RHOOC Finale Recap: What the Heck is Ryan’s Deal?

RHOOCallYAY! It is a RHOOC mandatory party! Who will go sleep with the fishes penguins? The topic is of course how much everyone hates Gretchen (and Slade.) There are actual people at this party. Where did they come from?  Ryan is cavorting with the enemy talking trash about  Vicki to Gretchen and Slade. He is sure to point out that Brooks is a douchebag. Gretchen confronts Heather about Malibu Country Gate 2013. Heather is very condescending to Gretchen about the whole thing. Heather has an acting career, and Gretchen is a wannabe. Gretchen apologizes for hurting Heather’s feelings by being disengaged at the Hot in Cleveland shoot and that is not good enough for Heather. What is wrong with Heather this season?  Why is she such a follower of the pack when everyone decides the season target is Gretchen?

Tamra apologizes to Jim Bellino! This is a sure sign of the apocalypse! Jim and Alexis both cry! I am speechless!

Note the other two rabbit ears on Lydia's wrists

Note the other two rabbit ears on Lydia’s wrists

Meanwhile inside the house Ryan is yelling at Lydia’s mother to get her feet off his couch. Newsflash kid, ain’t nothing in that house yours except your suitcase and your clothes.  Who yells at someone’s mother? He’s accusing her of being drunk and repeatedly threatening to throw her out! OMG! He is being a giant asshole! She asked him who he was, and he said he owns…errr…. Lives here. She said she put her feet up because they hurt and apologized to him for being disrespectful. (She wasn’t) His response was if your feet hurt, go get a fucking massage. She asks him to stop using the word ‘fuck’.  She goes out and tells Vicki a very mild version of the story and he comes over and continues to be aggressive. Brianna is condoning his behavior.  Vicki hugs Lydia’s mom and Ryan screams at her not to hug her and to stick with her family. Vicki stops hugging her immediately, almost as though she is scared of Ryan. Brianna is very defensive of Ryan.  Vicki says she is going to put her foot down and handle things but she doesn’t.

Tamra and Gretchen go over the wedding dress debacle. AGAIN. Why must we have the same arguments over and over.

Vicki and Slade have the same old conversation. Lydia gets in on the action. Her husband just stands there. Vicki screams at Gretchen. It’s the same old story.

Vicki and Brooks have broken up and gotten back together several times since the Winter Wonderland Party.

Ryan is in Afghanistan, Briana and Troy are getting their own apartment. (I’ll believe that when I see it).

Next week, the reunion, where we will hear the same old arguments.


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  1. Ame

    So disgusted with Ryan’s behavior! Brianna is a total idiot for defending him and then smiling about the whole situation. Vicky needs to set him straight and remind him that he doesn’t own the house! Why didn’t any of the men there back his sorry ass up against the wall? Unless this woman took a shit on the couch on purpose, his behavior can’t be defended!

    • Boat

      Totally agree!

    • Pam1234

      I am very concerned about Ryan. I was married to a wife abuser and he hits all the bases. The self rightious attitude about everyone else. His right to judge and pass judgement and then go from stop to 60 in a second..all signs I saw. My father was a career Air Force pilot – whose plane went down in the jungles of New Guenia. I NEVER saw a hint of that behavior in my dad. That is because he was secure he could meet whatever challenge is encountered. People like Ryan are scared, insecure and lash out before anyone can get near their core. They are constantly alert – ready to attack – to deflect the fact they are actually running scared. I hope he gets help from the military. And I hope Brianna takes care of herself gets out if Ryan continues to act out.

  2. Urethra Franklin

    It dawned on me last night that Gretchen looks like Patsy Stone from Absolutely Fabulous.

    Even from last season I had an “off” feeling about Ryan. Something very dark about that guy or his childhood. Maybe it’s small dick syndrome…

    • I can’t stop staring at Gretchen’s pageant hair. As a southerner, I am in awe of it’s sheer perfection.

    • Gingersnap

      I had the same “off” feeling as you about Ryan. I felt he was quite immature and wet behind the ears and NOW I know he is a PUNK. I have very little tolerance for PUNKS. I would have liked to see him get his PUNK ass kicked back to Afghanistan. Briana hasn’t done herself any favors hooking up with this PUNK and I rather feel bad for her.

    • Karen

      Regarding Ryan, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen bizzare behavior — remember earlier in the season when he was installing an over-the-top security system (in a well-guarded gated community)? Looking back, there have been little hints here and there that Vicki has been covering up for him. Vicki’s brother’s reaction to Ryan’s behavior clearly confirms that there is a serious problem with Ryan that has been going on for a while. This is about a lot more than the “stress” of being deployed again and Ryan didn’t seem to have had much to drink. Ryan has serious problems, however, no one here knows enough or is in a position to say what is wrong with him, least of all to make a diagnosis of PTSD. Brianna is as sharp and a level-headed as they come. That doesn’t mean she couldn’t have married him not knowing the full extent of his emotional problems. Love this site, Tamara. So glad I found it.

      • eg

        @Karen I agree with you, there probably is a LOT of other stuff going on or has gone on that we don’t know about this guy.

      • otherpeoplesproblems

        I agree with all of this. Its possible she regrets marrying him but it’s too late. Weren’t they only dating a little while before the quickie wedding? Brianna was excited about her new lease on life after her health scare and didnt think this through.

