Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Some of the Girls Get Dirty Snowballed


Being a blogger on a Monday Night!

Tamra starts by going after Vicki’s dress, which I LOVE. It is the best dress I have ever seen Vicki in. I love how she refers to the gif above that I put up last night before seeing the show.

Lydia has HUGE eyeballs. Ever since I heard that your eyes are the same size since birth, I keep trying to imagine a baby with those eyeballs. Am I weird? Don’t answer that.

We start with a sit down dinner. Which is the housewives equivalent of a boxing ring.  A bunch of dumb blondes trying to define irony and hypocrisy is rather amusing.  This conversation between Gretchen and Vicki is amazingly calm and bitchy at the same time.  Ooops spoke too soon. Vicki is banging the table and turning into Rosie.

RHOOCLAXall7I’m bored.

These chicks can’t even drive golf carts, and Bravo has the insurance to put them on snowmobiles?  What are they thinking?  I really love Lydia. She does a good job of keeping it all from being brawling. Do these people actually know how to snowmobile? Oh lord, Vicki says she does.  Annnnd… she is the first to crash.

I don’t get the cold room. Isn’t it cold enough outside? Did any of the housewives catch it was -26 CELSIUS?  Vicki does not know the difference between drinking out of a beer stein and a nice champagne glass.

Tamra tonguing the ice wall is hysterical. Has she never watched A Christmas Story? Terry’s DNA comment about Tamra was funny, if a bit crude for him.

Is that witches brew the guy is making? How appropriate. Why is there some positivity crap going on at the table? Who wants to watch this? I love how it ends with Vicki saying, Cheers to me!

P.S. I liked TC’s recap better.


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44 responses to “Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Some of the Girls Get Dirty Snowballed

  1. You could sum this episode up in one word, IRONIC.

  2. I taped Precious and watched her after. I am amazed at how bigoted and stupid she is. And people CLAPPED for her.

    Tamara is reduced to parlor tricks to get attention. She licked the ice and her tongue bled.

    Vicki is like Teresa. She doesn’t need to be in the same zip code as a faux pas to still be blamed. Remember Tamra in the limo on Gretchen’s first show saying g was a gold digger? Remember tamra putting the whole story about g’s boyfriend who she slept with while with Anna Nicole Smith’s husbands older brother? Apparently tamra’s body was taken over by Vicki because now Vicki did both of those things and tamra did not.

    Lauriteriate (I know. Shhh) contradicts herself. She didn’t say there was sex involved. But when g mentioned Vicki’s indiscrepancies (yeah. Again she used her made up word), lauri decided to add to it. So, which is it then? Lauri chimes in about Brooks with the unsolicited opinion that he’s no good. Basically, she bird dogged Vicki the whole trip. And she’s lucky she didn’t loose some teeth.

    They peed in the snow. Vicki fell off her snowmobile after bragging about coming out of the womb in a luge. Everyone mocked her.

    Oh and heather kept popping up every ten minutes to remind us that she has a job. On a tv show. With Sarah Rue. Who is lovely. At her job. On the sitcom. Where she works. Cbr is in France. Bruce Paltrow and Francisco Franco are still dead.

    That’s all out of order. But you get the idea. Nothing really happened that’s new.

  3. What word made me be moderated? B.ig.otted?

  4. Linda

    Terry Dubrow and Heather were discussing Tamra getting her tongue stuck to the wall of the coldest vodka tasting room in the world (really). Heather says she left her DNA on that wall and Terry says that’s probably not the only wall she’s left DNA on. OMG, best line of the show.
    Again we are led to believe at the end last show that a bitch slapping may occur between Lauri and Vicki – they threw snowballs and all got along.

  5. Linda

    Oh, and they announced that Malibu Country was cancelled before this round of RHOC started. So Heather hyping her part so hard – kinda lame.

  6. Gingersnap

    Vicki is really hating on Lauri on her talking head, but to Lauri’s face, she’s saying they’ll meet for lunch to chew the fat over their weird ass relationship. The girl is lying like a dog and calling Lauri a liar the whole way. I imagine Lauri is a liar too though. For some reason, I find it hysterical. Vicki is a loose cannon. She really needs to have some fun. Or sex. Or fun sex. Badly. When Vicki’s love tank starts running low, she is crazier than ever.

    Tamra and Gretchen had a heart to heart, they are still great friends to each others faces and then Tamra is saying in her talking head that she still thinks Gretchen is a liar, or lies. History is repeating itself again. Surprise. I don’t really hate Gretchen, but she is just an airhead. The preview showed Gretchen making a singing video for Slade. Proof that Gretchen has no shame.

    Lydia and Alexis hung tight with each other and their sparkly (and expensive! thank you Jesus!) bible demon zappers and they were unscathed through the episode. Alexis was real glad about that.

    It was really funny when Heather and Terry were talking about Tamra getting her tongue stuck to the ice wall. Heather says that Tamra left her DNA on the ice wall and Terry responds that he bets Tamra has left A LOT of DNA on walls. That was a good one.

