CATFISH Artis and Jess OMG!!!

catfish-the-tv-show-595x446Okay last night at 7 pm MTV ran a brand new Catfish. I like to have these shows in my DVR for when nothing is on. They are sort of hit or miss but it is still one of the best reality shows on TV. Stop whatever you are doing right now and go to or Hulu  or somewhere AND WATCH THIS FREAKING EPISODE.  I don’t want to say another thing about it until you have seen it. GO NOW.  Don’t read comments until you have seen it. I was glued to the TV the entire episode!


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67 responses to “CATFISH Artis and Jess OMG!!!

  1. Urethra Franklin

    Without spoiling it, that person who was doing the catfishing was a PSYCHO, and I hope there is no basement in that house….What a weirdo.

    • I was horrified that Nev would take someone to meet someone without any clue at all about who they were. I was like, what if this is the crazy controlling boyfriend coming to the park to shoot them? Turns out, that would have probably been LESS dramatic!

  2. Ugh! I haven’t gotten to watch the episode from last week or last night yet. Love this show!

    • Watch Artis and Jess first and ASAP.

      • Just finished watching it with my husband (he’s only watched this and 2 others with me). The Catfish dude was so playing up for the cameras. I laughed at his reason for doing it. He had a good point. Artis is just a loser and I don’t believe for a second that he told his children’s mother what he was doing but hey, I’m sure she knows now that the episode has aired.

  3. Tamara, we need more help! I’m not sure where to start with this mess. It was captivating…

  4. Angel

    I am disturbed that creep lives less than an hour away from me. Someone like that on the loose, you never know. What kind of female dates or lives with that psycho?

  5. Tamara

    This was the first time I’ve ever been worried for Nev and Max!!! Somethkng was seriously wrong with that guy. And I have a sneaky suspicion that his girlfriend did not know what he was doing. I don’t know what girl would all be like ” that’s my boyfriend!” Creepy. Goodness only know what could have happened without the cameras there!!!

  6. Angel

    I wondered at first if he was the supposed jealous boyfriend. Secondly, I wondered if he is gay or bi and refuses to admit it, especially on camera. Whatever he is, I bet he makes the news someday for some terrible crime.

  7. lori

    FYI everyone, it’s on again tomorrow night at 10:00.

  8. eastjames

    Tamara, do you ever watch The Challenge shows that MTV does? Or does anyone else around here watch or care about that stuff? I think its pretty interesting because its like American Gladiators meets Jerry Springer. Hope you’ll recap it sometime. They are a little past midway through the season which is when it gets cutthroat and backstabby.

    • THEY ARE MIDWAY THROUGH THE SEASON? How did I miss this! I love the challenges. Catc me up!

      • eastjames

        Man, here goes….So its a rivals season and people who hate each other are teamed up together. Namely, Paula/Emily, CT/Wes, Diem/Aneesa, Johnny/Frankie. Plus its girl challenges then guy challenges and each gets to vote the other into elimination against the loser of the challenge so basically the dudes can’t screw the chicks over this time like they usually do. First and foremost Diem got girlie cancer AGAIN! Poor thing. So the first few episodes were CT trying to fuck rookie girls but still really being in love with her all along and strangely being sweet about her cancer and loosing her hair. Then there’s this new rookie guy (not sure which real world he’s from) but he only has one hand and he’s really sexy. Anyway, after a few teams go home that no one cares about…(Theresa/Jasmine, Ty/Leroy) Then there’s ROOKIE DRAMA! *Rookie is the theme word of this show! You haven’t missed anything thus far except a fun episode where everyone got electrocuted by dog shock collars. Come to think of it there was an elimination with shock treatment too. The MTV execs are getting kinky!

      • Lori

        The guy with one hand is from last season, Portland, and his name is Jordon (and he’s now hooking up with Jonne (sp?), who always needs a man. Portland was actually a pretty good season. I used to really like Diem, but I can’t stand her anymore, and I’m so over her and CT’s “love story”.

