Nene’s Lawsuit..

Nene Leakes Insults Her Twitter Fans; Bravo Claims She is DivorcedLook Y’all,  the fact that this chick was not even the wedding planner, it was Tony somebody…a  dude is not the issue. Also nothing cost 2 million dollars. I don’t know why you people fill my email with these questions.

I will once again give you the facts. Believe them are be stupid.

1) Nene is not making a million dollars on RHOA. Does NO ONE remember that all this reality shit we are watching was caused by a writer’s strike?

2) Does anyone remember that NO ONE WAS WATCHING BRAVO UNTIL THE STRIKE?

3)Does NO ONE remember ghetto Nene who is functionally illiterate with fucked up teefs?

This whole reality thing is about getting fools to embarrass themselves for little money. NOW sure they are getting paid more, but no where near what you think. And they are spending all their money on shoes and handbags an most all of them have liens on their houses and file bankruptcy and are like those lottery people who fuck their whole lives up but they have only come in to a little bit of money. Meryl fucking Streep would be doing reality TV if it paid a million dollars.  What the fuck is wrong with you people?  You believe every goddamn thing you read,

Nene Leakes did not pay a goddamn thing for her so called wedding. It was a Wedding By Brav9 and she got free rings, free loaner dresses, free bar, free every fucking thing.

This chick who thinks Nene owes her something is on crack. Nene can’t even afford to buy a house! If (and I don’t think she did) ever have an interest in the wedding it was before she convinced Bravo to pick up the  tab.

Her “15 carat ring” is also cubic zircona…ain’t nobody doing that for a Bravo commercial. Come on.










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40 responses to “Nene’s Lawsuit..

  1. All I have to say is I MISSED YOU!

    • McAmster

      Yes. Like u have No idea. Way to come back Girl! Love u!

      • Buck Henry

        She is correct, reality tv got kicked off when that strike happened back in 2003 and now it can’t or won’t go away. Also it’s all about trying to show people getting embarrassed and such. If reality was paying as much as has been rumored 300,000 an episode etc. etc. etc., then even actors would be doing it.

      • @Buck, I believe the “you have no idea” comment (that was a reply to Isabella) meant she had no idea how much she’s been missed, not Mc saying TT had no idea about the way reality tv started.

  2. Oh sure, now your going to tell us you aren’t making millions from this blog. SMDH.

  3. otherpeoplesproblems

    “Meryl fucking Streep would be doing reality TV if it paid a million dollars.”

    Best thing I’ve read in a long time. And I read good shit.
    This post needed more exclamation points!!!!! Take tips from Mochahontas’ boyfriend!!!!!!!

  4. Katrina

    Say it again with feeling. Tiffany Cook filed something in Gwinnett County and named True Entertainment and Nene. Meryl Streep would make $1 million per episode! At least Nene will work. We are in the wrong business! How can a Wedding planner make more than the estimated cost of the wedding? Glad you are back!!

    • “How can a Wedding planner make more than the estimated cost of the wedding?” – That’s what I thought when I read about the lawsuit too. It just doesn’t add up.

  5. Gingersnap

    TT’s back with a vengeance! Sure glad I didn’t send an email (wipes forehead) so now I don’t feel all stupid and idiotic…lol. NeNe was rich enough to buy some glaringly white veneer teefs that undoubtedly glow in the dark. She could have toned those down a tad, but she was still smarting after Sheree publicly outed her on her rotten teef, so she went whole hog and picked the whitest imaginable.

  6. Stacey

    Its all bullshit to get people talking about and watching her spin off. Typical Bravo bs, just like all the months we heard Tre called Caroline in to fix her family and how she swooped in and made it all better, but of course that was Dr V! Can’t believe a fucking thing Bravo!

  7. Missed your posts. Anyways, who am I not shocked Bravo covered her wedding? Makes sense though. Nene and Bravo are pretty trifling; just to he people to watch her spin-off. They are becoming too much. Anyways, can anybody tell me abou the strike that she meant?

    I don’t know about Nene’s cheque for Season 6 being legit, but I do know Kenya’s is a big fat lie. How in the hell is Phaedra and Porsha getting paid 18k. That is just sad and incorrect

    • Katrina

      There is a story that someone tweeted Andy about Kenya’ s salary and he said that no one has reported real housewives salaries correct. On twitter, Nene said that True Entertainment paid for her wedding. She said it in a joking way, so people never believe her. Tamara is talking about the writers strike. The writers refused to write new material for the major networks until they received more money!

      • Thanks. So no one really knows how much they get paid, then they might get paid like normal people? I notice that Nene says things a lot in a joking manner to clean up her act. It would make sense, since I never believed Nene was a Ritch Bitch. About the strike, wow. At least someone tried putting Bravo on check, and it worked.

