Big Brother Recap: Jeremy Prepares to Leave on The Trail of Tears

Chop by @earthdogBB

Chop by @earthdogBB

Hi everybody. Its Urethra Franklin recapping tonight’s episode of The Young & The Racist, also known as Big Brother.

I’m gonna recap the 2nd half of Sunday’s episode that most of you all missed because the golf game ran overtime and cut the show off for DVR users.

It’s the have not competition which consists of throwing buckets of milk. Howard is teamed up with Aaryn, Gina Marie, & Kaitlin. Howard is willing to be a have not by trying to throw the competition because he wants revenge against the white girls, and he wants them to be miserable as have nots because they deserve it.  Howard is acting clumsy & uncoordinated. Instead of throwing milk into Aaryn’s bucket, he repeatedly throws milk directly into her face over & over & over. This was the best moment of the show, and I will watch this on a loop for hours the next time I run out of anti-depressants #FreeMeds… Aaryn is pissed that Howard, who is an athlete, is so uncoordinated and sucks at this competition. #MilkFacials4Revenge. Despite his efforts to throw the competition, the other team of McCrae, Amanda, Judd, & Jessie lose and they are have nots for the week.

For the nomination ceremony Helen nominates Aaryn & Kaitlin. Howard & Spencer’s keys are the last pulled which usually indicates ranking by the HOH.

BB15KaitlinNow for tonights show. Aaryn is not surprised she got nominated for eviction because she has a “strong personality”(code for bitch), and she is a strong competitor.  Jeremy is nervous that he will be the MVP’s 3rd nominee. He sarcastically thanks America ahead of time for voting Elissa MVP again, and he knows that he will be Elissa’s target. Kaitlin tells Jeremy that Aaryn is hated more in the house, and she assures Jeremy that all he has to do is win the veto, and then the house will have probably evict Aaryn over herself.

Helen tells McCrae & Amanda about Howard’s confession to flipping his vote to keep Nick at the last eviction.  They expect Elissa to be MVP, and they start strategizing on who the 3rd nominee should be. Helen wants to nominate Howard or Spencer so Jeremy won’t have a chance to play the POV. McCrae confirmed to Helen that Howard was part of the Moving Company Alliance. This is the 3rd big lie that Helen caught the bible thumping preacher man in. Helen plans to test Spencer’s bull shit meter to see if he tells her the truth about his now defunct alliance.

Helen & Spencer are alone in the HOH room, and Spencer tells Helen about his participation in the Moving Company. She tells Spencer that Howard denied involvement… Helen starts crying because the only two people she trusted made her look like an idiot to America.  In her diary room she tells us that she was fake crying as a strategy to manipulate him.  He apologizes & they hug it out.

Spencer gives Howard the head’s up that Helen knows he is LYING, and he is nervous as hell for what may happen next.

bb15elissamvp#SHOCKER… America votes Elissa MVP for the 3rd consecutive week, and she thanks America in her annoying as fuck voice. McCrae tells Elissa in the storage room that he thinks Howard should be the MVP nominee. Amanda walks in while Elissa is telling McCrae she is reluctant to nominate Howard. McCrae says Howard has control over Candice & Spencer. McCrae tells Elissa about the earlier discussion in the HOH room with Helen about possibly nominating Howard. Elissa felt she should have been included in that conversation since she is the MVP. Elissa does not want to get blood on her hands doing dirty work for McCrae & Amanda.

Howard starts #ProjectDamageControl in the HOH room with Helen, Elissa, Spencer, Andy, Judd, & Jessie. He confesses to being part of the Moving Company. To save his own ass he starts throwing Jeremy under the bus by giving some anti-bullying speech. He tugged at the heart strings using his students. He teaches kids about bullying & is against bullying. He tells them he hastily aligned with bad people in the game & regrets it, and he wants to play on their side in this game. He promises Helen, who is in tears, that there are no more lies. Elissa asks to speak to Helen alone so she can discuss her MVP nominee. All of a sudden Elissa grows some huge balls and asks Helen point blank if she is a genuine friend or just using her for MVP. #DUH…Helen assures Elissa that she is genuinely her friend and tells Elissa this is her HOH as much as it is hers…and that her plan is to back door Jeremy. Helen wants Howard as 3rd nominee & Elissa wants Spencer as 3rd nominee. Helen wants a group talk about it. Amanda tells Elissa it should be Howard since he voted against her to keep Nick with the flipped vote. Elissa is reluctant because she does not want to have a strong player pissed at her and she does not want to be manipulated by Amanda & McCrae’s agenda. She does not agree that Howard is a bad guy in this game. #GetAClue….Amanda shoots down Helen’s pick of Spencer because he not a mental threat and he is too chubby to be a physical threat. Spencer could not win a competition even if the prize was pussy & ribs. Elissa won’t nominate Howard. Amanda storms out of the room.

