Big Brother 15’s Kaitlin Barnaby Is Hiding Lots of Secrets!

BB15KaitlinOn Big Brother 15 racism and bigotry seem to be taking over the story line. While this is an unfortunate insight into what some young people are still dealing with, there is a lot more that we could be talking about. Candice has alluded many times to some secrets that Kaitlin has shared with her outside the house.  I have uncovered the source of many of Kaitlin’s secrets. Well I have at least some of the tea. The secrets that Kaitlin shared with Candace are about her father. Click through for all the scandalous tea.

Kaitlin is from Vadnais Heights. I was able to find on that Kaitlin’s father, who is in his 60s, is Richard Lynn Barnaby. Here is the document from the FBI site on his federal charges from April of 2010.

Vadnais Heights Man Sentenced for Selling Fake Stock

MINNEAPOLIS—B. Todd Jones, United States Attorney for the District of Minnesota, announced that a 59-year-old Vadnais Heights man was sentenced in federal court earlier today for bilking an investor out of more than $168,000 by selling him fictitious stock. U.S. District Court Judge James M. Rosenbaum specifically sentenced Richard Lynn Barnaby to 27 months in prison on one count of investment fraud through interstate wire.

Barnaby, who was charged on October 13, 2009, and pled guilty on November 17, 2009, was also ordered to pay $222,639.26 in restitution to seven victims.

In his plea agreement, Barnaby admitted that between 2003 and May of 2005, he operated a  scheme through which he sold nonexisting stock in Teledigital, Inc., an actual company that marketed pre-paid cell phone software services and equipment. To carry out the scheme,  Barnaby, who served as the company’s president from July of 2002 through September of 2004, told a potential investor he was the agent for some people who wanted to sell their Teledigital stock. As a result of that representation, Barnaby actually sold the investor approximately 1,400 shares of capital stock in Teledigital between November of 2003 and October of 2005 for an aggregate price of $168,402.26. However, instead of purchasing the shares of stock as promised, Barnaby kept the $168,402.26 for his own personal use.

In furtherance of the scheme, on May 25, 2005, Barnaby used the e-mail account of an acquaintance to forward to the victim an e-mail purportedly from an official at Wells Fargo  Bank, stating it could not “clear” the Teledigital capital stock until the company became “whole” with the bank. Barnaby admitted he led the victim to believe the stock existed and was in the hands of Wells Fargo Bank.

This case was the result of an investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and was prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney David J. MacLaughlin.[SOURCE: FBI PRESS RELEASE]

This explains (but does not excuse)  Kaitlin’s seething anger just under the surface. This all began in 2009 and it is likely that her parents divorced during this time. He should have been released from the pen sometime last year.  So that is the main thrust of her secrets. I admire Candice for not sharing them with the others (so far) despite the fact that once in the house, Kaitlin turned on Candace and joined in on the racist comments against her.

So, what do you make of this news? Who knew there were mean people in Minnesota? They are practically Canookians! :)


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17 responses to “Big Brother 15’s Kaitlin Barnaby Is Hiding Lots of Secrets!

  1. Speaking of parents, here is Jeremy’s Mother’s twitter.
    apple, tree

  2. SequinsVa

    How do Kaitlin and Candice know each other?

  3. Kaitlins rich people problems. *sighs*

  4. what her dad did is not her fault. feel bad for her. i try to avoid associating with people with no integrity. what do you do when your dad is one of them? sad.

    • Oh totally agree it is not her fault. Candice keeps talking about all the rough times Kaitlin has been through. She never told anyone what those were. Now we know.

      • Shocked

        You know you didn’t post this so that everyone knows what Candice is talking about. You posted this to smear her and toss trash out in public so everyone could see her secrets. You should be ashamed for doing this to her. Regardless of what I think of her on the Big Brother show NOBODY deserves to have someone trash them like you are doing with this page. Public humiliation of another person is nothing for you to be broadcasting and proud of. This was nothing Kaitlin had control of and she obviously loves her father very much. Unbelievable!

  5. Linda

    If you have family member with issues – you can’t go on a television show with an active fan base, be on live feeds, and keep the issue a secret. You also can’t tell someone you just met the issue, be mean to that person, and expect privacy. I am not saying that Kaitlin is worried about this coming to light just that she had to have expected it to happen. Candice is so far being the bigger person.

    • Yes, Candice is. But Kaitlin knows this will not be a secret is was on the news at the time it happened. It’s not a secret to anyone who knows her.

      • Boat

        Yeah, anyone with half a brain would expect something like this to come out. If she didn’t want America to know about her dad, she shouldn’t of gone on the show.

  6. KB

    I’m watching BB After Dark and I’m about to pluck my eyes out from boredom. Watching them in their natural habitat is probably why reality tv producers feel they have to manufacture situations to keep people watching. If one more person says “like” after every sentence they speak I’m going to puke…lol! Also… I wish Helen would stop talking to Aaryn and GM about getting rid of Spencer or Howie. That is not a good move.

  7. Even though Kaitlin was mean at first, I still like her and consider her my favourite, even though I’m a guy, not to be sexist. I can’t believe how much she suffered. I’m gonna write a book contribute to her to help her feel better in life.

  8. katie

    Her issues with her father, do NOT give her a free pass to treat Candaice in the way that she has! If you go with that logic, she would lash out at everyone, not just Candice.

  9. Number one this is not breaking news Kaitlan’s father is a felon ripping most likely old people off of their nest egg for retirement, some people want to be rich even if they don’t have the money, Gwad forbid earn it honestly, so ya either sue, marry or steal. it was on TMZ’s site, if ya don’t like people’s secrets coming out get off of twitter,If your on TV and ya have a name everyone is going to search your name and any Public Record that is available, get use to it.
    Kaitlan can only be judged for her behavior, I feel bad that she had to put up with loving a father that has done unspeakable, unethical acts. What kind of example did he represent for his children? Our fathers teach us how to connect with the outside world, when we are little if Mom stays home our Fathers teach us how to be in the world, our work ethic, how to treat friends, Kaitlan must have missed out.

  10. Jack

    why do we care about this? Kaitlin struggled with this, and this article shouldn’t matter. it’s irrelevant. judge her by her behavior- this is a game. If anything this shows she is a fighter and can overcome any challenge. Don’t expose her personal problems- its not cute

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