front of her son in law was disgusting. I don’t care if Ryan is an asswipe too and if it was shady to tape it, he got it on tape, it’s indisputable what Brooks said. Vicki needs mental help.

      • lori

        Something tells me that Ryan wouldn’t like someone taping the things he probably says Vicky, his wife’s mother, behind her back and playing it for the world either. And HE probably wouldn’t even need the bad edit. I mean the way he talks to her face is bad enough. We all heard and saw how nasty he is, and I’m sure the rage he feels about not being able to control the Vicky/Brooks situation is a lot worse than the rage he felt about Lydia’s poor mom putting her little 70 year old feet up on the couch in his… I mean Vicky’s house.

  5. Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

    Also, I think Brooks deciding to “let her go” is total manipulation. I don’t buy that at all, it’s a classic manipulation strategy and has worked for him well so far with Vicki.

  6. vickie is in denial,and she has trouble meeting eyes when she is defending brooks. he is a master manipulator and knows how to pull her chains to keep her in line because vickie is so damn insecure.
    you can tell nobody likes brooks and vickie just defends him and has blinders on. brooks is a scam artist and has played vickie well and she has fallen hook line and sinker. i think he has maybe grabbed and shaken her and her freaking about him not hitting her is so very much a red flag.

  7. They are all dysfunctional freaks. Vicki sticks her fingers in her ears and screams LALALALA so she does not have to face reality. Apparently, Brianna does the exact same. No one noticed that she never answered the question ” now that you’ve seen the footage, what do you think?” She deflected with having to scrub the sofa. We all heard Ryan being nasty and abusive and threatening (physically) and then flat out lying and making up stuff against a woman who was totally innocent. How does Brianna defend that?

    Anyway, I find Vicki and Brianna being best friends to be slightly creepy. Does Brianna have her own friends? Whatever kind of brat Brianna is, she is that because its how she was raised. And further how she’s been allowed to act. They both defend bad behavior at the expense of innocent people. And that’s sick.

    Gretchen jumping in now and then because no one was paying her any mind was funny. Her speech about being a good person and only doing good things was almost impressive. Until you think of all the times she rips people behind their backs or complains about anything and everything.

    Overall, kind of a boring season. Nothing actually happened.

    • Ellis Scarlett

      Yes, but I agree that Brooks is a creep and an opportunist. I can’t get over that abc show about him skipping out on child support and bailing on his own kids, but we’re supposed to believe he’s some kind of jet setter who flies between two states to be with her. Did I read here that she got him a house close by so they could “be together”?

      • What do mean “yes but”?? I didn’t say dick about brooks. So there is no “but”. I don’t see the point in addressing him as its obvious that he’s shut. He’s physically unattractive. I don’t believe that he has a big dick and if he does, he certainly doesn’t know how to use it. He’s poor. He’s not nice. He’s not funny. He’s nothing. But…he glanced Vicki’s way. I’m betting with her looks, age, psycho personality and big mouth there are not a whole lot of men looking in that direction. So she figures being abused is better than being alone. She does not deserve better. She has the same attitude with her kids. And with her friends. Who else would take tamras abuse over and over and say thank you sir may I have another?? Even Gretchen is over that.

      • lori

        I didn’t know that there was a show on abc talking about Brooks. I would have liked to see it, not that I need to see it to believe it of course. I the picture of who Brooks is is pretty clear.

  8. Brillke

    There is a lot of Brianna hate going around but I like her and always have. She loves her mother and they are very close, nothing wrong with counting your mom as a BFF, and she is trying to keep her mom safe. Vicki’s love tank must be filled at all cost!

    Brianna is young and making mistakes, cause that what you do when you’re young. She will learn and grow or risk ending up an emotional wreck
    like her mother.

    Brooke is a grifter, scam artist, master manipulater and he makes my skin crawl. Girth Brooks…pukepukepuke.

    This was such a uncomfortable season to watch and I’m glad it’s over.

    • Tango

      I agree. And I don’t see any fault in Brianna’s actions. If your mom is acting like a fool you have a duty to help her. As a nurse Brianna feels a need to advocate for her mom. If this was my mom it would not have gotten this far, I’d have been telling Brooks to hit the bricks long before. But Vicki is stubborn and unstable, so it took a recording and a lawsuit to get him out. (Hopefully!)

      • It’s weird to me that NONE OF Y’ALL point out that Brianna is doing the same fucking thing. Ryan is a grifter too. he stalked her online and married her within weeks.

        APPLE…….tree. She has no room to talk to her mother until she breaks the cycle.

      • Tango

        I’m not sure yet if Ryan is an abuser, I think he may have a temper and be emotionally abusive, but I can not say for sure I guess. I don’t think he is on the level of thug grifter that Brooks is, though, he at least serves his country and has no crazy baby mamas…lol. Time will tell. And I bet when/if there is major trouble in Brianna’s marriage, Vicki will be in his face.

      • Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

        Tamara you are so dead on. Both these women need some counseling. Was DON like this too??? I never saw it, but I saw Vicki bullying him all the time. But he mostly raised Brianna, right (instead of her birth dad)? OH THIS FAMILY.

