Well, Apparently Teresa and Jacqueline Have Made Up



Remember when  I gave you some tea during filming about this season of RHONJ? My source made it very clear that things would begin to turn around and everyone would APPEAR to get along for most of the season ON CAMERA but the seething resentment was still there for everyone and once the camera’s stopped rolling the back biting would begin again.

Well in today’s Bravo blog Teresa starts admitting that she makes up with Jacqueline (on camera) and eventually everyone lives happily ever after.

rhonjtreandmelWe all know Melissa was desperate to prove I had something to do with the “set-up” at the fashion show so she could focus on me instead of what whoever was trying to expose about her. Again, I could care less what she did or didn’t do in the past, but it wasn’t me. And she keeps trying to beat an apology out of me. I’m sorry but I can’t apologize for something I didn’t do.

This is the part I don’t think anyone really gets. They keep saying Teresa is not taking responsibility for her actions, but IN THIS ONE CASE I don’t think it was Tre’s fault. It was clear production got together with Kim D and basically set up Teresa to make seem like it was her fault.
Kim D. explained very clearly to everyone a million times that Melissa was going after her business and her livelihood, so she was mad at Melissa and allowed someone Melissa used to work with to approach her. Melissa was mad at Kim, Kim was mad at Melissa. They tried to hurt each other. Kim apologized, and Melissa and my brother apologized to Kim. It should have been a done deal then, right?

Except Jacqueline got involved. Jacqueline told my brother that it really was me. And for some reason I will never understand, my only brother, my own flesh and blood, chose to believe Jacqueline over me. I know this because he told me. He told me what Jacqueline said, that he believed her, and then texted me, “You’re dead to me.” And we didn’t speak for a YEAR following that. Not over the holidays, not through the hurricane, nothing. So, yes, I blamed Jacqueline. Why wouldn’t I? She knows she was lying, she knows her words had power because she was my friend, and she told my brother anyway.

Yup, still on Tre’s side.

And Jacqueline, this is for you: I hate to bring this all up again, but I want people to understand how I was feeling at the time, and I want you to understand too. If I told your brother something about his wife that was dirty, and then he texted you, “You’re dead to me,” you would be upset too. I know we’ve moved past it, and I’m very happy for that. I love you and your family.

Ugh. They made up. This means more scenes with Jacqueline. Which I could so live without.
So when we got together to heal after a year of not talking, I did want Jacqueline to be there so she could look my brother in the eye and tell him I didn’t have anything to do with it.

Don’t hold your breath for that to happen.
I’ll admit, I didn’t want her there at first. I was so hurt by Jacqueline, but Rosie convinced me it was a good idea to invite Jacqueline and Caroline. So I made plans for them to be there. And they were supposedly coming. No one told me they weren’t going to come until the rest of them walked through the door. It hurt me because I was planning for it, and I really thought they could help.
And then for Kathy to suggest that Jacqueline was far too busy taking care of her sick child was too much for me. I know Jacqueline had her hands full with Nicholas, but not so much that she can’t still be involved in my life, as we all see on Twitter. I wasn’t buying that as an excuse and neither was Joe.

And neither is America.

But every time I tried to get through to Joey, Melissa would whisper in his ear. At one point, she stepped right in front of me to contradict me and bring Joey “back to her.” It was beyond frustrating. We weren’t there talking about him and Melissa or their marriage or me and Melissa. We were supposed to be talking about me and him.
Maybe if Melissa got on her knees in front of me before this point, we wouldn’t have any of these problems! If she was only that humble normally… Needless to say, her big dramatic pose had nothing to do with being humble or serious. She only did it to make me look bad. And it did make me mad, but I held it together. In real life…

Well Teresa, you were doing really good up until that part.  Then you lost me.



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74 responses to “Well, Apparently Teresa and Jacqueline Have Made Up

  1. sasha

    The only hope i see for Joey and Tre mending their sibling rivalry is through a series of professional counseling. Just the two of them, off camera. Maybe they can both be honest about what’s really bothering them, and without worrying about what others think.

  2. michelle

    Noooo…tamara dont fall into the dark side. And if you do, please dont start calling the other castmates by stupid nicknames like other sites do……so annoying i had to stop visiting them

    • It always seemed obvious to me that Tre was set up in the finale last year. But that is pretty much the only time I have taken her side. ANd no stupid nicknames is a RULE here. Sofa King annoying.

