Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion Pt. I

RHOOCcast2Better late than never?

It’s time for the Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion Part One, otherwise known as Rehashing of The Same Old Arguments One More Time. I don’t get why Vicki is still not divorced from Don. I know these things take time but in California, don’t they just divide everything down the middle and that is that? Oh, Vicki doesn’t want to have to pay spousal support.

Gretchen and Heather both have stank faces as the Mexico drama reel plays. Gretchen’s dress, is making me claustrophobic. I could not handle a dress that wraps around my throat. Now they are literally showing clips from past reunions as they bring up the same old rumors about Gretchen cheating on Jeff. Lydia is somehow moderating the reunion. Oh great, Tamra has whipped out a file of photos of Gretchen making out with her side piece.  We get it. She cheated. Move on.

Heather and Lydia get into it about the magazine cover. Lydia says Heather is just not well-known enough for the cover. Lydia did have a lengthy spread in the issue and that still irks Heather. Heather apparently blasted Lydia in her blog and Lydia is still pissed even though Heather apologized. These two still hate each other.

Lauri is on the couch! This should be good. Hmmm, I thought the grandbaby was in foster care? Yet here are photos of Josh and the baby. Lauri says everyone is just hunky dory. Odd. When Andy asks about Josh’s issues with addiction, Lauri says it is a process and he still as hope. That doesn’t sound like he is in the recovery stage. I really wish I knew where this foster care story originated from. I can’t see anyone just making that up, yet I have searched and found no credible source for the rumor. By credible source I do not mean someone saying it on a blog. I mean there must be a court record somewhere.

Lauri is now claiming that she did not work for Vicki. There was a ton of screaming. The same old screeching over and over. Why do we watch this crap again? Lauri is asked why she is letting her kid hang out with a porn star. She doesn’t really have a good explanation for that. Vicki accuses Lauri of cheating and says she has heard that Lauri and George are separated. Lauri denies this.

Next week, Tamra makes Gretchen cry.


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  1. Linda

    Gretchen’s dress looked like something off of Toddlers and Tiaras. Rumor has it that the daughter w/ the prostitute friend is George’s daughter and not Laurie’s. Step-mummy throwing her under the bus whilst slimming Brooks = double whammy? I thought Vicky’s face looked better. Heather was very peevish. 1 show down; 2 to go – we will be rehashing the rehashed. Oh, did you hear the Vicky Vodka lawsuit is back on and Vicky cancelled a joint AmEx she had with Brooks while he was in Las Vegas with his children? He is now threatening to tell all her dirty laundry. Yes, she provided him with his own AmEx card that she pays for. I just can’t with this woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Grouchy Me

    Vicki just needs to give it up and go away, IMHO. She’s a liar, a hypocrite and as fake as the Gucsi bags at Goodwill. I think she attracts men like Brooks because that is the type of person she is, he is a reflection of her. Sad. I started out liking Lydia, until lately. After the reunion show I’m totally convinced it’s her that’s the pot smoker, not Mommy. It seems like she wants us to believe she’s this Godly gal, then she goes off on Slade about next to nothing, blows up on Heather for wanting the cover and then we see HER 10 page spread. WTF? In her own magazine? How vain is that? Maybe she has had a little bit too much fairy dust sprinkled on her little fairy head… This season I am liking Gretchen more, Laurie quite a bit and Heather so-so. I wish one of them had a cute dog to distract us. Maybe Vicki could get a snake to match her sterling personality?

  3. Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

    Vicki’s gonna be out of luck with the alimony. They were married over ten years, she’s going to have to pay Donn for the rest of his life. Divorces in California take forever for exactly this reason, one party doesn’t like the 50/50 rule and would rather pay lawyers to drag it out forever.

  4. Brendy_luv

    The whole Gretchen cheating on Jeff has gotten old. I believe that Gretchen and Jeff had an agreement that she would be by his side while he was sick and was allowed to date other men which is maybe why she will never admit to cheating just my opinion.

    • vivaladiva831

      I think the same thing! That is her justification to herself for it. Which, ok fine you had a deal-but you would rather everyone think that how you were with this Jay guy is how you are with all men you are friendly with? I don’t know which one makes you dirtier-but Lydia was right, you’re dirty!