      • Kam

        I agree with your statement that Ryan for sure displayed some serious issues within himself..Not only did he disrespect Lydia’s mom, but Vicki as well as his mother-n-law!! Thank goodness Vicki’s brother nailed it when he tried to tell Ryan to back off because its not the first time he’s gone ape wild.Terry (her brother) was the only one who had the nerve to step-up to the situation at hand…I thought he was going to hit Ryan…wow, wished he had done it! At the closing it said that Brianna and Ryan were moving out of the house — this would be the best for everyone!

    • patsy stone? surely you jest!

    • Mina

      HAHAHAHA! She does! She really does. Good one,Urethra~

  3. eg

    Welcome back TT! Hope you are feeling better, you were missed! On the Ryan thing ( I commented on this on another thread) he was AWFUL!!! Don’t know what boyfriend was on, or maybe he had a lot on his little bitty mind, but it doesn’t matter. His behavior was inexcusable, and Vicki is responsible for him feeling that comfortable to act that way in HER house! And Brianna was quick to take his “lying” word over what really happened. And the way she threatened her mother about if Brooks comes to the house, she and the baby are moving out! WHO does that? Thats holding the love Vicki has for her grandson hostage. But all of that is still Vickis’ fault (to me) If it were me I’d have to say Babygirl I love you and my grandson…..but get to steppin bitch! I have had to do that on occasion.

    • Lisa in Oregon

      I’m going to have to go against the grain here in regards to Ryan’s behavior. I have never served in the military but i can speak from my experiences with people close to me who have returned. When in Afganistan, your sole focus is on staying alive and returning home. As you can imagine, it’s very scary and very stressful. Of those i know, they don’t really allow themselves to acknowledge that fear and stress until they return home. It comes out in extreme anger and not usually in a constructive way. This is why you hear about suicides, domestic violence, other types of violence, etc. Was Ryan inappropriate and took the issue of the furniture too far? Absolutely. I think he is suffering incredibly and this was one of those times the anger came out in an awful way and just happened to be on film. I personally saw the look on his face and thought “oh no…” If you watch the episode again you’ll see the pure anger in his eyes and the trembling of his lips as he tries to control it but cannot. I’ve seen this many times. I don’t know him personally but my humble opinion is that he’s hurting and could use our compassion instead of contempt. Just my two cents.

      • Shellbelle

        I agree… He talked in an earlier episode about how many friends he lost while serving last time. That must take an emotional toll on a person. Not to mention the fact that he was getting ready to deploy all over again. He was a dick no doubt about it, but having many family members that have served and are serving, my heart goes out to him.

      • Sarah

        Calling an older woman a “b*tch” and looking like you want to punch her out ….. there is no excuse. None.

        If he had picked a fight with another guy, I would feel understanding. But an older woman ?! Disgraceful.

  4. jarlath

    Y’all need to show our troops some respect, if it weren’t for them we couldn’t be on here bitchin and moanin’.

    • DJ

      Ryan doesn’t deserve our respect.

    • As a proud Army wife of 22 yrs I can tell you Ryan doesn’t deserve any respect. He wasn’t in uniform and he was being an ass. Just because someone serves that doesn’t give them free reign to do things like he did.

      • Bravocueen

        Here, here, Karma! Wife of 25 years to an Army officer. Many deployments over the years, often in imminent danger zones. Never, EVER, has my husband even dreamed of speaking to a woman that way. Having the privilege of wearing a uniform is not a pass to be an ass. I think him for his service, but he needs to seek help STAT.

    • i have a nephew in afghanistan. i’m sorry, but ryan is scary crazy. seriously, would you want a weapon in those hands? i’m betting vicki is worried she’ll never see the grandbaby if he moves brianna elsewhere.

      • I don’t get y’alls double standard about Vicki’s looks. She looks fine. She is an older woman. This is REALITYISH TV. She is not a movie star.

      • not about her looks but about an ill-fitting outfit. i only watch periodically and think she often wears decent stuff so the party outfit was even more jarring and got way too much airtime. she’s prolly kicking herself about it now.

    • Bullshit. I don’t fall for the blind worship of “the troops” like so many others. I appreciate what they’ve done but it’s not an excuse for dickhead behavior and it doesn’t mean they walk on water. If anything, “the troops” should be MORE level-headed and set more of an example.

      Piss off.

      • AMEN! I am sorry, the get out of jail free card does not work with this shit. He reenlisted. He went back, he chooses to do this. There is no draft, there is no mandatory service requirement, there is NO EXCUSE.

      • isabella i’ve heard that once they go, even if they dont choose to go back, the military reserves the right to force them to (re hot spots like afghanistan) and often does. plus they feel as if they’re deserting their buddies if they dont go back. it’s a bit of a terrible situation.

      • I don’t have any info about that to be truthful, I just meant that there is no draft, he obviously re-enlisted unless he was in a stop loss job, and now we find he has a history of domestic violence. None of that even comes close to excusing that behavior though.

  5. momadison

    The sneak peek at the reunion, really we need 3 parts of them draggin the same ole Gretchen cheated on Jeff while he was dying BS from like 4 years ago??? Bravo, come on, we need some new blood and new beefs! Ryan, dude, what the hell? Marines need to be calm in stressful situations, if you can’t handle a in your mind rude partyguest what are you gonna do in the field??

  6. Belinda

    I cannot stop staring at Vicki’s breasts. When did long become the new look ? She so needs a makeover starting with a good bra !

    • Gingersnap

      Hey TT! Glad you made contact and that you’re better. You really were missed.

      Vicki looked horrible, just horrible. You could see every lump and bump she has and those udders need serious support, they are hanging real low.

  7. Becky White

    Does anyone remember that someone long ago said that Ryan was involved with someone else when he started dating Brianna? As I recall it was only briefly mentioned on one long ago episode.