      • sasha

        Tre lies a lot, and she isn’t good at it. At least she lies to their faces. The others are sneaky and conniving by talking about her on Twitter and other sites. Or, they all go after her at once. Jaq is the worst in the bunch.

        I’ve always been a softy for the underdog. Humm, that sounds familiar.

  3. It’s going too far to make them pretend to make up every single season. I wish Jacqueline would crawl back under her rock. I used o think that Chris was a decent guy. But going along with her? Defending her? Can’t be easy. You see him trying to steer conversations in other directions, wanting to put his hand over her mouth and rolling his eyes more and more. I just wonder how long he will put up with it.

    I have a theory. Yeah having a child with autism gets her all kinds of attention. BUT, it’s also her idea of solidifying her marriage. He can’t leave her now. It would look like he ditched his problemed child. So the more she plays up the autism, the less chance Chris has to get out. Remember how disgusted he was with all of them, including his wife, back around table flipping time??

    • Buck Henry

      Your dead on, also the other reason why he won’t leave her is because she knows where all the bodies are buried in regard to the Manzo’s and him. She was an active participant in his business schemes and such and knows how the Manzo’s do their dirt. Ask yourself why last season Caroline came to that back porch when Teresa and Jax was aurguing. Chris called her over because he was afraid that Jax would let something slip.

      I think this is Teresa’s last season, I hear she was locked in for a 5 season contract. I truly hope she leaves and get her own show.

    • therealdeb

      teecee, usually i think you are a bit much and combative, but this was the best comment i have seen from you. not judging really just observing and i totally agree. i have never been a teresa fan b ut i saw what kim d did and i do think teresa is jealous of how much joey loves melissa. i think jaqualine is whacked out, caroline is in a loveless marriage where he fools around and the kids are all she has so she has to insert herself into the gorga mess.

  4. The drama with Jac started when Tre began all the gossip mag interviews and did not keep Jac in the loop. Either that or Jac totally lost her marbles years ago and Nic being sick and Ashley turning into an entitled brat pushed her to the brink OR the more likely cause is Botulitis. I am not buying they are friends in real life though. Dear Jac, please look in the mirror and see where the real problem lies, it is not in the wrinkles.

  5. I came to the conclusion after season 3 that Teresa was the only decent woman on the show. The others are all hypocritical liars. I was so shocked to find that out, that I went back and re-watched old seasons. She has never lied, and never said anything purposely mean, just to hurt someone. So, yes, reluctantly at first, but completely happily now, I am 100% team Teresa. Her blogs and explanations are always the only ones that make sense of what we see, and the story is always the same. I had to stop watching because the whole story line of RHONJ was so toxic that it was painful, but following the blogs, I am so happy Teresa is being vindicated somewhat this season. It’s about time.
    But-do you think Tre and Jac are currently friends? I think they may have made up, but now they are “cordial” instead of real friends. I don’t think Tre saying that she loves Jac means they are back to being friends.

    • sasha

      I think Tre is smart enough not to completely trust Jaq. Tre knows how Jaq. gossips and is more committed to her her in-laws an other friends.

      i agree, Chris doesn’t like all the drama and tries to shy away from it much like Caroline’s husband. Rich is the only one who enjoys being in the middle of stuff.

    • MonkeyFighting

      I Cosign cammierari ! It boils down to Jealousy, point blank period! Tre was most successful and built a brand while others still try. Nothing is really taking off w rest of cast like Tre’s success . The scene w Mel & Joe bashing all Teresa’s products was REAL! It showed the true motive behind them. The look & sound in Melissa was the true nasty jealous Melissa.
      Teresa as a person is really nice & fun. She comes from strong family roots and prob wants it to stay that way. It’s tough when you add a girl like Melissa to that mix. I’m not saying Teresa was ever a saint and I’m sure she may have said some petty things re her SIL but nothing like treatment Melissa gives. Nothing! Facts are facts and Melissa has done WAY too much bad vs good. But it’s all good cause the truth is coming out in 3,2,1… Will the REAL Melissa Gorga stand up? She’s already started w damage control … #Karma works

  6. I know people say this too often when trying to explain why someone who is totally hate able is hated, BUT I do think the others are jealous of Teresa. The first season, she was kind of the silly sidekick. But the audience fell in love with her and could not stop talking about her. This KILLED Jacqueline and to some extent Caroline.

    She is not hateable. She is not mean. She and Vicki are a lot alike.