  5. vickie is a nasty holier than thou sow. i cannot stand her. tamra is a liar and a shit thrower hoping none of hers comes out. i am still convinced eddie is actually gay. alexis has no clue, she is just pretty brainless. heather has turned into a very rude and snotty rich bitch. she is sure she is the best actress and the classiest woman in the oc. i loved the dig lydia gave her about IMBD or whatever and who was ranked higher. lydia is a vocal thinker, she is also a pit stirrer. she really is a princess. and gretchen,i just love her, i know she most likely cheated but like someone else said it could have been an arrangement that she had with jeff, who knows and sho cares. jeffs daighter was at her engagement party to slade, so i am thinking there was no ill will there and she won her lawsuit against the jay guy, that should say somenthing. i wish tamra and vickie would just shut up, both are so very unhappy that they try to kill all happiness in anyone else.

    • Darla

      Therealdeb I totally agree with your analysis.I love Gretchen but wish she would leave her face alone before it’s too late and her Reunion dress looked like she borrowed it from the old Lawrence Welk Show archives.But I really do like Gretchen out of all the OC women.Slade is a little bit greasy but he tries,I still wish Gretchen would realize she could do sooo much better. I despise Tamara and Vicki.Yuck! They are Nasty.

  6. Shellbelle

    Funny how Tamra back peddled on blasting Vicki last year about waking up naked with a man in Mexico or wherever they were… So, did Tamra lie about Vicki or is she not owning up to outing Vick last year? I think Tamra and Vicki deserve each other.

    • vivaladiva831

      I think Vicki MADE her take that back.

    • Gingersnap

      I agree, I think Tamra and Vicki deserve each other too. Talk about a love/hate relationship. When they get together they seem to have this partners in crime mentality. I think Tamra spilled the truth beans on Vicki last season with the waking up naked story. This season they are friends and she’s willing to let sleeping dogs lie. I don’t know what they see in each other myself. I really have enough information about Vicki and her sex life for the rest of my life. Vicki is going through a mid life crisis or something and I wish she’d quit being such a horn dog…it’s not a good look on her. Discretion looks good on grandmothers.

  7. Ellis Scarlett

    Vicki and Tamra are both horrible people. I wish they would both get the axe.

    Welcome back, TT! I was getting worried!

  8. Jarlath

    Whoever had the bright idea to bring lauri back ought to get fired. Her lies are so transparent. Having said this, I think Vicki is vile and regardless of her protestations of monogamy, she’s a lecherous old cow

  9. vivaladiva831

    I don’t think Don is in a hurry to divorce Vicki either. All he has to do is settle, I.e. agree for no one to pay. Don is not some broke joke. I don’t think he needs money that bad.

    The pictures of Josh could be visitation pictures? If the baby is in foster care he Could have some kind of supervised visitation maybe? Simply speculating.

    • peachteachr

      I agree. No matter the parental error, children services is always about reuniting the parent and child. I don’t know what’s going on with Lauri’s son, but as my mama use to say, ‘where there’s smoke, there’s fire’.

  10. lori

    I had that exact thought when watching this reunion. “Why do I watch this stuff?” And even more so during rhom. That was THE fakest show I’ve ever seen, and that says a lot. My brain is getting angry that it keeps insulting itself by watching these shows.

    • Gingersnap

      These shows are strangely addicting.

      • Jarlath

        I actually stopped watching except for the OC. However, I do follow along on blogs but mainly for the comments. The comments are entertaining while the badly scripted “reality” shows aren’t

  11. sharon

    I don’t know if the foster care story is correct, but it is possible for a child to be in foster care and still have contact (and photos) with parents. Usually a child has the legal right to contact with parent, unless a court grants an order against it.

    • Katrina

      It is normally a requirement for the child to have regular visitations with the parents. It could be as much as twice a week. This would be handled through family court and I would think it is confidential.

      • sharon

        Sounds similar to the UK, Family Court Proceedings are held privately, but journalists may attend and can report limited information with the judge’s permission. Although here infants under 1 year tend to have more frequent contact, to promote attachment. (Unless the circumstances surrounding removal of the child would suggest it would be too great a risk for almost daily contact to take place.)