    Also, he seemed like he may have PTSD – but if that is the case he should never have been sent back overseas.

    I used to think Brianna was so level headed but defending Ryan’s awful behavior makes me think otherwise.

    • loops010

      Ryan was reportedly married in 2005 and divorced in 2010. Ryan has also commented about his actions on the season finale of RHOC to Military Times…no apology, it was editing according to Ryan. He stated he got lawyers involved to try to persuade Bravo to show the incident in its entirety but everyone had signed contracts and Bravo can edit however they please.
      Vicki also commented for the same article. Although she stated she was not a witness to the incident, she reiterated Ryan’s story adding he is kind and was pushed to his limits.
      I do not feel Ryan was being truthful about the events even if Bravo selectively showed the highlights. Apparently other people were in the room, maybe they escalated the incident.
      History has proven time and time again when someone stands on their soapbox and accuses someone else of having character flaws, they usually have something to hide as well. Elliot Spitzer comes to mind. I just do not find Ryan to be truthful and it was interesting watching him and Brianna dishing dirt on Vicki and Brooks to Gretchen and Slade. It will be interesting to see if he continues to sling mud Brooks way or, if someone finds some mud to sling his way.
      I always found the story Ryan told about the vacation in Mexico he took with the family, Brooks included, doubtful. Knowing how frigid Brooks’ relationship is with Brianna and Ryan I just did not think that he would have a conversation with Ryan about the prostitutes in the town square, even if he was eyeing up the working girls. Needless to say, Brooks and Ryan have proven to be very attention-grabbing characters for RHOC.
      By the way, everyone is being too critical. Vicki looked fine and just needed some more support wear under her dress. Who doesn’t?

  8. otherpeoplesproblems

    Ryan also reveals that all is not well with Brianna and Vicki… even though she (Vicki) will say it is. That seemed like kind of a douchebag thing to say, even before all the crap with Lydia’s mom went down. Ryan enjoys driving a wedge between Vicki and Brianna. Aside from Lydia’s mom, I feel the most bad for Brianna. To go from an overbearing mother (with good intentions though) to a controlling psychopath of a husband! I don’t believe she really thought what Ryan did was right, but she felt like she’d look dumb not defending him. They are all going to feel dumb after seeing this episode.

    I liked Jim this season, and I liked Tamra’s apology. I think his comment about Alexis ruining a 1000 scarf was a joke. Jim’s got a sense of humor, who would’ve guessed!

    Ryan IS a loose cannon. I get all the pressure of being away from his family but damn… What a jerk. Yelling at a sweet old woman! I know she’s not that old, but still she’s somebody’s mom! I think Vicki is so afraid of being alone that she doesn’t want to kick them out. That’s been clear since the beginning.

    I hated Gretchen’s party coat. Gretchen is so tacky.

    • DJ

      I don’t think that Jim was joking. He IS a joke and a pretentious asshole. As Tamra said, he was “price dropping”, which is what he and Alexis do all the time.

    • peachteachr

      I so agree. Divide and conquer has been a successful since the beginning of time. Briannia is setting herself up to be just like her mother… in a constant tizzy searching for love and acceptance. I don’t think Ryan is capable of giving that to her. Someone above said how close to her health scare she met and married Ryan and I believe that may be true. He is in way over his head but that doesn’t even slow him down. I use to believe that everything was either black or white, but in my older years I have discovered all these beautiful shades of gray. Somehow, I don’t see that happening with Ryan.

  9. Linda

    I greatly respect Ryan’s service to our country. I believe he has been deployed more than one tour (Irag/Afganistan) and none of us know the toll that can take. Having said that, he was scary out of line and not honorable in his behavior toward Lydia’s mom. I echo others in that I do not like Ryan as much as I have always liked Brianna. Some have speculated that Ryan is a gold digger and sees that Vicki is wealthy. He may be attempting to do what alot of us accuse Brooks of doing – wanting to get his hands on Vicki’s wealth. Or he has serious entitlement issues not to mention a hair trigger temper. I was frankly shocked at his behavior and I think that Vicki is afraid of him. The rest of the episode was as TT pointed out – re-hash.

    • Darla

      I agree that Brianna and Vicki may be scared of Ryan.Also, i noticed the large scar on his forehead,i wonder if he got a head injury,if he acts like that on camera I can’t imagine how he treats Brianna and Vicki off camera.He was totally trashing Vicki (who I really can’t stand or stand to look at).I wish Gretchen would look at Vicki and see that that is how she is gonna look if she doesn’t stop messing with her face. I really don’t want to criticize Vicki’s looks but her complexion looks sooo bad. Is it acne or injection pock marks that make her face soo lumpy and bumpy.She didn’t have a bra on and I don’t think she had on spanx but the film crew should have told her how bad she looked and she should wear something else.

      • sadly thinking they don’t make spanx that big. personal experience talking…sigh.

      • Um Vicki can’t be bigger than a size eight. Jesus. Christ. Meatball.

      • Gingersnap

        @TT ~ I weigh 112 pounds and wear some 6’s…I know television adds pounds and I THINK expensive clothes run a bit bigger, but Vicki a size 8?

      • Gingersnap

        @TT ~ It’s politically incorrect to say “midget”, it’s “Little People” now and you’ve offended me. JUST KIDDEN!!! I’m 5’2″, I’m short, but not midget short.

      • A couple of seasons ago, Vicki talked openly about her battle with acne. So the “lumpy and bumpy” affect that you are referring to is the scarring from the acne she suffers from.

