(Updated) What’s Wrong With This Picture? Nene and Phaedra Filming Season 6 Version

RHOAnenephaedrafilmingSome dude on twitter who goes by the name “Male Fatale” snagged this picture of Nene and Phaedra filming for RHOA a couple hours ago in downtown Atlanta. Why do they both look like they have swallowed something nasty? What is this all about? Can we talk about that handbag on the table? 

I am going to need someone to write the storyline that goes with this picture.

Updated: Cynthia and Malori were there as well. Sounds like Malori is going to be back in for season six for some family drama.



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41 responses to “(Updated) What’s Wrong With This Picture? Nene and Phaedra Filming Season 6 Version

  1. pfffttt

    Nene is her usual arrogant stuck up self. She thinks she is “above” all the women, so she is going to sit there with a sour look on her face and pout. BOOORINNNG. Bravo should have fired Nene after season 4. She sucks. Doubt I’ll watch season 5. Kenya carried the show last season. Will she be able to do it again? Not interested in seeing another Nene ass kiss fest.

    • pfffttt

      Doubt I’ll watch SEASON 6. Season 5 was a blur. So boring because nothing memorable happened so I forgot we had it…

      I noticed all the other Housewife shows have picked up their game, while the RHOA seems to be “castrated” if that makes sense…

      • I swear I don’t think we will have Kenya. Maybe a dramatic exit but she won’t be a full HW. I could be wrong….And I need to remember to bump this when we see the ep, because it could very well be Nene and Phaedra being all smiles and happy.

      • pdt090

        Really? Season 5 was my favorite so far.

      • Brillke

        I hope you’re right, Tamra. Kenya tried my last damn nerve last season and I’m still pissed nobody shoved that fan she kept snapping at the reunion up her fake ass.

  2. Everyone says they are no longer going to watch the next season of these Housewives shows, yet we always do. Can’t wait for the new season of Married To Medicine, best show on Bravo.

    • really? I guess it is because it is more Atlanta black women acting like fools I just could not watch M2M. I feel the same way about this whole NEW ATLANTA show or whatever it is.

      • Is Married to Medicine even renewed for Season 2? There has been no info from what I researched.

        I agree with people saying that they’ll not watch the next season of the Housewives shows, but they always do. In RHOA’s case this year, all the people that were complaining about S4 watched S5. The ratings don’t lie.

      • Jen

        I agree abt M2M. Retched. As is Kenya!!!! Did like Dr Simone tho 😉

    • jarlath

      Speak for yourself. I used to watch all the Housewives franchises and not I only watch the OC and Atlanta. However, I agree that the Atlanta one was a snooze-fest last season. I don’t understand why NeNe was kept on when she barely filmed. The only thing I recall from season 5 is the twirling.

      • Katrina

        Atlanta is my favorite. I don’t think it is boring. It appears that most people want to watch grown women fighting and then complain the women are classless! When Nene was on the show giving her opinion, most people complained that she is too much, loud, over the top, ghetto. Nene has has made some changes and now people say she is arrogant. When Nene decides she doesn’t need to work or feed her family she will quit. The producers decide what is aired. Now that Nene is not there as much, people complain about that, you would think people would be happy. Kenya came with a bang and brought some new kind drama! I personally think people like to complain about something. I can’t wait til next season.

    • eg

      PLease, Bravo Gods or Goddesses, no more M2M or even Kenya….I promise I’ll be good, but no more of these two………

    • Not everyone. I said I wasn’t going to watch NJ this season and haven’t. One full season of that crazy was more than enough for me.

  3. pfffttt

    But Tamara, who is going to bring the drama and crazy?

  4. Tango

    Nene, “Look at me I gots new hair girl!” Phaedra, “Ain’t that precious, it’s the same color as my thrift store purse!”

  5. This is an interesting picture. It seems like neither Nene or Phaedra want to be there and to be one of those scenes where they try to work out their differences. Phaedra seems a bit more apprehensive than Nene.

    I still don’t know about Kenya. I am only mentioning this because you read Reality Tea, but Kenya just did an interview today. Wasn’t she there with everyone else when people figured out about Mynique?

  6. SB

    Nene is probably butt hurt that she has to continue to be on RHOA since The New Normal got cancelled.

    • Kenya is my favorite. I think the whole cast will be back with the possible exception of Demetria. Although I love that they are all getting along, bravo thinks we just want to nasty, and the are wrong

  7. I swear, swear, swear I won’t watch if Kenya is on. I just can’t sink that low.

  8. Katrina

    Storyline: I know we’re on display, but why did they sit me by her. Yes, we are from Athens, but we don’t know each other!

  9. gigi

    “some dude on twitter” …. really…

  10. Who is Monique? I don’t remember her.

  11. liz

    Nene to me is very arrogant and had it not been for massive surgery, hair, teeth and all…she would still be the mess she was in season 1. She had better remember…”the same people that you meet on the way up…..and dismiss or make fun of….are the same people you meet on the way down”

    • Enough Already

      Even with the massive surgery, NeNe is still a hot ass mess….someone really needs to help her with the helmets she chooses to wear….she makes the saying “you can take the girl out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the girl” absolutely true…

      I don’t even watch her scenes…I tape it so I can fast forward when I see her helmets appear….

    • Brillke

      Was her surgery massive? I remember her getting a nose job and getting her boobs done. I think she got new veneers too but not sure about that. This all seems very mild surgery compared to the work many of the other wives of the RHO series. What else did she get done?

      • NYJOEYB

        Nothing, she got nothing else done but this blog is a hate NeNe blog so just ignore the haters and read the good Tea that Tamara provides us. Enjoy!

      • She also got major lipo done the same time she did the big surgery in S3. I heard she got her nose done a few times since then. It is nothing compared to those OC and RHOBH girls though.

  12. Urethra Franklin

    NeNe was a guest on Fashion Police last week and ewww with that new hair….She stole Ellen Barkin’s haircut, but unfortunately it looks like a platinum bath mat…..( I loves me some Ellen Barkin)

  13. RhoaFan

    I actually like the season 5 cast and hope each lady returns for season 6 but my thing is how long is bravo gonna build these housewives around nene. None of these ladies are true friends with the exception of kandi and phaedra and nene and cynthia. I’m kinda tired of everyone kissing nene behind and fighting with each other. Nene has no reason to be on the show if all she can bring is her smart interview comments. This season will be another bore as usual and even kenya can’t save this show. I miss sheree and the old kim but bravo needs to bring in some fresh faces and recast. Once this season starts it wont be anything interesting and new just watch.

  14. lilkunta

    what is wrong with the handbag on the table. where should it be ? on he floor ? YUCK .

  15. LIZ

    I don’t think it is a “hate NeNe” comment site. I think NeNe has put herself out there in a very flamboyant way for us to comment. If she is not relevant…she makes no dollars. She put herself out there as a “reality” person…so she gets what she gets. She dishes it out with no problem and we share our thoughts. Nene is not someone who limits what she says about others…so she gets what she gets.

  16. Katrina

    I thought they were watching Bob the twirler in Savannah Georgia. However, they never showed Malorie in Savannah. I don’t remember them showing Malorie at the vineyard, but there were photos with her and Marlo. They must have cut those scenes out.

  17. LM

    I think Nene should just shave her head and go over hair…..but she doesn’t have the balls to do this.
    I’ll be watching for only one reason……To figure out who has the biggest ass!
    Sometimes I think it’s Kandi, but then see Cynthia behind, followed by Phadrea, Porsha……….any input here??
    And while there what size clothes do these girls where?
    Didn’t realize Phadrea was five feet tall.

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