The house gets the anonymous reveal for the 3rd nominee. It is Spencer.

SIDE BAR, THE SHIT THEY DON’T SHOW YOU ON TV: Over the weekend on the live feeds when all of this dissent about picking Howard or Spencer was happening, there was moment in HOH when Helen said that production would not allow Howard to be nominated. Then the live feeds went to FISHES for a few seconds. This happened 2 or 3 times when it was mentioned that production was trying to keep Howard off the block. This is a BIG IF… If this is true, Howard is needed for the racist story editing against Aaryn. Also I have read in the live feed updates that it was heard over the BB speaker “Helen, you are not allowed to use production as a strategy.” HMMM.  I think it was possible that Helen used production as an excuse so that she would not allow herself and Elissa to be manipulated by McCrae & Amanda to their dirty work. There was a lot, and I mean a lot of editing for this segment. It’s either possible producer interference or a really smart move by Helen.

The automatic players for POV are Aaryn, Kaitlin, Helen, Spencer. By random selection Gina Marie & Candice are selected to play, with Judd as host. YAY Jeremy did not get picked and Project Back Door Jeremy is on track.

Kaitlin fears sitting next to her fuck buddy on the block if the other side wins veto and pulls Spencer off. Kaitlin’s only hope is if Gina Marie wins, and NOT use it. Also if GM does win, Aaryn will expect the veto to be used on her. Gina Marie is in an awkward spot, and best for her that she NOT win it.

The veto competition is being played one player at time. It is a mental & physical competition that consists jumping on a trampoline to see art on the other side of a wall and requires some recognition & memory skills. Gina Marie starts leaking with excitement when she notices Nick on an art piece. I’m surprised Spencer did not bust a heart valve or a spring on that trampoline. Kaitlin had the best time of 7:09 minutes and Spencer was last with 12:19 #HAHA. KAITLIN wins POV. Now Kaitlin’s dilemma is either 1)save herself & risk Jeremy going up as 3rd HOH nominee, or 2) not using POV and risks herself to being evicted against Aaryn. Project Back Door Jeremy is in jeopardy.

My name is Jeremy. I'm a misogynistic douchebag!

My name is Jeremy. I’m a misogynistic douchebag!

Jeremy thinks he can turn on his “Cherokee Charm” and dickmatize Kaitlin to do what is best for his survival in the game. Kaitlin tries to convince Helen to not back door Jeremy, and to nominate Howard if she uses POV to remove herself from the block. Helen cries that the house will kill her ass if she does not put Jeremy on the block. Kaitlin pleads her argument for Howard to go. Helen says Jeremy has not treated her or other HG well and must go.

Kaitlin cries and tells Jeremy she is sorry but she couldn’t convince Helen to save Jeremy. He is rather mature & sweet to her AND nauseating as he kisses her, and he says that he is leaving with his head high & that he is a bad ass champion. #BLEH…. SIDE BAR, THE SHIT THEY DON’T SHOW YOU ON TV: Helen and the other HG tell Kaitlin that if she doesn’t use the veto on herself that they WILL EVICT HER for being a dumb DICKMATIZED bitch. In order to save his ass, Spencer also told her “would you rather be in the house with Aaryn or would you rather Jeremy be in the house alone with Aaryn?”

Kaitlin decides to use veto to save herself, and Jeremy is now the replacement nominee. Project Back Door Douche is one step closer to goal. The live eviction is tomorrow night…..Leave lots of comments Tattlers and lets talk this out.


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35 responses to “Big Brother Recap: Jeremy Prepares to Leave on The Trail of Tears

  1. puravidacostarica

    #FreeMeds: bwaahaaahaaa. Want me some of those! Excellent recap! Makes me think about buying the feeds….

  2. Chaun

    I was rooting For Howard until the idiot voted for Alissa last week like nobody was going to figure it out. Then when Helen asked about tyre moving company why like? Did he think she pulled that question or her butt. Jeremy has so much pride that he isn’t even campaigning to stay, not did the girls campaign to not go on the block. I guess they refuse to beg black, Chinese and ugly folks.

  3. TVGN is running a BBAD Marathon starting Friday at noon!

  4. McAmster

    No words.. I nearly spit out my wine laughing so hard at these gems:

    Gina Marie starts leaking with excitement when she notices Nick on an art piece.

    I’m surprised Spencer did not bust a heart valve or a spring on that trampoline

    Spencer could not win a competition even if the prize was pussy & ribs.