      • OMG How is there a rookie with one hand? Have I missed a RW season too? Actually I did, the one with the black chick from ATL who I think got thrown out for beating someone down. ALL THIS reality shit started for me with the first ep of RW. I was immediately hooked. Do you follow me on twitter? Can you remind me when this is on? I will pray for a marathon this weekend. I hate missing any episodes. The only RW I just quit watching was DC.

      • Oh and it sucks that Diem has cancer again. I kinda like CT. I can’t imagine him being with wes…

      • eastjames

        I completely agree that the original RW is the grandaddy of all reality TV. It truly was all about putting a group of people with different beliefs and backgrounds together though. Now its just juiced up frat boys and ex-sorostitutes. Plus that was back when MTV still played videos and mainstream music was good. Ah the 90’s! Anyway, I think the challenge comes on Wed nights at 10.

    • Lori

      I love the challenges. I have watched them all from the beginning. The sinus get more and more dangerous that I’m always surprised that no one has killed themselves yet. All of those type a personalities mixed with alcohol, competition, backstabbing and who’s sleeping with who now? (I’d wish luck to anyone trying to do that flow chart)… Great fun drama! It never gets old.

  9. Jennifer N

    I’m glad you recapped this catfish episode! None of my friends watching it and I was bugging out during the whole show! That guy def has mental problems. I was scared he was going to start throwing punches at everyone! Nev and Max’s reaction was priceless. Glad noone was hurt.

  10. otherpeoplesproblems

    Is this guy like the world’s worst actor? Is he acting? Is he a schizo? Both? So much was going on with this guy… Like 9 personality disorders at once. It’s weird when you meet someone like this guy in real life, the type of person where everything they say is this grand and epic drama and you’re like seriously what the fuck are you talking about?

    I want to believe he totally made up that persona for the TV show but then I ask myself who would look like such an ass and ruin their reputation in a small town just for a 43 minute show? And then I look at all the real housewives. So I dunno about this one.

    • I totally believed it. But then again, I can’t believe that Nev and Max would go out to meet someone they had NO INFO on. AT ALL.

      • Angel

        I think they were expecting the usual con; a girl would show up that looked nothing at all like the sexy picture. No fear, just tears.

    • My husband and I both think he totally played it up for the camera. In my husband’s words “Not like all the shows that production have them overplaying something but him doing it himself for the camera”. Funny take from someone who watches same as NO reality tv 😛

    • Manuel

      I’m down with OPP here on this one. (BTW- I watched this particular episode solely based on Tamara’s post.) I smelled bullshit when “Jess/Justin” approached the team. I just thought throughout the whole thing like “this is totally scripted”- did not ring as true. I think if that show is real then he totally trolled them.- I wasn’t too sure the movie was 100% real either though…

      • See, I actually believe this show is as real as reality TV can be…

      • otherpeoplesproblems

        I think he hammed it up too. Maybe not with a formal script but he was just SO dramatic for no reason. Then the scene at the house where he was talking about his dad, and his girlfriend, I thought what the fuck am I watching? It didn’t seem real at all.

        I agree with you about the movie seeming BS as well. I think he knew halfway through, or sooner, that Megan wasn’t real and just wanted to see how it would play out. All that press that came out at the time of the screening, and then their response to criticism at the screening was just more proof.

        I like the show, I just can’t suspend my disbelief quite that much. It’s 2013. These people are young, and grew up with technology. No matter how much you *want* to believe, like in Artis’ case, he knew it was BS. And that’s why I watch the show, not cause I think it’s real but because I think that it exposes the sadness and emptiness that technology creates in my generation. The shows own tagline admits “Sometimes a little bit of fiction creates a whole lot of truth.” They know it’s a set up but it lets us discuss the deeper meaning.

      • I couldn’t disagree with you more. That guy was clearly unstable and not faking.

        My question is whose house was he in? Crazy guys don’t live in clean houses with fresh flowers on the table.

