What the Hell is Going On in Orange County? Brooks Is Hiring a Hitman?

rhoocbrooksvickiI am half asleep because I have my days and nights backwards. I hopped on to sort through my email really fast and there were a couple from people from CDAN talking about Brooks taking out a hit man to kill Vicki’s business party. Brooks is taking Williamson, the partner in the Vodka fiasco, into civil court saying that Williamson has gone public with allegations that Brooks is trying to plot to murder Williamson and his wife by hiring a hitman. Brooks is suing for damages and emotional distress.

Also, Vicki believed Williamson at first and told Brooks to hit the bricks for the millionth time, but then as usual she got back together with him. Since Vicki seems to be sticking up for Brooks over her own business partner, Williamson is going to refile his original fraud charges against Vicki that he previous dropped.

Williamson claims to have texts between Brooks and some woman where they discussed the hitman stuff. Then, as if this wasn’t already 10 miles into Bizarro World, there are other allegations about Brooks getting some paralegal who works for his divorce attorney pregnant. Somehow Williamson also claims to know that Brooks has multiple STDs.

The big question, if any of this soap opera like drama is true, is whether Vicki knew anything about the murder for hire plot. Or if such  plot actually exists? If this is true, shouldn’t Brooks have been charged and arrested? I am a horrible judge of character lately, but I really have a hard time seeing Brooks as the kind of guy that hires hitmen to rub out a couple that is only marginally connected to his life. What do y’all think?

This is just all kinds of bizarre.









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33 responses to “What the Hell is Going On in Orange County? Brooks Is Hiring a Hitman?

  1. michelle

    I think Brooks is a scuzzy scummy man that talks a lot of shit when he gets drunk..

    • vivaladiva831

      Bam! You got it.

    • soccermop59

      The most honest people you’ll ever encounter is that of a drunk. The crap they say is really what they’re thinking for real. Brooks could give two craps about Vicky. He came in looking for a sucker and found one. Women should never seek men when they’re that needy and needing attention. She should have waited awhile and then persued a love interest. Needy women always end up with greedy self centered men.

  2. Stacey

    Pretty sure if he was gonna hire a hit man he would be aiming for Vicki’s heirs.

  3. lori

    I don’t have a hard time seeing it. Not since I saw the clip from part 3 of the reunion where Brooks admits telling Ryan that he needs to start beating Brianna to get her to fall in line. He is oober disgusting. At first he denies it but then Brianna says that she has him on tape, and he admitted it and blamed it on him being drunk. Just seeing how sleazy he was during that interaction, I seriously wouldn’t put anything past him.

  4. Tango

    Brooks thought he was an A level conman. Seems he was messing with Vicki and trying to sell shares to get money for another man’s mistress. Williamson and co took Vicki aside and tried to tell her that Brooks was messin with her, and is a player. Suposedly then there were talks between the mistress and Brooks about how to bring Williamson down and/or murder him. I saw some of the texts between Brooks and Williamson’s mistress, I believe it.

  5. Gingersnap

    Good lord…that Brooks is finding himself in a heap of troubles these days. Maybe I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt too much, but I don’t think he’s stupid enough to text about plotting a murder. Is he? This partner is starting to lose his credibility too. Shit or get off the pot. I’m not impressed that Williamson felt the need to tell the whole world about Brooks’ sexual health either. Tacky and unprofessional. Bet Briana and Ryan are rubbing their hands in glee over this CONJECTURE. I’m calling BS on the hit for hire story.

    • Tango

      Idk but I believe something was going on between Brooks and the mistress. She is really friendly/close to him in her texts. You don’t get that close to another man’s side piece unless you have a motive. Unless she is the one conning Brooks…

  6. What is it with Brooks? What does Vicki see in this schmuck? She needs to get railed by another man, so she can stop thinking that Brooks is the best she will ever have. Thats the problem.
    Trouble seems to follow him everywhere and she obviously can care less about him bringing her down. It will be interesting to watch this play out…

    • Susan

      I totally agree with you. Vickie is so afraid that she won’t have anyone to sleep with that she is defending this scumbag piece of crap. He will say anything to stay on Vickie’s good side and get in bed with her, and she just falls for it, She needs a good swift kick in the pants to WAKE UP you idiot he is using you!!!!!!!!!!! How can a savvy business woman be so STUPID. I guess it’s that little prick of a thing called Brooks. All the women that he has used and is using now should all get together and confront him. I would love to see how he would get himself out of that one. I am totally disappointed in Vickie She is going to wined up with no family that wants to be around her because of Brooks and NO money cause Brooks with have swindled it from her, and by the way how did Brooks come into so much money he can throw hundred dollar bills around for tips, since he says he is such a big tipper. He couldn’t even get his filthy mouth teeth fixed. Vickie had to pay for it.