      • DJ

        Vicki has acne and takes or was taking Acutane for it. Acutane is only used for cases of severe acne.

      • Diva

        I agree with you about that scar on Ryan’s forehead. If he received a brain injury that could account for his strange behavior. Brianna didn’t even know him, other than some emailing, Skype for something like 7 months (I recall reading he was married to someone else at the time) and he came home on leave, a week later they eloped. That was incredibly POOR judgement on her part, as was having a baby with someone she didn’t even really know. I think we all would be willing to give him the benefit of a doubt, EXCEPT for the fact that he kept lying about what had happened to Vicki AND Vicki’s brother Billy indicated several times that “this happens every time.” I really fear for Vicki, Brianna and Troy’s safety. That guy looked like he would’ve been punching people and breaking things, if so many people weren’t around to witness his outburst.

    • Nicole

      I was sad to see Ryan acting this way. I really like Brianna and always thought she was level-headed. She is his wife and the mother of his child, so naturally she has to defend him, but you can see that she was embarrassed by his behavior. Did you notice how he used the word f*** in everyone of his sentences. He kept saying that Lydia’s mom asked him “who the f*** is he” but she never used any profanities on him.
      Also, on one of the WWHL episode, there was discussion that there might be someone falling into the pool in the next episode.
      I thought that was nice of Tamara to “make up” with Jim. Can’t stand Vicki’s squeaky screaming when she can’t get the last word in and Gretchen’s nasal voice and her laugh. AAACCCKKKK!!! Fingers on the chalkboard.

      • eg

        @Nicole, I’m sorry but I did not see a drop of embarrassment in Ryans behavior. All I saw was unnecessary meaness over nothing and really taking advantage of his position there in Vickis house (Vickis fault). I think he has other issues.Just my opinion.

      • AMEN. He is whacked out, PTSD, drunk, whatever, he just is not right in the head. Danger Will Robinson, danger.

      • Gingersnap

        @Isabella ~ What’s scarier than Ryan’s outburst, was me knowing that your ‘danger, Will Robinson, danger’ was from that LONG ago and mostly forgotten Lost in Space television show. Now, that’s scary!

      • LOL, I loved lost in space. We had reruns in Finland, that was an awesome show!

  10. MzzB

    I stuck with only one thing to remember from last nights finale: Miss Vicki and that damn dress!

  11. vivaladiva831

    Does nobody else notice the big ass scar on his forehead? He obviously had something happen to his head to leave a significant scar, and I have always thought that’s why he was off. Like he has no social filter. He has always had awkward behavior. I bet Brianna likes a man that can somewhat domineering, and I mean this in a sense of vikki being the domineering in her marriages. In an odd way she prob likes to have it be known that the man is in charge.

    • Many women, myself included appreciate a dominant man that takes control of the situation. The trick is finding someone with intelligence, character, and a moral compass to take charge. Ryan is a hothead. Whoever said he may be trying to keep Brooks out of Vicki’s pocketbook because he wants to inherit it through Briana is probably right on target .

      • vivaladiva831

        Yep same here but the thing is Ryan is way over the Jim Bellino mark. I just think Brianna picked a man version of vikki. And I like vikki, but imagine her as a man. Controlling, screaming, losing it over silly things. Brianna grew up with a mom like that and now she has picked a man like that. Brianna knows not to cross a line with him, she handled him like he might hit her. Laughing, stroking him, appeasing him. He threw her hand off of his arm at one point.

      • sammiejane

        I have to interject an observation I made during Ryan’s show of control or lack thereof during this episode and in previous airings. It was similar to “roid rage”, mirroring an alpha male complex, or just purely blacking out when losing control of a situation. I know editing can paint a completely different picture of what transpired but when defending himself to the party goers he blatantly lied. He accused Lydia’s mother of asking him “Who the fuck he was?” when he clearly was the first one to introduce the f word by asking her, “Who the fuck she was?”. Vicki needs to demonstrate who owns the house and needs to put her foot down (or in Ryan’s ass) and kick this guy out. He needs therapy and/or medication for his issues. It is not my place without knowing what the root of this rage is but it appears it could become dangerous if not sorted out by a professional. Just my thoughts…. :/

  12. Mimsy

    Im sorry but Ryan was completely out of line. Like 100 percent. First off Lydias mom never said “Who the eff are you”? She just simply asked who are you to be coming at me like that. And then when he said he lived here, she said that her feet were hurting and that she just needed to rest and that she was SORRY. And then he STILL curses at her. Like who does that? The woman said she was sorry and he CONTINUED being a total ass. His behavior was out of control. Brianna really should have reeled his ass in. You dont talk to my mothers friend like that. Totally out of line. Nothing about his behavior was appropriate.

    • sammiejane

      Did you also take note when Lydia’s mom asked him who he was coming at her in such a manner, he slipped up? Very telling if you ask me… his comment was and I quote ” I OWN, ummm live here”. I respect he is paying rent and he is in a field synonymous with protecting those around him, especially his family, but he made a major fuck up when he began to say he owned the house! Vicki’s only option at this point, is to help Ryan, Brianna, and the baby begin their new life as a family outside of Vicki’s home. Let him be the man in his own home, where he pays the bills and and can control everything which he seems so fond of doing! Vicki grow a pair! Let your little girl have her own family while she and Ryan can supervise it as they see fit! If Brianna finds she is not happy with having such a dominating male she has options, though I hope this is not the case for they need to time to really get to know each other and all the quirky issues that come along with new love, marriage, and a child. In a nutshell~ MOVE OUT RYAN, START YOUR FAMILY IN PRIVATE, AND TAKE YOUR SURVEILLANCE EQUIPMENT WITH YOU!!!~ And Vicki move on, preferably without that douche bag, Brooks! Okay, yeah, I think I am done now~ thanks for letting me get that off my chest!! :)