    • Lisa Monroe

      Nail on the head teecee – Jacqueline & Caroline are jealous that Tre became the runaway star of the show. The Manzoz thought they were going to be the main family of the show and Tre & Joe were just going to be the “goofy friends”. You can just see the jealousy, in them, week after week. Melissa & Joe just came on the show to try to cause trouble and take over the lead as the “perfect Jersey couple” – haha but they just look “fake” and no matter what Jacqueline, Caroline or Melissa try to say or do about Tre, they just keep digging themselves into a hole. And may I finally add “Richie is DISGUSTING” and an embarrassment to all Jersey men.

      • LMV

        I just don’t get the jealosy angle at all. Perhaps it is because I never fell in love with Teresa. Season 1 I found her to be shallow, self-absorbed and silly. Not traits I gravitate towards. After that I think she has become mean. She was mean to Danielle. And I can’t stand the way she treats Kathy. She is so condscending and dismissive of her. Their relationship always has to be on Teresa’s terms. My opinion is that ‘fame’ has gone to her head and she has become intolerable. She wrote (used loosely) a cookbook and know goes out of her way to be the expert on all things Italian. Even though they are all Italian. She listens to her fans that tell her she is never wrong. She is not the same person they use to like. They don’t like the “new” Teresa. That doesn’t make them jealous. Plus they filmed those 2 seasons back to back. Bad idea. That is just way to much Teresa for anyone to take. I bet she was going on ad nauseam about Celebrity Apprentice.

      • You seem to have a lot of inside information.

      • Yeah, them filming Season 3 and 4 back to back was an extremely bad idea. They filmed the reunion for the 3rd season after the season 4 finale was filmed and did not expect anger from season 4 to show in the reunion. I do think that they are a bit jealous of Teresa’s success, but I think she is still the same person she was in the first season. Crazy. She is the only one to do something outside of the show. Caroline tried that radio thing in the 3rd season, but that clearly did not work out.

      • LMV

        No not at all! Justy wacky opinions like everyone else.

      • DontBelive

        Why do you think that everyone is jealous of Teresa and Jo Guidice? How can anyone like Joe Guidice when he treats his wife so horribly? This season he is being nicer to her because he knows he screwed up last season and that she is the real bread winner and he has no choice but to be kinder while taping or be left out in the cold. He doesn’t work and has no real income coming in. Every business venture he has tried has failed so he is now 100% dependent on Teresa. As for the family conflict is seems to me it began because Teresa thinks that everyone should run anything they are going to do through her first. Bravo went to the Gorgas and the Waiklies and invited them on the show. Why should they turn down an opportunity to make money just to appease Teresa?She fails to realize everyone can think for themselves without having to get her approval. She thinks everyone should feel the way she feels about any and everything. And she get upset if they don’t. Prime example her father, just because she puts her father on a pedestal not everyone else will do the same. If she says ‘MY DAD’ one more time I will just scream!!!!!!! She is definitely not happy to see her brother and his wife have a loving relationship when hers in not so great. Even Kathy marriage is better than hers. I personally think that she was upset with her family coming on the show and used that as a platform of interest but she took it to far. Now it is out of control, because her family started fighting back and now no one knows how to stop it. I always believe if you sit and listen to gossip and don’t say anything you are just as guilty as the person who is spreading it because you did nothing to stop it.

      • lori

        Hmmmmm… That’s funny that you say that, because if it weren’t for them all talking about Teresa 24/7, the rest of them wouldn’t even have a story line (not that I can see anyway). Unless Jaq exploiting her son’s autism is a good story line. I suppose some may think so, but I personally do not. Maybe you can tell me another example of a story line besides every single person constantly talking about Teresa. Not one of them can even have a single conversation with her without running back to the peanut gallery and reporting every single detail. I don’t see any of them (except for a few times maybe Kathy) telling anyone to stop talking about Teresa. And I’m not trying to insult you or be fresh in any way, but I noticed that your name is “dontbelive”. I think maybe it’s supposed to be “dontbelieve”? Or maybe the spelling belive is on purpose because it has some other meaning to you (like maybe your last name or something?) I should probably just mind my own business about that (LOL), but I am honestly just trying to be helpful, since it’s your username and all.

      • Um, DUH Lori, Melissa has her relationship advice book storyline, and her international singing legend storyline! Caroline has her family storyline and her new apartment by the boys new restaurant storyling, Kathy has her my husband is a douchelord storyline. [Danielle Staub voice] PAY ATTENTION! PUHLEASE! [/Danielle Staub voice]

      • lori

        Lol. Riveting.

      • lori

        Yep. Bravo really does need some kind of overhaul for rhonj. Family fighting storyline getting way to old, and the rest are just, well… yawwwwnnnn.

