WWHL With Alexis Bellino and Jenni Pulos

Andy is calling the show Malibu Country tonight.  Right away, Jenny calls Ryan a “choad master!”  Jenny just had a baby and looks fabulous.

Gretchen and Vicki got the worst of it on the reunion. More Brooks stuff and more cheating on your dying fiancé stuff.

Questions to Alexis:

Why is Slade so rude too women? She implies it is for camera time.

Do you think Gretchen was bullied tonight? She said she did  not like anyone being ganged up on. She felt badly for her at the reunion and texted her support. She has her own issues with Gretchen but doesn’t like to discuss them in a group setting.

So you think Gretchen and Slade will last?  Time will tell.(Andy says that is a no) I think they are perfect for each other.

Do you think Tamra has a mind of her own? Alexis almost said she was the instigator and she definitely has a mind of her own.

Did Ryan ever apologize to Lydia’s Mom?  No he is in Afghanistan.

I just noticed Alexis’s purple hair extension. GOD I HATE THAT ON GROWN WOMEN. Sami Brady on Days of Our Lives has had one in for eons. So tacky.

Jenni Pulos is the best rapper in the universe. A caller asked her to do a Slade rap and it was PERFECTION.

OMG! The  poll question whose side are you on? Gretchen and Slade or Everyone else? 51% Everyone else. FORTY FUCKING NINE PERCENT GRETCHEN AND SLADE?  WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?


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17 responses to “WWHL With Alexis Bellino and Jenni Pulos

  1. Urethra Franklin

    It’s funny that have you mistaken Alexis for Gretchen in the post heading. No difference since they are all fake, dumb, and with interchangeable parts….

  2. Tango

    I hate colored hair extensions or streaks on anyone over 25. I also hate the stripey blonde streaks/brunnette streaks, and they are back. Ugh. At least the dumb feather thing is over, I hope..

  3. Gingersnap

    “Choad” is one of those words I didn’t know…I wish I still didn’t. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

    I want Andy to quit manhandling the mazel thong panties before he passes (throws) them to his guest. I find myself thinking the whole time he has them in his hands, DON’T touch the crotch area, PLEASE DON’T touch the crotch area…

  4. i luv you, but best rapper? cringe. she did it on the nate berkus show all the time. i had to hit the mute button or risk hurting someone.

  5. Ha Ha Choad, good one. That was a porn moment for sure.

  6. pdt090

    I probably would’ve voted for Gretchen & Slade (well, not so much Slade). Vapid as she is it just seems so ridiculous to me that they’re all piling on her over some bit role on a shit show that already got canceled.

  7. Mina

    I used to really like Gretch but the last two seasons, I dunno, I lost my like for her. I wouldn’t mind being built like her tho. lol Has anyone already commented on her face this season? It looks carved ouit of Barbie doll head plastic. And what did she do to her mouth? I found myself looking at it trying to figure out her upper lip and teeth. Kinda horrifying… Anyone notice it or am I late? And yes I think Jenny is good at making up the raps but her delivery kinda freaks me out

    • lori

      I agree. I can’t even look at her face when she’s rapping, and I hate the way she says the words. IDK, I’m not a fan. I actually wrote an email when the show first went to 5 nights a week venting how much I wish they’d get a new theme song. I could barely tolerate it when it was only on a few nights. If I have to hear “cockTaaaiiiils” one more time! Seriously, I have to hit mute every time any smidgeon of that song is played. It makes me cringe. Like nails on a chalkboard for me.

  8. God bless all of you who can still watch WWHL! Too much Andy for me.

    • LOL! I only watch it when “characters” from shows I *love* are on, like last week the guys from MDL-NY were on and tonight the guys from MDL-LA will be on. Otherwise I just cant be bothered even though I like Andy and even bought his book.

      • I used to think I liked Andy too, but 5 nights/week proved me wrong haha. That, and the direction that he allows the shows to go in. He had a HUGE opportunity with the ratings he generated, and he failed big time for me with where he decided to go. I am boycotting him and the entire network. I just can’t quit the blogs..!!

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