Shahs of Sunset’s Asa Soltan Premiers Her Diamond Water Plus a Cup of Persian Tea

shahsdiamond water partyI have had to take a looooooooong break from the Shahs after the rampant Season Twoitis of last season. I just can’t take all the meanness toward MJ. I am hoping that Bravo decides to go away from that in season three. Andy Cohen loves Reza though so I am doubtful that anyone has spoken to him about being more likable in season 3.

Filming has been ongoing for season three for quite a while. We will be suffering through a 30th  birthday party for Lilly “lil bit” Ghalichi  which involves numerous “glam squads” and no less than five dress changes. le sigh.


Asa will be launching her diamond water and working on her business enterprises. She will also continue her relationship with Jermaine Jackson Jr which Tamaratattles exclusively reported here.  I am not sure if Jermaine will be convinced to film and he has been traveling a lot but the relationship is ongoing. Last Tuesday was the official release party for Diamond Water which by all accounts was a spectacular event. Perhaps he popped in for that. I know that his sister Latoya made an appearance as did the usual bravolebrities that show up for anything they can like Patti Stanger and Gretchen Rossi…

MJ will be focused on her career and perhaps her man. She has been tweeting off and on so we will just have to see if she is still with her Persian Drake. One thing for sure, we will see Pablo and Julio!

GG is hoping to share her softer side this season. She will be doing some charity events like the Habitat for Humanity event at the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus at the Staples Center. That was certainly a  place to see and be seen last week as tons of celebrities including nearly all the California Housewives and their kids turned out. GG promises to show her loyalty in season three. But who will she be loyal to?

As for the boys, Mike will continue to be eye candy.  I believe we left with him getting engaged last season, so we shall see how that progresses and if his fiancée  matures  him a bit.

Hmmm, I feel like I am leaving someone out… Oh well.


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9 responses to “Shahs of Sunset’s Asa Soltan Premiers Her Diamond Water Plus a Cup of Persian Tea

  1. My son is dating a Persian girl, I thought this show was a stereotype but turns out it is not.

  2. SB

    I really like the bottle Asa chose for her water!! ugh if it is affordable I may have to break down and try a bottle if/when it makes it to stores in Houston!

  3. cher

    Ugh; was hoping that Asa and the ommitted one would not be returning; maybe someone could stand on that rock they usually crawl out from under when filming starts?

  4. Olive

    There had BETTER be a more favorable edit of MJ and a less favorable tilt towards favoring he who won’t be named, but as he is all over the Bravo summer ads for some goddamed reason along with the plastic one– I’m sure Andy will have him on WWH a lot.

    Team MJ for sure.
    Thanks for the Persian tea Tamara

  5. Vette_Cee

    Ugh I want to like this show again but I just can’t

  6. MorningGlory

    I’d take this over BLK water any day

  7. lilkunta

    i left for a few weeks and the site is all different.
    thanks for not writing about reza. he is mean.
    i cant believe asa is pushing this diamon water bs.
    but in hollyweird la la land anything sells so she’ll find dummies to buy it.

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