Below Deck To Return for Season Two With New Cast?

belowdeckcrewIt’s official! Below Deck is casting for a second season!  The interesting thing to me is that it is possible that 51 Minds Entertainment, the production company for season one may not be producing the second season. 51 Minds, responsible for such quality television shows such as Rock of Love and Whodunnit?  appears to have been replaced by an Emmy award-winning producer, Scott Goldstein. According to The Triton , Goldstein has asked them to spread the word among the yachties that casting for season two is underway. UPDATED: Scott Goldstein is the CASTING PRODUCER not the producer, producer. Production will still be handled by 51 Minds.

Goldstein’s  IDMB doesn’t have a lot of new work on his resume, and perhaps he is working with 51 Minds, but he seems like a legit producer who can help make the show even better in season two.

It is also interesting that they are opening casting to ALL the positions including captain and chef!  I hope that Captain Lee and Ben agree to come back. I would also like to see Adrienne return. And Eddie. Okay and maybe David. But the rest can go! If you having some yachting experience, you can apply for season two here. If you get on the show you MUST give me the scoop. Season two will be filming in the Caribbean this winter.

Here is an hour long interview where Adrienne talks about being asked to be on Below Deck and the crazy incident in Tampa recently where she was drugged!


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20 responses to “Below Deck To Return for Season Two With New Cast?

  1. I saw Adriane on the news…. Seems like someone slipped her GHP and she was arrested for attacking someone. She has now come out with drink coasters that can tell you if there are drugs in your drink. Did anyone else see this?

  2. agree wholeheartedly re the ones you’d like to see back. i liked kat, too. wish she could get her act together and just tone it down. but i was drawn to the show initially without even knowing any of the characters so i’d watch more even with a different crew. just hope they have alternates waiting in the wings so they can fire a few if they have to. sam shouldn’t have made it to a third episode.

  3. Heartland

    Adrienne was my LEAST favorite of all the morons on that show!

  4. eg

    I will watch this show if it comes back for a season 2 also. They can leave Sam and CJ on the dock. They did not add to the show in my opinion. Capt. Lee is a good capt. and I liked Ben and the others even Kat.

  5. eastjames

    I really liked Adrienne. She reminds me so much of my old boss who I miss tremendously.

  6. SB

    Captain Lee must come back!

  7. Katrina

    I like Adrianne on the show. Sorry to hear she is having prpblems. Sam has a bad attitude. I can tolerate Kat, but she is a total trainwreck. I thought CJ left the boat?

  8. James

    That would be cool if they did it love boat style …keep that captain, Adrienne and other key people and see how they interact with a new crew each season. I doubt it’ll happen but a reunion show would be a hoot I bet.

  9. eg

    I liked the way this show ended tonite. Sam even acted like a HUMAN BEING towards Adrienne. It was nice. Everyone was happy, the last charter was a success and they all got a great tip ($1200.00 a piece plus the $1800.00 in the kitty) Can’t wait for the reunion show.

    • warrior

      Hi Tamaa
      i have sourced a few reality shows while reading your blog, Below Deck is the latest, although now where near the drama as Mob Wives and Real Housewives.. Can someone explain the tip Please, I would most appreciate it. Thanks

  10. C.Dag

    If Sam and CJ come back, don’t think I can watch. Could not take another season of looking at Sam’s inappropriate, sickening grin. She is not a likable person. And CJ is a loser supreme with an attitude. The rest are good.

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