  13. The Disher

    So glad TT is back! I was going through withdrawal….I agree @Mimsy. Ryan lied about Lydia’s mother to try to save his own ass. She never disrespect him or used the “eff” bomb. He completely attacked her, unprovoked. Lydia’s stoner mother is the most mellow chick ever. She never cussed at him and could not have been nicer. That dude has a serious problem & was picking on someone he knew couldn’t fight back. He needs serious therapy…

  14. MTPT

    I would HATE Lydia’s mother throwing glitter all over my house. It is equal to tossing garbage around. What did or did not happen between her and Ryan we will never know due to editing. It is that simple.

    • oh get over it. She was not fairy dusting in the house. She was laying down because her feet hurt. When you have a big party, you can’t expect for nothing to get broken or dirty.

      • MTPT

        Uh I did not defend the situation one way or the other. Actually I only saw the last couple minutes of the fight…I think the show is edited for drama which was my point to the board. But the fairy dusting is rude and the woman is odd. Nothing to get over.

    • Jaded

      And if it was Ryan’s house (or yours), you may have a point. However it is Vicki’s house and it was Vicki’s party. No-one else should have been determining appropriate behaviour, chastising guests or determining attendees other than Vicki.

    • actually, vicki said ryan could use some fairy dust, if i remember correctly.

    • HasNoTime

      @MTPT fairy dust isn’t glitter in the first-grade-Elmer’s-glue-and-construction-paper sense. It is finely ground powder with mica added for shimmer. Unless you spilled a tablespoon of it, it would be almost impossible to see (think baby powder). Stila used to make one I used in the 90’s and it did what all of the ‘reflective’ lotions/Jergens/Nivea do now…without the goop factor. Agree that tossing true glitter would be an offense worthy of making the dumper push around the Dyson. Off camera.

  15. Tango

    I think Ryan is definitely off. There is something wrong with him. I remember Vicki questioning why they got married so fast. That baby came pretty fast too. Sometimes men like Ryan pick naive lonely girls and tell them everything they wanna hear to hook them, then the crazy comes out. He seems like a control freak with anger issues, and Brianna will probably suffer emmotional abuse.

  16. vivaladiva831

    Oh yeah, and what the heck is Lydia’s problem? Calm down beavis! It’s not like he tried to sleep with you to carve another notch in his housewives headboard-I’m a skinny girl and if someone told me to eat a cheeseburger I would not take it as a negative. Someone who does have weight problems and or an Eating issue. His comment hit a nerve with her bc in either scenario she can’t help the way she looks.

    • Nicole

      I would take issue with someone telling me I need to eat a burger.

    • I was also a skinny girl until the last 3 years and I hated when people made comments about my weight…I need to feed you, you look sick, bet you get your clothes in the junior section, etc., I did not like it and it was hurtful. Its the same as making negative comments about over weight people

      • peachteachr

        LOL, you forgot the ever popular “Do you have to hold onto a tree when the wind blows?”.

      • Sarah

        Over the years I’ve gone through periods of extreme weight loss to being 25 lbs overweight (due to health problems). For some reason people always seem more comfortable remarking when I’m too thin. The remarks that hurt the most where being called “skeletor” & “gross” – but the funniest was when I was told “if you lose any more weight you’ll fall through your a$$hole & hang yourself”.

  17. vivaladiva831

    Am I the only one who thinks heather always looks like she is sucking a lemon?

  18. AlwaysALady

    Poor Vicky…Ryan is just as big a d-bag as Brooks. Briana is going to be a battered woman. Stay tuned

  19. Man Ryan scares the crap out of me. My third hubby was in the Army and went psychopath crazy like that a few times, this entire show I had that disgusting stomach feeling that he would haul off and hit Ms. Judy or anyone else. Brianna, in the off chance you ever read this, grab that baby, grab your stuff and run for the hills. No man with that kind of temper that can trigger off insane like that can be changed. The Douchelord comment by Lydia was sheer perfection, she nailed Slade. The reunion looks to be the best part of the entire season!

  20. lori

    I too am starting to feel that ryan sees himself financially benefiting from his marriage to brianna. His behavior has made me very afraid for brianna (and vicky too). I love vicky’s brother, but I swear I think even he may be a little nervous around ryan. Like who knows what he’s capable of. You could definitely tell that this is far from the first time there have been issues with that kid. I wonder how brianna felt after she saw the footage. I really hope they discuss this at the reunion. I’m thinking that IF brianna does feel now like she may have made a mistake, she would be embarrassed to say so. I would imagine it would also kind of be like eating some crow after the way they were so self righteous in regards to Vicky and HER choices. All I know is the whole thing freaked me out and brought back a very sick feeling I myself used to live with when I was living with someone who was almost equally as emotionally unstable. Not good.

    • lori

      Oh! And when he started to say that he OWNS the house! Wow and yikes!!!!

      • sammiejane

        Glad someone else caught that comment, as well! ^See my post above^. I see Ryan as a “Mini-Brooks”. I think they both see dollar signs!! So sad… I hope Troy is not a casualty. And I do sincerely hope I am wrong about my perception of Ryan’s intentions but, my gut tells me I am not wrong about this one. I do hope if this is the case, she would not “stick it out” so as not to look like she had been taken. No one wins then, especially an innocent child.

