Real Housewives of Orange County Recap

RHOOCcast2Time for the Real Housewives of Orange County! Personally, after just watching two people cry for an entire hour on The Bachelorette, probably need and extry anti-depressant. But don’t talk about that, the unfortunate west coasters have not seen it yet.

Slade is bad mouthing Vicki on his radio show. Lydia doesn’t like his comments about women. Vicki is still going to invite him to her Winter Wonderland Party because she is a glutton for punishment.
Gretchen is proof that anyone can be autotuned to sound decent. I just don’t see why Gretchen would want to marry Slade. For one, she is panning for gold in a used up creek. But let’s say the old dead guy left her set for life and this time she wants to marry for love sex, dude has slept with half the women in orange county. What is the draw for her to make Slade her sugarbaby? He has a history of really bad financial decisions and a very sick child. Why not find a straight version of someone like Eddie if you want eye candy. I think she is pretty enough to do so much better than yucky Slade. And she is proposing to HIM? And she is going to have to buy her own ring!!! (Unless Bravo gets her a sponsor.) I just feel like I am missing the point. Is he that good in bed? I thought that Gretchen’s mother had some sense and was trying to talk her out of it before, now she is all in?
Why didn’t the pink haired DJ girl tell him to shave? That beard is hideous. Why do housewives like those crappy little pavé diamonds? I find them so tacky. Also, while canary yellow diamonds are lovely, I think they should be for a cocktail ring, not an engagement ring. They are too trendy for until death do us part. Also, can Gretchen have babies? How old is she? 40? 50? Whatever. It seems weird. Calling your future brother-in-law swamp thing, on national TV is a great way to ingratiate yourself into the family.

Vicki wants her Winter Wonderland Party to be more….. wait for it….. Mediterranean? OMG Jim is on! I thought he was refusing to film ever again! Vicki is giving a very interesting interpretation of her conversations with Brooks.
And my RHOOC always seems to end in a weird places. It looks like the fireworks with Gretchen are for next week. And that Ryan decides he is the bouncer of the Winter Wonderland Party.


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29 responses to “Real Housewives of Orange County Recap

  1. Why isn’t Ryan in Afghanistan ??

  2. Urethra Franklin

    I hope Gretchen & Slade are on the receiving end of federal indictments for making us all GAG!… What kind of ridiculous self indulgent display of marriage proposal foolery was that? …and her hair looked like Sandra Dee at the end of Grease. I loves me some 1978 Olivia Newton John, but not on Gretchen in 2013…

    I enjoy Lydia because she is the right mix of sweet & sassy…. Alexis’ stylist is doing a great job because she looks great. Vicki and her strip mall glitter dress with that too LOW down to there neckline made me wish Brooks was there to drool over her….I love Brianna but I do not care for Ryan at all. Something is off about him…..And it was a hoot seeing potato chin Jim Bellino show up to Vicki’s party

  3. Gingersnap

    I saw the glimmer of lust and avarice in Vicki’s eyes when Brook announced they were still on. I think there was relief too. That 747 love tank stays on empty. I wish Vicki would quit wearing those tight, short, white dresses that can’t contain her fat in an attractive way. Not a good look and adds to the air of desperation that seems to cling to her.

  4. otherpeoplesproblems

    Glad you’re back! Now here’s my thoughts.

    Vicki’s house looks cute. Normally I hate how tacky rich people decorate but she’s done alright this time. Her party however, was tacky. But I digress.

    ITA about Gretchen, as awful as she is, being able to do better. Gretchen is in her mid 30’s and still dots her i’s with hearts. Ughhhh I can’t with this woman. I liked her hair stylist’s manicure. He was rocking some ombre glitter thing that I was very into. Gretchen’s mom was not very enthused. She still hates him. Gretchen and slade said “I love you” a month after their first date. Tells me they are both clingy and yuck. Gretchen’s speech to Slade was so bizarre to me- she brings up the past like 4 times, and then mentions how everyone hates them. What an uplifting speech, did anyone else notice that?

    Her mentioning Jeff like 90 times in this episode solidifies what I said last week about Gretchen being a person who loves bad news. It was also funny when she said tragedy follows her. No, YOU follow tragedy. Crazy attracts crazy. My favorite band, Modest Mouse, dedicated an album to Gretchen: Good News for People Who Love Bad News. I can’t believe I just compared RHOC to Modest Mouse. My indie cred is dying slowly.

    That’s what I got for this week. I hope you’re working on a Below Deck post cause it was funny this week.