      • Tango

        Don was likeable enough on camera, but he had a gruff drunken side to him.

      • Brillke

        Actually, I did say Brianna risked ending up like her mom but I think I left a word or two out. I said Brianna was making mistakes and I should have said the SAME mistakes as her mom and if she doesn’t learn from those mistakes, she risks ending up an emotional wreck like her mom. I’m paraphrasing myself but you get the point.

        The reason I am giving Brianna a little leeway is because she has Vicki as a parent and monkey see, monkey do and hopefully with some age and experience, she will become a bit wiser and make smarter choices. Brianna also has Vicki’s bad decisions to learn from but how many of us learned from others mistakes? Not me. I knew it all and my results were gonna be different. Ya, right!

      • Tango

        Yes, and we have to remember this is her mom. I’d tell a friend to butt out if they tried interfering in my life when their’s was imperfect. But there’s no rule that you have to have a perfect marriage before you can tell your mom her bf is trash. You can have your own troubles but still try to spare your mom from more heartache. And if your mom’s bf talks to you about his penis…well then, I don’t care how f’d up you are, you got a right to call it out.

  9. Urethra Franklin

    Girth Brooks is the name of a “straight” guy that does gay porn….LOL at Brooks because that’s probably the name he uses for picking up barefoot lot lizards…

  10. I don’t know about other people but the way I was raised I would have never even thought about telling my moms business in public like that I fell bad for Vicki her daughter betrayed her in my opinion in the infamous words of my mother what goes on in my house stays in my house

    • LIZ

      Agree. Agree. Brianna is a big mouth disrespectful daughter…who should mind her business. Certainly she can say that she wants her mother to be careful…but overall it is Vickii’s business. Brianna should be more concerned with her own marriage. Ryan seems like an abuser himself. And Vickii… your life….and not be so concerned about what you fat mouth daughter says.

    • Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

      Except that Vicki chose to put her business and her daughter’s business out in public when she signed up for this show. She has publicly stated Don wasn’t filling her love tank, bashed her first husband, and put the entire family’s life on national TV, including her relationship with Brooks. Brooks could have declined to be part of filming, or Vicki could have refused to put her relationship in the TV show… neither of them declined to do that.

      So no, I would never EVER bash my mother in public either, but this family is in a completely different situation than we are.

  11. If Ryan and Brianna hate brooks so much what was Ryan doing hanging out drinking with him

  12. Nicole

    I think that Brianna brings it up at the reunion because Vicki refuses to talk about it otherwise. Girl gotta do what a girl gotta do. Sometimes people have to learn the hard way and Vicki love thank is so empty that she will be in any abusive relationship.

    • Katrina

      So if Vicki does not want to talk about it in private, why would you bring it up in a public setting? Brianna is not Vicki’s mother. Brianna was disrespectful to Don too. She just realizes now, that Don really wasn’t that bad and Vicki shares some of the blame.

      • Nicole

        She has to confront her somehow and what’s the best way to do it when she is on the reunion when she has to stay there. If that was my mother and she was on that train wreck, I would do everything to get her off the train wreck. In many dysfunctional parent-child relationship, the child IS the parent.

      • Brillke

        Brianna and Don have always been close and still are. I’m not sure where you’re getting that she was disrespectful to him but I have to disagree.

  13. lori

    Lol @ Andy’s eyes getting wider and wonkier

  14. Jac Holcombe

    Brianna mentioned being a victim of child abuse while confronting Brooks. I think that statement was a trigger for Lydia? Does any one know what abuse Brianna was talking about? Has it been mentioned in past episodes?

    • Diva

      I read elsewhere that someone described the way Brianna “stood there, like a 2yr old, twirling her hair with a stupid smirk on her face, when Ryan was screaming like a lunatic at Lydia’s mother.” And it made me wonder if she was subconsciously reliving an episode in her life when her parents were together and arguing. I know that Vicki has already said that her first husband was an alcoholic and unfortunately, I know for a fact that they can become physically abusive at the drop of a hat.

  15. LaurieinNYC

    It seems interesting that all of a sudden Brooks has released personal terxt messages between he and Vicky. He’s totally trying to discredit her and the show. I don’t like Brooks and I think Vicky is so hard up that she’s clinging to him for dear life. Its very very sad to me. I no longer like Briana….Ryan was way out of line. She lost all credibility with me.

  16. Mina

    But what about the email while Vickwas still married to Donn when Brooks said he loved her? Does that mean they were already seeing each other? Anyone have the skinny on this?

  17. LIZ

    Brianna was disrespectful, mean and inappropriate. I agree with the posts that say that she has a lot of nerve to talk about Brooks, when her husband Ryan disrespected Lydia’s mother so badly. It was very painful for me to watch Brianna last night and how she smirked when she saw that she was getting her way. I also believe that Ryan is a smoldering pot when it comes to disrepect and abuse. He shows ALL the symptoms of anger and being out of control. Also….as one of the posters said, Ryan also got together with Brianna in a very quick way….so they have a lot of nerve denouncing Vickii and Brooks for doing the same thing.

