Kim Zolciak Confirms She Will Not Be on Next Season of RHOA!

RHOAkimshittodoKim has always sort of hinted that the door was left open for her to return to the season of RHOA that is filming now. She just said on HLN that she will not be on the season. I am guessing since she is pregnant again, Kroy doesn’t want her to have the same pregnancy issues she had during filming last time. She also talked about Brielle having conflict at school about the show. That was back when they were living in Roswell and I blogged about  her going down to the school and pulling her out.

In other Kim news, she did not officially confirm a season three of DBT, but says she hopes there will be one. I am pretty sure she is already filming it.

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22 responses to “Kim Zolciak Confirms She Will Not Be on Next Season of RHOA!

  1. Thank the lord she is not on. She brought nothing in Season 5 or 4 really, but I am glad that she is settled down and not a mistress.

    It seems like ratings were not that low for there to be a discussion for a s3 of DBT. I wonder what she would do if there is none (though she has been caught filming something). Thanks for the news

  2. As soon as she announced her latest pregnancy I knew she wouldn’t be on the next season of RHOA. When last season ended she said she’d be back and NOT pregnant etc. Being pregnant changed every thing. I like her on her own show much better than RHOA anyway.

  3. What can we do if anything to help with internet? Is it computer or internet? Kim is a much better person since she is off RHOA.

  4. pfffttt

    I will Miss Kim. I really have grown to like her. I think I’m going to quit watching RHOA. It just isn’t the same anymore. I think the show has turned into the women’s careers, and them trying to one up one another and be competitive and jealous (workout DVD’s sex toy’s, acting) etc. Plus most of them with the exception of Kenya and Porsha seem to think they’re “above” the drama and avoid it at all costs.

    Plus, New Jersey, Beverly Hills, and Miami have upped the drama and fighting and they just make Atlanta seem tame compared to them.

    I miss the good ole days of wig pulling, Kim and Nene fighting over Don’t be Tardy for the Party, hating one another one minute, best friends the next.

    I don’t know why season 5 ratings were so high, Kenya spazzed because she was called Miss America, and they battled over who has the best ass. Not as entertaining as past seasons.

    • The women have definitely gotten very ambitious. But there really is no competition…Kandi is the real boss bitch on RHOA! She’s the richest and most successful. Nene is the most popular but what is popularity without money to back it up?

    • Critical Theory

      I am with Pfffttt on this one. I think RHOA has ran its course with me; I struggled to stay tuned during the 5th season.

      Season 5 antics and overly fake drama really just sucked all the life out of the show – despite the ratings. Seasons 2, 3 and most of 4 really were the golden era and now I am just waiting for them to jump the shark. Kenya already took them pretty close to that point, I think they will actually jump during season 6.

      All good things must come to an end, but I could be wrong.

  5. Katrina

    I noticed that Karen Zolciak finally dropped the visitation case. I guess since the girls are adopted, it was pretty hopeless.

    • Oh yeah, I toy forgot about that case. It is sad when one does not have their child or parent to count on.

      I think it was pretty dumb for him to adopt them, since he knew them for just 3 years, and if anything goes wrong like tomorrow, he has 5 kids she can burden him with.

      • She can’t burden him with anything. HE made the choice to be a dad. A dad takes care of his kids no matter what. He decided to be that to B and A. Nothing stupid about that. It’s called love.

      • THANK YOU. We’ve all become so cynical be don’t believe in real love anymore…

      • Yes, he chose to do that, but you can still be a dad WITHOUT going through the process of adopting, and what I meant by “burden with” is child support. Nothing is stupid about loving children, but if anything went wrong, he is LITERALLY their father, and we know Kim is serious about her money.

        I hope it never comes to that, but it is also called thinking of if anything happened. What he did was pretty ballsy and courageous though. I am a bit cynical if preparing for things if they go wrong though.

      • He has said REPEATEDLY on NATIONAL TELEVISION that he is LITERALLY THEIR FATHER. He loves the girls as his own and will provide for them even if they were to divorce. HE LOVES THE GIRLS. What part of that do you not undertand. It is not a financial thing. HE LOVES THEM AND WILL SUPPORT THEM because he is a real man with a FAMILY.

      • I understand fine, and that is great. A lot would not do that, and I gave him props for that. I did not want to start an argument.

      • Brielle will be 18 in less than 2 years. Ariana will be 18 in less than 4 years. He adopted them and gave him his last name. Kim even said on her show that the girls were already using his last name. Kim’s girls love Kroy and want to wear his last name. Nothing wrong with that. They will be grown soon so he is not technically burdened with anything. Beside, she already has 3 biological kids with him, what’s another 2? LOL!

  6. eg

    Hope that she is really not coming back to RHOA. I like Kim like I like Teresa G…..Not!!

  7. Cali

    Kim and Kory have a beautiful family. I hope this one is a girl.

  8. I love Kim but only in small doses on RHOA. Don’t Be Tardy is boring. I deleted it from my DVR after a few episodes. Every episode of her show includes the following: baby talk with the babies, PDA with Kroy, fake friendship with Shun, debating child rearing techniques with Kroy regarding the girls. I’m over it. Her life is full of love and I’m happy for her but her show is a snoozer.

  9. pdt090

    Sound like an excuse to backtrack out of her earlier claims that she could come back if wanted to, I doubt Bravo ever actually gave her that option. Maybe if the season had tanked after she left, but ratings actually soared and Porsha & Kenya both settled in pretty well.

  10. sammiejane

    Update: To Allow Fellow TT Followers
    Hey everyone!

    I have been in contact with TT. She is not feeling well and asked me to convey a message to all her loyal followers. Due to her illness coupled with internet issues she is a bit overwhelmed at the moment. She has not forgotten about any of you. I fear the stress of not being able to do what she does best, writing and interacting with you all has not been advantageous in her recovery. Please be patient, knowing she will return as soon as possible to dish the tea, internet willing. On a personal note, our hearts are with you TT and we anxiously await your return, which I am sure will be in next to no time. :)

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