Big Brother Live Feed Spoilers: Mount Saint Helen Erupts

Chop by @UNCDavid

Chop by @UNCDavid

Hey all…Urethra Franklin here giving some updates about the Big Brother house since the live eviction show.


Chop by PassthePaxil (Sucks)

Chop by PassthePaxil (Sucks)

Judd won the HOH and the house in general was happy for him. Judd & Jessie were especially thrilled because the both of them were have nots for the week. Now these 2 can eat real food and sleep comfortably in a bed together in private. Anyway I don’t believe there is any real 2-way chemistry between these two. Judd read a letter from his family. Though he is educated, he sounds like a 3rd grader when reading it out loud to the HG. There were no subtitles on BBAD so I have no idea what he said. He got a rotisserie chicken (yes a chicken) in his HOH basket and aloe beverages. His music cd was the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The HOH & HG are paranoid about the nature of the twist this week, which we know is that America is the MVP and votes for the 3rd nominee. There is a lot of shady stuff happening out on the net about this twist. A lot of misinformed BB fans thought they were voting for MVP, NOT nominees. I’ve personally seen some tweets by Big Brother fan sites to remind voters to vote Elissa for MVP this week knowing darn well those votes are for the 3rd nominee. #OOPSIE. Does it really matter? BB producers are going to do what they want and still collect $$$ for the votes. I’m excited to see how this plays out….  From the 3 forum sites I read it seems that the top votes are going to Aaryn, Gina Marie, Spencer, Amanda, and a few Helen haters due to her nauseating HOH reign.

These are the current alliances: 1) The Goof Troop-Amanda, McCrae, Andy, Judd.  2) The Knockouts-Amanda, McCrae, Andy, Judd, Helen, Elissa

The have not competition was earlier today, and it was a gross messy one. They had to eat frozen yogurt with gross flavor combos like anchovies & habanero. It seems that some of the HG puked during the competition. I can only dream that Aaryn ate some Texas cow dung yogurt for all the bull shit she has put the HG and America through these past weeks. The have nots for the week are Andy, Candice, Spencer, & Jessie. Poor Jessie, this her 2nd week in a row, and now she won’t be able to sleep with horny Judd in the HOH room…And poor Andy this is his 3rd have not week since being in the house.  The have not food voted by America is macaroni & mangoes, not so bad….

bb15helenFriday morning started out rough for Helen. As soon as she poured her morning coffee she went to the HOH to talk to Judd & Elissa. As she walked in she said “I miss this room” #LOL… Elissa asked Helen her thoughts of Judd nominating Kaitlin & Gina Marie… FLASHBACK: Now remember when Helen was HOH and had delusions from her HOH FEVER, she told Kaitlin if she uses the POV to save herself so Jeremy could be back doored that she(Kaitlin) would be safe, and that everyone would be thankful and not come after her. #DoNotWriteChecksThatYourAssCanNotCash…

Well that was Helen talking out of her HOH ass, and she shouldn’t have been speaking for the others…Helen tells Elissa that we can’t put up Kaitlin because I promised her we wouldn’t.  Elissa says “You promised her, we didn’t” #TellHerGirl…Elissa tells her Kaitlin knows she is Judd’s target. This is confusing game of         “Big Brother telephone”, but Helen is very upset because someone told Judd that Helen told Kaitlin she was Judd’s target. Helen throws a HISSY FIT & starts screaming and blaming Aaryn for this. Helen is screaming “what a fucking bitch. She is such a shit stirrer. I did not say that.” Helen starts crying and still screaming “fucking bitch” repeatedly and slams a fluffy pillow to the ground #LMAO…Helen dropped too many “fucks” too count. This gives Elissa & Helen more fuel to push Aaryn as a nominee for eviction. Expecting Elissa to be this week’s MVP, NOT, Judd wants to nominate Kaitlin & Gina Marie and allow Elissa to nominate Aaryn.

Meanwhile Amanda & McCrae are pushing for Howard & Spencer as nominees. Everyone is strategizing with the mindset that Elissa is the MVP #Twist….Regardless of America’s 3rd nominee vote, there is a big push for back dooring Spencer or Howard. #WaitAndSee.