  18. Didn’t we see this Brooks/Brianna scene last year too? Or was it year before? I can’t even remember (tried to watch a couple seasons via netflix previously before giving up).

  19. Twilly

    I do not like a single one of these women. Even Alexis, who did get a good edit this season, bugs me. And Briana definitely learned from being on the show so young. Jeana was smart to get Kara away from this mess.

  20. harrison

    ryan has a domestic abuse record anyway (saw it on reality tea) with his first wife the one he left to be with briana so i dont think he needs any advice from brooks!

    • LIZ

      @harrison…what??!!! Ryan has a domestic abuse record? What???!!! I can not believe that this is the first this is being noted in this post! WOW. I am not surprised. He exhibits real violent and abusive behavior on the show. Shouting…verbally abusive…. And Brianna sees nothing wrong with this and has the nerve to call out Brooks????!!

      • Willow

        Liz., I saw it too, it was the actual court document, with all the charges of abuse listed by his first wife.. Sad

      • LIZ

        Again…WOW!!! I can not believe that it was not brought up on the reunion. I guess the others don’t know this dark secret about Ryan. If Brooks knew…he would have brought it up. In any case, I can’t wait until next season to see how Vickki moves forward with this matter. I am certainly not saying that she should go back or continue with Brooks…but it should be HER decision and not the decision of her ridiculous daughter and violent son-in-law. Also…Vicky…do something about your hair. Maybe you should go for a short cut and stop trying to wear long hair. Your hair is tooo frizzy and limp..with tendencies to look uncombed to wear it long. I nice short…funky cut…might work better. Just saying….

      • harrison

        i know its disgusting and i dont think it was uncovered until after the reunion was filmed but i could be wrong! briana cant do a zipped lipped movement about her mothers possible domestic abuse on national tv when her own husband has a record

      • Tango

        Wasn’t that dv claim just a loud fight?

    • DJ

      The domestic violence charge was filed by a girlfriend, not his ex-wife.

      • Tango

        Yes DJ, and there was a restraining order his ex filed for, on the grounds that he was supposedly following her to clubs and trying to get her back. She was fearful of him because she claimed he had a gun in his car and knew how to use it. But the order and dv was dropped because his response was that she also showed up at his home crying and trying to spend the night and would text and call him constantly…

  21. Enough Already

    Tamara finally got something right…Vicki is an extremely weak woman with extensive relationship issues….

    And who abused Breanna when she was young….wow…Vicki ain’t shyt…

  22. vivaladiva831

    I think Brianna has tried to say this in private before.

  23. I’m betting Brianna’s physical a use as a child ends up being a fat cousin a year older than her pushing her down one time. Or someone from the flag twirling squad in high school kicking her calf so she got to be center flag.

  24. AlwaysALady

    Brianna is stepford wife. Ryan is emotional abusive to her & she is brainwashed into thinking he “loves her.”

  25. LIZ

    I think that Brianna may be suffering from self-esteem issues. Vicki is certainlyin “good shape” and I think there may be a side of Brianna that is jealous. I know…it seems strange….but there is something going on with Brianna…almost a hatred towards her mother. I think Brianna realizes that she is heavier that she wants to be and feeling that way…lashes out at her mom. Brianna uses her child and Vicki’s love of her to bring Vicki down. I also believe that Ryan has said things about her weight (in private) which only adds to her feeling of being fat.

    • eg

      Hey LIZ you might have a point there, I never thought about her behavior that way, I just thought she was just a “nasty acting/attitude having” spoiled young lady in general. Vicki acts like she has to walk on eggshells around her. If she (Bri) does have weight issuses, may she could call Lauren from RHOJ and Lauren could give her a few tips. (with Ryans’ permission of course) But then again HE might not like that. I hope we don’t read somewhere down the line, that this guy has done something bad to her (or anybody else) I just don’t have a good feeling about that guy.

      • LIZ

        Hi eg: Brianna doesn’t work or do anything but take care of the baby. Maybe she needs something else to focus on. I know she loves the baby…but day in and day out….whew! And she probably looks at her mother…an independent…businesswoman….in good shape….free to do pretty much whatever she wants….no ties. Brianna has nothing except her child (which is wonderful…but is it enough?). She is heavy…she is not independent and I think she has a husband in which she has to watch herself with. That is enough to get her to lash out at Vicki. And because she is so self absorbed…she tells herself that she is doing it for Vicki welfare. She need therapy.

      • Um…what does her weight have to do with anything? And I thought she did have a job. Still, even if she is taking time to be with her infant, she is a nurse, right? So…what the hell are you talking about?

      • LIZ

        Listen….I just feel that there is a lot more going on with Brianna than meet the eye….more on a psychological level. There is something definitely wrong there.

      • Oh. Sorry. Didnt realize you had a medical degree.

      • LIZ

        No need to apologize.

  26. eg

    LIZ, they ALL need therapy!! LOL

  27. mitchell

    Vicky needs to put Briana out of her house. Let her live with her abusive husband and child. Briana get a life, job and a man who truly loves you and stay out of your mothers business.

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