Chateau Sheree Update!

ChateauSheree21813-4While I have been offline the people who actually live in the neighborhood  of Chateau Sheree have  been furiously emailing me. If you Google Lake Forrest Drive ( I believe her home is at 5210 Lake  Forrest Drive… I NEVER DISCLOSED IT UNTIL SHE PUT The address of MY SHACK ON THE INTERNET)  but whatever. EVERYONE is mocking her while wishing she would get the fuck out of the neighborhood (which she has. She lives in an apt  WAY WAY WAY out of the school district she was trying to stay in, Gee I hope they don’t find out.)

Anyway, the news is twofold. Not a damn thing has been done. However in her defense it has rained so much this summer that our gardens are literally rotting. IT HAS RAINED A FUCKING LOT.

This has caused  mudslides on her road. So Lake  Forrest is shut down for at least a year while they try to put in a retaining wall.

ChateauSheree21813-5From what I can tell via news reports, this is on the opposite end of Lake Forrest from where she lives. She should be able to continue with construction. Maybe. I dunno. I used to practically live on Long Island Drive where she used to live but I never go to that part of town anymore.

Sadly, she  may have to take down the fence to keep the MARTA people out in order to let people in from the others street on the major intersection where she chooses to um … have a construction site.

I would also like to say that she has the house in an LLC called Blu Management. And she didn’t want anyone to know that she divided the house into ten shares with seven for  her and one each for three of her kids. I still don’t get why she tried to hide that in court.

Basically, Christmas is ruined for four years in a row.


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44 responses to “Chateau Sheree Update!

  1. SB

    At this point she should just sell what’s there and give it up already.

  2. Sometimes it is easier to just let things go, apparently Sheree has not learned that lesson yet. If it doesn’t make you feel better, it is time to kick it to the curb. Sorry for all your rain, that sucks. We have had a grand total of .022 in this year, normal.

    • tasha n.

      …its already on the curb, judging from the pics.

      But yes i agree she needs to let go. Reminds me of my sister, she will hold on to an idea/thing as long as she can to prove others wrong. Sheree needs to sell it and buy a townhome

  3. Katrina

    By the time she gets some money, she will have to redo the siding. She can’t sell it and get her money back. What a shame!

  4. lori

    Hahaha at the whole school district comment. On another note, why the hell did she put your address on the Internet? Where would she even do such a thing. If it’s a blog of hers, then you prob don’t need to worry too much. I can’t imagine she would have many followers since there’s basically nothing to follow.

    • She did it to try and show TT how it feels to be stalked even though we all know TT wasn’t stalking her. The where she posted I will not say because I wont be the one responsible (unlike a former commenter here) for people going and finding it.

  5. lori

    Also, so so good to see you on here TT. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of your posts.

  6. lyn

    why don’t you leave that woman alone. No one cares and it just looks odd to be so concerned or someone irrelevant

    • LOL, you have no idea on the backstory or maybe you do….. SHEREE……

      • We have literally had rain all summer long. So much so that tomatoes etc are not growing because there was not enough SUN. I have barely run my air conditioner all summer. It’s been the dreariest dampest cloudiest summer I can ever remember. Very odd. I don’t think it hit 90 degrees six times all summer. Perfect environment for mold.

  7. steve

    even if she starts building again that house will have moisture issues from being unfinished so long. a little off topic but did you see cousin cassie run out of court when she heard gauker was next witness?

  8. Cali

    The house will have to be torned down. It will be very molded. Kim’s new house sat vacant so long it had black mold, so no telling what this house is going to have.

    • Katrina

      I forgot that Kim had black mold in her house. Kim’s house at least had brick around it. It is so expensive to get rid of mold. There is nothing done on the inside of the house and Sheree is not working on a steady job!

  9. Twilly

    Another smart money decision by Sheree. Instead of getting a comfortable, normal house for her kids, she chose to (attempt to) build this mammoth house for her own ego and image. They’ll never live there, mark my words. She needs to get over herself. Nobody is impressed, nobody cares. We all know you are broke as a joke. Stop fronting.