  7. sasha

    They all seem mesmerized by Tre. Hate her or love her, they’re always talking about her. If she leaves, so goes the show. Bravo will to continue finding storylines for her, made up or otherwise.

  8. L52094

    If Teresa really has nothing to do with all of the gossip, why doesn’t she stand up and start yelling and freaking out on Kim D, Melissa’s bridesmaid, the goon at the fashion show, etc. when they are speaking ill of her family? How many times have we seen Tre FREAK on her own family and friends when they call her to the carpet on something. But yet, sits idly by every time some camera hungry gossip is dishing dirt on her brother’s wife. Sorry everyone, BIG FAIL on Teresa. Plus, Bravo airs the clips of Tre’s children mocking Joe and Melissa, a little girl should not be mocking any adult family member about dancing on a pole.

    Also, being in a big family, I see all of the time where siblings will rag on each other and fight, but as soon as an outsider has something to say, the entire family will rally around their own and tear that outsider apart.

    Until Tre stands up for her brother and sister-in-law to all of the outsiders, she will never be right. Period. She’s a liar and it’s blatantly obvious. Sorry she has some of you fooled.

    • lori

      Melissa talks about Teresa to what used to be Teresa’s friends all the time. Now with her friend Jan involved, I guess she doesn’t like it when it’s the other way around. Just sayin’.

    • Laurie in NYC

      YOU ARE SO RIGHT! She has a lot of people fooled. Jacqueline and Caroline confirmed that Teresa has been calling Melissa a stripper for years. She’s obviously said it to her parents too. I don’t even like Melissa but Teresa clearly started this mess. She needs to own it and apologize and then I think the healing can happen. What Teresa and Joe have allowed their kids to witness is beyond disgusting. They should NEVER disrespect their childrens’ aunt in front of them. Teresa is a hypocrite. She lives by the motto “do as I say…not as I do”. She can talk about her brothers marriage but the second he gives it back, she freaks, throws something and runs. She blames her family for coming on the show but how come we’ve never heard her go after Andy Cohen for bringing them on the show? Because that’s the boss and her bread and butter or in her husbands case….bread and water. She didn’t go after Kim D for setting her up repeatedly. Something’s fishy. She has some involvement in spite of what she says.

    • Sharon

      I have to agree with L52094… Too many lies from Teresa, too many excuses given for her husband and children’s behavior. There are a lot of people at fault here but Teresa set the pace.

    • pdt090

      Why would she defend her at this point though? They hadn’t even been on speaking terms for a year.

    • True, but her brother did not do that until an episode or two ago with Melissa. He has watched many people talk about her, but joins in. Both sides do the same thing. Melissa should also not be going around saying that Teresa is a “pimple that needs to be popped”. All should leave this show to work out their issues. This show is making it a lot worse with the influence of Bravo

    • MNKelly

      So does your opinion go both ways or just one sided against Teresa? Tre should stand up for her brother & his wife but they can trash Teresa and start the nasty comments but no holding them accountable? You need to ask yourself why Joe & Melissa aren’t freaking out on Kim D but yet Tre should? Did you watch this last episode where the GORGA’s comment about a stripper in the house? and the littlest one grabbing himself? I don’t even have words for the video of the little one masterbating motions on the dance floor while HIS parents didn’t try to stop him. You should read more blogs, Kim D has stated as well as others that Tre got up and walked away from Melissa’s BFF when she was trash talking Melissa…you have to remember that editing plays a HUGE part in what we see, can’t always believe what we are seeing is actually what went down. Please don’t feel sorry for me, I’m nobodies fool, Fool.

      • Over the whole Teresa/Melissa thing, I tend to lean more to Melissa, but both are kind of screwed up. When one is wrong then I will say they are, and vice versa. I stopped watching a bit after the episode of the Teresa/Joe fight, but I have read a few reviews and articles (including here of course). That is screwed up that they want her to be more mad at Kim D than they are. Did their kid really grab himself? They witness those two act sexually too much. Editing is a mother fucker, but I am going from previous episodes too. The behind the scenes stuff is the more interesting stuff. I do have to admit, watching Teresa on Celebrity Apprentice gave me a more positive opinion on her than before. At least she did not make herself look like a damn fool unlike Nene (this coming from a Nene fan)

      • DontBelive

        WTH. I cannot believe you are going on about a child dancing. What can of person are you? (pedophile) And if you had been paying attention you would know that he was pretending to dance like Michael Jackson.