    I’ve been liking OC better lately, it hasn’t seemed to be quite so negative. Except for Lauri. I know it’s wrong to dislike someone because of their looks, but I may have to make an exception in Lauri’s case. I can’t unring the tranny bell.

    Looking forward to the real recap.

  7. i don’t like seeing a bunch of people picking on one person and at that first dinner vicki was the one picked on. the stress level when that kind of thing happens is through the roof. it’s the main reason i stopped watching RHOBH for almost a season. i found myself incredibly stressed out over total strangers i could care less about. so not worth it. yes, a certain amount of drama is fun to watch on tv but what’s wrong with watching a bunch of pretty, rich people having fun in fabulous places. i find the positive happy get togethers much more worthwhile.

    ironic and hypocritical that andy is asking vicki if she’s okay when he targeted her at a reunion show or two himself.

    • That is such an excellent point about getting upset about people we do not even know! Yep, sometimes I loose myself in these stupid shows simply to get away from the crap in my life, thank you for the reminder it is just tv!

  8. Bombero129

    Is it just me or is Lauri’s plastic surgery getting worse? She looks so bad! it must be the reason why she won’t pick up her hair in a ponytail to go skiing or snow mobiling and has that same outdated Farrah fawcett hairdo all the time. Random thoughts by bombero.

  9. KAM

    We had not one, but TWO Gretchen’s Grammar moments last night! “Indiscrepancies” is still not as fun as “flandering”.

    • Lydia had a couple as well. Don’t remember what. But I remember thinking “I thought she was smarter than that”. I think we’ve glossed over Alexis’s “I believe it’s pronounced CONCEE AIR”. That pretty much takes the cake.

      And as usual, no one knows what ironic means. Not even me.

    • that’s been bugging me a bit. sure she wasn’t saying “philandering”? don’t remember which blogger/commenter mentioned it first…

    • At one point Gretchen says something like you’re projecting your feelings on to me, but uses the wrong term. Really bad considering she claims to have a degree in psychology. I can’t remember what word she used. Lydia is so much fun to watch. She has the strangest features but does her best with what she’s got, acts upbeat and nice (yet not a suckup) and thus comes off as really attractive and someone I would want to be around.

  10. Laurie in NYC

    So much to comment on…………First of all Gretchen is out of her bleeding mind! She wants everyone to forget that her ex-boyfriend Jay contacted Tamara and told the story about how Jeff was Gretchen’s sugar daddy. Even Jeana was aware of it. Who cares now? Jeff is dead, Gretchen is with Slimey Slade. Gretchen, you got caught, please stop trying to justify your lies. Is Vicky a bit of a hypocrite? ABSOLUTELY! With her whole “god doesn’t believe in divorce” but I guess god is ok with infidelity. But it wasn’t Vicky that outed Gretchen for her lies, it was Tamra. Gretchen is so wrong to keep trying to blame Vicky for it. Go back and watch your first season Gretchen. Refresh your memory and try and get your lies straight and put the blame on the right people. I think Gretchen needs to go, she’s toxic. I’m actually liking Alexis this season and dare I say it but she seems smarter and more insightful. Still hate her husband but she’s redeeming herself with me. Not that I’m going to run out and buy one of her stripper dresses but she’s looking way better than Gretchen. Lydia’s voice is annoying as anything but she is a little bundle of sunshine and I think these women could use some of that. Laurie has an agenda and needs to go but I am liking the fact that she’s not backing down from Vicki, she’s earned my respect there. Thinking this show has jumped the shark…….time to make some cast changes maybe?

  11. pdt090

    I find it hard to dislike to not side with Gretchen in spite of her being incredibly vapid because these women take issue with the most inane things. Like, who gives a fuck if she was offered a role on that show or not? That’s what’s going to end some friendships? Lord.

  12. sandydc

    What the heck is Lauri doing on a Housewives trip? She needs to go. Soon.

  13. Where is our token young person to laugh at my title? I did it just for her!

  14. Ellis Scarlett

    Some cast changes are definitely in order. At least 3 or 4 need to be swapped out. And yes, Lauri’s surgery is getting scary. One of her eyes is way higher than the other. Or out of place. I can’t believe she paid to look like that.

    • If it is filler like she claims, it will dissipate in a few months, I am betting she looks more natural at the reunion. I once had too much Juavderm in my lips, well one side, the left upper side, and holy cow, I looked like I had been stung by a bee for 4 months. I think she had a face lift though, a brow lift or something. I still think she is attractive though.

  15. jelley

    Long time reader, first time poster. I’m pretty sure I enjoy reading the blogs & comments more than actually watching the shows. Y’all crack me up. Thanks for that :)

  16. Where is my Gretchen blog this week??? I look forward to her being mad at EVERYONE every week and playing the victim. Should one ever get published, I’ll post about it.

  17. I have watched all the housewives shows and I swear I don’t remember this woman. What was her memorable scene?

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