    • McAmster

      Ah heeeeyyy-allllll naw!
      Why do people and especially Bravo really think we want to see that manimal Kenya anymore. Like for real? Not. So. Much. Y’all!

      • Even though most dislike her, she did bring a new atmosphere for season 5 and brought in the ratings. They could kick her off after season 6, and then all good though.

    • NeNe wouldn’t have a Bravo wedding spin off if Bravo hadn’t paid for the ceremony. That should be everyone’s first clue.

  8. Heartland

    Okay this is great and everything but I’m here for the Giudice tea!!!!! I thought for sure you would be all up on it! I’m dying that there is zero discussions jumpin off over here on that topic cause you usually have the actual facts on these Bravo people

    • Heartland

      And why is my comment in moderation when I have been on here since like 1971!!!

    • hey. I am having Internet problems. The Giudice stuff is in comments for RHONJ recap… I have no idea why you are moderated, maybe a diff email addy than usual?

      • Heartland

        Sorrrrrryyyyy Miss T, thought you were tryin to ban me with that moderation shaaaat!! I just got a new phone so when I came to comment here my usual info wasn’t saved and it asked me for everything again.. Guess I entered a diff email :( I’m a nimrod sorry

  9. Janice W

    Yep, doesnt make sense that the wedding planner would sue for more than the cost of the wedding–and NeNe would not pay her bills (or get her bills paid whichever way they were paid) considering how she talked about both Kim and Sheree not paying their bills. She can be a hypocrite about many things but $$? NeNe does not play about that $$. I think she consulted with Tiffany Cook and Tiffany thought it was a done deal but as Nene has said far and wide, NOTHING was signed. So Bloop!

  10. Crazy in NC

    If that Tiffany woman was supposed to be the wedding planner (and I think it was discussed in the early stages), then she needs to produce the executed contract or sit the heck down. Nene claims she never signed a contract with her.
    This is similar, I bet, to the whole Kenya vs Phaedra video situation. They were in early talks but didn’t sign a contract. Phaedra got a better deal elsewhere, so she didn’t go with Kenya. I bet this Tiffany chick put together some proposals or what have you, but never got anything signed. Nene ended up wanting to go with the other planner instead for whatever reason, so that is who she went with. Without a contract in place, there is zero legal obligation to go with a certain vendor.

    • But didn’t the Tiffany Cook lady say Nene wrote her a down payment check?

      • Crazy in NC

        Some people may charge a consultation fee. Perhaps that 18K was payment for the consultations. Without an executed contract showing any further obligation, then there is no reason to believe that the 18K was any kind of advance.

  11. cymru-gal

    LOL, thanks for making me smile. would LOVE to see Meryl Streep on reality tv

  12. karen (@kreim)

    Glad you are back. I knew it was all lies – for example Kenya making $600,000. I truly hope she is not back.

  13. vivaladiva831

    Who cares about Nene??? Let’s have the tea on the Guidice’s! The fact that Joe is not even a legal citizen and could be deported? Cray-zee!

  14. Mina

    You betta WERK, Tamara! You said it all,and amen!

  15. MaggieG

    Thank you for being succinct, Tamara. I haven’t laughed so hard all day. This thread was the best.

  16. The Disher

    Yay! Accurate and funny reporting! This lawsuit is such b.s., and I wonder if Nene and company conjured it up and it will “settle”…I’m guessing it’s just for publicity and to make ppl think that she is “real rich.” “See bitches be suing me for millions…cuz my wedding cost millions, so I must be rich, bitch.”

  17. Enough Already


  18. Enough Already

    And to add….

    1. NeNe wasn’t making a million doing all three shows……

    2. Only show Bravo had was Behind the Actor’s Guild or some shyt like that….

    3. NeNe is STILL functionally illiterate with too big of teefs….and still wearing phucked up helmets on her head….

    I love this blog…..

  19. sammiejane

    TT…. Bestest site ever… drunk or not, the truth comes out. I have personally thought NeNe was ghetto with little control of her mouth and even less control of her public behavior. 15 karat ring~pfffft~ obviously not real and probably not even up to par to be called CZ, more than likely just glass! And one million dollar salary..bwahahaha. Ooops! Think I just peed a little!

  20. sammiejane

    Update: To Allow Fellow TT Followers
    Hey everyone!

    I have been in contact with TT. She is not feeling well and asked me to convey a message to all her loyal followers. Due to her illness coupled with internet issues she is a bit overwhelmed at the moment. She has not forgotten about any of you. I fear the stress of not being able to do what she does best, writing and interacting with you all has not been advantageous in her recovery. Please be patient, knowing she will return as soon as possible to dish the tea, internet willing. On a personal note, our hearts are with you TT and we anxiously await your return, which I am sure will be in next to no time. :)

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