Judd has a talk with Gina Marie to let her know that she might be nominated as a pawn with the plan to backdoor someone with a veto. Judd tells her he knows she won’t get evicted. She was NOT happy or willing to do it, and in her Long Island brash voice she says, “Then put up Jessie if you’re sure no porn(pawn) is going home.” #PawnsGetEvictedToo

Nomination Ceremony was early Friday evening: Aaryn & Kaitlin are nominated by Judd.  The last two keys pulled were Gina Marie & Amanda’s key was LAST.  Aaryn is confused by Judd’s nomination speech. It seems he accused her of twisting words & shit stirring, and he called her a Texas Tornado. Aaryn is pissed. #Karma

Late Friday night: Elissa is freaking out because she has not been told she won MVP for the week.  The HG are saying that Elissa should be freaking out because her only value to the game and other HG is the MVP power. Everyone is suspicious of anyone that gets called to the diary room because they may be MVP. Aaryn accurately guessed the twist was America votes for the 3rd nominee.

Kaitlin & Aaryn are starting to turn on each other, and it’s hilarious. Aaryn is isolated because she is all alone with no alliance, or anyone to talk game to. She is starting to suck up to Jessie of all people out of desperation #Insincere… Several HG say they prefer to evict Kaitlin over Aaryn. Andy, Howard & Candice would keep Aaryn over Kaitlin. Spencer continues to say inappropriate things about Jessie’s breasts. McCrae confessed to Howard that he was not the MVP last week. (Last week a few people were lied to about the MVP to protect Elissa) Howard doesn’t understand why Helen is coming down so hard on him for his lies. He says he is playing Big Brother, and this is part the game ….Amanda & McCrae are still getting their rocks off under every blanket in every room in the BB house #Gross…Gina Marie continues to obsessively talk about Nick and reminds everyone that she is not obsessed with him #FatalAttraction…..


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27 responses to “Big Brother Live Feed Spoilers: Mount Saint Helen Erupts

  1. Urethra Franklin

    It was revealed to the BB House that ELISSA is the 3rd nominee. The house does not know America voted this. (DUE TO STUPID & MISINFORMED VOTERS AND SHADY TACTICS TO GET ELISSA NOMINATED)…I am surprised BB producers actually allowed Elissa to be nominated.

    The paranoid theories among the HG are Elissa lied about being MVP and nominated herself…..and Elissa thinks GinaMarie is MVP and nominated her….Amanda thinks Aaryn got MVP and voted Elissa….Elissa is crying and freaking out.

    This MVP power is more fun when it is anonymous. Everrrrbody is MVP.

    • Urethra Franklin

      OK, make sure ya’ll have on some extra wig glue because you will shake with laughter…..

      I’m reading that the BRENCHEL ARMY (Brendon & Rachel fans) jumped the gun for voting and NOT realizing the votes were for 3rd nominee instead of MVP….Rachel Riley fans #DumbAss contributed to this major fuck up in the voting. This is the best unintended Expect the Unexpected to happen yet. I love the fabulous chaos in the house. The POV competition is happening now…. Will keep you all posted.

      • Urethra Franklin

        I would be worried for Spencer & Howard getting back doored.

      • lori

        Oh thank the Lord! Go Elissa!

      • Urethra Franklin

        Wait I, this America as MVP just messed up my thought process. Since Elissa is 3rd nominee voted by America, and if she uses the POV on herself, I think the HG with the next amount of America’s votes will be replacement nominee. This is all a clusterfuck…..

  2. Urethra Franklin

    The HG wonder why would America vote out the person they have been giving the MVP power to for weeks? Elissa is blaming Jeremy. So now he picked 3rd nominee. I love watching paranoid people rationalize. EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED….

  3. They are all very stupidly underestimating Candace. And she will win this season.

  4. Linda

    So this is reported to be Elissa losing her mind (with Judd). Elissa went kind of bonkers, adding a lot of weight to the “Elissa is leaving this week, which was pre-planned” theory. She started saying all sorts of crazy stuff to Judd:
    “You can backdoor me. I’m serious. I’m lying about being, I’m not even playing the game. They just put me in here to screw with everyone. I’m just — you should backdoor me. ‘Cause I like to be backdoored. ‘Cause I’m lying about everything. Don’t keep asking me questions I’m not going to answer. But seriously. I’ve realized it doesn’t really matter what I say or do. I’m going to stay here regardless because I’m not even playing, they knew I wasn’t going to be able to play, obviously. And I’m not really Rachel’s sister. … , ” WTH

  5. lori

    Thanks for another wonderful recap UF. I think that bb should not tell the hg’s that America was mvp. It would keep it more interesting and also, if they know it was America, it could influence who they evict to some degree. I really do not want to see Elissa leave this game. Fingers crossed.

  6. KB

    I’m starting to think everything is rigged. They probably wanted America to be next MVP because they were tired of the same person winning it every week. It makes no sense that Elissa is 3rd nom when GM is sitting right there. Something fishy going on here. They should have left well enough alone. If people are voting incorrectly and they know it. It should be dealt with.