      • otherpeoplesproblems

        lol his girlfriends obviously. she sees something in him

      • Andy

        I don’t get why everyone assumes Justin stopped lying when Artis arrived? I thought it was fairly obvious Justin is a gay compulsive liar who would rather maintain an elaborate “moral crusader” story instead of coming out on national television for a man that wouldn’t want him. I think it explains most of his crazy behavior and his “scripted” tone. I find this less hard to believe than him chatting romantically online with someone for 6 months just to bust a cheater.

      • I dunno what to make of this. His gf could have initiated the conversations and he somehow intercepted them. When he arrived he seemed to be going with that theory by being all “I need to talk to this guy…” as if he was going to beat his ass.

        If the guy was just pretending to be a nutbag to hide the fact he likes to cyber with men… he sure is good at it. I believe he is truly deranged.

      • lori

        I agree with you. One episode that was definitely fake was the one with Kari Ann Peniche. No two ways about it. I also read that while article online about the movie being fake, and it’s hard to argue with. I take this show with a grain of salt, figuring that at least some of it is completely scripted. Maybe some are real? IDK, but I find it mildly entertaining even when I don’t think they are real.

      • You are all a bunch of ruiners and I hate you all.

  11. catfishwatcher

    What if Justin was actually the “crazy controlling BF” that instills a fear “Nev can’t understand” in Jess and he found out what she was doing and didn’t let her show up and instead he showed up and went crazy. Maybe his “GF” is actually Jess (the real jess whoever that is, not the fake pornstar picture) and he went crazy on Artis bcause artis was cheating with Jess his GF. Maybe Justin’s GF is in a terrified abusive relationship with him and that is why she was totally MIA. Maybe Justin is the crazy controlling BF and he found out what was going on. Lol just a theory. Justin definitely seemed like he was bipolar and manic and certainly not in a coherent state.

  12. catfishwatcher

    Also, in addition to what I wrote above. It seems hard to believe that Justin could carry on a relationship for 6 months saying the things that were showed as texts written by “Jess/Justin” when Justin is in such a psychotic state. He didn’t make any sense when speaking to Nev or Max and was grandious, violent, and aggressive. I don’t see someone like that being able to maintain the relationship that was shown throughout this episode with Artis which is why mybe Artis was in fact talking with Jess and Justin found this out and showed up and went absolutely crazy.

    • THANK YOU, my new BFF. I kept thinking the show was going to end with some white chick who was clearly not the porn star being found chained to the radiator and the Justin guy going to jail.

      • catfishwatcher

        hahaha absolutely!!! And if he actually is some crazy violent guy and there is a girl somewhere out there then thats sad! Its just weird that there would be that whole thing about her constantly telling artis shes in a controlling relationship with a crazy man that “instills fear that we cant understand” into her and thats why she cant meet him and is in literal hiding….like I cant really imagine “Justin” writing all that. I don’t know….definitely a very weird episode…

      • dude I can totally see Justin typing that after he had taken over the account and was dealing out “fear that we can’t understand’. It IRKS me that people don’t think he was a real psycho.

        OTOH, that means Nev and Max really did drive Artis to meet a random stranger who could be ANYONE including an axe murderer.

  13. catfishwatcher

    Yeah exactly!! Like I don’t know exactly how the show works in terms of behind the scenes and whether its fake or real but if it is real then they really had no idea what couldve happened when justin showed up since he was clearly NOT stable lol….or if artis had gone to meet “jess” without the catfish guys involved and showed up at justins house lol he couldve been in one creepy sick situation. I read somewhere else that a friend of Justins posted on twitter that Justin and Artis are actually coworkers that carpool to work everyday and are drinking buddies….who knows if thats true though

    • Angel

      Wow, if Justin and Artis are really friends, that would be a new wrinkle. We were all catfished, maybe. Those 2 small towns are definitely close and many in area car pool into Chicago and it’s burbs. I will have to look for them in that car with mismatched right front fender, as I am driving in. I even know which ramp they would logically use to get on tollway. I have noticed many familiar faces commuting.

  14. Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

    Finally watched it. That was just disturbing. I also thought Justin was faking it all at first, but I’m not positive, and that makes it even more disturbing. That whole episode just gave me a horrible unsettled feeling. UGH.

