Aaryn Gries Mama Is Gonna Fix Things For Her Baby


Never one to miss an opportunity to fan the flames of racial tensions, The LA Times has written nearly half a dozen articles about the bigoted Big Brother houseguests this season. Last night the paper reported “sources” that claim that Aaryn Gries mother is working to rehab her daughter’s image even while she is in the house.  Perhaps she is planning to suggest she take an elective in multicultural affairs?  Perhaps she will sign up for the Big Brother/ Big Sister program and ask for a minority child to mentor? Maybe she is buying her some books to learn about racism and its effects  on minorities in the United States?

Click through for the tea…

Actually it seems that Aaryn’s mom has enlisted the help of a PR firm to rehab her image. I hear Paula Deen’s old PR agent is looking for work…

From the LA Times…

Sources for the series said the mother of Gries, who lives in San Angelo, Texas, has already hired a publicist for the 22-year-old college student, making Gries perhaps the first contestant in “Big Brother” history to get representation while still living in the house.

Gries has already lost her job at a modeling agency as a result of the remarks. While she is still isolated and unaware of her dismissal, her mother is aware of the firing and is taking steps to redeem her daughter’s reputation.

Well, that should help. Clearly what she needs is someone to put a good spin on it.


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11 responses to “Aaryn Gries Mama Is Gonna Fix Things For Her Baby

  1. Urethra Franklin

    Aaryn’s twitter account became a locked/protected account a couple of days ago.

  2. Boat

    Hmm, all I can say is my mom would beat my booty if I said those things on or off TV. I don’t think a PR firm can save Aaryn’s image.

  3. Linda

    I am quite sure Lil Miss Aaryn learned her attitude and beliefs from her family. She doesn’t understand why it’s wrong as she wasn’t raised to know better. She has a wealthy family maybe they can send her abroad for awhile!

  4. Mama Gries? The only way to permanently fix your baby is give her up to the gas chamber. Fitting, right?

  5. KB

    Anyone know what happened on tonight’s show? Who got evicted? Who is new HOH?

  6. Hope mom can save her but….. this is learned behavior so I guess mom hired a PR firm for the WHOLE family. Sad that one has to saved from themselves. What idiot behavior but at least she has allowed people to see her for just what she is…….

  7. It's A Crazy World

    New format again … or maybe it’s my new PC?..I dunno.

    Well – I think Aryan destroyed her own image – she will just have to live with it. I’m sure she learned all she did from her parents.

  8. She lost her job at a modeling agency, well, there’ goes $10.00.

  9. Sy "the brown guy"

    It all starts from the top! This is clearly not a case of nature but 100% nurture so MOM your family needs help and I don’t think a PR can help. There no place in this world for racism!!! She made her bed and she needs to sleep in it and except all of the fame and backlashes.

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