    • that dining room wall design looks like it’s melting, tho. oh, that belly and butt in that dress — argh. pretty scary. still not as scary as gretchen singing scales.

      slade seems a little pansyish to me. dont know what gretchen sees in him but guessing from her overdone facework that she has incredibly low self esteem. sadly that kind of woman seems attracted to men who dislike women, like that’s all they deserve. he’s calling vicki tupperware face now but what will he call gretchen in a few years? doesnt she have as much work done as vicki does? makes me feel very lucky with my guy. i was with someone like slade about 20 yrs ago. took years to get my self esteem back.

      • Yeah I think when your face doesn’t move, you have had too much done. I still do not get the tupperware thing. Plastic?? What does he think all that filler is? I should know, your skin never feels the same after a shot of that. It feels like a plastic doll skin forever.

      • FYI

        wt..? since gretchen is in total denial regarding her facial work, it seems that slade is totally clueless about it and has been deluded by her to think it’s all natural!!! is the man blind? in the limo ride after vicki’s party, gretchen compared herself to her Mom, implying that she is all natural and will age wonderfully just like her Mom in an all natural way. who’s kidding whom? gretchen your face doesn’t move. I haven’t seen a frown or expression line on you in the past season or two. you’ve become more plastic with each passing season as if you can’t get over yourself. I wouldn’t be surprised if you recorded the proposal song for slade in order to attempt to outdo jo for whom slade has memories in regard to her singing. clearly you were totally classless in getting involved with a man who was previously involved with your girlfriend, the same girlfriend who had introduced you two. you and slade, sleaze meets sleazier deserve one another. lydia is much younger than you and when she smiles and raises her eyebrows you see expression lines on her forehead, because it seems she’s the only one in the cast who hasn’t had facial work done!!! you’re all a joke.. and the fact that you’re with slade who’s in the business of criiticizing women based on their appearance and that you haven’t copped to having any work done to your face to keep it frozen like that and have your lips plumped like a monkey when 15-20 yrs younger than vicki suggests to me that you’re so insecure that you require slade’s approval and compliments to feel good enough. did you see his brother, that’s how he’d look without work.. and you? you look like just another aging Malibu Barbie who is trying wayyy too hard to fight the hands of time. I’m glad that you think you’re a businesswoman, because you appear to be more in the business of appearances than business. good luck with that and with a scrub who is only able to feed your ego and sex drive and not much else…

  5. Laurie in NYC

    The whole Gretchen proposing to Slade storyline was so obvious to me….she’s fishing for her own reality show. I used to like her but she’s changed. I think that Slade has NO BUSINESS talking about ANY woman’s looks but Vicky seems like the obvious target considering her age inappropriate clothing. I’m in my early 40’s, I think women should dress in whatever makes them feel good in but when your BFF walks in and the first thing she says is “pull your dress down”, I think you’ve taken it a little far. It comes off as desperate which makes her an easy mark for someone as classless as Slade. Vicky can dress sexy but that dress is for someone a little younger and with a firmer mid section and thighs. Slade has no business calling anyone tupperware face……Hello? Has he seen Gretchen’s lips? YIKES! She’s turning into Taylor Armstrong. Geesh! I would never in a million years buy anything Gretchen is selling and if Andy Cohen is considering a wedding spinoff for Gretchen and Slade, he’s out of his bleeding mind. I’m done with those two. I will not watch.

  6. vicki

    I was watching season 1 recently, and I noticed Slade’s previous girlfriend wearing the “canary yellow” engagement ring.

  7. I don’t see where the Grethen hate is coming from. I know she was with Jeff for just money and that’s wrong. However didn’t most of the women on HW do the same thing? She seems to have found someone who she loves and while I personally don’t understand it it’s not my life. Nobody understands why I’m with my husband either but they don’t have to be married to him so who cares. I think their cute together and it seems that she is making adult choices and not rushing things. On a side not ( I know we aren’t supposed to talk about other shows on here so please give me a pass) I was watching the Hills this morning and out of the blue Taylor Armstrong was there. She looked amazing and it almost made me miss her! I love it when your watching something from years past and notice people who are famous now on the show.

    • Taylor was on The Hills?? That’s crazy!!

      • Well she was only on for a second.She is really good friends with Brody’s mother and it showed Taylor hanging out with her. On another note, I also seen Sheana (sp?) from Vanderpumps Rules on the Hills today. She had horrible bangs and was hanging out with some skank that was trying to hook up with Heidi’s husband, go figure. It was probably at the same time she was screwing around with Brandi’s husband so no wonder she has friends like that. Anyway I’m breaking TT’s rules so I better stop talking about the Hills on here lol

  8. Nicole

    Can not stand Gretchen nasal talk or her laugh. Accckkkk!