      • Vickie is so codependent & needy. Brooks knows this too. She has a hard time telling him no. Never been a die hard fan of hers, but I used to admire her as a business woman. Its too bad she is a far cry from defining herself as independent. She Is so afraid to be alone, so she settled with this guy who brings her down. That’s a scary thought.

  7. Bizarre doesn’t even come close to describe the fucked up situation with Brooks and the alleged hitman plot. Brooks is a shady character anyway so I believe it to be true. He is such a lowlife and douchebag. He’s nothing more than an opportunist trying to catch a ride on Reality TV and take advantage of Vicki. Vicki needs to take her own advice and kick his ass to the curb permanently. Is he getting paid to be on the show?

    • No. Boyfriends are not paid. Slade has never been paid for his appearances, ever. lol. Once they get married the couple signs the contract together but the “housewive” is the one that the salary is structured for.

      • lori

        What I find funny about that is that Slade was the one who won the contest to be on the show in the first place, and he and vicky are the only two who have been on since the beginning.

    • Tango

      He thinks the show is gonna bring him business opportunities, and dumb sluts, lol. He gets paid through Vicki, she pays for most of his crap, including his new teeth.

  8. eg

    This is TOO funny!!! STDs hitmen, pregnant paralegals???? Granted I believe ol Brooks is “shady and slimey” to the 10th power, but damn even HE doesn’t seem clever enough to pull all those allegations off. (btw I like the question as to wether Vicki can take the teeth back, good one, but isn’t that like trying to take back someones breast implants if they’re not dentures?) And if Vicki has chosen to hookup with this idiot once again, then all I can say is he has to be the man with the golden cucumber and she desperatlely needs him to tos her “salad”…..often.

  9. Mina

    I think Brooks is even more skeevy than my ex, if that is even possible lol. He is just gross, fake, and yuou can smell conman all over him. Vicks feel for him because she was already with him before and he was there to scoop her up after she separated from Donn (who I miss, even though I am glad he is free from Vicki). Vicki never did know when to stop with a person, and now she really is tied to his guy. As much of a douche I think Brooks is, I can’t see him taking out a hit on anyone. He might con someone else to do it, but not directly. I hope she realizes at some point that being with a guy like him isn’t worth your self respect, or other peoples. I think he is why she got her chin done and her lifestyle lift. She is trying to compete with whatever other morons he is seeing. Ick. My brain hurts when I try to picture them together. Ick.

    • eg

      Lol Mina, you must “save” your brain. No icky brain visuals allowed, especially the Brooks & Vicki kind….come to think (ha!) of it that makes my brain convulse too. Ok I will stop now.

  10. I don’t get it. How hard is it to spread your legs, yell woohoo, and get somebody to do you. Seriously, women much worse than Vicki do it everyday. Why is she going to so much trouble for this cucumber?

    • Tango

      Good point, I don’t think it’s really about sex, I think it’s about him knowing stuff about her and being a good manipulator. Vicki isn’t a supermodel, but she’s still hotter than many women her age. At least the ones I know…lol.

  11. Jac Holcombe

    I do believe he’d run his mouth about a “hit”. Obviously he can’t back it up. He’s a cheap dirty grifter and Vicki is a foolish woman.

  12. Vicki deserves so much better than Brooks. I am so upset with her for allowing scum like Brooks to take advantage of her vulnerability. Brooks is not up to par and needs to go. Pack his bags and send him on his merry way. Do not pass GO, Do not collect $200. Go directly to JAIL! NEXT. LOL

  13. soccermop59

    Two movies Vicki should have watched in her youth….Fatal Attraction and Mildred Pierce…both would have given her a heads up!!

  14. SB

    Brooks is so gross! I don’t understand why women choose to sleep with him!

    • eg

      Couldn’t resist….Maybe he has something “special” that isn’t visible to the naked eye or MRI or x-ray vision or blu-ray or…..anyway just Vicki-vision.

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