Interesting Interview With Teresa and Melissa on The Insider

This is an old interview back in September of 2012… Melissa swears she has proof of Teresa’s involvement in the Poshe Fashion Show set up. Will we ever see that? How will the conflict resolve? Will Teresa admit she was involved in the set up? Or will Melissa and Joe finally accept that she was set up by production and Kim D just like they were?

And yes, I know this is old video. I just thought it was interesting. Your mileage may vary.


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13 responses to “Interesting Interview With Teresa and Melissa on The Insider

  1. Melissa says they were like this BEFORE the show and that she did not come on to hurt Teresa, well what did she think would happen? Not buying any of it. I think Melissa’s “facts” are the text Jac sent.

  2. VIVI

    Melissa in the interview says that she never talks about Tre’s marriage or her finances yet last weeks episode showed the gorga’s and the wakiles bashing Tre’s marriage and Melissa’s tweet in regards to the “rented” red chanel bag? Hello? Girl, if you say you don’t have any pride then get of the show!

  3. michelle

    Teresa is not beyond getting other people to do her dirty work. It would break her fathers heart if he were to find out she deliberately hurt her brother. It’s beyond me to think everyone thinks she hadn’t a clue. Where I don’t think she knew the where or how of it, I fully believe that fame hungry bff Kim D didn’t whisper in her ear something to the effect of “I got his gurl! You won’t know where or how its going down but it’s on!” I know you are all going to hate me for saying that Jacqueline made the assumption that Teresa was involved because she heard Kim d set it up.Teresa asked Jacqueline to do her dirt when Mellissa first joined the show. Jacqueline doesn’t have the brain or backbone to out and out lie and concoct the whole thing to make Teresa look bad. I’ve said my peace, I’ll count to ten. Bash away.

  4. jarlath

    This show is so scripted. * yawn*

    I believe Melissa she was never a dancer, girl can’t dance, just look at her “choreography”

  5. cher

    The only people who don’t know that Teresa has her hand up Kim Ds butt and is arranging all of these Melissa “outings” are morons. I guess that is why they love Teresa, queen of the morons.

  6. MNKelly

    I thought all at the fashion show said they all knew something was going to go down and since Jacqueline received a text at the show, why didn’t she warn Melissa? I need to see the “proof”. People call Teresa “queen of the morons”, if she is so stupid, how is she the mastermind behind every single thing that goes wrong in all her castmates lives plus do all the books, the signings, the hair care, etc? I wish I was as stupid as Teresa.

    • michelle

      Seriously how difficult is it to write a cookbook with your families recipes and a ghost writer? How complicated is it to say yes to company wanting to put out a line of haircare products with your name on it? It’s not like she the chemist. I must say she can throw a launch party! (call a party planner). She’s super awesome at smiling for pictures and signing her name.

  7. Dede

    Why does Melissa always tilt her head when she speaks?

  8. This story line is so boring, so yesterday.

  9. Yeah. ok

    Everyone is setting Missy up, her ex boyfriends, her maid of honor, the WHOLE Gorga family the state of FL, the owners of Lookers. Missy has to work overtime to play the victim because she has such a scandalous past. I do think its ironic that she blames everyone for the set ups but BRAVO. She knows you don’t bite the hand that feeds

    • I guess I am just so confused, it is a cultural thing I am sure but why is everyone so afraid of their past here???? I do not get it. Who gives a crap what you have done or who you sleep with or whatever, it is just one big game of secret keeping. Who in the world has done everything perfectly and who says what is perfect? If you think you are doing something or have done something that you do not want to come out, why go on tv? It is just insane to me.

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