Roble & Company Season Finale is Next Wednesday

ChefRobleRoble and Company is another show I have been watching and not blogging. There are just so many things to blog about lately that some shows I just like to watch without recapping.  The season finale of Roble & Co is a fun little show to watch.  Every show needs a villain and in this case the one stirring the pot every week is Roble himself. He’s a complex guy who is not always likeable. Okay, I’ll just say it. He’s not my favorite Bravolebrity.  He’s got that African male  chauvinism and seems obsessed with conversations about what color everyone is, especially Adam. If you want a drinking game for this show the words “black” or “white” or any reference to someone’s race would be a safe bet.

He’s not the kind of villain you hate though. He’s the kind that you sort of want to either get what is coming or to have some sort of moment of enlightenment. This season he worked through his issues with his sister, only to have similar issues with is assistant, Artie the event planner, and Kiku the baker. All of his negative interactions seem to occur with women, or Artie who is gay. Chef Roble Ali is Headed to Atlanta

There is no doubt that he is an outstanding chef with a strong vision for his culinary future. I am sure he will be very successful. His catering business has interesting clients and each week the menu has a vastly different theme. I hope to see it come back for a season three. He is considering opening a restaurant in Atlanta. Now that would be a good reason to drag more Bravo cameras down here.

What did you think of this season? I loved Jasmine and her sibling relationship with Roble and all the employees and how they work together to get the job done. Did you watch?



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23 responses to “Roble & Company Season Finale is Next Wednesday

  1. I didn’t watch. I watched a couple of episodes from the first season and he just annoys me.

  2. SnookumsLynn

    I do enjoy some Roble, but he does seem to be some kinda chauvenist… Kiku was kinda lame for her issue and Jasmine kinda annoys me, so maybe he’s just tired of working with lames. I can’t call it, but I do like the show. Artie was getting a little pissy last night so I’m gonna say it’s an Artie thing no

    • Sure, it’s probably everybody else but Roble.

      • kinglady

        nah, but sometimes when I’m surrounded by perpetual whiners, I get tired of talking to everyone like their 7 and I might get a little hyphy? just my opinion…Roble does seem to be some kind of chauvenist, but those around him got issues too….

  3. Michelle

    He has angry chef syndrome.

  4. Puravidacostarica

    Okay, ding ding ding, based on the jacket Robles is wearing in the photo, I’m re-confirming that the bravolebrity’s bedroom is his. Do I win something? :-)

    • Linda

      Puravida, I think you have nailed it! I gave up and quit guessing but that so looks like it would be his bedroom. Jasmine probably did the flowers for him. I just did a 4 show marathon as I have missed a lot. I like the show, like all of the cast and want to see if they can put up with that Diva Roble.

  5. Enough Already

    I watched season one and liked it a lot….seems season one gave him the big head…he came back on season two an ass….I stopped watching…

  6. Becstar

    What was the HUGE ordeal he made a few episodes back about Jasmine calling his company Chef Roble and Co. instead of just Roble and Co.? The name of the show is Chef Roble and Company. He seriously ripped her a new one over it multiple times! Is he ticked off at Bravo too for naming his show that? I’m so confused because of the production he made out of it. Does anyone else know what I’m talking about?

  7. James

    His nasty attitude is a major impediment for Me enjoying the show. He is much worse than last season. Also they seem to focus more on his employee/girlfriend relationships and less on the food. I used to watch regularly but now I watch r&b divas instead and then wait to catch the roble repeat. (But if I totally miss it I don’t mind )

    PS. I was watching bits of it last night during divas commercial breaks. Did anybody else give kiku the side eye when she mentioned her boyfriend? And who else thinks that that blonde was jasmine’s girlfriend? (Not that there’s anything wrong with that )

  8. myinfo

    Roble is cute and that is it. The show is boring.

  9. after the one episode where the bugs went to the light and then fell on the food i decided i have enuf reality shows on my tv schedule. ew!

  10. It's A Crazy World

    I love this show … and I love it because of the sibling rivalry/love between Jasmine and Roble. Roble is an ASS…and Jasmine is too sensitive at times…(cause she knows he is an ass – so of course that isn’t gonna change on tv!!LOL) But at no time do I ever not believe Roble loves his sister dearly.

    He is soooo irritating – and typically male – reminds me of my own irritating brother….in looks, personality…too many things.

    i just love the show – and love the way my home NY is represented…makes me homesick!

    Kiku – don’t like her …something about her irritates me. I need to ask my sister, who is a pastry chef and knows all of them about some of these episodes …. I believe there is a lot that was edited out with some of the other chefs.

    The intern – she is annoying…but Roble needed to nip all that in the butt!

    …and I love Artie…or is it Arnie? LOL

  11. AngieB

    I really enjoy the show because Roble is clearly talented and l love seeing the events and food come together, but his behavior has made this season much less enjoyable for me. I think he’s a perfectionist, which is okay, but he’s also very arrogant. He comes across as an abusive bully when things don’t go his way, and I wouldn’t date him in a million years. I bet he is a nightmare boyfriend when he doesn’t get what he wants. I believe that he was right, Kiku oiled the pans too early, but the way he treated her was inexcusable, like she was worthless because she made a mistake. And I hate the way he (and Jasmine for that matter) treat Artie. He has alot of wisdom and experience and Roble was so disrespectful to this man who from what I understand helped give him one of his first career breaks. Roble thinks he knows it all and needs a big reality check. Because he treats people under him so badly, it’s coming. God doesn’t like ugly. Adam is the only person I could never see him yelling at because Roble has so much respect for his ability, so the fact that he teases Adam for being a white boy (and he is one of the whitest white boys I’ve ever seen) isn’t a big deal, and Adam doesn’t seem bothered by it. I think Adam’s adorable and I would love to see more footage of him outside of the kitchen.

  12. Anti Klan

    Im glad to see your very open stance on how Black men appear to have a grudge. Its clear just like I want my racists to state things. First and last time on this rather useless page. Makes me question even viewing Wow Report which linked me to this rather unimpressive page. Mind you I rarely ever make comments, so for me to do so is a clear indication that your short sighted view of Black men needs a serious revision… or a confederate flag somewhere in your design scheme. And for the record I’ve met Roble in person several times and he’s rather charming and personable to all around him.

    • Your reading comprehension sucks. I never said he had a grudge. I said he is a chauvinist (and racist) African male. He’s from Somalia where that attitude is quite prevalent. In fact it is the predominant attitude in many African countries. Look into it. Genital mutilation of women might be a good place for you to start. He doesn’t have a grudge at all, he has a very unfounded sense of entitlement.

  13. Aedon Clay

    I actually like this show. And since I am an African American man I don’t think he has an issue with race I just think he is aware of it. I don’t think white males would be discussing race since their race is never an issue. So I don’t really agree with that statement. Roble is an ass but thats why I like it he is no worse than JEFF who is truly an ass.

    • LOL Race is a huge issue for white men. Did you ever notice how the world rushed in to make Zimmerman white? If I were Adam, I would find the whole, “this is Adam, my white friend,” just as annoying as if Adam introduced Roble as his black friend. I find Roble’s racial obsession telling.

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