Tamra Barney-Judge in Twitter War With Her First Husband

RHOOCTamraandEddieCan someone explain to me why Tamra Barney is arguing with her first husband on twitter?  All I get out of it is that her first husband was offended that she blamed him for one of her “suicide attempts.” He went to Radar or somewhere and told them that she was making up things for drama and he never cheated on her and he doesn’t appreciate being dragged into the drama.

If Tamra is so excited about her marriage to bachelor number three, why is she so invested in some twitter war with bachelor number one? Click through for the major points of the arguments.

From Radar Online:

Darren, 48, told Radar earlier that Tamra, 45, lied when she blamed the breakup of their marriage for her first suicide attempt. In fact, he said, the marriage broke up because Tamra was cheating on him!

And while she also blamed him for being a bad dad, Radar has obtained court papers showing she voluntarily gave up custody of their son Ryan to him in 1995. What’s more, on Tamra Tweeted on Thursday that Darren cheated on her — with a man. He told Radar he will sue her for that.

Do you have to have a ton of skeletons in your closet in order to be on these Bravo shows?  Why don’t they just go to the parole officers in each of these towns to cast new housewives?


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13 responses to “Tamra Barney-Judge in Twitter War With Her First Husband

  1. Tango

    Whoa. I guess Tamra shoulda been more careful how she went about fixin her image. Maybe left the ex comments out of it… It does amaze me how these people tweet fight. Why is everything on display all the time? Hmn maybe this is just a ploy for more attention, could the ex be helping her stay interesting??

  2. I am probably one of the few Tamra fans out there, I really wish her happiness. If you want to make a fire go out you don’t fan it, she should let this quietly go away. LOVE THE NEW SETUP HERE!

  3. Shellbelle

    Funny how they all go around pointing the cheating finger… I like Tamra ok, it’s getting to be less and less each show I watch. Why she’s fighting with her first ex, I don’t understand.

  4. Lucy94

    It’s a he said, she said about some crap that happened 20 some years ago! THIS is why I don’t twitter, tweet! Tamra really needs to get over herself.

  5. Tamra has so many faces she can’t keep her multiple personalities in check. She is an attention whore supreme.

  6. marshana green

    Different day,same old Tamra. She obviously is scared of something getting out. Hmm….@TamaraTattles to the rescue….? And Simon is very quiet these days…..

  7. CG

    If you want to put your life on display, fine. But leave your past relationship(s) out of it, unless they consent (like stupid Eddie). If I were Darren, I’d sue her sorry butt too.

  8. pdt090

    I don’t believe Tamra’s side of the story for a second. She’s really the worst housewife of the bunch, which is saying something.

  9. The Disher

    sad that she gave up her son, Ryan. Then, Simon was so mean to him. Feel sorry for that dude. But, this is what rednecks do. Engage in drama– tit for tat every time.

  10. Tamra’s husband has served her with a cease and desist letter and she has removed all the libelous posts from her twitter.

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