    I just loved Lydia giving it back to that bitch Heather. Heather was all butt hurt because Lydia and her husband laughed at the idea of Heather getting the cover. So of course Heather has to count te number of pages each got and complained. Easy solution Heather….buy r start your own glossy magazine and feature yourself in every issue. Also to try and drag Lisa V. Into it by claiming well Lisa got a cover…..Yeah, but ten it is Lisa V. And Lisa is VanderFabulous and Heather is not! LOL!!

    • peachteachr

      Am I the only one who thinks Heather has been wearing old lady dresses, says the little older lady?

      • liz

        Heather is SO OLD LADY! You are right. But…more than that…what about that “Joker” look from plastic surgery? And…what about that “acting” career she is always talking about. Ok…she gets a role or two…but so do a lot of people…who we wouldn’t tout as real actresses. In fact, the only reason she probably is getting anything is due to her being on the Real Housewives. What she is gone from that….will she be so desirable?

  13. JoJo

    I thought I commented on RHOC recap yesterday, but can’t find it, and I am suffering too with weird or sporadic internet connection, so apologize if this is a repeat:
    I don’t vote in the polls, but if I did, I guess I was in the WWHL poll minority of the 49% – pro Gretchen/Slade v Everyone Else. Because Everyone Else includes Vicki, Lydia, Ryan specifically. I guess I sincerely can’t abide these 3 more than I dislike the odd couple or any of the others for that matter.
    Vicki has just officially got on my last nerve as se has devolved over the 7 seasons and now is just delusional & cringe worthy to watch. She’s the RH veteran’s veteran but is sadly the mental Benjamin Button of all the shows. She clearly thinks she’s perfect (her latest admission), smart, sexy, independent, savvy, a classy businesswoman with a flair, and more than once lately seems to take particular issue with not being respected or sought out as a mentor by the other cast that are not in her good graces that season. I think she’s actually needy, witchy, jealous, spiteful, hateful, embarrassing, with no self-esteem, no self-awareness, and no mirror When all else fails, her poorly playing the victim fails too. For an active middle-age woman, I’m still reminded of a teenage wasteland. I don’t want to see her pee on a bed or dance or Woohoo or screech anymore.
    Obviously, I officially can’t stand her any longer and don’t care a lick why she fixed her face, but wish she’d fix her wardrobe, comb her hair and unglue the butterflies on her eyelids. That is no slam to the looks with which she was born & btw I thought she was pleasant looking w/ cute dimples when the series began. Her relationship with Brooks just a horrible reflection on her judgment.
    I’ve waited for “Lydia” to play out through season’s end. I thought goofy, naïve, and sparky wasn’t that hard to take. Toward the end, she came across to me as a spoiled bratty little girl with a wimpy husband (or he could just be shy & was overly aware of the camera so chose silence).
    She seems to enjoy arguing and not ever letting something go – as long as she was arguing with someone that everyone else didn’t like. Her over-the-top ‘eat a hamburger’ reaction, the un-Christian-like slew of screw you’s, and especially the 1st part of reunion, I don’t think there’s anything innocent about her. The wide-eyed, toothy, goofy, smiley Disney princess with a tiara persona doesn’t work for me, and I think it’s definitely just an act. And as much as I find Heather especially insufferable when it comes to her acting/act, I died laughing at her pop a vein comment and loved her look when Lydia claims she’s a genius.
    Hey, Lydia, I see who you are:))
    Ryan? Obvious wound so tight he’s ready to snap. At least he’s on TV so now everyone knows what he’s about, which might save a life!
    Wow, I guess that’s pretty judgmental, but then again, I don’t get paid for not making a fool of myself staying home & off everyone’s TV;)

    • vivaladiva831

      I also said Lydia was overreacting to the cheeseburger comment and was shot down quickly so just a word if warning. But yes no one on this show is a wide eyed innocent. Not anymore. I do miss the old days of Tammy Knockerbocker and Jeanna Keough. I think Vicki is just trying to (compete)keep up with the younger women in looks and clothes, and she is fighting a losing battle. She didnt have to do that in the first few seasons. All she has done is lose her dignity. Please Vicki go back to being YOU. Also noticed Tamra Barney said she is renewing her real estate license…could someone be ready to step back? Maybe eddie said once they were married she had to quit the nonsense.