  7. KB

    I’m starting to think everything is rigged. They probably wanted America to be next MVP because they were tired of the same person winning it every week. It makes no sense that Elissa is 3rd nom when GM is sitting right there. Something fishy going on here. They should have left well enough alone.

  8. Fleeting thought: what if Alyssa’s “fans” knew about the MVP twist and had some robo-calling cheat going on. When the twist was announced, it was too late to stop that week’s votes?

    • I meant they knew before the season started about the MVP twist. Not this most recent twist.

      • Urethra Franklin

        Yeah the HG feel that Elissa is receiving a lot of “perks” as Rachel’s sister. I also think she is being handled differently than the other HG in her diary rooms visits. I always suspect production influence/interference/manipulation. Plus I think she has a sweeter financial contract than the other HG….

      • Someone, I forget who said that she said she got a nice check $20k maybe if she lasted a certain number of weeks….I don’t believe that. She just wanted to be on the show like her sister. They would not have to give her special perks or pay her more. Although I do think they are wanting her to stay. And doing the regular old manipulating in the DR to keep her around for awhile.

  9. pdt090

    They should just scratch the whole MVP twist or make it a one week per person deal. This was such a blatant attempt to push out Aaryn by production that it’s kind of hilarious to watch it backfire this badly.

  10. Tamara, that 20,000$$ deal thing is paranoia from another year when they had the saboteur twist that got that chick, Annie I believe, evicted in week 1 or 2. I personally do not think Elissa is getting special treatment from Production. I just think the HG’s are paranoid. Elissa was a little drunk tonight and cause quite a stir with what the HG’s call backhanded comments. I like this Elissa. Since Helen is grounded with her POV punishment I want to see Helen gone now before Elissa to see what kind of trouble she can stir up. This is Rachel Rileys sister! Rachel was sooo annoying but very entertaining! America being MVP may have been a ploy to get Aaryn out, but it was more about satisfying America’s hunger to get Aaryn out than anything. CBS had a 1 in 13 chance she would not be the next HoH and Aaryn was pretty much on everyone’s target list. It is what it is! And it is turning out to be fun! I can’t wait to see who is next on the gtfo list lol I sincerely hope it is Amanda. I also hope we get to be MVP until Jury. Watching these guys not having Elissa as a weapon is so fun lol

  11. Puravidacostarica

    Just looked again at the Jodi Arias photo above – should add a second thought balloon “just be sure to count the kitchen knives each night”

  12. Docwall

    Hi guys! our host has “forced” me to turn an eye to BB at moments when i need distraction. So……………i have ????’s, and a couple comments, as i am just learning the game:

    1) how does someone get MVP? i tried to vote online twice, but always already closed
    2) i am thinking that i see this show is on 3 days weekly…..what days and is this live or a recap from prior days?
    3) how does the food and sleep situation go? i get “have-nots” re: food, but how many sleep chambers, and does only HOH get to sleep up there?

    OK, finally, in my usual, slightly provocative way, apologize ahead of time, i like, Howard, Candice, and i think, Helen………..confusing brunettes here, but think i do NOT like Kaitlan and Aaryn, and Ginamarie. Can you guys give me info??? /opinions!!!

    • Urethra Franklin

      The Big Brother TV show is on Sun, Wed, & Thurs…The voting for MVP usually starts after the show ends on Thurs nights, and voting ends Friday at 5 or 6 pm the next day depending on your time zone.

      What is recapped above is from watching the live feeds from Thur-Saturday. The events above have not aired on TV when written. Some of the above events were shown on tonight’s show (Sunday).. That is why I included the “spoiler warning” in the beginning.

      There are weekly competitions, and the winner is HOH for the week

      • What UF said. And also this MVP thing is the twist this season. They always have some wacky new thing. It is usually only two people nominated by the HOH. This week AMERICA was the MVP and sort of accidently (I believe) voted for Elissa who is a fan favorite.

        I can’t see all of your questions here but some people are always have nots. They must sleep in the shitty room (this year it is airplane chairs and eat only slop (a crappy healthy oatmeal thing) and whatever we vote for them and some condiments. They usually get creative and make weird stuff.

      • Oh the HOH gets the HOH room and can sleep with whoever they want up there. But they must sleep only in beds. The have nots must sleep in have not room. So this week Jessie, who sleeps with Judd is a have not and cannot sleep with him. Also, Judd got a punishment in the veto comp which was 24 hrs of isolation, so he could not sleep there last night either! Amanda took over the HOH room without asking and ate his candy and boinked her boyfriend in the HOH bed. She is fast becoming a target.

  13. Lodak

    Of course Aaryn was Americas choice. She was already nominated, so Elissa was next, or next after Kaitlin, it seems.

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