Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion Part 2

The Real Housewives of Orange County - Season 8Before we even start, can someone explain to me who is dressing Andy lately? What is with all the hideous ties and no socks.  He wore NO SOCKS for the Oprahcalpse and he is sockless again tonight wearing saddle shoes! I personally hate socks and rarely wear them, but with saddle shoes? That has to hurt! His wardrobe has  really gone down.

I am ten minutes in to the reunion and there is nothing interesting to report. I don’t want to talk about Lydia’s mom’s pot smoking or Tamra’s teary suicide story. Let’s get to something interesting.  I do love the audience comment that Tamra has been a bitch for six seasons, one speech is not going to change your image. I love how Andrew let’s the viewers make all the nasty observations and completely keeps the blood off his beige suit.

RHOOCreunioncastIt is time to bash Gretchen. I wonder if when Bravo targets a housewife for the shitty edit if they get a financial bonus. I think they should.  First up, Gretchen’s behavior because Tamra invited Alexis to go dress shopping. Now Alexis feels like she was not wanted at the dress shopping scene. Gretchen has brought in emails from Tamra saying she did not want her there. Tamra says she lied to Gretchen because she is so jealous of her other friendships. Gretchen has another email that says when the scene airs of her (Tamra) making up  with Alexis to remind her that she still hates her. I believe Gretchen. However, Gretchen is really going after Alexis saying everyone hates her and she is the only one who is honest about it.

There is a screechy “own your evil” argument that ensues. I’ll spare you.


Wow. They are actually going to discuss the “Bride Wars” of Orange County. Behind the scenes in the OC,  there was a Battle Royale for who would get the Bravo Wedding Show. Both Gretchen and Tamra wanted it and were fighting for it tooth and nail. Tamra won and then stories began to leak everywhere about the “fake proposal.”  It was a race to the altar and Gretchen lost. Rumor had it that Slade was unwilling to propose.  The next thing you know we have this elaborate Gretchen proposal TO Slade which for me was the height of desperation for any housewife of any franchise.

Malibu Country time!  Heather of course wants to tell the story.  Essentially, MC wanted a housewife to play a tiny walk on part as herself. Many were called and essentially none were chosen. Heather was cast for a real part. Because of the casting of Heather they could no longer use a real housewife because one would be in character and the other would not. I believe all of that. Gretchen has a voice mail from her agent saying they want her for MC on the day of the dress shopping.  Gretchen decided to film the dress scene instead. This whole argument is ridiculous.  I would like to point out that all of this is going on in a high pitched scream barely in the realm of human hearing levels and Banjo is annoyed and has left the room in disgust.

Alexis still thinks that Gretchen and some of the other girls are mean girls. She is sick of talking about it. One of the viewer questions was mean to Alexis and said that she doesn’t know the definition of a bully but that she does know the definition of a victim.  Heather is all holier than though and annoying.

What is the story on Alexis’s jewelry? Why haven’t we heard a promotional acknowledgement for whoever lent them?

Vicki says that Gretchen’s engagement stunt was all done for the show. DUH! Alexis says that last year Gretchen didn’t even want to marry Slade. DUH! (Who would? What are is positive qualities again?  Attractive? Minimally. Pleasant Personality? No. Intellectually stimulating? Not even at Gretchen’s level of intellect. Financially appealing?  Hell no, he is a liability. What could anyone see in this man? Lydia says Gretchen did it for storyline because Gretchen did not have one. Even Heather says she watched it and she felt hollow. Remember, Heather and Lydia are the closest thing Gretchen has to allies.  Tamra asks when she is getting married and Gretchen says she does not know. Heather seems to think that she should have invited her castmates and that is a reason for doubting the validity of her engagement. How ridiculous. None of these women are friends and Gretchen’s real friends were there. A viewer asks if Slade bought her a ring. She says they went in together on the ring. Oh how very sad.

They play the engagement and Gretchen starts to sob. Tamra gets up to go comfort her! Gretchen is hurt that everyone thinks her engagement is fake. Everyone back pedals and says they were just questioning the timing. Vicki even apologizes. Gretchen says the thing that hurt me the worst is that Alexis was not there. WTF? Where is that coming from. Gretchen has been treating Alexis like crap for two years? I don’t get it. When were they ever friends? Alexis has the same reaction.

Next week. I didn’t get whatever it was Vicki said that was so shocking? Anyone? And a showdown with Brianna and Brooks that has Vicki ready to quit the show forever.


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35 responses to “Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion Part 2

  1. RealChicagoHousewife

    It is clear all of these women loathe one another. They don’t say they will “close the door on the friendship” because they want to stay on the show. It’s gotten absurd. They are at the point that half way through an argument they forget what they were supposed to be arguing about. Bravo should recast the entire OC.
    It will be interesting to see how Lydia deflects the criticism she’s about to get for the snarky comment she made about her maid doing her laundry. The real Lydia slipped out from behind the fairy dust curtin on that one.

