Eat Drink Love Recap… of Sorts…

eat-drink-love-bravoEat Drink Love! Are we going to watch this? I like food shows. Oh, it looks like a donut shop show. The shop is called ‘fonuts’ because the donuts are not fried. So it is a fake donut show. Waylynn, the fonut maker, gets flowers from an anon patron. And cases of orange and grape crush from a chef with a crush on her…and so on…She is pretty, but I don’t see the constant stream of admirers. Okay, Waylynn is gorgeous. I just saw her all done up.

Ten there is Jessica who apparently owns a restaurant or two. One of which is call Fuku. She loves Kat. Oh, Jessica is a Tri Del. Bleck. I actually suspect my attorney is a Tri Del. I refuse to ask her because I love her and I have already had to overlook the whole Gator thing. I mean there is only so much a person can overlook, even if the person you are giving a pass to keeps you out of jail. However, most Tri Dels tell you they are Tri Del within minutes of meeting you, so, Ashleigh may not be. #fingerscrossed

Brenda is publicist for chefs and restaurateurs. She is talking to a food columnist named Kat. I am already bored. I find the California girls accent rather annoying. Brenda is jealous of Kat for some unknown reason. Brenda seems insecure and easily intimidated. I just saw Kat in flirt mode with a man. She is quite talented in that arena, a definite threat.

Nina is a private chef with no formal training. She makes tofu chocolate pudding. She is working for free for a big time chef a few nights a week to gain experience. She is still on the verge of being fired.

Kat and Jessica are taking Brenda out for her birthday. Brenda is drunk before they get to their destination. She got a dildo and some sausages. Just what every single girl needs? Waylynn is awesome. And not because she is beautiful, but because she is the only really normal chick in the group. The drunker Brenda gets, the more she goes in on Kat. During Truth or Dare, Brenda essentially calls Kat out for being a whore dating multiple people in front of a guy she is interested in.

Hmm… this isn’t what I expected but I have it in on my DVR list for now. I thought it would be all female chefs. I hate that Top Chef and Top Chef Masters is always a bloody vagicide of the female chefs. It seems on this show, they give us only one female chef and still make sure to give her an edit as someone who doesn’t know what she is doing… What did y’all think?


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  1. AngieB

    Know what I’m sick of? Women on television who claim they love, love food and just love to eat, but are a size 2. It’s so annoying. Am I wrong about this? I actually do love food, and it takes real effort to enjoy it and still keep my weight under control. Couldn’t Bravo include just one woman who’s overweight for realism sake? She could be the one who makes real food and not imitation everything without the fat and sugar. I’m hoping as the season progresses they really showcase the food, like Chef Roble.

    • James

      Its called portion control and regular trips to the gym

    • James

      Its called portion control, regular trips to the gym and loving food beyond donuts and cheeseburgers.

      • AngieB

        I work out everyday in my home gym and don’t eat processed food or fast food. I cook real, organic meals for my family. There’s a difference between being a healthy weight and being a size 2. Thanks for the tips though.

    • SnookumsLynn

      I feel ya..just regular sized would be appreciated…she doesn’t have to be overweight, but how about at least a size 12! which is the size most american women are!!! cause I love food, I love to cook & I love to DRINK! so yeah, weight is always on my mind…portion control aside, thanks’re the most smartest ever!!!

      • James is full of helpful tips and is also a great spell checker! I have made not of the whole portion control idea. That is genius. He should write a book full of these novel ideas.

    • beabea

      Eat to live not live to eat

  2. Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

    I was looking forward to the show but found it kind of boring. It’s the same old Bravo thing. I was really disappointed.
    Tamara, you always seem to know so much about these shows: Do you know if this is made by the same people who did Silicon Valley? It seemed like it had the same music choices, types of background shots etc. I HATED Silicon Valley, but perhaps that’s because I live there. :)

  3. Belinda

    What a bunch of annoying twats. Particularly,over the hill, desperate Brenda with her ugly mouth , attitude and mannerisms. I am so outta there….cancelled my” record series” setting. Now I’m going to try Cutthroat Kitchen.

  4. i didn’t get to see the episode where she calls her a whore. saw the teaser. so a drunk restaurant publicist calls a food critic a whore in front of a guy said-whore likes — is that the stupidest move ever?

  5. I watched it and its the usual fake drama, annoying girls, overly affected speech patterns, token faux-haux and a SATC Samantha clone….I like the owner of Fonut’s, she seems like fun and above the other girls antics. This show is lame….but so am I so I’ll probably Tivo the season and watch it when I’m bored.

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