  15. AshleyABR

    Hi Tamara! This is my first post, firstly I wanna say I LOOOVVEEE your site, I have been coming here daily for about a year now. 2ndly, I watched this episode of CF just so I could jump on the feed. Ummmm wtf is wrong with Jess/Justin..I was sitting on the edge of my bed, while eating my strawberry shortcake watching in horror. Poor Artis, ready to leave his babymamma and kids for this nut case. Im with you, i totally believe everything about this episode. The only episode I totally thought was fake, and the guy knew the girl was lying was…oh shit, I cant remember their names, but the guy was living in Vegas and was giving the girl money, she bought her own engagement ring, the girls mom was pissed off and mad, they were hispanic??

  16. Ellis Scarlett

    He was not faking. He had some serious mental health issues that need professional attention. I don’t think he has a girlfriend. The decor gave me the impression he lives with his mom. If he had a girlfriend, they would have talked her into appearing on camera.

    • Pip

      I agree with this comment. He is a fucking lunatic who fucks with people. He says he’s a vigilante for fidelity or something, which I don’t buy.
      He’s a nut job psychopath and most likely dangerous. No girlfriend, no way. He lives with Mama and mindfucks people online.

  17. Mango

    Well that was disturbing. Justin has some serious problems, playing fidelity caped crusader is probably the least of them. I was surprised he’s in a relationship because he seems incapable of relating — and disturbed that he called his gf his life (or something).

    • I don’t believe that whole caped crusader for infidelity. Nev fed him that explanation and he went with it. I think his gf really was trying to get away from him, he cut her up into little pieces and buried him in the back yard and he set up the meeting.

      • Mango

        Ha! If he did, bet the crazy ass would still talk to her. Ew! I don’t know about Nev sometimes. He wanted to delve – or maybe just save the episode. Max and Artis had the rational response to crazy – run.

  18. catfishwatcher

    I think it’s strange that Artis never figured out that Jess wasn’t really Jess. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to see that she only had one pic that looked like a porn pic. Not to mention on her facebook page she made statuses about being single. I just find it hard to believe that he wouldn’t be able to figure out on his own what Nev and Max figured out in two seconds. In some episodes it is actually difficult to find out the catfishes real identity and if theyre telling the truth or not but this was one so obvious which makes it seem like something was just off about this whole episode.

  19. steve

    i only watched this because TT made such a *you gotta see this* out of it. Jess/justin lives in mom and dads house..dads dead, mom probably is why the house isnt a foot deep in garbage. I was more suprised that nobody here at TTs place mentioned about how happy Artis looked at the end when Nev asked about the baby mama and how they are working things out. So much better for their kids. Jess/justin needs his butt kicked for doing stuff like that. Are all the catfish shows similar?

  20. Y’all are just DETERMINED to destroy my Catfish experience. Next thing you know you will be telling me there is no Santa Claus!

    • lori

      Why on earth would I ever tell you that??? Of course there is a Santa Claus! He hasn’t been to my house in years, but that’s my own fault. 😉

      • The Easter Bunny came at my house as an adult. Then my mom died and he didn’t come anymore. Does he still come other places? Perhaps he was too grief stricken by the death of my mother her never came again?

        I got Lanc

  21. Kristina

    I just watched this episode of catfish and I kinda wish I hadn’t. I really hope that guy Justine is an actor because if not he is DANGEROUS. He seriously makes my skin crawl. I felt nauseous watching him….

  22. Hillari

    Everything about the Artis and Jess episode was a fake! They, Artis and Justin both scripted the whole thing!!! Catfish was Catfished by the both of these two!!! I guess catfish doesn’t really do a thorough investigation of the people they put on the show…it just shows you what they’ll do for ratings

  23. Reganlicious

    I think it’s no coincidence (cast to play the poorly acted role of) the crazy schizo catfish guy resembles the Colorado theater shooting guy. This ep caused me to lose my faith in the show. :-/

  24. Has anybody noticed that, at the end, Justin looked like he was stoned or drunk? I hardly believe he was a fake, or if he was, he was very good. Frightening, anyway.

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