  10. sammiejane

    Is it wrong to feel that Karma has bitten this bitch in the ass? Makes us honest, hard working people living within our means sleep easier at night… What kind of background does she have to make her feel so entitled? Somebody needs to be hit with a reality stick!! Just wish I could be the one whacking her… I have a pretty mean swing. Teeheehee 😉

    • Twilly

      I’m hoping the same karma will fall on the Guidices. Hardworking, honest people are now unable or struggling to secure a mortgage because of people like the Guidices who scammed their way to “luxury”. The entitlement of these people (Sheree, Kim Z, Teresa, etc.) drives me crazy!!!

    • Bobbi

      sammiejane…….who would have ever guessed that a nice girl like you would be into a little S&M? {LOL} Whack,Whack,Whack! :-)

      • sammiejane

        Shhhh…. we have all spent a little time “in the hole”… we just don’t like to talk about it LM~effffin~AO :)

  11. peachteachr

    Oh, sammiejane, I ALWAYS click on your comments. Love them. Sheree’s house like her She by Sheree clothing line is a FAIL! Remember when she went ahead with her fashion show when she didn’t have any of her clothes ready? That was back when there was more reality in reality TV. Maybe if she had just dropped the whole ‘liberry’ idea things would have been better. I feel more sorry for Bob everytime I read about her.

    • sammiejane

      Thanks, peach! My shrink loves my colorful comments as well… 😉 A little instability never hurt anyone :/

      • sammiejane

        BTW, A big thanks goes out to TT and followers for taking my sense of humor with a grain of salt and not alerting “the authorities”! :) Teeheehee

    • sammiejane

      Peach, I also enjoy reading your comments… they are very insightful as well as giving me another perspective I had not previously seen. Makes my creaky wheels turn and assist me with an additional point of view. Thanks! You help this old dog learn new tricks…. :)

  12. Sheree, Sheree, Sheree. It has looked like that for months and everyone is aware of her financial situation. She does this to herself. I agree with what the others said about her selling the property; she’ll have a little bit of change after that. That house is going to mold and weaken. She needs to get her life together.

  13. Darla

    I’m sure Chateau Sheree hasn’t had work going on because Sheree has run out of money and can’t get financing.I would love to know if she had gotten a loan to begin building,just likeTre and Joe.Maybe the IRS will be auditing all the housewives for possible loan and bank fraud. The majority of them seem to live beyond their means.They will probably all turn on Bravo and sue accusing Bravo of encouraging them to spend and look wealthy or risk being released from the show. Just my conspiracy theorist mind,I really don’t think this would fly.

    • Katrina

      When she originally bought the property, there was house on it and she demolished it. Sheree or her mother may have paid cash for the house because the property has changed owners about 4 to 5 times. Normally, they will not let you change the owners name if there is a mortgage. Teresa and Joe filing for bankruptcy and being denied by the court triggered the federal investigation.

    • Tess

      I’d be curious to see what skeletons are in the Bellino’s financial closet!

  14. RhoaFan

    So apparently the next season of Rhoa is gonna be a flop lol. Kandi has posted pics with every housewife but kenya and everyone seems to be getting along and while that’s great it may be boring to viewers. Other than cynthia having surgery, nene getting sued, porshas divorce drama, and phaedras baby what else is it to watch for?

  15. marehoop

    Welll, Tyvek is getting tons of free advertising…LOL I am surprised she hasn’t contacted them demanding to get paid…

  16. Naa

    That house is a serious affront to decency and good taste. Why is it asymmetrical? WHY? What are those turret-y things? What style does this purport to be in?

    Does Atlanta have no zoning?

    I may have to leave this blog for ever if you continue to post such monstrosities. At least put a NSFGays warning on it for fucksake.

  17. I heard about there being a new cast member in RHOA, and her name is Mynique Smith? Is it true?

  18. Holy crap, what is the address, I am a Realtor, I get on MLS and get all the skinny.

  19. sherri

    Leave that woman alone before it really bites you.

  20. Sad that this is the only way she can find to get attention.

  21. SweeetBea

    She’s completely obsessed with you, Tamara.

  22. Is Chateau Sheree even finished being built yet?

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