      • Katrina

        I doubt that Eddie has that much influence over Tamra. If Eddie tthinks Tamra will change after marriage, he is in for a rude awakening. I thought Tamara was already using her realestate license. Where can you make approx $100k for about 3 to 4 months of work? People judge other people regardless! The people being on TV is an excuse.

      • Darla

        I thought Tamara was gonna be busy with the Fitnees center they opened.I also thought they made like 500k a season so why would Tamara have to go back real estate?Vicki is definitely trying to keep up with the younger girls but it just makes her look older and nasty.I also think she looked good when the show began,so sad.They all look good in the interview portions of every show but look terrible in real life. Amazing what special lighting,filters and 2lbs.of makeup can do.

      • Jarlath

        Vicki never had dignity to speak of!

      • JoJo

        Thank you Vivaldi for the heads up but unless something drastically changes my mind during part 2 & 3 of the reunion, I’m going to still have a hard time about my opinion of Lydia. There’s just something about that gal that irks the hell out of me now.
        If the Bravo game plan plays as usual next season and Lydia is there, I bet we’ll see another side to this fairy-dusted daughter – the dreaded “edit.” First seasons are usually pretty flattering.
        I also agree with you – none of these people are innocent, wide-eyed or otherwise. Some I just don’t find so completely deplorable or irritating as others. Hell, Alexis didn’t bother me the least this season and that’s saying a lot!
        Then again, there are few RH in any franchise that are so likeable (what you see is what you get type) with no agenda that are still employed! I can think of a few who are still around with their dignity and reputation intact ….but very few.
        As far as Vicki, it was this season that she just jumped the shark for me to comment. I sincerely hope Brianna survives this show.
        Seeing what she married and having to defend it worries me.
        I doubt Eddie told Tamra to get her real estate license renewed & get off TV. Probably more like get it renewed now while people still know your name!

  14. ClevelandGAL

    Lori must be desperate for attention to come back since I thought she was sooooo happy she found her rich guy and didn’t need the show any more?? What a joke…Lydia was the only one I liked this season and frankly even Alexis was semi normal…bravo needs to clean house on this one…these ladies are gross…

  15. Vicki – desperate screeching shrew, I hope Donn gets a healthy payday for having to deal with her all these years.

    Tamara – perfect bookend to Vicki, both deceitful, insecure, women. Her BS story about turning a new leaf, she is so fake.

    Heather – ugh. Malibu Cun….ehh.

    Gretchen – I kept having “sympathy gulps” because that dress looked so restricting and uncomfortable. It so sad to see what she has become. She was so incredibly cute and spunky her first season and now she can barely register an expression because of all the fillers, Botox, veneers and pageantry makeup, the landscape of her face has completely changed. I don’t like that the others ganged up on her, it’s ridiculous that she still has to defend herself over a two year old storyline.

    Lydia – a wolf in boho-chic clothing. I liked her at first but behind all of her new age bible talk and “likes,” is a stereotypical OC housewife. I love her kookie stoner mother though.

    Lauri – wow, the queen of doublespeak. It’s hard to believe anything she says. She could be holding a kitten and insist its a tiger “we’ll they are both a type of cat” I can’t believe she is painting this blissful family picture to the audience when we all have seen stories of the grandchild being in foster care. I will say that she had the most beautiful housewives wedding, ever. She should have just stayed gone, she totally ruined the carefully crafted Bravo fairy tale ending she had.

    Alexis – was she there?

  16. mochaq2k

    I just couldn’t help but laugh at Gretchen being reminded why she shouldn’t have thrown Alexis to the curb to be besties with Tamra. I can’t wait to see the next part.

  17. lori

    Her name is Tamra, not Tamara.