        BTW: I am usually not so outspoken. I have always been trained to given my opinion when asked. Wording it carefully is also crucial. You all just make it easy for me to vent on these “reality shows”. Lucky you all!! LOL 😉

  21. Shellbelle

    Didn’t Ryan say in an earlier episode that he had been to Afghanistan several times? I also remember him telling Vicki that many of his friends did not make it back alive. I’m guessin with a new baby and wife, the thought of that makes it pretty stressful. It doesn’t excuse him acting like a dick… He and Vicki seemed to be in competition for who I the bigger dick.
    Alexis sure was quick to jump on the bash Gretchen band wagon, huh? I dislike Tamara more and more every season- he and Vicki deserve each other. I used to be a fan of Heather but my opinion is quickly changing. She’s a rich bitch , and not like NeNe. Pretentious and snobby. Yuck!

  22. KB

    I really felt scared for Brianna. I have a sister who was a battered woman and the way Brianna tried to pacify Ryan in order to calm him down was reminiscent of long ago when I felt uncomfortable being in the same room with my sister and her significant other. Not knowing if and when something was going to pop off. It is clear this man has anger issues regardless of the reasons why. I am scared for Brianna. I hope Vicki doesn’t try to condone or make excuses for him because really there is no justifiable reason for his actions. As much as I don’t care too much for Gretchen…I feel like they all overreacted with that whole MC show situation. Who cares! I do think that there was something shady going on with Gretchen and that guy while her fiancé was dying. I think she had a boyfriend. Where there’s smoke there’s fire and the reason they are still talking about it is because she is still denying it when they all feel trey know the truth about her. That’s just my opinion if course.

  23. khintx

    I don’t think it’s a closed head injury or PTSD. I think it’s “I wanna keep getting a check from Bravo-itis.” He played the role convincingly. Heather needs to be keeping her eye on Ryan’s acting career not Gretchen’s. kh

    • Linda

      Family members don’t get checks from Bravo just the housewives. Ryan more likely has his eye on Vicki’s money. Vicki, get a food taster quick!

      • I don’t think he is in it for money, I think he maybe loved Briana or something that passed for love and is just a big old control/anger freak. He has nothing, how weird to live with your MIL right after your marriage. He is resentful and it shows.

  24. I grew up in an abusive home and that whole scene with Ryan completely triggered me. I don’t care why he acts like that but kid needs some serious help and quick. Can you imagine how he will react if Troy makes a mess or breaks something. OMG I am seriously concerned for Brianna and Troy.

  25. peachteachr

    If Ryan had any plans to make a career of the military, he should re-evaluate that option. I’m pretty sure his performances on RHWOC will haunt him and disqualify his as an officer and a gentleman.

    • Lulu

      I think Ryan is a seriously touched and dangerous. I expect him to become violent at any time.

    • sammiejane

      Peach (sorry, I hope it is acceptable that I have referred to you as such),
      I know, coming from a very long line of military background, there is extensive research done on those enlisted. If Ryan plans on doing anything of significance he has flushed his career down the toliet by being on a reality show. My feelings are he has no intention of staying in the armed services. I have a hunch he is looking into acting or even playing on Vicki’s need for ummm i dunno, security (Operation Brook’s Security) where Vicki would pay his salary…. just sayin…. a house, food, free baby sitting, and a paycheck signed by no other than Vicki Gunvalson.

  26. Laurie in NYC

    Ryan was so out of control and disrespectful. I actually gasped at all the f-bombs he was throwing at this lovely lady. It was shocking and disgusting. It’s not his home and he needs to remember that. Clearly the brother got involved because there has been an ongoing issue with Ryan. Vicki’s dress was gorgeous but would have looked a million times better on Tamra. I think women should wear whatever they’re comfortable in but you could see she wasn’t comfortable….especially when someone kept closing the front while she was talking. It did nothing for her at all except made her look like she was trying way to hard. I noticed that Vicky hasn’t posted her blog yet. Damage control with Ryan. She probably doesn’t want to respond for fear that he will go awol and come and abuse her too. I hate Brooks too but Vicky is an adult, she NEVER should have agreed to Brianna & Ryan’s demand of not having Brooks in the house while they live there. Vicky created these monsters. They act like they’re paying all the bills. Shame on them. I hope Brianna sets her husband straight. He’s a volatile liar and has no respect.

  27. Mollymom

    Ryan’s head scar is probably from a fight with a real man, so now he picks on the oldest lady at the party. He’s a coward, punk and poor Brianna has big problems coming her way. Maybe the cameras he installed will help her after she files a restraining order.

  28. Jamie

    OMG…. I was so disgusted and upset by the Finale!! I couldn’t stop yelling at the T.V . It was the most horrible thing Ive ever seen on any of the housewives. I couldn’t imagine a man yelling at a women that way, and I was so upset the way that Brianna defended him, it made her look weak and I lost respect for her. It was even worse how Vicki didn’t even handle it and completely changed the subject to Brooks!!! the whole thing was disgusting!!! Ryan is a total Douche!!!! I have no respect for him, I come from a military family and never seen any of the men treat women that way!!!

  29. Laurie in NYC

    I think the reason everyone is still bringing up Gretchen cheating on Jeff is because she constantly lies about it. There is video of that guy Jay at Big Bear while Jeff was in the hospital. Jay also called Tamra and ratted on Gretchen, there’s a 911 tape where Gretchen and Jay were having a domestic dispute and she clearly refers to him as her boyfriend. Gretchen’s denials are so insulting to us and even more insulting to her friends. I’m sure that Gretchen and Jeff had an “arrangement” and because of that arrangement, she doesn’t think she cheated but her not acknowledging it at all is insulting. Jeana also stated that she saw this guys clothes over Gretchen’s house. Give it up Gretchen…….you don’t have to come clean but your constant denials are what’s frustrating to everyone.

