Couples Therapy Finale Recap

CouplesTherapy3FlavorFlavIt’s the season finale of Couples Therapy and we pick up with Joe Francis running like a little girl after throwing water on Heather. Joe continues to call everyone trash. Joe is on his high horse about Dustin not wearing shoes in the house. There are lots of houses where taking your shoes off at the door is customary. In the south we go barefoot all summer! I don’t get how this is a problem.

Joe is running around the house saying he is the only one bringing in any ratings. Abby stands up for Joe blindly. The two decide to leave the house two days early. Thank God.

Meanwhile FF goes to the florist to buy them out of flowers for Liz and Dustin goes to buy a bracelet for Heather as a sign of his commitment. Chingy and Temple are set to go on a date but they are bickering like crazy. Chingy is on his phone (probably talking to his real girlfriend) and this is pissing Temple off. I thought they used to take away their phones and not allow Internet or alcohol in the house.

coupleschingyFF’s room looks like an explosion happened in a flower shop. He and Liz go out for a romantic dinner. Liz doesn’t look stoned for the first time this entire season. FF promises to stay home and spend more time with her. They finally seem happy.

Dustin and Heather have a romantic date in a gazebo with some really loud tree frogs croaking. Dustin makes a romantic speech. He gives her the bracelet as a symbol of his commitment to her. They seem to have benefitted from their time in the house.

Chingy and Temple basically decide to break-up but stay friends. I am sure his real girlfriend will be glad to here that he stayed faithful in the house and eventually dumped his side piece.

Caitlynn and Tyler have decided to cancel the wedding for now and work on themselves as individuals while continuing their relationship.

Then Joe and Abby come in for a final session with Dr. Jenn. Joe drones on about the shoe issue. Dr. Jenn points out that Joe is always talking about being classy and dignified but his behavior is none of those things. Joe and Abby don’t seem any different than when they walked in.


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7 responses to “Couples Therapy Finale Recap

  1. Victoria

    Lol then Dustin was arrested a few weeks ago for reaching up a girls skirt in a bar in our home town (Lafayette, Louisiana). He benefitted so much from therapy that rather than apologize, he said she wanted it.

    Yes. Surely she’s playing hard to get… By pressing charges. Hey, where’s Heather?

    • wow.

      [image: real world star arrested] “Real World” star Dustin Zito was arrested Saturday night in Louisiana for sexual battery. (Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office)

      “Real World: Las Vegas” star Dustin Zito was arrested in Louisiana Sunday for sexual battery and resisting an officer.

      Zito, 27, was one of a group of patrons that stayed past closing time at City Bar in Lafayette, La., on July 14, according to NBC affiliate KETK. Police were called to clear the crowd. When officers arrived, a female approached them and claimed the former “Real World” star touched her inappropriately under her skirtas she bent over a cigarette machine.

      When officers met with Zito, he allegedly resisted and refused to leave the establishment.

      • Victoria

        Yes ma’am. The general concensus around here is that he’s a douchebag.

      • lori

        Maybe Joe wasn’t lying about Dustin being inappropriate with him in the van. Lol that Dustin thinks of himself as a “star”.

  2. Apparently, Tyler (and maybe Caitlynn too) have become legal guardians of Tyler’s teenaged sister. No real explanation on why. I thought Tyler’s mom was pretty normal. Does anyone remember him having a teen sister on the show?

    • misscologirl

      He doesn’t have a teen sister from his mom, I am thinking this may be a half-sibling and they share the same dad. That makes the most sense.

  3. Bon Vivant

    Interesting to hear someone would freak out about a person not wearing shoes in the house. It’s customary is many parts of the world to remove your shoes before entering a home as a sign of respect, and to not bring the outside world within the private dwelling. Has Joe Francis never left his own backyard not to know this?

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