  18. Bella

    I was reall y disgusted and apprehensive after Ryan’s outburst because Lydia’s 65 year old mother rested her feet on Vickie’s couch. The way Ryan acted, you’d think the poor woman set fire to the couch. Does anyone think Ryan’s behavior was completely out of line? a) The women was a guest. b) Freudian Slip big time: ” …I own…rent this house & am the man here” (paraphrasing in quotes except for the Freudian Slip) c) Briana didn’t want anything to do with his inappropriate outburst–not a good sign d) Nothing has been brought up at the Reunion about his behavior and/or anger issues e) Not military stress related since it’s been mentioned that he has had past violent behavior with a previous girlfriend. And finally f) Not sure what Briana has gotten herself into with this guy since they didn’t know each other very long before eloping. And not sure she understands the implications of such anger outburst over a trifle matter not in his home towards a guest that is his senior & should be treated politely. In other words, ask Lydia’s mother politely to remove her feet from Vickie’s couch? Or ask Vickie if it’s all right for a guest to rest her feet on Vickie’s couch. He thinks that because he pays rent this gives him the right to yell at guests? I don’t think so. What will happen if the baby wakes him from a deep sleep? Disturbing to think about. This isn’t a sign that Vickie or Briana should overlook. They’re red flags. Bright red.

  19. Bella

    This hasn’t been mentioned in Part 1 of the Reunion but hopefully it will get mentioned because the Gretchen/Jay rumor is old & rehashed to shreds. As for Heather and Lydia, I think Heather’s ego is getting the best of her. She wanted the cover instead of Marilyn Monroe–was she serious?

    Heather’s day, Heather’s role, Heather’s career; give it a break, Heather. If you’re husband tip-toes any lighter no one will know he lives there. I think the eggshells are already broken and it wasn’t Terry that broke them. It must have been Heather’s laser-eyed looks when she doesn’t get her way or Terry cracks a mild joke. Poor man. No wonder he wants a bigger house. He needs a place to hide.

    • liz

      Agree…poor (not financially) Terry. He seems like a decent man and a good husband. If Heather doesn’t get her way…or he makes a mild joke, she gives him those “Joker” laser beam eyes and he melts into the background like a scared puppy. Heather, you had better start to treat him like a man and not your dog. As time goes on…and the children get older…he may find a replacement.

    • otherpeoplesproblems

      I dont really like Heather, but when Terry dropped the “d” word and told everyone about it, I was on Heather’s side. It seemed like she was so hurt by that comment and for a brief moment we saw a real vulnerability from her for the first time. But I also thought that maybe Terry’s comment reflected his real feelings on the marriage. That whole bit this season made me sad. I think Heather’s a good mother at least even if she’s a ball buster

  20. liz

    I am so surprised that no one mentioned Vicky’s daughter and son in law …at least I did not see it in the posts. Vicky needs to rent some balls. How dare she allow her daughter and son in law to decide who she should date….how she should live…who can visit her, etc. It is HER HOUSE and how dare that son in law try to throw one of HER guests out!

    • vivaladiva831

      For some reason, Vicki and Breanna seem to treat him with kid gloves. After the finale aired, Vicki even made a statement, something to the effect of Ryan said Lydia’s mother had been rude to him all night and the confrontation we heard was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I don’t know of Vicki acts like she does bc of Breanna, or if it is due to him being military, or what. Ryan was so defensive, and kept accusing Vicki of taking someone else’s side against him and did it in a way that made me wonder if he has accused her of that before. Also his comments regarding brooks, how he has so much dirt on him…I think Vicki wants to keep them quiet and that’s why she was deferring to him.

      • liz

        Even in the scene where we heard the confrontation between Ryan and Lydia’s mom…I didn’t see it as so bad as Ryan made it seem. He is taking on the role of “man of the house” when it isn’t his house to man. And…that Breanna….what a disrespectful, pain in the behind she seems to be. Her mother does nothing but look out for her…and she treats her mom miserably. And…if Vicki decides to “take a side” that is not in Ran’s favor…so what!!! Isn’t she entitled to have her own opinion (and she is not at all demeaning to him). They both need to get out of her house and run their own business and stay out of Vicki’s. I almost think that Vicki is afraid of Ryan..he seems to have a tendancy towards abuse.

      • I’m pretty sure he is threatening to forbid her from seeing baby Troy, that is why she put out that statement.