  9. jelley

    Well, I can’t stand Gretchen. The way she speaks through her noise legitimately perplexes me.She’s difficult to understand even when she might be making sense. Her mispronunciation of commons words makes me giggle, though. And I did like her short hairstyle when she did her Marilyn Monroe scene. #compassion2013

  10. Zan

    A source who works in production for RHOC told me Gretchen filmed all the proposal stuff AFTER everyone else had already wrapped up for the season. She had no storyline and producers had emergency meetings with her trying to figure out what the hell they were going to do because she was so boring this season. That’s why she made up all that nonsense about recording a song and proposing, sheer desperation!

  11. eg

    Tatlly agree w/ “Jelley,Nicole,Laurie in NYC,and FYI.

  12. Darla

    I really didn’t get to watch last nites episode closely but what about Slades brother?Is he older or younger and this is not meant in any way to be mean but where are they from and is he Slow or does he just look like a hick? I’m from Louisiana and I know that look? Lol,I’m sure Gretchen couldn’t step in and offer him a complete makeover before this event but that’s crazy! You know how you watch a friend or family member make a terrible choice in choosing a mate,knowing you can’t change their mind and you see the train wreck coming and wish they could see it too,before it’s too late. Thats Gretchen and Slade,and Vicki and Brooks and probably poor Eddie in his choice in Tamara.I really feel for Eddie, I just see Tamara trying to run his finances into the ground fast.I hate that Gretchen is ruining her looks with all
    The injectibles.Thats another one of those train wrecks everyone else can see but the person on the tracks (Gretchen,Vicki and All the Beverly Hills wives)can’t see the train heading their way.(i.e they think they are looking better and younger with injectibles and fillers but really they look sooo distorted and freakish.) It’s a sad phenomenon happening,poor Vicki, she looks terrible, her skin and fillers and chin!They are mean about Alexis’ husband Jim’s chin but they need to look in the mirror,or maybe they are too scared at what they see looking back at them.

    • Bev

      None of these women need look outside the group for enemies..they’re all contained within-Vicky esp. being the largest example (and whose “love tank”-why is she so nasty & mean? not anything new) could never be filled. You also have to give as well as receive.

      Alexis has come a long way; Lydia is a kind soul, though a bit naive. Heather is smart to mostly stay out of skirmishes & placate many, and I really like her family. Her children seem like very nice kids, which is no easy task today. Many of these women would be working at Walgreens (if they could keep the to keep their mouth shut) if they hadn’t lucked into the Bravo situation. Grow up and be grateful!

  13. eg

    Just saw the party show tonite. Intense. Gretchen & Heather intense. Pointless conversation between these two, neither one will own up to any inappropiate behavior. And Gretchen with that annoying “jaws wired together teeth clenched nasal voice” just makes me turn the volume down when she speaks. That encounter of Ryan and Lydias’ mom, wow! From what was shown, he was in the wrong and extremely rude. And then he lied about what was said and what transpired. But it wouldn’t have gotten to that point if Vicki hadn’t given him and Brianna free reign in HER house (and her life apparently, even if they ARE right about Brooks) she (Vicki) shouldn’t have let them take over like she did. I realize Ryan is (or was, whenever this was filmed) stressed about being deployed,and probably had too much too drink, but still I think he over reacted and was very disrespectful to the lady and to Vickis’ brother. Slade is a POS.

      i don’t think it’s fair to blame vicki for what ryan did. she didn’t raise him and he is brianna’s husband and has some control over whether vicki can see her grandchild and daughter. :( i was appalled at his behavior. a man should never speak to a woman in that matter, i don’t care how old or young she is. that was unacceptable. he and vicki’s brother caused a scene at the party. i would have had ryan thrown out in a heartbeat but i think vicki handled it better than i would have. i do agree that her letting ryan dictate that brooks not be allowed to visit the home gave ryan an inflated ego about dictating whether other people were allowed, also. don’t think that was the occasion to bring brooks back up to her daughter, tho. just deal with the issue at hand instead of ramping up a lot more negative energy. can you imagine ryan with a gun in his hand in afghanistan, tho? with that ugly scary vibe he could endanger his fellow soldiers. americans in hostile countries have to be very careful. we represent our country to them, so we owe an extra duty of care (i was a military dependent in multiple foreign countries).
      the end notes were pretty funny, especially about slade’s radio station being sold to a christian broadcaster and his show canceled. right on! i chalk that up to good lydia karma.

  14. sammiejane

    Update: To Allow Fellow TT Followers
    Hey everyone!

    I have been in contact with TT. She is not feeling well and asked me to convey a message to all her loyal followers. Due to her illness coupled with internet issues she is a bit overwhelmed at the moment. She has not forgotten about any of you. I fear the stress of not being able to do what she does best, writing and interacting with you all has not been advantageous in her recovery. Please be patient, knowing she will return as soon as possible to dish the tea, internet willing. On a personal note, our hearts are with you TT and we anxiously await your return, which I am sure will be in next to no time. :)

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