Couples Therapy Recap: Damn the Strawberries! Full Speed Ahead!

CouplesTherapy3FlavorFlavCouples Therapy this season is the wildest thing I have ever seen. This episode begins with Liz being forcibly taken to the hospital. Dr. Jenn calls a house meeting.  Joe is off taking pictures of teenaged girls’ tits or being arraigned for something, Dr. Jenn takes the opportunity to essentially tell Abby that she needs to leave Joe.  

HOWEVER, Abby is throwing Joe a 40th birthday party at a Mexican restaurant. Melissa Rivers is apparently friends with Joe.  What is that about? Mario Lopez is a guest as well. That does not surprise me. In the car ride home, Joe is irritated that Abby talked about him while he was gone.  He lectures her on how he is making her a better person. He ends the talk by asking her if she made the bed. What is his obsession with the bed?

During group therapy, Joe is a total entitled asshole. The topic is entitlement. I don’t think that Joe knows what the word means. He is angry that FF and Liz are getting more attention than he is. He is angry that Abby might suggest in the meekest possible way that he is a controlling prick.  I am sure he will take her out away from the microphones and cameras and give her a serious talking to after this.

Joe has one on one therapy with Dr. Jenn where he says that the discrepancy between who he really is and how the world perceives him is the greatest discrepancy of any person of earth.  Then he apparently tells Dr. Jenn that he has been abused in his past.  This part was not aired, but Dr. Jenn describes it as horrific. Joe’s childhood abuse, he says is the cause for his controlling nature.  Dr. Jenn says Joe is a decent human being underneath all the douchebaggery.  I’m not sold on that concept.

FF wants to make the announcement that Liz is pregnant. She looks like she is about six months along so this is not shocking news. He wants champagne and chocolate covered strawberries to celebrate. I am sure Liz will drink an entire bottle. Hasn’t she been drinking in the house this whole time? Joe and Abby can’t even be bothered to give FF and Liz the courtesy of five minutes of their time. Why? Because it is not a Joe moment. Abby somehow convinces Joe to listen. But he doesn’t. As FF stands there holding a huge tray of strawberries and begins to speak. Joe interrupts to say that FF and Liz have been incredibly disrespectful to the house. Why doesn’t Flav put down the tray? I foresee them ending up all over the floor. Liz will probably just sit on the floor and eat them anyway. Oh wait. I was wrong. FF and Joe get all sorts of heated and are screaming at each other. Abby takes the tray of strawberries and throws them in the trash. I knew those strawberries (props) were doomed the moment I saw them.

Looks like next week the topic will be anger management and fruit abuse.

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27 responses to “Couples Therapy Recap: Damn the Strawberries! Full Speed Ahead!

  1. All I know is when I saw those strawberries I instantly wanted one but knew no one would get any. Flav either was going to throw them away because no one was happy for them or they were going to end up on the floor!

  2. Enough Already

    You are correct… Joe’s problem is that FF is getting the attention….and Abbey, where do I start…I wanted Liz to smack the shit out of her for what she did..sits there and gets abused by Joe daily but finds fault with FF for trying to have a conversation….Temple or someone should have went off on her ass….

    I can’t stand Joe and Abbey…

    • Shanelly

      I think Abby is more annoying than Joe. Abby knows exactly what she was getting herself into with Joe and I think she likes how he is. Abby doesn’t like thinking for herself. Shes only pretending its a problem for the show because other people are noticing it and it just makes her look really weak and really stupid.

  3. depressedmomma

    Abby said last night on twitter that they had a house meeting on day 1 and they were all told Liz was pregnant. So the whole take a test find out on tv was for show.

  4. Shanelly

    Liz knew she was preggo the entire time, they did the entire pregnancy test just for the show. How do you suspect someone is pregnant for that long?? Just take a test…. She was trying to wait it out as long as possible so she can drink and pop pills, she wasn’t fooling anyone. my husband kept making fun of her belly and i thought she was either pregnant or she drank a lot of beer in the middle of the night…

    • I agree… My perception is she is attempting to miscarry and if she were on the show boozing it up (among other things, I suspect) she wanted to make it appear as if she didn’t know…. very sad! Sorry, I don’t like Joe F. but he had a valid point… FF appears as if he doesn’t shower and smells like the Jersey Landfill (No offense to the Jersey Landfill)! Bleck!!!!

  5. yvonne

    did u notice the weird and crazy look on liz face when joe and flav were fighting. is liz on drugs. did she have the baby yet. there has to be a reason she acts so nutty. I think its drugs

    • soccermop59

      You have to be loopy being with a guy like Flav. No reasonable person in their white mind…no pun intended would want to be with a guy with 8 kids and is a grandfather who acts like a frickin 15 year old. He’s a disgrace to anyone in that age bracket that acts this way, unbelievable!! Grow up Flave, your 15 minutes ended years ago…and please do something with that hair and take a bath. I could smell you through my tv screen

    • Willow

      Yvonne I noticed that too! She had this wierd smile on her face, like she was happy they were all fighting about how pregnant she really is. I think that’s the only time I have seen any kind of smile on her face.. In my opinion , she was pregnant before they even went on the show. She was always wearing jackets, and pulling them down , I didn’t notice if she was drinking, smoking, ect. Did you?