    • Shellbelle

      I don’t know the gritty details but didn’t Gretchen sue him and win $500,000 for comments he made ior things he said in public? I vaguely remember something about a lawsuit… He sued her and lost, she sed him ad won?

      • Laurie in NYC

        That doesn’t mean that they weren’t true. Gretchen sued him for defamation and assault, battery, stalking and breach of contract.
        A judge later threw out the defamation claim, but let the others proceed. In order for her to win defamation, she’d have to prove that they weren’t involved…….clearly the judge agreed that there was a relationship and threw that out. He also sued her for defamation and she had to pay his legal fees……..he must have provided sufficient evidence to support his case. Gretchen won damages for assault and battery, stalking and breach of contract only. She’s gotta let go of this. Major fail Gretchen. #busted

  30. Erika Kane

    I’m just HOPING that Everyone making comments on Vickies Breast & Body size are all perfect 10’s! She is a older woman & looks good, In my opinion. My boobs don’t sit up perky, my stomach is not flat, but I am still the most beautiful person inside & out, so who are you all to judge? Some people get to caught up in VANITY & are so easy to attack someone else physical instead of focusing on their own. This sickens me to the core, we are who we are.

    • Belinda

      Certain things “sicken me to the core” but comments about a public person who wears improper or no undergarments is not on the list. Vicki called Lydia’s Mom “elderly” and yet HER foundations and attire were far more flattering than Miss Piggy’s. Without a bra my 34DD’s are floor draggers which is why I never leave home without ny SOMA. Oh….BTW…
      since I’m putting it all out there, you can add to the list of lumpy, overweight body, droopy tits, bad clothes choices, bad skin …..horrible, horrible hair (style?). On every level a total Mess !

      • LOL, if Vicki is comfortable in an Alexis stripper dress, regardless of the floppy boobs, lumpy stomach or age, who cares?? It takes a confident woman to wear that and I thought it was brilliant that she called Slade out on his women’s physical appearance bashing. He is a disgusting POS. Let’s talk about pigs, Slade is far worse than any real housewife. Oh another great comment did come from his mouth though, when he told Vicki to put away her balls, I did kind of smile.

      • Unless all the commenters bashing Vicki’s appearance are twenty, I don’t get it. When I was in my twenties I could not fathom ever wearing double digit sizes. I think most of us that are getting older would never criticize Vicki for her appearance. She looks fine.

      • Belinda

        ISABELLA……you’re right in that I don’t really care. Just conversing ! I disagree about a confident woman wearing that dress. To me, given her age and condition, it smacks of desperation and insecurity. I also disagree about Slade. I don’t see that kind of sparring as male/female. Just two people who have opinions and don’t like each other. When women expect an equal playing field with men, they have to take the bad with the good.TT….I was born, 68 years ago , a size 12…am still a size 12 and still think she looked the fool !

      • Ok, fair enough. So you would be ok with a man making comments about your appearance? I would not. Vicki said he was a dead beat dad, Gretchen has confirmed that he will never ever be able to be caught up with those bills (I hope she knows that when they marry, that his debts will become her’s). In return, Slade has bashed her, Tamra, Lydia, etc. appearance, their bodies, whatever. Whether or not you would wear what she would is one thing, but to excuse his attacks on these women as just being fair play, I disagree. I am confused, what exactly is her “condition”? What is the age cut off for hoochie wear? Is it a size thing or an age thing? Just conversing too, I really do not get what the big deal is. If she feels good about herself where is the harm? If she looks foolish, where is the harm in that? It is her life as she keeps on telling us. I am 44, a size 2, wear hoochie wear minus bra and have a pretty awesome life. If that makes me a fool so be it.

      • Linda

        It makes me think of one of Phyliss Diller’s jokes, she said when she had her 5th child she could breast feed him from the second floor. You youngsters will have to google her – a comic pioneer.

    • Shellbelle

      I myself am no supermodel, I am a size 10 and dozen or more years younger and I would NEVER wear that dress. No matter how confident I am with myself. I think Vicki was trying to wear something to fit in with the younger girls and failed. Maybe she should have gone up a size in that dress but it just wasn’t flattering. She should have dressed for her shape , not the shape of someone several pounds lighter and in better physical shape. Like Vicki likes to tell people ” just own it” and if she’s gonna wear the dress, she needs to own it.

      • Tango

        True, and it isn’t just about age. I see plenty of young girls with tiny bods wearing stuff that is not flattering and just plain gross. I remember a skirt Vicki was wearing at I think the wine tasting, as she walked away from Tamra you could see every little bump on her butt. Now that is just poor taste no matter how old or otherwise attractive you are. I like Vicki so when I see these bad outfits I cringe…You can be sexy or feminine without looking like a hooker that got dressed in the dark…

      • I think that is the funniest line I have heard in so long, a hooker that got dressed in the dark, lol, awesome.

    • Rosie

      I don’t think people care at all about Vicki’s size or shape. It’s the fact that she’s dressing like a 30 year old, and exposing her breasts that is the issue. It’s starting to look desperate. She would look perfectly lovely if she stopped trying to be a teenage sex-kitten.

