Former Real Housewife of Miami, Karent Sienna, Loses House to Foreclosure

Karent Sierra's Mother's House?

Karent Sierra’s Mother’s House?

Former Real Housewife of Miami, Karent Sierra is having some serious financial problems. Seriously? Can none of these housewives stay out of bankruptcy? Karent, who was let go from RHOM after faking a romance last season (Seriously? Can’t any of these housewives get actual boyfriends?),  has been handed a harsh bank judgment from Florida Community bank for $1.05 million dollars that she apparently doesn’t have.

Gossip Extra broke the story but it seems a little light on facts to me.  The 1,200 square foot home is half owned by her mother, who most likely lives there.  Karent’s other property was not mentioned in the story as also being under foreclosure. My opinion is, if it is not already it will be. The  foreclosed property above is only valued at $137,000 which will not make a dent in her debt to the bank.  You don’t get a million dollar bank loan with on a house worth just over $100 grand.  So you can expect to see her moving out of her primary residence very soon.

EDIT: Ahhhh I was right. Just read another post that says the banks are going after both for $660,000-loan on homes on SW 50th Street, in the Sierra subdivision, and SW 112th Avenue, in the Westwood Lake section. The amounts of the bank loans seem to vary, but either figure means she may be out on the street soon. Maybe she can move back in with Lea Black? Oh wait, they hate each other now…

I think I should start a Real Housewives Moving Company to take advantage of a growing market. RHOM season three will return without Karent and with lesser roles for Marysol and Mama Elsa on Monday, August 12th.


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17 responses to “Former Real Housewife of Miami, Karent Sienna, Loses House to Foreclosure

  1. LOL, wow. 120K and she cannot pay that??? I know FL is second only to NV in foreclosures but come on, seriously??? The only way you can buy a house here in Vegas is as a cash buyer, I wonder what it is like in Florida. I think I am moving to Phoenix.

  2. Linda

    Rumor is that Marysol managed to be a great friend to producers and will make every moment of her “friend” time. It will be interesting to watch. I really only care about Marysol and Mama Elsa. I can’t imagine Andy C being happy without some quality Mama Elsa time.

  3. Puravidacostarica

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer fraud….

    • peachteachr

      I thought Karent was a bootlicking backstabbing crone. Did she think that fake showmance (I learned that word from your BB posts) made her look good? It made me pity her. Nothing sadder than a woman of a certain age going all gaga over a guy who just isn’t that into them.

  4. This seems so strange to me. I thought she was really smart and had it together. Is this some kind of financial manipulation or something. I thought she had her parents living with her. That was on film. It was always clear her “boyfriend” storyline was so scripted & unnecessary. I thought she quit because the image and the others vehement behavior toward her wasn’t good for her serious business, being a dentist. I think she’s really more attractive and most natural looking of the RHOM. I’m very happy to see less of Marasol and Elsa………I always have to look away when they come on.

    • LMAO… you thought she quit????? Because it wasn’t good for her image?????? WOOOHOOO funniest thing I have read all day.

    • Urethra Franklin

      Karent, natural looking? ROFLMAO….. I’m gonna miss Mama Elsa. I suspect that maybe Mama Elsa’s health is not so good, that is why Marysol’s role was reduced this season.

  5. Otherpeoplesproblems

    I actually liked karent too and agree that it seemed like she had her shit together mostly.

    I have mixed feelings about RHOM returning mostly because looking at Lisa Hochsteins face every week gives me nightmares. How the hell is Lisa only 30 and she looks so terrifying?

  6. Nicole

    Karent, the dentist with a PR person? I liked her in the beginning but thought she was so fake toward the end. This is what happen when you live beyond your means. I don’t remember how it ended but I thought she and Leah were friends.

  7. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    Tamara, I clicked the link to Gossip Extra but got another post. Anyway, I never liked Karrier Pigeon and glad she’s off the show. Not so glad about her losing her home, but I just wonder why it’s so hard for these broads to live within their means, but that would be too much like right, wouldn’t it?

  8. SB

    She probably got in over her head financially trying to maintain, or create for the show, some grandiose lifestyle. I’m sure dentists make a lot of money, but probably not as much as she wanted to portray. Just another vapid, lying “housewife”…LOL

  9. I was one of the ones who liked Karent. Who hasn’t been in love with someone “not that into them”? This whole thing strikes me as odd. I’m still a fan & hope she gets things squared away.

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