    • vivaladiva831

      Hey, if I could afford to pay someone to do my laundry, you better believe I would! I think I have better things to do too than laundry! Unfortunately I am too poor to be able to put it on someone else. Go Lydia, way to marry up!

    • soccermop59

      No one mentioned it but during one of the interviews, she called Vicki out as looking like Miss Piggy….I can’t believe no one caught that.

  2. SaraK7272

    I figured out why Malibu Country was cancelled. None of these women can squeeze out a tear when they are fake crying. Maybe instead of printed emails they should bring something to help, like an onion they could hide in their “hankie”.

    • Gingersnap


    • Mina

      Hahahhaha! It’s all the botox, did you see Gretchen crying? She couldn’t even move her face! It was a rictus of horror, like she was carved from marble. Hilarious! And they keep touching tissues to their tear ducts, and nothing is there. They are convinced we believe they are really crying, smiling, real women. And did Gretch get new teeth? Why does her upper mouth look so weird? Anyone?

      • MaggieG

        Forgive me, but of all the posts the only one that really got a reaction from me was your “…rictus of horror…” I simply cannot stop laughing. Thank you.

  3. vivaladiva831

    I am not usually a Gretchen fan, bc I do believe she and Jeff had some kind of arrangement that allowed her to date Jay, and she is too embarrassed to admit it. At this point, I don’t ever see her telling the truth. Kind of like Phaedra trying to say Ayden was conceived in marriage. Anyway, I def believe what she said about Tamra texting her to remind her that she hates Alexis-all this season was for Tamra was damage control. The only good thing to come of this for Alexis is that it seems to have humbled her, and to begin as one of the most annoying and pretentious women on a housewives show she is actually one of my favorites. That was such bullshit for Gretchen to say how it really hurt her that Alexis wasn’t at her engagement party. And Heather, if you felt hollow watching the engagement, it’s because you are. Gretchen inviting her true friends and family made it very much more real than if she had invited all of you snarking, conniving harpies.

    • Laurie in NYC

      I totally agree with you. Gretchen and Jeff must have had some sort of arrangement. C’mon, no one believes that she was with him for love. It was clearly a sugar daddy scenario. Rumors online have indicated that Jeff had these kinds of relationships with young women in the past. I’m not suggesting that she didn’t care about him at all but she is an opportunist. Gretchen saying she was so hurt by Alexis not being there was laughable……..YOU DIDN’T INVITE HER! I’m sure if Gretchen extended the olive branch to Alexis, she would have been there. Gretchen is playing the poor me card again and I’m sick of it.

  4. Does anyone know Isabella? Where did she go? I talk to her on FB but I can’t get there anymore. It is not like her to be gone so long. Is anyone here fb friends with her?

  5. Urethra Franklin

    I dozed off watching this as soon as it started. I woke up midway to the sounds of shrieking banshees screeching about blonde lady problems. It was mind numbing.

    Gretchen drives me crazy. I just can’t with her and that dress. Was there a Lawerence Welk show costume sale. I was just waiting for some bubbles to float by…

    • Gbell

      Ha! The Lawrence Welk comparison is spot on. Malibu Country Barbie circa 1974.

    • peachteachr

      My exact thought, Miss U. In 2nd place would be some show Loretta ???(my sometimers is acting up). Was it Loretta Young? She waltzed out for each show in a show-dancers outfit each week and I don’t remember what happened next. I am also struck by how dowdy Heather is dressing. Several times this season, she has worn an old, too large churchlady dress.I really have never liked Heather. She’s one of those people my mama use to say that she would like to buy for what they are worth and sell for what they think they’re worth.

      • terry macon

        Loretta Young would open the door swing her dress and tell you about the story of that night. How old is gretchen, she looks like a drag queen from the 60’s.

      • Shellbelle

        Heather was wearing Victoria Beckham… I thought Beckham had style, but not in this dress she is offering under her name…. Gretchen was wearing Micheal Costello from project Runway.

    • Mina

      Hahahahha! Lawrence Welk!!!

    • ruizg

      Ok, the Lawrence Welk comment is the FUNNIEST thing i have read in a long time! Great job and couldn’t be more on point!!

    • Skeeter

      OMG LOLOLOL!! I was trying to conjure up a description of that dress and couldn’t – those two words say it all LMAO!!! “Lawrence Welk”

      Off topic – I was really pleasantly surprised to see all the posts TT did when I came to the website. I had to wait till now so I could just sit and read and laugh with no one bothering me! Glad your internet issues are solved TT and what kind of dog is Banjo? I love that name LOL!