  6. soccermop59

    Put it this way, Flav and white trash girlfriend is the norm when it comes to black men in the south….I see couples like this all the time. What is really sad in all this, Flav has 8 kids and takes care of 8 kids, doing what? Reality TV shows like this?

    • lwickedgirl

      Trash attracts trash. I always heard stories of white chicks who think being with a black man was the ultimate in eating forbidden fruit. I always wondered what all that was about.
      FF and his woman look meant for one another trashy and, fertile.

    • Tessa

      Isn’t Liz Hispanic? Her last name is Trujillo. I went to school with a girl who had that last name and she was Mexican. Just saying. She is definitely trash. I just don’t think it’s of the white variety!

  7. Katy

    I don’t know… I think there is an unconscious? racism regarding Joe Francis undertone with FF. Maybe I’m ready too much into it? Anyway, is it me or everybody notice that Francis is a gay in the closet? Happy weekend, TT!

  8. lori

    I think the scene in the beginning when Liz beelines for the closet when the chips get there… Well to me it looked like she was trying to run and hide or dispose of her drugs. That’s just how it looked to me. She was completely nodding out on the footage they show off her siding in the bed. The only drugs that make you do that are heroin or pills, like oxy’s, which are basically synthesized heroin. That poor baby! So if they all already knew, I guess that means that about half of the scenes we watched were fake. Catelynn kept saying that Luz is only 10 weeks pregnant and that she saw the sonogram. If she was 6 months, then she would have had the baby before the show aired, no? And please don’t think I’m saying that add if it makes any difference, just wondering which it is.

    • Katelin

      I think she was trying to abort the baby and kill herself in the process. She is clearly miserable and stupid. And Flav really wants to leave her, but, it would mean more child support. In his little mind, it’s better to keep her and treat her like a little puppy, than pay. They both need more therapy than Dr. Jen can provide.

      • Tessa

        I totally agree. Why would FF and Liz not want to get her to a doctor and make sure the baby is ok? Why would you refuse to even be looked at? Maybe because you’re on drugs and don’t care about the baby. I also felt that she was trying to kill the baby and cause a miscarriage.

  9. SB

    Flav and Liz are made for each other. They both crave attention and drama, and provide no shortage of the latter. BTW I completely forgot Heather and Dustin were even on the show, they had no camera time this week! As for Abbey and Joe…good god I don’t care how much money he has….that man would absolutely drive me out of my mind. Can’t he make the effing bed??!

    • lori

      Seriously! He is so condescending when he speaks to her, like he’s showing to a 3 yeast old. His face in the car when they were talking about her not being able to find the sheets… He was absolutely furious. Like you could see his blood boiling. I’m sure his heart rate went through the roof at that moment. He needs a LOT of therapy, but it is doubtful that he will change his ways.

      • Tessa

        I think Abby likes being with him for her own ego. He’s rich and famous and she probably assumes he can have any trashy girl he wants, but he chooses her so that’s a huge ego boost for someone like Abby who puts their entire worth in their looks. Plus he is extremely wealthy (or at least was, I know he lost a huge lawsuit recently). I’m sure Abby will put up with his BS as long as his wealth is there.

  10. lori

    I want surprised that he is good friends with Melissa Rivers. He seems to be good friends with a lot of d-list celebs. I don’t know why they all love him so much.

  11. sammiejane

    Update: To Allow Fellow TT Followers
    Hey everyone!

    I have been in contact with TT. She is not feeling well and asked me to convey a message to all her loyal followers. Due to her illness coupled with internet issues she is a bit overwhelmed at the moment. She has not forgotten about any of you. I fear the stress of not being able to do what she does best, writing and interacting with you all has not been advantageous in her recovery. Please be patient, knowing she will return as soon as possible to dish the tea, internet willing. On a personal note, our hearts are with you TT and we anxiously await your return, which I am sure will be in next to no time. :)

  12. I have posted a couple of times about the reality stars I’ve noticed on the Hills. Today as I’m watching the Hills they were all toasting Sleazy T and his fiancé at their engagement party. When the camera shows him and his fiancé it’s Abby that he’s fixing to get married to. Why I found this as odd is because this wasn’t but just a few years ago and I could have sworn that Joe and her had been together longer than a few years. Now I do understand that the Hills were more scripted than even any of TRH are but I didn’t think they hired actors or actresses to play parts even though it did elude to that on the season finale. Am I completely wrong on how long Joe and Abby have been together or was she an actress and the Hills was completely fake?

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