  9. Omg I just watched the sneak peak of next weeks episode and I’m totally convinced Melissa is the best wife in the world she ran so fast with that hat so the world wouldn’t see her balding husband

  10. oscar

    I was reading online that the producer for season 3 and 4 was fired for being so obviously bias. Team Tre all the way!

  11. Brillke

    One of the problems Tre has with her brother is he doesn’t spend time with her like he used to. She’s upset they don’t spend holiday and vacation time together and how things have changed.

    Well, no shit, Sherlock! You’ve both gotten married and had families, things did indeed change. Instead of her trying to make new traditions and enjoying what time she does get with her brother, Tre acts like a spoiled child and shouts about he’s her blood and all that bullshit.

    Tre is a spoiled child who grew into a spoiled adult. She has never taken responsibility for any of her actions and never will.

    With all that said, I don’t think Tre was in on the set up last season. Shes not smart enough to be that cunning. I don’t know what Jaq actually knew either but she say she was getting text from a producer, I think that’s what she said, and only learned of what was going on at the dinner. If she was told Tre was involved, knowing how she felt about Melissa, why wouldn’t she believe Tre was involved?

    Arghhh, this show makes my head hurt!

    • bombero129

      Teresa doesn’t get it that Melissa is her brother’s wife. Love her or hate her, he chose to marry her. they have kids together. She was telling her brother during that retreat thing to choose his blood over anyone else. but HELLO!!!! THATS HIS WIFE! THEY HAVE KIDS TOGETHER! Why would she want him to choose his sister over the mother of his children for no particular reason?

      • lwickedgirl

        Every time I see Theresa say things like her brother should side with her instead of his wife it CREEPS me out. His wife is his other half and the mother of their children. I wonder just what does she want from him and what is she not getting from her husband? Why is she so caught up in disrespecting his wife. Melissa is no angel but if I had a sister in law like that (Theresa) it would cause major problems in my marriage if my husband did not check that chick. I have a sister in law who is scared of me because as crazy as she is she knows I will come for her no questions asked if she crosses me. I think the only way the families are still speaking is because of the show. The family has a history of not speaking over lesser fall outs. Look at Theresa and Joe’s father and his sister. They have not spoken since Columbus discovered the new world.

  12. cher

    You really should not speak for America; I personally think you have to be almost as stupid as Teresa to believe that Teresa had no part in either that or the recent cheating scandal. Teresa is a sceave!!!!!!!!!!

    • Katey

      Just wondering what show you’re watching. I’ve watched every season and I’ve never thought of Teresa as a sceeve, even before her family was on. In seasons 3 & 4, I never really saw her tweet or spew outwardly hateful things about her family unless it was in defense of something. I guess everyone interprets things differently, but in case you’re new to the blogs – most people agree that even if they aren’t Teresa Giudice super fans, she really is not this evil person she’s constantly made out to be. A little erratic at times, a little naive, a little in denial, but she is, after all just a human being. She doesn’t go on the attack. Perhaps she’s also seen what she’s done from previous seasons and seen that she has not been perfect and wishes to mend the situation. Seeing previews for Season 4’s finale I remember hearing that it was going to look like Teresa set that up, but in all Teresa’s times of being mean she has never been vindictive and never to that extent. The episode I watched, she tried to talk to Melissa about it ahead of time. They can’t possibly still be trying to push that Teresa set it up, come on now.. AMERICA watched and agreed.

    • Who exactly are you talking to here, Cher? Still working in that turning back time thing?

  13. Tamara

    I do believe Teresa was set up. However I think her fault comes in when she did not tell Melissa before the fashion show what had happened at the hair salon. She could have texted her just to let her know. Then when everything went down at the fashion show she could say that she had already told Melissa. Unfortunately for Teresa she does not do well with confrontation. It’s like she can’t properly express herself and tends to “run” away. Although I can’t judge because I either start screaming to try to get my point across or have a mental breakdown