      • vivaladiva831

        Vicki just got done with a vacation to Europe with Breanna and baby-and if Ryan wants him and his wife to end up with a piece of Vicki’s pie then I don’t see him threatening to not let her see the baby. I really think it has more to do with what they know about Brooks and Vicki.

  21. liz

    Vicky’s son is a squatter…living off of his mother in law. If I were Vicky, I would stand my ground and say, “I love you both…but this is my life, my house and my decision. If you can not be respectful to me…then perhaps it would be best for you to live elsewhere”. Period. Dot.

  22. liz

    Also…what is up with Gretchen’s teeth? She has trouble talking because they are so big and bucked. What happened? And…what at about Heather…you know her…”The Joker”. Her husband did her face? Ughh.

    • There was nothing the matter with her teeth before, I have no idea why she had veneers put in, they make her look like a completely different person.

    • eg

      @Liz I didn’t notice Gretchens’ teeth, but they COULDN’T be bigger than Lydias’!!! That girls’ teeth and eyes had to be definetly planned for somebody else, because they are a total ‘fail’ on her. She reminds me of a anorexic Bratz doll. And it wouldn’t be so noticeable if her little attitude wasn’t becoming s jacked up. IJS

      • Liz

        @eg….Tee Hee. I think she has beautiful eyes..albeit quite big. I agree…though…her face is a bit small for such giant eyes and teeth.

  23. otherpeoplesproblems

    Regarding Vicki and Ryan and Brianna: Vicki has her own weird, deep co-dependency issues and she’s not in any hurry to get them out of the house. She’d be in that giant house all by herself. That’s why Vicki is so weird about Tamra having other friends, cause for awhile they were both sad and lonely and depended on each other. Her admissions about her marriage this season really shocked me, even though what Lauri said totally isn’t true. With all the value Vicki places on moral codes, and god and marriage and all that… to discover that they had been cheating on each other all those years, it’s pretty sad! Vicki is a sad, sad woman and I feel bad for her more than I disdain her.

    I still like Lydia. I think she’s cool and genuinely a good person. I too am often mistaken for the dumb goofball and people are surprised when they discover I’m actually intelligent. I also have pot parents, so I guess Lydia is the character I relate to most. Minus the Jesus stuff. And, yknow, the millions.

    Gretchen’s FAAAAAACE oh my god. She talks with a mouth full of marbles!

    Alexis bored me this season in a good way, cause in past seasons I’ve completely hated her.

    I commented on this above but I felt bad for Heather about Terry’s divorce comment this season. I think Heather puts on a front, where she acts like she cares about Terry a lot less than she does. A lot of the housewives seem do that, like I’m so hot my husband is so into me and I have contempt for him and find him annoying. Its weird but I see women do this in real life too… Men do it too I guess. I think Heather does love Terry and I think under the crap she’s cool. I can’t bring myself to totally hate Heather yet!

  24. eg

    Just finished watching RHOC reunion 2, and the main thing I got from both reunions was that these are reall some whiney, insecure, botoxy,women as a group. They are dysfunctional and almost toxic. I am curious to see if someone will bring up the “Ryan” incident in part 3. I agree with Bella & Liz about his behavior being a red flag. And I believe he was lying if he said Lydias’ mom was being rude to him all that night. Even if we didn’t see (or hear ) everything, he lied about what we (the viewers) did see and hear.I know Vicki loves her daughter and grandson, I love mine too, but that level of disrepecting would have to hit the door, and I would pray for them on their way oy.

  25. Liz

    Yes…I also watched Part 2. What a mess they all are….but we love it…don’t we!!!! I can not get over how Gretchen has a speech impediment…particularly with the word “something” She says, “someting”. I think her new teeth buck teeth may be causing the problem!

    • eg

      She (Gretchen) speaks like her teeth are clenched or wired to me. But I do admire how “airbrushy” her skin looks. Whoever does her makeup does an excellent job and I’m sure whatever injectables she uses helps too. It comes off as flawless looking. But yeah the dress was a fail.

  26. Liz

    @eg. Is sher skin flawless or is it the film being used? Ok…she doesn’t have any pimples, bumps. Wait…the same film is being used on Vicki and she definitely doesn’t have flawless skin. I stand corrected!

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