Andy Cohen and The Wedding Band: Is Andy Cohen Married? Engaged?

June 26th First Appearance of The Ring

June 26th First Appearance of The Ring

On June 26, 2013 the Supreme Court struck down DOMA opening the path  to marriage equality for all. On June 26, 2013 Andy Cohen began wearing a wedding band on his right hand. Coincidence? I think not.  He could POSSIBLY have gotten married that very same day, as gay marriage has been legal in NY for a while. Can you imagine Andy Cohen Married? Or, and I think this is more likely, Andy Cohen got engaged to someone on the day that DOMA was struck down and that is an engagement ring.

Andy's trip to Brazil in February

Andy’s trip to Brazil in February

I feel like if he had gotten married, he would be blabbing it all over the place. Maybe he will do a Bravo wedding! On the other hand, Andy has been traveling in with groups of guys and I always had the feeling he didn’t have a serious monogamous  boyfriend. The photo above shows the guys he went to Brazil with. The photo below shows him on another boys trip in Miami recently. He goes to Miami every time he gets time off. If he has a man, clearly he lives there.


I have terrible facial recognition skills. So are any of the guys in the pyramid the same as the guys in the Brazil photo? I think if he is engaged to someone, he is probably in at least these pictures. If nothing else we can play guess the fiancé or which one would you choose. At least until Andy makes an announcement. I feel like we are beating the headlines here. I can see it now ANDY COHEN ENGAGED TO… Or ANDY COHEN MARRIED! Meanwhile, let’s keep our eyes peeled for more clues. And try not to panic. It could be just a ring he just happened to get on the same day the federal government acknowledged gay marriage.

Okay it’s my official position that Andy Cohen and Sean Avery got engaged on June 26 after the DOMA decision.  Here they are in Miami last March celebrating their one year anniversary.



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27 responses to “Andy Cohen and The Wedding Band: Is Andy Cohen Married? Engaged?

  1. #Rumor_Patrol

    The ring is on the wrong hand to be a wedding ring… right hand vs left hand.

  2. Martha Stewart made me nuts that night. She could not keep her legs together. Let alone crossed at the ankles. Just splayed open knees.

  3. Urethra Franklin

    Yay Andy is a top….on a pyramid at least.
    Andy vacations and hangs out with Sean Avery all the time. I think that is Sean on the bottom right of that gay pyramid…I personally think they are more than friends.

  4. he is with Sean Avery for over a year now.

  5. on the brazil photo Sean is not present, but I believe on the Miami photo Sean could be the one to the right side on the second row. He will never get together with AC because there is no chemistry between them, he said that already!,

    • Linda

      But didn’t you just say he is with Sean Avery for over a year? The guys is with him for over a year but says there is no chemistry? What am I missing.

      • Jaded

        Umm, you might want to re-read what Just Me wrote… She said no chemistry with Anderson Cooper not Sean :(

  6. Sean Avery seem to still be in the closet. This could be problematic to our theory, OR it could explain why no announcement has been made. Sean jokes about his bromance with Andy. But he is very interested in women’s fashion and interned at Vogue. He admitted to playing with dolls as a kid.

    OTHOH he was a bully in the hockey arena, and his teammates often talked about how he would make comments. He has also dated a lot of women publically. He seems very physically aggressive and most importantly he does not seem like a bottom.

    The more I look into this the more confusing it is. I am going to go get caught up on the Bachelorette and let y’all figure it out. :)

    • Brillke

      Ok, I guess I should read all the comments before posting.

      I didn’t know Sean was gay and thought I just missed him coming out.

      Maybe he’s bi? As you’ve said, he’s dated lots of women, so maybe he played for both teams.

  7. Linda

    So Sean is his bestie that travels with him and gets Andy into fashion shows. Wait does that make Sean Avery a Fag Hag?

  8. Brillke

    Is Sean Avery the hockey player who officially retired on WWHL?

  9. Belinda

    Sean and Andy would certainly make beautiful babies together.

  10. Sean Avery is gay..? Wow, that might explain a lot of his troublesome comments in the past. I wonder if Andy is wearing his “engagement” ring on his right hand, which will be moved to his left hand once the ceremony is performed? Anyone out there aware of gay guy engagement protocol?

  11. Okay, I am cleaning out my DVR today because we have bad weather AGAIN and my Internet is being sketchy. I am watching the June 26 episode and the word was ‘do’ And for the drinking game he said, “Every time you hear this word, DRINK LIKE YOU JUST GOT ENGAGED!!!!”

    Really? What more proof do you need he got engaged the day that DOMA was struck down.

  12. If Andy was in love and monogamous, he’d blab about it non-stop.

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