Cynthia Bailey Hosts First Real Housewives of Atlanta Party of Season Six

Photo Credit Instagram

Photo Credit Instagram

I have been putting off this post for a while because I feel like I have bits and pieces of information that are not coming together in a cohesive way for me. Cynthia  Bailey has been the subject of rumors all summer regarding her (slight) weight gain, first it was pregnancy, then it was liver disease, then it was a blood disease, then it was …you get the idea. The storyline will be “Cynthia is Sick” and we will see doctor’s appointments and a surgery in season six. Whatever it is, it is curable with minor surgery and it doesn’t seem to be slowing her down.

Just last week Cynthia threw the first all in event for RHOA season six which will be billed as a grand opening for Industry Studios. Industry Studios is a photography studio owned by Derek Blanks, a local celebrity photographer. Cynthia’s Modeling School has partnered with the photography studio to run  more “workshops.”  Essentially, Cynthia will do some judging for fashion photography contests and assist with workshops by providing models (sometimes including herself)  to be workshop subjects.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Photo Credit: Twitter

On to the first RHOA event of season 6… It was yet another white party and everyone showed up except Kim Zolciak. Speaking of Kim, she has been filming a lot lately, and it is not just the shooting she did for E! I suspect her spinoff is filming another season. She’s pregnant again and Kroy is getting ready to leave for Falcons Training Camp,  so she will be juggling four kids and a pregnancy.

There has never in the world been a white party without drama and this time was not exception. It seems that Kenya showed up with Miss Lawrence (EDIT: I had a brain fart and posted Derek J the first time) and was not particularly welcome. Rumor has it that Kenya filmed a fake scene moving out of the home she was recently evicted from.  And yes, I realize she is trying to spin her eviction to be all about her landlady seeking 15 minutes of fame and wanting to move into the house because she is divorcing. If you believe all that…

I would not be surprised for a very early episode to have Kenya getting thrown out of the party and a scene of a  moving truck driving Kenya into the real housewives sunset. I realize I am the only one that thinks she is not going to be a housewife next season, but all the signs I am receiving certainly point in that direction.

TEA2In other news, Nene’s hair looks a lot better since the wedding. She wore it in the sort of short, crimped 20s style that I like (and y’all don’t) for her wedding, but since then has new extensions on the left side that are chin length and is sporting an asymmetrical pageboy (see photo above). She still needs to work on her feet though. I like it. Kandi on the other hand has covered her head in blood red shoulder length Raggedly Ann curls. Not a fan of that look. Also, I don’t think Todd made it to the party.

With Kordell gone, Porsha’s sister will have more scenes and may officially be paid as a “friend of the housewives” this season. She needs some support in the shark tank and her sister is just as pretty as she is. In fact, they practically look like twins.

Phaedra and Apollo are continuing to film together as the happy parents of a new (still unnamed?) baby. Whether or not this is a put on romance for the cameras remains to be seen, but I am told when the cameras are rolling they are all smiles. Phaedra has also lost almost all of her baby weight (Phinebody?)!

Nene is still hustling and taking every opportunity that comes her way. We will continue to see her working outside of Atlanta and remaining mostly separate from the “lesser housewives.”

And that’s all the Atlanta tea for today!


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25 responses to “Cynthia Bailey Hosts First Real Housewives of Atlanta Party of Season Six

  1. Thanks Tamara! Been waiting for this post, lol! Hope you’ve got some more tea about the season soon :-)

  2. Love Love Love! When is air date?

    • I think it is going to be in December because they started filming just this month (later than all the other seasons). Unless they only film for 3 months, I don’t see a date earlier than December.

  3. Wow, I’ve seen a few pictures of this a few days ago on Nene’s twitter. Thanks for the information though (can always count on you).

    Those Cynthia rumors were crazy though. Seems like thy are all sick of Kenya. Maybe this will be her last season. It makes sense that Porsha’s sister is going to be in the show a lot more though.

  4. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    Tamara, I was reading one of your older posts about Kenya not coming back, and now that she’s filming, is she back? Personally, I would like for her to stay. I can’t with Nene acting as if she’s so above it all this season, and her against the rest of the cast is a snooze fest. At least Kenya brings fresh drama.

    • I would not be surprised for a very early episode to have Kenya getting thrown out of the party and a scene of a moving truck driving Kenya into the real housewives sunset. I realize I am the only one that thinks she is not going to be a housewife next season, but all the signs I am receiving certainly point in that direction.

      • SnookumsLynn

        I agree wtih you, this is all staged for her to make a GRANDE exit! nothing regular for her, she must twirl out the way….and I’m fanning myself, throwing up the dueces and giving her performance the side eye

      • pfffttt

        In all the interviews she is doing she gives funny answers about her returning to the show. I think you are right Tamara, I think she is leaving and will get her own spin-off.

      • She is not getting her own spin off. LOL. She is getting the HEAVE HO and probably wasn’t even invited to the white party. Marlo had a tendency to crash after she got canned too.

      • SnookumsLynn

        RealityTea says we’re wrong and old Kenya got a raise! BOO!! Bravo & Andy…get rid of her & her fake stories and fake outrage!! She’s CRAZY!!!

  5. otherpeoplesproblems

    What don’t you like about Nene’s feet?

    I like her blonde hair, and I’m feeling this bob too. Cynthia looks like perfection in these photos, no cheesy gold accessories. Ugh Cynthia is so beautiful. Kandi got herself some nice spanx finally, but I agree the hair is awful.

  6. RhoaFan

    I always wonder why people hate Kenya when its all reality TV. When Nene use to act crazy and loud in the past people wanted her off also. I personally would like to see all six ladies back and some new faces here and there.

  7. Ame

    Why is Kenya still on the show, even if she is leaving at some point? RHOM’s Karent was let go because she allegedly faked her romance with the soap-opera guy. Why did they keep Kenya when she supposedly did the same thing. Also…what about Adrianna? Wasn’t she already married and lied about it and now gets to have her wedding on the show. Total BS. Bravo shouldn’t allow some of the cast to have fake story lines and fire others for the same thing.

    • What is it that makes you think Kenya is still on the show? She doesn’t even have a residence in Atlanta anymore….

      • Ame

        I guess I can’t be sure that she is on the show. I thought that you mentioned that she filmed at a party, but wasn’t exactly welcomed. I personally hope that she is not on the show. I was just comparing how Karent was fired for a fake romance, but Adrianna is able to pretend that she isn’t already married, and Kenya is apparently still filming in some capacity,

      • lilkunta

        tamara, since kenya got evicted maybe she is smart and is RENTING a condo for a few months instead of waiting $ renting a house.
        ..ormaybe the houses she wanted to rent DECLINED her rental application bc of kenya’s drama and filimg.

  8. Apparently, I had a brain fart when I typed this. Kenya arrived with Miss Lawrence, not Derek J. Not that it matters, she still appeared to be crashing.

  9. RhoaFan

    Tamara will joseline from Love And Hip Hop Atlanta join the girls next season?

  10. HousewifeBoo

    Looks like Bravo gave Kenya her raise shes been wanting. Guess she is returning

  11. Finally some news on Phaedras baby, DYLAN!

  12. Janice W

    Yes, i just read that Phaedra’s son is named Dylan–but she was waiting to announce it because she is planning on having a traditional African ceremony for him…oh wow, i didn’t realize Phaedra and Apollo were African (sarcastic voice). I love how Phaedra has “sip and sees” and “african naming ceremonies” and whatever the heck that was that passed for a baby shower. Is this the normal etiquette in the southern belle book i have yet to buy?

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