  31. Belinda

    ISABELLA—-I hope we are not fighting and that we both understand that nothing that we disagree about is personal. When I was 44 I dressed just as you described ( although the single digit 2 has never been part of my life ! ) I am one of those personalities that was born not caring what other people thought of me (male or female) and ,believe me, that has not always worked to my advantage. I bet you are absolutely adorable and I bet Vicki could be also but it is all just individual perception. I think Lydia’s Mom dresses in an age/body appropriate manner and, to me, she is very sexy and attractive. Bottom line is, IMHO, if Vicki made some wardrobe and styling changes she would be much more physically attractive than she is now.

    • Oh gosh, NO WE ARE NOT FIGHTING, LOL, no, I am genuinely curious. Vicki does need a stylist but I think it really speaks volumes to her to just say screw it, I like this dress, I am wearing it. She should have never had the face work done though, she was pretty just the way she was. I wish her the best if she ever really gets rid of Brooks, Ms. Vicki would be my hero.

    • Did you read the comments in the link at the bottom of that link???? Yeah, even the Marines called him on that abusive BS.

    • peachteachr

      So, that’s not working out so well for Ryan if you read the comments below the article. They are tearing him a new one in the comments. I do have respect for his 3 previous tours in Afghanistan and he is there now on his fourth tour. Our military is putting too much stress on our service members. Freedom isn’t free.

    • sammiejane

      I initially was disappointed in the article. It appeared as if they made light of the situation. However, when I got to the comments made at the end I was elated. The posts were appalled by his “excuses” and found him to be a reality TV show chaser! Spot on! Thanks for the link TT!!! I enjoyed it immensely. :)

  32. HasNoTime

    Like Isabella, my third (fiancé-never married him after I saw the real person) had serious anger management issues. His eyes wd get this bizarre black color and his face wd turn deep red when enraged. Over the slightest of perceived assaults against his character. Scared the absolute shit out of me. I was screamed at to the point where I left my own house in the middle of a birthday party I threw for him (15 guests watching in shock). He’s been sober, in AA, for 7 years and when trying to learn why such a ‘normally’ nice fellow wd explode, I discovered that the amygdala in alcoholics’ brains is often impaired. I threw his ass out — and my atty told me to stay gone while the move occurred bc he was worried the guy might lose it and really hurt or kill me. These sorts of folks really do just ‘black out’ but the remorse and tears and pleading afterwards do not offset the inherent and pervasive danger. Meaning I don’t necessarily believe Ryan’s scar or service or PTSD cause his outbursts. Cd be he’s just an asshole with a temper and no control: deadly combo. Briana is likely stunned. I was and I’m way older-still shocked to hv been so blind. These abusers hide it well. Until they can’t. I concur with everyone who states that Vicki needs to get Ryan out of her home. Briana will hv to do the same on her own terms, sadly complicated by sharing a baby with that pustule of a man. Just saying from experience that Ryan wasn’t acting and that kind of rage isn’t going away. Uncle Billy better carry a billy club…

  33. LisaN

    All I can say is Bravo has their storyline for next year. Ryan does not get a free pass. I think he has a future as a wife beater.

    • Diva

      Future? Sounds like he already has a past, according to a comment on another website by someone who was snooping around and found out that he was charged with DV in 2010.

      • vivaladiva831

        Tell tell!!!

      • Shellbelle

        My best friends husband is a Sargent for the police department in our town. He once told us in conversation that if they are called on a “domestic violence” that when they arrive on scene someone WILL be arrested and charged with DV. Even if it is a couple screaming at one another with no physical violence, someone is going to jail. Not sure if it is policy per county, state , etc. I am too lazy to look it up. :)

      • sammiejane

        Color me surprised!!!

  34. JoJo

    I don’t vote in the polls, but if I did, I guess I’m in minority of the 49% – pro Gretchen/Slade v Everyone Else. Because Everyone Else includes Vicki, Lydia, Ryan specifically. I guess I sincerely can’t abide these 3 more than I dislike the odd couple.
    Vicki’s persona on the show is cringe worthy. She’s a true veteran now and still can’t balance being the perfect, smart, sexy, independent, savvy, classy businesswoman with a flair (she’s not any of these things) with teenage wasteland, needy, witchy, jealous, spiteful, hateful, embarrassing, no self-esteem, no mirror, and when all else fails, cloaks herself in victimhood.

    I waited for “Lydia” to play out through season’s end. I thought goofy, naïve, and sparky wasn’t that hard to take. Toward the end, she came across to me as a spoiled bratty little girl with a wimpy husband (or he could just be shy & was overly aware of the camera so chose silence).
    She seems to enjoy arguing and not ever letting something go – as long as she was arguing with someone that everyone else didn’t like. Her over-the-top hamburger reaction, the un-Christian-like slew of screw you’s, and especially the 1st part of reunion, I don’t think there’s anything innocent about her. The wide-eyed, toothy, goofy, smiley Disney princess with a tiara persona doesn’t work for me, and I think it’s definitely just an act. And as much as I find Heather especially insufferable when it comes to her acting/act, I died laughing at her pop a vein comment and loved her look when Lydia claims she’s a genius.
    Hey, Lydia, I see who you are:))
    Ryan? Obvious wound so tight he’s ready to snap. At least he’s on TV so now everyone knows what he’s about, which might save a life!

  35. Kym

    gretchen & slade deserve each other , both are immature and he is challenged in the area of employment . She is lacking in smarts and hasn’t grown up emotionally enough to fit into her own age group . Career ? Lmao ! For some reason this cry baby believes she can sing . Let’s not forget the dime a dozen cosmetics and other junk items she tries to sell or maybe that’s why we saw her giving the crap store items away . They’re both pathetic jokes .

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