Breaking News on Nick Uhas’s Sexual Preference!

bb15nickBig Brother fans across social media have been speculating about evicted Nick’s sexuality since the season premiered. A lot of this was driven  by his refusal to participate in a showmance. Of course, in Gina Marie’s head they were having a showmance that she has never recovered from. I think setting up a pillow division between himself and Gina Marie in the bed was more a sign of wisdom than homosexuality.

But now, we know for sure… Straight or Gay? Click through for proof.

Sorry, my gay friends… In the video below he talks about a stupid decision to move to be with a girl. And getting dumped (For being gay? j/k) . Nick has a Youtube channel of his trick skating on roller blades ( think skateboarding without the board) but sadly, he doesn’t allow embedding so you are going to have to click the link below.

I can hear the masculine screams from here.


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7 responses to “Breaking News on Nick Uhas’s Sexual Preference!

  1. Urethra Franklin

    Did anybody see his interview with Jeff Shroeder after his eviciton?

    His personality during the interview was soooo different than when he was in the BB house. Though he is smart & intelligent guy, he talks and acts like a teenager. He was very animated and overusing the word “totally”. It was really weird. Then I saw some of his tweets, and he was hanging out designer Betsey Johnson’s daughter. I’m not saying he is gay, he just seems weird.

  2. Linda

    His favorite movie is The Notebook.and he tweeted this reply about pets:” ‏Yea I have two #dogs !!! a silky blue #terrier named Pebbles and a yorkie-poo named Tootsie!!” Hello

  3. KB

    He is either really really gay OR he really found Jessie and Gina Marie repulsive. Either way its hilarious!

  4. IQ

    Straight or bi or gay, I want him pumping in me.

  5. Mar

    GinaMarie alone, has kept this guy relevant on BB…without her he’d be off our radar!

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