  6. Brillke

    I feel really bad for Gretchen. She has been getting her ass smacked all season and the ladies shifted it into high gear for the reunion.

    Here’s a shocker…I think Vicki looked great! Her dress was flattering, her makeup wasn’t caked on, her hair wasn’t fried and I want her necklace. I thought it was funny when Vicki talked about how bad she looked and how her hair was fried during the season. Makes all the finger wagging I got even funnier.

    I agree with Alexis when she asked why she was there. It’s a question I’d like answered.

    I like Lydia but I think she’s a shit starter. Her attempts at trying to help only make things worse and she can be kinda bratty, IMO.

    I really like Heather but damn, she came off as a major bitch this season.

    Whomever is styling Gretchen this season must hate her. That dress is hideous and her hair looked terrible.

    I thought it was very classy of Vicki to apologize to Gretchen for doubting her and Slades engagement. She didn’t have to do that and she seemed very sincere. Nice one, Vicki.

    I like Tamra a lot but she really needs to climb down off Gretchen’s back. She got busted for texting one thing to Gretchen and saying another to Alexis. Own it and #move on.

    I can’t wait to see Brianna tear Brooks a new asshole next week. Hope she can explain Ryan’s behavior at Vicki’s party too.

    • I think Briana will defend Ryan to the hilt. Either with “he had too much to drink” or “editing.” It is amazing to me how Both Vickie and Briana seem so empowered and forces of nature with their strong opinions and attitudes. Yet when it comes to the men in their lives, (Ryan and Brooks) they seem to hang their heads and comply with whatever the man tells them to do. It creeps me out big time.

      • ruizg

        @sandybo, I agree with you and the guys they are defending have some problems. In my opinion :) Don’t blast me :)

      • ruzig! I would never blast ya hon!! I agree with you. Vickie and Briana who otherwise appear so strong and confident seem to loose all that with not only their choices in men but how they allow them to treat them.

      • MaryJane

        @sandybo I thought I was the only one seen that with Vickie & Briana.. Creeps me out too.

      • soccermop59

        I agree, I’m completely surprised by both Vicki and Brianna’s behavior when it comes to these men. No woman should ever be that needy and emotionally dependent that even their own convictions are sacrificed. I never saw this coming because both of these women seem very head strong and self reliant….but I guess love tears down those walls and make you vulnerable and stupid.

    • soccermop59

      Lets talk about Heather…Heather has no real story line, why she is on the show, only God knows. So what she does every season is play follow the leader….Who ever Tamara is mad at, she’s mad at them for what ever reason….she co-signs and runs with it and its only until Tamara the leader of this aging circus bring the outsider back in, does Heather than agree to make up….It happened with Lexis and now its happening with Gretchen. She comes off like this voice of authority and reason? and yet she has yet to make one decison on her own that isn’t influenced by the pack. She was so out of the loop for awhile that she had to turn on her husband Terry, who quickly put his tail between his legs and obeyed the woman. I hope the get rid of her, OC need women with conviction and purpose, not these catty co signing broads that run from friendship to friendship like is night spot at a local bar.

      • Diva

        I agree about Heather. She is arrogant and delusional. Her only story line seems to be about showing off her fabulous lifestyle and how “hard” she works to keep things together for her family. What a crock. I’m quite sure she has a staff of housekeepers, maids, assistants, nannies and gardeners that, knowing her, she rules over with an iron glove. I can’t stand her creepy husband either and the obviously staged “cute” comments by her son were nauseating.

  7. Gretchen’s tears were THE MOST FAKE I’ve seen since my children would put on “plays!”

  8. soccermop59

    The one thing I am enjoying about this years reunion is Tamara finally being exposed for the fake non loyal hypocrite that she is. I am so proud of Gretchen for not only calling her out, but backing it up with facts…something only a clown in makeup, ie Tamara can dismiss by saying I own it!! Had this huge brick wall for a forehead just came out and told Gretchen their friendship was over, all of this could have been avoided…instead she expected Gretchen to read between the text messages and get the hint…what dumb as she is. What is so absurb about all this is that its being filmed, I’m like is this woman for real???? Gretchen will find out…duh!! The way she played Gretchen was something straight out of a middle school’s girl diary… pathetically immature and sad she has become.

  9. lori

    OMG!!!!!! I just saw a clip from part three. Brooks had at one time told Brianna’s husband that he needs to start hitting her to make her fall in line!!! Holy Shitoli!!!

  10. KC

    Heather Dubrow is annoying, obnoxious and a total know it all. She acts like she is the Queen and everyone has to bow down to her. She is a C rated actress at best and a legend only in her own mind. One word sums it up ‘pathetic’

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