Couples Therapy Recap: Everybody’s Kung Fu Fightin’

Sounds like Liz ODed in the house…this should be coming up in a future episode.  but this week, the focus is mainly on Tyler and Catelynn.

LOL at Flava Flav braving the wilderness to get flowers for Liz.

In therapy Abby talks about being taught to be bulimic in her home. It was bleeped out but it sounds like her mother. Abby cries and everyone is moved by the story except Joe who smiles when he says he is going to make her eat pasta because she is afraid of pasta. Dr. Jenn goes in on Joe and tells him he is not going to make her do anything and he needs to butt out. The male therapist next to her is grinning at Joe when he says it. WTF is his deal? Joe rolls his eyes at Dr. Jenn.

Liz’s childhood was sexually, physically, and emotionally abused in horrific ways. Dr. Jenn is trying to get the others to understand Liz, because the other couples seem to hold Liz accountable for her crazy but FF gets off scott free. Then it is FF turn. His childhood included getting beat on his privates with an extension cord among other things. Dr. Jenn points out that his family abuse left him humiliated and when Liz says things to him, he immediately thinks she is trying to humiliate him. I think Dr. Jenn is the only decent TV therapist on any of these shows.

Next up is Catelynn. She remembers her mother always being passed out drunk and her trying to wake her up. They had no food. She went to Tyler’s Mom and she raised her. Tyler was raised by a single mom. His Dad was in and out of prison. My observation: Tyler had to be the parent with his father. All the other couples come to Tyler for advice in the house.

After group, Chingy and Temple both say the other does not show emotion. In couples therapy, Dr. Jenn sends Chingy to cook dinner at Temple’s house. Temple is a neat freak. They have issues about moving in with each other because of her neatness and him wanting to relax in his own home. It’s a go for this to happen but then Temple gets angry with Chingy for always being online and ignoring her and he cancels the dinner.

In Tyler’s individual therapy, he seems to feel obligated to Catelynn. Because they grew up together, he doesn’t know who he is without her. He can’t bear to hurt her, but he wants some time to be “just Tyler” not TylerandCatelynn. I think after the show Tyler moved to New Orleans to do some soul-searching. Tyler tells Catelynn that he doesn’t think they are ready to get married. He says they both need to work on some things about themselves. Catelynn did not react well. Dr Jenn should have mediated that discussion. Catelynn has already booked the venue and bought the dress and feels there is no turning back.

The saga continues next week. Is that when Liz goes to the hospital? I am I the only one watching this?


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  1. Twilly

    I’ve been watching it too TT! Doesn’t Liz look pregnant? Her tummy seems to stick out a bit, but the rest of her is relatively thin. Joe is an asshole. I feel for Catelynn and Tyler and feel they do need to become their own individuals before getting married. Co-dependent for sure. Liz and Flav are both crazy and obnoxious and unwilling to communicate. I can’t imagine how they have lasted this long. It’s hard to watch, let alone live. Maybe that’s why Liz seems so medicated and Flav so distant. Thanks for recapping!

  2. Tamara

    Why is Joe such a douche??? And Tyler actually was staying in New Orleans before they signed to do Couples Therapy. I feel for Liz and FF. So many issues to deal with.

  3. Chris

    I also wondered if Liz was pregnant. I also think Joe is a jerk and Abby would be better off without him. Tyler does seem like the most mature person in the house. Love Dr. Jen but thought someone should be on hand when Tyler told Catelynn he doesn’t want to marry her.

  4. lori

    Not that I don’t agree that Tyler and Catelynn should spend at least some time apart to grow, but oh did my heart break for her on this episode. I think they are both absolutely adorable and they both seem, and have always seemed, like such genuinely nice people. I kind of hope that they soul search/sow their wild oats, and find their way back to each other. He hit the nail on the head when he said something along the lines of because of teen mom people seem to want to see them to stay together. I, myself am one of those people, but he is doing the right thing 100%. I’m sure that boy will have no problem what so ever finding a girlfriend (or few). He is so genuine and mature, especially for his age. I hope he remains to be the nice guy that he is. I am just curious… I understand that he had already been staying in New Orleans prior to coming on the show, but we’re they broken up?

    Poor Liz is a mess, but I don’t like how people in the house seem to have taken such sides (FF’s of course) in their relationship. Feels a little mean girls to me. I remember when they were on wife swap. I felt so bad for Liz, and having seen that, I still do feel bad for her. I found it hard to even watch that episode of wife swap.

    Joe Francis really is a douche. It’s all about him.

    Chingy and Temple just seem plain old miserable together. Part of me thinks they might be another one of those couples that have already parted ways but came on the show because they were asked. They just don’t feel genuine to me.

    • lori

      *were, not we’re

      • I think I remember Catelynn tweeting about Tyler being in NOLA and it was for him to take a class or something. I think they must have mutually agreed to some me time. I am not sure though. Maybe someone here can fill us in. I get all my Teen Mom stuff by reading Reality Tea and my blog has been so busy since the Arias trial, I almost never get to go read them anymore. That’s really the only bad thing about blogging. You don’t have time to read other blogs anymore.

  5. Sounds like Liz desperately needs to break it off from Flava Flav, who says through his rep that she did not OD on anything, she was just “exhausted.” Yeah, right. Fucked up washed up rapper cares more about his rep that he can’t tell the truth that his GF took too many pills and needs psychological help. They’re all flaming fame-seeking assholes.

  6. Xanadude

    The bad thing is, Joe has really thinks that he is coming across as a reasonable, stable person instead of the controlling horrid douche we see him as.

  7. Tango

    Poor Catelynn. She was the only teen mom I liked 100 percent of the time. She’s gone through too much in her life and she deserves someone who worships her sweet heart. Putting that baby up for adoption was so noble, and despite having a sh!t family she keeps on trying. I always thought it was too bad she didn’t know me or live by me, I woulda helped her more than her crappy mother ever did… I hope Tyler doesn’t look back and regret this, he’s a good kid too but I wish he’d stick by her. Life is short.

  8. Tamara

    I’m dumb and do keep up with the ridiculous teen mom crap. ( I have no life). Tyler moved to New Orleans for awhile to persue his acting career. This was sometime back in October or November. He was there for a couple of months and them came home. Then after the new year they signed on for couples therapy. I stalk people on twitter obviously. Hope that helps some :)

  9. Thanks to this show I can no longer look at my neighbors.

  10. KeepinitrealinTX

    I thought Liz was pregnant too because she referenced “this baby” in one of the episodes and she definitely looks it.

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