  5. Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

    Excellent recap, UF, and I loved the added sidebars.
    In last week’s episode, the milk in Aaryn’s face was possibly my favorite BB moment of all time.

  6. Brillke

    I’m assuming the girl pictured, the one in black with long hair, is Elissa, right? She looks like Detox from RuPauls Drag Race, IMO.

    • Urethra Franklin

      …Out of everything written in this update you reply with low blow’s about someone’s appearance? #NoSubstance

      • Brillke

        How is what said a low blow? Have you ever seen Detox? That bitch is gorgeous!

        Seriously, get over it and move on.

    • Urethra Franklin

      I seriously thought you were making fun of Elissa. In the past I recall you being rude about Vicki G’s appearance. My bias against you bleeds into your above comment. Ok I get it. Beauty & intelligence is subjective.

      • Brillke

        I don’t feel I was being rude about Vicki’s appearance at all, I only stated my opinion.

        Moving on.

  7. Enough Already

    Helen also showed her real self….winning HOH definitely changed her and I was totally in agreement with Elissa…she should have been in the talks regardless of MVP….that’s her team….also not sure who I want gone the most….racist Aaryn or cunt Jeremy…I also see Howard differently now…

    Loved the updates and the sidebars…keep them coming

    • Urethra Franklin

      I liked Helen better as the underdog. Her HOH reign was annoying. She made promises & deals that she can never full fill. She outed alliances with her never ending blabbing. She spoke for everyone when they weren’t in the room. She was so “kumbaya” with her “this is a group HOH” crap. She did not do anything too smart in my opinion as HOH.

    • Big Moma

      Dear, sweet Helen has gotten on my last nerve. While she ‘bonded’ with Elissa as a mom and have-not, I really think she is using her as much as the other hamsters. Helen’s HOH power trip is so old, I just want to shush her and throw her into the have-not room. Andy is like an evil clown/jack in the box that shows up when you least expect it. These folks started playing hardball so early by the end of the season they will have aged 20 years and need little men in white coats to escort them to a private padded room in the closest mental institution for ‘almost 15 minutes of fame B rated celebrity- wannabes’. And as for Elissa, while I like her much better than her sister Rachel if I have to hear her schmooze America for MVP one more week I will weep, pull out my hair and swear never to watch BB again!!! (But of course next week I will be on my couch wearing a wig and cursing while she schmoozes some more!)

    • Chaun

      There needs to be a like button forthis comment. I thought it was just me. A little power went straight to get head, WOW. Queen Helen went there. I think she made a bad move with that and put a target on her back. It’s going to be funny to see her scrambling next week.

  8. KB

    I know some may get irritated at Elissa because she can come across as ditzy but I think as far as this game goes she’s the only trust worthy one in the bunch. Even Helen is starting to annoy me. I’m so done with Howard at this point.

  9. Urethra Franklin

    More Sidebar, The Shit They Don’t Show You On TV: A few people in the house were told that McCrae was the MVP, NOT Elissa. Elissa did not want more blood on her hands if she was forced to nominate Howard. So McCrae volunteered to be the “faux MVP” to deflect the heat off Elissa. Then McCrae used the “faux MVP” power to make deals with Howard. I enjoyed that move for some reason….Also a lot of the HG are really paranoid about Elissa. They all think she has some special not used power given to her by voters. I love the paranoia and the shit that they come up with in their heads.

  10. Linda

    Love the recap, #hashtags are genius. Spencer gave her the best reason – apparently she did not want Jeremy left in the house with Aaryn! Helen was fascinating to watch, I expected her to demonstrate her political skills, #not. I saw no mention of the full on Howard porn that was on the feeds. I kept receiving a link to it from Twitter with no warning! Open the pic – boom full on naked Howard. It was impressive. Well, props must be given to 1,2,3 Moving Co. Men gone. If we don’t get any surprises – I would not hate for Aaryn to go though.

    • That Howard pic, may or may not be my wallpaper.

      • Puravidacostarica

        This is very disappointing. That you would talk about such a pic without posting a link for those of us who wish to salivate.

      • Jaded

        Yes pls for a link… Am I am in Oz, I can’t get to see any of the show and have been following via TT only. That man is gorgeous!!

      • Y’all are gonna have to google it. I am already thinking the reason my ads have disappeared is because y’all can’t act right in comments. :) Google image search it. You won’t regret it.

      • Puravidacostarica

        Found it! I do think he’s gorgeous and loved the cornrows, but I’m sad to say that I actually thought it was more shadow than…uhhh….meat. Let’s just say that compared to my hot hubby, I’m…ummm….a lucky woman. LOL

  11. KB

    Could someone please tell me what happened on tonight’s episode? Who was evicted and who is the new HOH? I had to work late. I’m dying to know!

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