    • Katey

      I also agree that Teresa might should have said something before anyone even got to the fashion show that way it’s just out there. Melissa isn’t very kind to Teresa though even when they were supposed to be getting along, she always kind of turned her nose up at her and I’ve never really seen her be friendly and warm towards Teresa like Teresa can be to her. So maybe Teresa just felt a little nervous about the whole thing & didn’t want to feel like she was stirring any pots by opening her mouth at all. She should just say that and get it over with.Now JACQUELINE on the other hand….. if you were texting someone that knew about the whole thing all night, why would you not step in & say something? You clearly knew what was going on.. you sat at the reunion & said over & over that someone that was a friend of Teresa’s was telling her that something was going to go down as well. That’s all Teresa knew about, so why is she in hot water and you are not!?! It seems Jacqueline had more info on it than Teresa!! That’s why I think it had to be a producer or someone filming (just like the voicemail NeNe got from “someone” with Phaedra talking about Cynthia.) That’s what makes me so mad. Jacqueline is reminding me of a mean girl from high school who just wants to be mean to someone to fit in so she switches side based on who has the most haters and conjures up petty reasons to be angry with that person and treat them like dirt. At first Jac was soooo offended and mad that Teresa set Melissa up. Now she’s mad that Teresa blames her for the entire fight with her brother. Your turn is coming Jac.

  14. AlwaysALady

    Every scene on this show includes the noun “Tre”…the show needs to re-organize & let everyone except for Tre out of their contracts. THEY ARE BORING!

    • Honestly. Caroline and Jacqueline are just…… there, the same for Kathy, and the Gorga family drama is beyond tired. 3 seasons, really? People can say what they want about RHOA, but each season is different and not a rehash of a previous one. I heard the ratings are going down. It is good that they made up though

  15. yes,I definitely was surprised to read that jac and tre made up. and I kind of want to shake melissa and get her to stop blaming tre. tre gets schizo and emotionally confused when the drama amps up about her sis-in-law. i can see now how they edit the hell out of these scenes with the angelo fella. and i think jac should put the bottle down and focus on something good like her son or her makeup artistry. kathy seems ok this season. and on the upside to “melissa GORGA GORGA gorga!!” everything you’ve done in the past comes back threefold honey. and i personally think she is and has been jealous of tre.

  16. And Lisa Monroe,you are so right about the Manzo’s. I think they were mad that “someone with not enough intelligence” has a NYT bestseller,more bestsellers,wine,haircare,etc. And she’s not smart enough to be a brand. And I can’t wait to see the reunion show. I wonder is Melissa going to apologize. If she goes in on Teresa,arguing again….then we know there will another season with this fambly mess.

  17. MNKelly

    I wish we’d see all this “proof” that Tre set up Melissa at the fashion show, that Tre started the stripper rumors & the cheating rumors….funny none of the cast has ever shown any proof of this horrible person that they can’t seem to have a conversation without mentioning.
    I think the Manzo’s are ticked about Tre being the star, especially the miserable daughter, and yet can say anything nasty they want about Tre, her kids, etc and yet never called out for their words….seems Tre is dealing with a lot of “do as I say, not as I do” when it comes to the rest of the cast on teh show

  18. Puravidacostarica

    Hey TT, like the new format and the new donate button!

  19. kym

    Tre wants everyone to stand up for her, BUT, when people talk about Melissa, she will let them talk about her. If she wants loyalty, she should try it herself. When those woman start talking about her “family”, she should put her hand up and stop it. But no, she doesn’t mind if they talk about Melissa. Tre should understand that her brother will find out how she wasn’t “loyal”.

  20. Skeeter

    Ok this has been driving me nuts for a while now. WHY (as in Teresa’s blog above) are people referring to Nicholas as a ‘sick’ child? This infuriates me. I have a 12 year old autistic grandson and he is far from sick. What is sickening is the way this child is being exploited because he has autism. I don’t think Jac’s trying to be the voice of autism, I just think she is loving all the attention her autistic son is bringing her………sad…..very sad.

  21. Asia Smith

    Why isn’t anyone discussing how Melissa was scratching Joes face at the retreat. The entire room was against Joe. Melissa is the instigator because she seeked out Danielle against Teresa, but she should be forgiven. Also, at the party why does Teresa have to walk away and defend Melissa when Melissa never defends Teresa. It’s dirty that Melissa is Jac’s friend when she was Teresa’s friend at first. Melissa can’t even get a real friend other than her sisters.

  22. Shellbelle

    I don’t buy the whole ” we made up” BS. This weeks blogs are full of finger pointing and bickering, especially between Melissa and Theresa. Getting ready to film anytime soon? Could be another season of this ridiculous fighting… Hell, bring back Danielle so they will have someone else to fight with besides each other. It’s getting old.

    • Remember told you at the end of last season that this would be the Melissa got the crap edit. We are buying it like a bunch of lemmings. Whoever they want to be the asshole of the season they make it look that way and only show the decent behavior of the others. Wee are pawns in this reality show game. :)

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